Dom Post: “Kill the krill”

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Not content to let the media moguls over at The Herald have all the campaigning fun, it was great to finally see The Dom get in on the act this morning – and finally a newspaper campaign that I can get behind myself!

This morning’s front page announces the launch of A Dominion Post campaign to “halt the slaughter of more than a thousand whales in the Southern Ocean”.

Marketing disaster. You’re sounding like a bunch of wordy press secs.

Dear Dom, you’re not going to whip anyone into a frenzy with a convoluted explanation like that. Halt? Slaughter? Thousand? Whales? Way too demanding for an early morning read.

While your campaign appears significantly more worthy than the over-the-top assault The Herald launched on the EFB you might want to take a leaf out of their book when it comes to a catch phrase.

“Let them live” isn’t bad but it’s a bit wishy-washy. Maybe whales do deserve to live (though what have they done for you lately?) but I’m pretty sure you could find something that deserved to die.

kill_the_krill.jpgI suggest “Kill the krill”.

These little crustaceans have had it too good for too long. Down there at the bottom of the food chain there’s just no incentive to pull their weight. They’re lazy little aquatic bludgers and it’s time we did something about it.

Where do I send the cheque?

11 comments on “Dom Post: “Kill the krill””

  1. Phil 1

    How about “Shave the Whales”

  2. redbus 2

    This post is stupid.

  3. Long time listener 3

    I thought it was funny. Why are you so dark on it redbus?

  4. Phil 4

    It’s because he isn’t a fan of Dilbert and/or Larsen…

  5. Of course, killing the krill will kill the whale. I’m actually on the side of the whales, so the Krill Campaign still isn’t as punchy as the Dom Posts.

    I had already written a fairly decent post on this topic that would be an appropriate rejoinder to this one, but alas, it was lost to me when the Sir Humphs site went down.

  6. MikeE 6

    So what would happen if under the EFA greenpeace wanted to campaign on this issue, saying to vote for those who would help put a stop to international whaling?

  7. nih 7

    They would be required to comply with the Electoral Finance Act. I can see why you’d want that clarified though, it was a tricky one.

    Haha. The captcha was “Mike forebodings”. Awesome.

  8. Lampie 8



  9. ak 9

    Jeez that whale looks upset – wonder if he just ate the Steve Franks seal?

  10. Matthew Pilott 10

    Zentiger, I think you’ve got it entirely wrong – let the whales live, and they’ll do the krill killing for you!!! 😉

    AYB – Veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrry subtle…

    P.S for the facebookers out there, there’s a group called FUCK OFF JAPAN…LEAVE OUR WHALES ALONE. Good sublte kiwi/aussie humour there, but at least they insist that members focus on the topic and eschew any rasict comments…

  11. Rocket Boy 11

    Nice to see that the Aussies are stepping into this and sending a ship to monitor the ‘scientific research’ that the Japanese are doing. They plan to expose the ‘research’ for what it is and take them to court.

    I am not sure ‘Kill the Krill’ sets the right tone, bit too subtle….

    Greenpeace recently had a campaign to name a Whale and the overwhelming favourite was ‘Mister Splashy Pants’ so how about ‘Mister Splashy Pants must live!’

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