Fight the TPP, protect our sovereignty

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This important press release on the Trans Pacific Partnership deserves to be a post, because:

1# This is the biggest attack on our nation’s sovereignty by multinational investors since the MAI was defeated.

2# In any dispute between foreign investors and the state the TPP will allow foreign multinationals to sue the New Zealand government for any restrictions placed on foreign investment.

3# John Key claimed in a November interview,(despite being the Prime Minister) that he was “not aware” of this.

4# Because the TPP is being negotiated in secret behind closed doors, with minimal publicity, most New Zealanders aren’t aware of it either.

5# Apart from the Greens who oppose this treaty, all the other parliamentary parties either support it, (National, Act) or will not be drawn on their position, (Labour, Maori Party).

6# John Key’s promise that his proposed privatisation of publicly owned assets will be limited to a minority share and would go to Kiwis first, will actually be illegal under the TPP.

– Jenny

[Eddie: just my two cents. I support multi-lateralism when it’s not just about trade but extending common values and democratic control over international capital. The EU is the best example – trade plus shared laws, environmental standards, human rights, with an elected Parliament. But  the TPP is all about unfettering the multi-national corporations even more from democratic control]

15 comments on “Fight the TPP, protect our sovereignty”

  1. Salsy 1

    It like a game, how many dead rats can John Key get NZ to swallow.. ?

  2. just saying 2

    Thanks for this Jenny.

    Salsy, it’s also a game of how many dead rats Labour can get its constituency to swallow. I hope pressure can be brought to bear in this instance. The left does appear to be having some influence on the parliamentary wing of late…

  3. RedLogix 3

    Personally I’ve always believed … and especially given Key’s history… this sort of sell-out was exactly the reason why he was made PM.

    But exactly what is going on in Goff’s head? Is he too such a slave to the system that he cannot see what will happen here?

    Labour need to do a lot better.

    • Roger 3.1

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. John Key claimed to not be aware of this. Actually, from New Zealand’s perspective he is not concerned. The other thing is that the policy platforms, and ideas about the role of government that Act and National promote will be least affected by the threat of action by Multinationals. It actually gives them an excuse to push for more radical reductions in public services and privatisation with the gun over their head. It also ensures that the power of people is subservient to the power of money. This severely damages the ability of their opponents (Labour and especially the Greens) to provide a genuine alternative to the current government.

      While we are kissing goodbye to democracy, we can remind John Key that if this agreement is signed as it is, any New Zealanders with money invested here will want to move these offshore due to the implied insurance of being able to sue a foreign government. Kiwisaver funds may do the same. This does not help reduce our deficit that he wants to sell assets to address. But reminding him of this is useless because John Key does not care about New Zealand or anyone outside of his wealthy mates.

      Labour needs to attack this now while standing against the TPPA is less risky for the people. After this is signed the most effective way that people can show their displeasure with multinationals taking our tax money is by doing direct damage to the operation of the company that tries it. Harder to do this legally. Possibly blocking distribution systems, overloading webpages that are needed to sell goods, constantly calling companies to block their business phone lines for days on end so their investments suffer anyway.

  4. Olwyn 4

    A friend posted this on facebook; Bernard Hickey interviewing Lori Wallach and Jane Kelsey.

    The puzzling bit is why – even for local right wingers. If even a quarter of what these women are saying is true, you would expect “Thanks but no thanks” to be the apt reply.

    Does anyone know why? Are they threatened with credit downgrades, getting cut out of the trade loop, military abandonment etc if they don’t comply? Do they just dislike reading long documents?

  5. Draco T Bastard 5

    4# Because the TPP is being negotiated in secret behind closed doors, with minimal publicity, most New Zealanders aren’t aware of it either.

    And it’s that secrecy that makes the whole process invalid and makes any agreement that the government comes to through such secrecy null and void. Now, all we need is for some parties that actually have some ethics and morals to say that they will repeal any agreement that is made behind closed doors.

    It’s not democracy if the people aren’t given the details and a chance to have their say.

    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      Correct its not democracy, its plutocracy.

    • Olwyn 5.2

      Behind closed doors explains why it faces little public opposition, but it does not explain why leaders are willing to sign up in the first place. Who is behind these closed doors? Why do they see advantage where others fear harm? Why do opposition parties seem reluctant to reject it?

  6. Fair Trade 6

    Neoliberalism has had its day, why can’t the Roger Douglas’ of the world just move aside.

    • Colonial Viper 6.1

      They still measure their lives in quantums of money and influence; they have nothing else to move aside to in life.

  7. Deadly_NZ 7

    This smells of if you dont want me,and vote me out, I’ll make sure that you don’t forget me, with a little deliberate economic sabotage…. Please tell em i’m wrong, but NO-ONE can be that incompetent all the time.

  8. Jenny 8

    Learn about the TPP

    Informational teach in and strategy meeting

    When: February 20, 2011

    Where: Christchurch

    Click here for details.

    captcha – “efforts”

  9. Jenny 9

    15 good reasons to Challenge the TPPA

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