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Somehow Brownlee’s got away with it.

Felix Marwick did good work on his OIA, to find out that Gerry Brownlee’s account of events didn’t stack up.

Oddly only Rodney Hide is calling him out for it.

He forced his way through (entry was “not freely given”), without a boarding pass, and could have had a term of imprisonment.  He also wasn’t in the hurry he said he was – he had time to not just get said boarding pass for him & his assistants, but also to buy gum and a drink.

Breaking the rules he was meant to enforce, arrogance beyond belief, and lying.  Aaron Gilmore did far less, and was out of parliament before he knew what he’d done.

How is Brownlee not being forced to respond, let alone resign, by the media?  A much bigger fish to catch, and they just let him go.

They’re somewhat distracted by McCully’s Saudi dodgy-deal, but surely one good scandal deserves another?

21 comments on “Gate-gate”

  1. Cinny 1

    He is a career politician, having being in Parliament for the last 20 years. This morbidly obese Minister of Defence, ex woodwork teacher appears to believe he is above everybody else.

    • Michelle 1.1

      well he is above many if we look at his stomach

      • james 1.1.1

        He’s stuffed up enough (and yes – he should be held to account for it) and you keep focusing on the guys weight. I hope you are happy for us to comment on the weight of women politicians as well?

        • Whispering Kate

          I do declare with all his long haul air travel he places himself in a grave situation of developing DVT – I do hope he is wearing “good” support stockings. Like Paula Benefit its not being insulting when their weight is considered/and or discussed – just they are in positions of “so called” responsibility and should be more aware of their weight in health matters. There is no disease known that will pack on weight like that – so sorry folks, excuses are not accepted – it comes down to discipline and consideration for their jobs and families.

    • save nz 1.2

      +1 Cinny

  2. Richard Rawshark 2

    Accountability and corruption levels go hand in hand.. so point made.

    Corrupt government.

  3. Lanthanide 3

    Simple: the more power you have, the more slack you are given. Aaron Gilmour had very little power and so very little slack.

    Brownlee has a lot of power, and very big slacks.

    • Richard Rawshark 3.1

      oh BURN Brownlee.

      been some good burns the last few days, the Nat supporters have been feeding the fire well.

      Maui got one a belter yesterday.. it’s like poetry.

    • gsays 3.2

      well done lanth, for the guilty giggle.

  4. Brendon Harre 4

    The main stream media are completely distracted by the fact their industry is imploding. This is the problem. Sites like this are great but they do not do much in depth analysis, OIAs etc and besides we are mainly preaching to the converted.

    I am not sure what to do about it – we need one or the other, or both of the following.

    1. A well resourced state funded media entity
    2. We develop a culture of voluntary citizen based journalism -i.e. we nurture the Frank McCaskey’s of the world.

    Both of these are difficult tasks to achieve, yet if we don’t do it then important stories are lost, those in power are not being held to account and democracy becomes less effective.

  5. Stuart Munro 5

    He’s an arrogant scoff law and a boor – but we knew that when he threw the old bloke down a flight of stairs.

    I want to hear more about the deficiencies Treasury found with CERA. Rorters will rort, and Gerry’s too stupid to get away with it without an act of parliament behind him.

  6. dukeofurl 6

    Im not justifying Brownlees lies but the ‘not in a hurry’ meme doesnt work.

    1) he didnt have boarding passes, which he would collect from the other side of the security gate.
    2) A boarding pass is the main part of the process to ensure your seat booking is confirmed and you will be able to ‘board’- hence the name
    3) airlines have a time gap when the issuing boarding pass is cut off and you are able to board the plane.

    These days the assorted passenger – cargo- luggage loadings are laoded into computer and processed to make sure the plane has enough fuel etc and the flight plan is created and loaded into the planes computer.
    Even the takeoff is largely pre-planned into computer these days along with climb rates etc ( Aviation experts could describe this better?)

    If Brownlee and his hangers on didnt make it to the boarding lounge ahead of a set cutoff point they wouldnt be able to board! ( Im sure its a function of the computer issuing the BP, and its at the very latest point as they had hand luggage only)

    The days of getting your BP and walking straight through onto the plane are long gone- a case of computers making it longer ?

    • Cinny 6.1

      I thought when you get to the airport you do the self check out thing, boarding pass is printed and off you go to your gate where you pass through security. Boarding pass, then security.

      So please correct me if I’ve got it wrong. Thankies

      So was he just too lazy to get the boarding pass before doing security?

      • dukeofurl 6.1.1

        Thats only when you have a printed ‘ticket’ – I think his booking was done by his staff ( by phone?) and his boarding pass would be issued at lounge which is past security.
        There are now boarding passes sent to smart phones but I think that didnt happen in this case and sometimes it doesnt work as expected

      • Craig H 6.1.2

        You can check in online and print out the boarding pass before leaving for the airport, or even the night before (Air NZ and Jetstar), and board Air NZ flights with an app – no pass necessary.

    • Richard Rawshark 6.2

      IF you don’t have the boarding pass, then you still go through security to get it like the rest of us mortals, and if it’s urgent, you tell security guy, Hey i’m a pushy Minister in a hurry to get my pass, can you let me through, and then you RESPECT the decision he makes.

      IS Gerry shipping P around to make dollars on the side?

      have isis got his family and told him unbder force to carry a bomb onboard..

    • emergency mike 6.3

      Nah. Your comment might make some kind of sense if there was a chance Gerry was going to miss his plane, and if he broke the rules in order to make it. But there was no such concern. And he broke the rules not to get on the plane, but to get chewing gum and fizz while others were getting the boarding passes. Having got the vital goods, he returned to the departure lounge and sat down to wait.

      And despite your ramblings about cut off times, cargo loading, fueling, computers, and climb rates, the rest of us somehow manage to respect security rules in airports when told we may not walk through a door, even if totally out of Juicyfruit.

      But even after being told no, Gerry barged on through. He’s so much too important to be told what he can’t do by airport security. I wonder if he said something like, “Don’t you know who I am?” as he squeezed through the doorway.

      Aaron Gilmore’s arrogant slip up was not jailable, but he was announcing his resignation while sobbing like a child within a week or so. It seems standards get lower the higher up the National party you go.

    • Gristle 6.4

      I happened to be in Christchurch airport waiting to get on the flight and watched JB do the whole thing. Despite offering an eyewitness account to Radio New Zealand News, nobody followed up.

  7. Takere 7

    “Don’t you know who I am!?” “I am the Pie Murderer!” Has a King Henry affliction too. He was the cause of the breakdown of the NZAF 727 in Aust the other week. Pie Crumbs in the flight controls!

  8. emergency mike 8

    Nobody here seems to appreciate how important it is that Gerry gets his chewing gum and fizz in a timely manner.

    As usual it’s not the crime that burns (no one died), but the lies.

    – There was no hurry.
    – He was not let through, he barged through after being told no.
    – This jailable offence was committed not to catch the plane, but to get gum and soda.

    Classic bully Nat entitled arrogance. Rules, laws, justice, responsibility, these are all to keep the plebs in line. They don’t apply to our worshipful rulers.

    There is one thing that is a bit weird though, according to Rodney Hide, “Security opened the door only to explain to Brownlee he could not enter and would have to proceed to the security screening area. There was no invitation, reluctant or otherwise.” I wasn’t there or course, but who opens a door to explain to someone that they can’t walk through it?

    • Richard Rawshark 8.1

      No one, you force, by use of intimidating him to unlock it.

      and any camera’s will show exactly that.

      open this fucking door NOW.

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