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Hot on the heels on the news that he is going to spend valuable time dancing with the stars David Seymour has engaged in a good old fashioned piece of fat shaming.

From Anna Bracewell-Worrall at Stuff:

ACT party politician David Seymour has openly fat-shamed politicians, saying journalists should use a wide-angle lense to figure out which politicians are carrying too many pounds.

Mr Seymour was asked by journalists why he’s claimed entering Dancing With The Stars will make New Zealand a better country.

“Those kids at 0800kidsline that I’m supporting have done more to improve NZ than just about anyone I know,” he said, before going on a tangent about obesity.

“You look around Parliament; there’s a few people carrying a few more pounds than perhaps they should be. It’s healthy for people have a hobby that helps them lose a bit of weight.

“I don’t want to end up dying of a heart attack when there’s so much I could be going to make New Zealand a better place,” he said.

When asked whether that comment was fat-shaming politicians, Mr Seymour kept on waltzing.

“Absolutely, we have an obesity crisis in this country and no-one’s doing anything about it. I am.”

“I don’t think I need to name names,” he said. “I think the media should get out there with your wide-angle lenses and look around.”

It is awkward enough that he is joining up to a vanity project with exactly zero political or national benefit.  But justifying it by fat shaming others means that David Seymour is definitely this week’s doofus of the week.

21 comments on “Doofus of the week – David Seymour”

  1. Sacha 1

    I guess he’s being ideologically consistent by thinking the answer to a societal health problem is for him to jiggle his own navel and pat himself on the back for that.

  2. Incognito 2

    We’re so lucky to have David Seymour; where would we be without him? It’s a question to horrible & horrendous to even utter let alone contemplate.

  3. Kay 3

    “To continue to provide this vital service we rely on public donations as we receive no Government funding so please support us today.”

    I suppose once you’re in Opposition it’s cool to support organisations you should’ve been supporting when you were in a position to really do something.

  4. cleangreen 4

    David Seymour;

    He is nothing but a hollow man in the extreme this man.

    He was helicoptered in, and propped up by National so carry s out all dirty games they ask of him. He is a bought man no less.

    • veutoviper 4.1

      Being naughty as this is not related to the post but I sent you a reply* on OM 23 Feb that you might want to look at as I used some of your stuff in a comment on OM today re rail in HB which you might want to check for accuracy.
      * /open-mike-23-02-2018/#comment-1453416
      Sorry MS.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 4.2

      Technically, he doesn’t meet the definition of “hollow man”: he is honest about his party’s policies.

      • Pete 4.2.1

        Honest about them maybe but certainly doesn’t live up to the principles he/they keep spouting.

  5. McFlock 5

    I’m sure that’s the sort of behaviour kidshelpline has to provide support against. They must be so proud of his patronising – sorry, patronage.

  6. mary_a 6

    Seymour says …

    *“I don’t want to end up dying of a heart attack when there’s so much I could be going to make New Zealand a better place,” he said.*

    Hmmm making NZ a better place eh … won’t elaborate on that … enough said!

  7. Kat 7

    And he moans about Northland getting regional funding, the most ignored province under the previous National/Act govt. Slurs the govt accusing Jones & Peters of pork barrel politics and the funding is all about securing NZ First vote in 2020. This from the grand political rort,er of Epsom…….!!

  8. Carolyn_Nth 8

    DWTS is a spectator sport, encouraging couch potatoes.

    How about improving adult education classes – with things like ballroom, country, and other contemporary forms of dance classes – and how about better funding for community centre facilities, where locals can do such dancing with other locals?

  9. Obtrectator 9

    ” …. we have an obesity crisis in this country and no-one’s doing anything about it.”

    And back when someone was trying to do anything about it (think: getting fizzy-drink vending machines out of schools), DS and his cohorts were screaming “NANNY STATE! NANNY STATE!!”

    Does the guy really think everyone’s memory-banks have an auto-wipe feature that kicks in after a couple of years?

  10. Johnr 10

    Are we going to create a life membership for Seymour in the doofus awards

    • Pete 10.1

      Agree. When I saw the ‘Doofus of the week’ label I thought it was most unfair to limit it to this week as he is that every week.

  11. Tanz 11

    At least he stands up for women’s rights and doesn’t cave in like the Green MP did, as Minister For Women. Shameful. So much for equality Goliz.

  12. Jess NZ 12

    No, the article says he thinks actions like the sugar tax are ineffective. Of course, that matches his political ideology more than reality.

    Too bad he doesn’t keep up with the health consensus on weight control – that what you eat outweighs (!) exercise as a factor.

  13. Delia 13

    Loves himself, total twit. Will be gone at the next election.

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