Fiasco after fiasco

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It seems National has a problem with numbers.

First they fudge the numbers for ACC so they can claim a “blow out” and now they can’t even get the numbers to pass their legislation.

You heard correctly. After all of that hoopla about how ACC is in crisis and how they need to strip entitlements and raise levies they’ve put the house into urgency only to find out they don’t have the numbers to pass the legislation. It’s like they were too busy spinning the fake numbers to remember to run the real ones.

That’s right. Apparently Act won’t vote for it because they want more privatisation and the Maori Party won’t vote for it because… well, who would know with the Maori Party.

So this week we’ve had the shambles that was the RWC bid and now this.

It’s just fiasco after fiasco for these clowns.

32 comments on “Fiasco after fiasco”

  1. ghostwhowalksnz 1

    Looks like the Maori Party may play hardball, only MTS gets the RWC after all. No sharing with TVNZ or TV3. ??
    Could there be tears before bedtime ?

    • Ianmac 1.1

      Now wouldn’t that be huge. After John smiled his way through his decisive actions what could he do about it. Close down funding for MTV?

      • Clarke 1.1.1

        My money is on Nick Smith trying to do a deal with Act … they want greater privatisation of ACC, as does National, and this way Smith gets to blame it on Rodney and crew rather than ‘fessing up to his own agenda.

    • Outofbed 1.2

      Its like an episode of “Lost in Space” complete with the evil Dr Smith

  2. I hear also that they are intending to ram through the ETS changes under urgency. Apparently the submitters are being asked to present to the select committee tomorrow.

    Is this the same party that railed against the EFA and the use of urgency?

    What democracy?

  3. Is funding for ACC a matter of supply?

    I suspect the answer is no, but it’s kinda analagous.

    • IrishBill 3.1

      I’m sure there will be National Party staff furiously checking that (and any other angle they can think of) right now.

      • I wasn’t thinking about it from the “you’ve promised to support us on supply angle”; I was thinking about it from the “d’oh, we don’t have the confidence of the House and there needs to be a new election” angle.

      • ghostwhowalksnz 3.1.2

        But ACC is a ‘corporation’ so its not money to run the government such as police or the like. And the levys are not taxation as such

  4. lprent 4

    Sounds like Brownlee and his whips screwed up badly…

  5. Pascal's bookie 5


    “Apparently the submitters are being asked to present to the select committee tomorrow.”

    They tried it on but got voted down, idiot/savant puts it:

    “The good news is that National lost. First, the opposition pushed for everyone who had asked to be heard to be given a slot, then for the committee to sit next week to hear them. Both motions passed with the support of Labour, the Greens, the Maori Party and ACT, with National voting against. It is still a pathetic amount of time to hear submissions on legislation this complex, but it is far better than the fake process National was proposing.”

    Again, it’s piss poor strategy when everyone votes agin ya.

    • Wow some mana enhancing activity by the Maori Party.

      • ak 5.1.1

        mmmm……it’s starting to look horribly like political battered partner syndrome…the molls of the Orewa One chapter going back for more of the same….
        What a pity the Red Refuge gals threw their founding charter out with Closing the Gaps…

  6. snoozer 6

    David Parker asked to have his private members’ bill (which moves the fully funded date from 2014 to 2019 but doesn’t do any cuts to entitlements) put on the order paper today. National vetoed it, like they did earleir in the year.

    Meanwhile, Nick Smith’s also making a complete hash of the ETS hearings.

    • Herodotus 6.1

      As Urgerncy is to me at least has /is being abused. What are the rules govering the use of?
      As from a lay person (Like the Provication defense) there is a legit need for this. Or was it always the case but under FPP we never heard about it as the govt always had the nos?
      Also why is there a need for ACC to be fully funded (As I take it that means all future costs are provided for by reserves)

      • Ari 6.1.1

        There essentially aren’t any rules governing urgency. You can go into urgency so long as you command a majority of the House.

  7. tc 7

    Heodotus: If it’s fully funded (you’re largely correct in what that means) then it can be privatised as a no risk, all upside money making venture to NACT’s big business mates….we fund yet another profitable venture which will be ridden into the ground then handed back for taxpayer to fix up later on.

    Nick smith wants the numbers rubbery……then they’ve every chance of doing just that.

    The finance of ACC is way beyond the mainstream media…….TVNZ had someone but he got let go for some cheaper and better looking kids….over to you Amy.

    • The mainstream coverage of this issue has been appalling. This is why I rely on sites like this one for proper coverage. I then read Whaleoil for entertainment : )

      • toad 7.1.1

        Indeed it has been, Micky. I’ve just read over at frogblog that frog (meaning the Greens) is/are planning a detailed series of analyses of each aspect of Smith’s proposed cuts to ACC and their impact on accident victims.

        Might be worth watching for and spreading further.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Thank god somebody is, now how are the Greens going to get that into the MSM so that everyone is aware of it?

        • mike

          I only hope they don’t confuse ‘accident’ with ‘welfare’ as labour did for the best part. The ‘victims’ part is the grey area though as it covers more how people feel..

      • mike 7.1.2

        “This is why I rely on sites like this one for proper coverage”

        Pop a few more red ones Sav – this hate-fuelled pinko echo chamber is not capable of ‘proper coverage’ – it’s good for a laugh and to find out what the bitter and twisted are scheming but you are taking yourself far, far too seriously..

        • Captain Rehab

          Is that the best you can do? You’re sounding more and more desperate every day mikey. Keep holding on wee fella, the big massa will look afa you fo’ sure.

  8. bobo 8

    National is looking more and more like an episode of Faulty Towers 🙂

  9. Outofbed 9

    While suicide is a tragedy, it’s not an accident,” says Nick Smith. “Frankly if my doctor told me that I was terminally ill and I had 30 days to live with the ACC rules the way they are I would be finding myself a train to throw myself under on the 29th day because my family would be treated so much more generously than under the current law,” Smith said on Wednesday.

    Nice Guy that Mr Smith

  10. Mac1 10

    Apart from the tactlessness of Smith’s statement, what strikes me is the way that the right wing mind seems immediately to go finding an edge, a fiddle, a rort. That’s not an accident either.

  11. I would like to see a lot more media coverage of the abuse of urgency in the house by the National Government!

  12. randal 12

    right on Irish. this is a government of fiascos. after they hired red hooton to deliver a permanent campaign then the whole world became politicised. they dont care if it is a fiasco as long as it is their fiasco. they are yet to reap the whirlwind that they have sewn.

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