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“Hi all,

Ok, we’re going to try to lock in a regular Drinking Liberally schedule now: first and third Thursdays of each month.

Which makes the next session this coming Thursday…

And a huge thanks to Dr Michael Cullen for coming along to the last event. The video’s up on YouTube for those who missed him: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-HoBUB6FYS8

Help make DL your event: get back to us with speakers you’d like to hear, events you’d like to promote and ideas you’d like to discuss. We think we’ve got some great stuff lined up but we’re open to suggestions! Email them to wellington@drinkingliberally.org or post them to this Facebook group.

See you Thursday… oh, and by the way, we hear that Auckland might be about to give birth to its very own DL chapter. Stay tuned.


WHAT Drinking Liberally Wellington
WHEN 6pm, Thu 19 June
WHERE Southern Cross, Abel Smith Street
THEME “Bring a friend”
CONTACT wellington@drinkingliberally.org

26 comments on “Drinking Liberally email for the next event”

  1. MikeE 1

    Am I the only one who see’s the irony in the name of this, along side the PM wanting to crack down on Liqour…?

  2. Julie 2

    The Auckland chapter is also very nearly there, we just need to confirm the venue and will then send out the info. First event is likely to be Wed 2nd July – watch this space.

    captcha: voted workmen (he he!)

  3. vto 3

    Ha ha MikeE I noticed also. Given the PM’s crackdown perhaps it would be better to name it Drinking Conservatively.

  4. wohoo and this one i shall make! (though wont use face book so cant join the group sorry!!)

  5. Felix 5


    Heh. And if Peter Dunne held one he’d call it “drinking moderately”.

  6. MikeE 6

    Will George Hawkins be in attendance?

  7. James Kearney 7

    Um fools it’s not a Labour party event it’s a left wing event. There is a difference.

  8. MikeE 8

    I’m a liberal, and I drink on thursday nights.. it doesn’t make me a lefty…


  9. Phil 9

    “There is a difference.”

    Yeah, it’s between 6% and 8% and is Green. Other than that, no difference at all.

  10. Moronic Phil.

    Most leftwingers, like most people, are not members of any party.

  11. Vanilla Eis 11

    Gah, Thursdays means I won’t be able to make any more, due to sports practice. Oh well, such is life. I look forward to more videos of speakers, err, speaking.

  12. Matthew Pilott 12

    Felix – I think it would be Drinking Sensibly (but be nothign of the sort)!

    And if it were a National Party event it would be be “drinking, ahh, well that’s not to say you have to drink, but what we’re thinking is that, for those that do, you know, good, law abiding mum and dad investors, well they can really, and that’s what we’d like to see.”

  13. mike 13

    “And if Peter Dunne held one he’d call it “drinking moderately”

    No I think it would be called “drinking sensibly” – snap MP

    Jim Anderton’s would be “drinking alone”
    NZ First’s would be “drinking with whoever makes me bartender (except asians)”

    we could go on..

  14. Phil 14

    Subtle, Steve – too bad it went over your head.

  15. Sorry for snapping Phil.

    Still don’t get the joke though.

  16. Lew 16

    Since it’s a networking event based around the consumption of large amounts of liquid, would it be too crass to call it `linking driberally’?


  17. vto 18

    Lew wins with best re-name!

  18. Phil 19


    I hate having to explain jokes (or in this case a not necessarily funny observation) it makes them less amusing.

    “it’s not a Labour party event it’s a left wing event. There is a difference.”

    Other than the greens on 6%-8% there isn’t anyone alongside Labour who are what you might call “left wing” in a true sense.
    The MP look quite centerist in some aspects. UF and NZF seem eager to differentiate themselves from Labour as much as possible, and JAP’s count for naught.

    So, “left wing” pretty much IS labour.

    [That’s what I thought you meant, I just didn’t think it was a ‘joke’ šŸ™‚ . SP]

  19. lprent 20

    Phil: Don’t confuse polls for voters as being the same as the number of activists around. They have significantly different compositions.

    For instance I think that there are more ACT activists then national party activists. Same kind of thing happens on the left.

    Activists tend to have strong opinions about politics, read about them, and act on them. That is not the case in the general voting population. Otherwise how else would the Nat’s be able to get this far without releasing any significant policy?

  20. Julie 21

    Ah Phil there are people who are political who don’t join parties… I know plenty of left wingers who aren’t in Labour or the Greens, and I’m one of them myself.

  21. T-rex 22

    Yes Julie, but I think phils point is that you ARE likely to vote for one or the other.

  22. Julie 23

    Hmm I think this is one of those conversations that would be funnier as a series of venn diagrams šŸ˜‰

  23. T-rex 24

    I like that idea actually… time for pondering…

  24. Lew 25

    Apologies to those already conversant with the wonderful world of venn diagrams: http://indexed.blogspot.com/



  25. RedLogix 26

    I always wanted to be a Venn Diagramist when I grew up.

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