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Gilmore Goes

Written By: - Date published: 5:59 pm, May 12th, 2013 - 68 comments
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Aaron Gilmore has given into pressure from his National “mates” and resigned.

The dirt National continued to fling at him – in a desperate bid to remove the stain from their beloved leader – eventually became too much embarrassment.  The media pressure and gossip that they were spreading “would only serve to cause my loved ones more upset”.  The media and National have their pound of flesh of a job well done.

You can now look forward to scrutiny of Claudette Hauiti.

Gilmore will get his final word before obscurity on Tuesday in Parliament.

68 comments on “Gilmore Goes ”

  1. Tiger Mountain 1

    Don’t just go AG, piss off! The Nat dirt machine vill now turn on ze other targets.

  2. Paul 2

    Yes the Nats certainly know how to throw the dirt.

  3. QoT 3

    And now we’ll never know what the rest of the dirt they had on him was. I’m almost sad, yet confident that Claudette “Am I still a party member?” Hauiti will provide some amusement to make up for it.

  4. Aotearoean 4

    Absolutely brutal decimation of Gilmore’s character by the National Party. Shame he had so many skeletons in his closet. He could have survived otherwise.

    It really makes you wonder why the National Party turn a blind eye to the faults of its MPs until it is time to get rid of them.

    And how good is his replacement? It looks like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • Paul 4.1

      That’s why they employ people like Slater and Farrar.
      Most of the NATs will be owned by some corporate interest. So they know how to vote just in case they need reminding. Probably applies to Labour too.
      It’s been quite an enlightening episode showing how raw power is applied when needed.
      The power behind the throne.

    • BM 4.2

      You’re right, a Maori lesbian what place has she got in politics.

      • Lindsey 4.2.1

        Do they ever deserve Claudette! She does take fools gladly and she will stick up for what she believes in – no matter what.

        • BM

          Which is probably why she’s on the list.
          Going by her background, she should do well.

    • emergency mike 4.3

      “It really makes you wonder why the National Party turn a blind eye to the faults of its MPs until it is time to get rid of them.”

      Sycophants, yes-men, unprincipaled useful idiots are very handy to have. They’ll do whatever dirty work you want with a smile on their faces. It’s also good to have some dirt in their background so you can pull them back into line if they start getting big ideas about their place. Or in Happy Gilmore’s case, to persuade them to piss off when they have a public brain explosion.

  5. Anne 5

    Be assured threats, intimidation and inferences that members of his family will be affected were in the mix…

    Yes, he lied and he behaved like a dickhead. He was only mimicking his former mentor, John Key.

  6. Rhinocrates 6

    Rather interesting commentary by Bryce Edwards on Morning Report (RNZ) last Friday, noting that Gilmore was merely a symptom of the problem with current politics – that party membership is in the depths of a steep decline and the only people who stand now are narcissists and careerists who want only the limelight, rather than the opportunity and duty to serve.

    Gilmore is a particularly revolting/amusing example, but we see that narcissism and careerism in people in other parties too – incompetents shoulder-tapped to “serve” such as Shearer, apparatchiks such as Robertson, Min-me’s such as Chippy, has-beens who know that they have no hope in any other job such as Goff, King and the rest of the ABC club.

    Sorry if I’m beating on “Labour”, but my anger towards them is based on my rotting hope that they could have been better.

    The Tories on the other hand, I never expected to be anything else than what they are.

    • gobsmacked 6.1

      Well, at least we’ll now be spared Shearer being asked in tomorrow’s interviews if he thinks Gilmore should go. He was asked by the media several times last week, and somehow he managed to avoid saying “Yes”. Even after everyone else had stated the obvious, he was still ummming …

    • Arfamo 6.2

      The Tories on the other hand, I never expected to be anything else than what they are.

      The Nats have exceeded my expectations. I always thought they’d be bad, but they’re far, far worse than I expected.

    • Herodotus 6.3

      Many of those you have issues within labour are well supported at their local electrate, just because they don’t have he national profile does not mean that they don’t do a great job at a local level. Those who have lost their local support base yet are still ” Protected” at a party level are those that should be dismissed. Robertson at a local level as one example has a strong local support, similar to George Hawkins in Manuerewa.

      • Rhinocrates 6.3.1

        Robertson at a local level as one example has a strong local support

        Third in party support in Wellington Central? I think not.

        God only knows why he has any support – his electorate office is right across the road from a WINZ branch. Work that he does at a local level? Nothing. If he spent any time at his office instead of stuffing his pie hole at Bellamy’s, he’d see the people lining up across the road and perhaps care about them instead of wasting everyone’s time issuing meaningless press releases designed to “reassure” the ever so delicate Market that he won’t upset them.

        I’d call him spineless, but that would be an insult to all molluscs. I guess arthropods, coelenterates, fungi and bacteria might be quite upset too.

        • just saying

          I think s/he might have been referring to Ross Robertson, MP for Manukau East.
          Absolutely atrocious MP. Infamously so. As for local support, that seems to largely come from his fundamentalist community. He’s certainly not known as even a decent elctorate MP.
          Grant is a star by comparison. But that’s not saying much.

          • Rhinocrates

            I think that touches on a real problem in our democracy. Bryce Edwards commented the other day that the political parties have very small memberships now, and few activists. It’s emerged that Gilmore really only got his list position because the barrel was empty. The people who actively run for positions in government now are by and large useless careerists and narcissists who either only want the privileges and the limelight or who are shoulder-tapped and have no idea what they might do otherwise (like Shearer).

            I wonder if a lottery system might ultimately be better? However, that would be a case of what we deserve rather than what we need, which is quality.

        • Herodotus

          From feedback (admittedly ) in the election of 1994 – 02 when our family was linked to papatoetoe nth primary ( manukau east electorate that encompassed papatoetoe , manukau east and botany Ross’ s reputation preceded him as a strong local candidate, since then the area I live in has been at best: poorly serviced by mp’s (bar pansy- that gave us our 5 minutes of fame). He had a high profile and was active in working for the local area. Perhaps he has past his “best before date” and my past impressions do not hold as if today, yet I am to hear of any dissenting or negative comments from friends who still live within his electorate.

          • just saying

            They may have been taught by one of my sisters. There are some excellent but usually underappreciated teachers in South Auckland.
            My experience, and it’s reasonably wide, is that without the backing of the fundamentalist Christians, Robertson would have be out decades ago. Unfortunately there is quite a strong fundamentalist consitituency there, as there so often is in deprived communities.

            • Colonial Viper

              People have to believe in something. And if it’s not in economic growth and becoming a property investor, what else is it going to be?

        • Hayden

          Third in party support in Wellington Central? I think not.

          Many Wellington Central voters would have voted for Robertson and party vote Green; I know our household did.

          On the other hand, had the Greens stood a candidate (did they?) we might have had a National MP for Wellington Central.

      • Hami Shearlie 6.3.2

        Coming THIRD in the party vote BEHIND the Greens doesn’t sound like someone very popular to me!! Grant Robertson -very mediocre compared to “the name that must never be mentioned”!!

    • …Gilmore was merely a symptom of the problem with current politics – that party membership is in the depths of a steep decline and the only people who stand now are narcissists and careerists who want only the limelight, rather than the opportunity and duty to serve.

      Danyl posted about the flip side, that the political parties are keen to meet monied narcissists who’ll throw cash into contesting unwinnable electoral seats in exchange for list places that will only put them in Parliament if a main opposition party as bad as the one we have right now is contesting the election. Neither aspect is good for anyone but media scandalmongers (that’s you, Gower).

      Gilmore’s resignation is disappointing but inevitable, I guess. The fact that we were all keen to see him hang around embarrassing the shit out of National until the election must have been a dead giveaway that he wasn’t helping the monied-loudmouth demographic at all.

    • Blue 6.5

      Yeah, I think the idea of duty and service has largely died since the era of individualism and materialism dawned.

      Being an MP is a pretty horrible deal. Everyone hates politicians and gives them a hard time, and the media kick the shit out of all but the major powerbrokers.

      To deal with all that, you need to be either a hardcore activist or a blinkered narcissist.

      • Arfamo 6.5.1

        Nah. You just need to like the idea of an MPs salary and perks and hope for a lucrative sinecure and a parliamentary pension eventually.

      • lprent 6.5.2

        More importantly the work is pretty boring for anyone with actual talent for anything else. Takes at least 6 years to get good at the basic roles because it is such a multifaceted set of tasks.

        You tend get most elected people either underestimating the effort or overestimating their abilities and crashing out on some part of it. Few get up and work through it. A lot wind up in cruise mode. A few have the required will to work through and push through something productive.

        I keep an eye on those I met prior to getting elected, and look at the performance against my personal assessments. Has tended to be pretty accurate over time.

        Always looked too boring to me, and I’d have to be at least superficially nice. Preferred programming. Supported a few people instead.

        • King Kong

          Brilliant, last week lprent stated that he could have been the NZ Warren Buffet if making a screed load of money wasn’t so boring. This week it is prime minister though again, it is just too beneath him (and would require a functioning personality).

          I imagine astronaught would be a cinch as well if it wasn’t such a crushing bore.

    • Hami Shearlie 6.6

      It’s pretty much the way I see it with Labour’s ABCers too, Rhino!!! In it for the big pay packet and only concerned with personal advancement!!!

  7. felix 7

    A sad day for lolz. RIP dickhead.

    • Pascal's bookie 7.1

      Well, given his wording, and the gloating from corners whale, that speech he wants in parliament my be lolzworthy. One last run with the privilege.

  8. Tom Barker 8

    One down, 58 to go.

    • Alanz 8.1

      Gilmore goes to join National’s roll call of notoriety that includes Richard Worth and Pansy Wong.

      • tc 8.1.1

        Banks also along with smarter ones like Power, Carter, Lockwood and a few others who knew when enough was enough and left the shonkey corruption circus to stench up a second term without them.

        Speaking of bent whats dodgy Mcully up to lately, haven’t seen his foot in mouth routine lately.

      • tc 8.1.2

        Banks also along with smarter ones like Power, Carter, Lockwood and a few others who knew when enough was enough and left the shonkey corruption circus to stench up a second term without them.

        Speaking of bent whats dodgy Mcully up to lately, haven’t seen his foot in mouth routine awhile..

  9. Morrissey 9

    Claudette Hauiti was involved in iwi radio many years ago, which obviously furnished her with a host of National Party contacts, but don’t expect anything at all from her in parliament; she’s a classic timeserver, who has never, to my knowledge, done, said or written anything interesting.

    At least Gilmore was interesting: he won the Quiz on Backbenchers a few weeks ago, and he turned his brief time in Parliament into an entertaining piece of performance art, especially the last couple of weeks of it. Let me say right now, however: Claudette Hauiti is not half the man that Aaron Gilmore is.

    As an occasional guest on Jim Mora’s Panel, Hauiti distinguished herself as a shallow and even bewildered commentator. Like another Panel regular, Chris Wikaira, she is one of that extremely rare breed, a Māori member of the largely anti-Māori National Party.

    Hauiti and Wikaira have both been remarkable for the vacuity of their Panel contributions. Interestingly, and depressingly, Wikaira is also being lined up for a high list position for next year’s election.

    • Rhinocrates 9.1

      Seen her on Citizen A too. While I’m no fan of “Bomber”, she certainly indistinguished herself as a strident and shallow self-promoter, a Rogernome late to the party, so the show at least did some service.

      • Morrissey 9.1.1

        Sounds very interesting. Can you provide a link for that?

        • Rhinocrates

          Well, googling “Citizen A” and “Hauiti” gets plenty of links. She’s an interesting commentator, nothing scandalous or any skeletons in her closet, but very arrogant, abrasive and Rogernomish “Me, ME, MEEEEE!”

  10. Jimmie 10

    Good – I’m glad he is gone.

    No room in Parliament for a super egoed dork who lives most of his time in a fantasy world and/or troughing up large at the tax payers expense.

    Hmmm – should be a few more heading the same way.

    • Morrissey 10.1

      No room in Parliament for a super egoed dork who lives most of his time in a fantasy world and/or troughing up large at the tax payers expense.

      So why is Bill English still there?

  11. Various reporters on twitter are claiming that the Government will announce its decision on Sky City tomorrow morning at 8 am. It appears they were waiting to see what would happen to Gilmore before doing it as his support could not be guaranteed.

    Shame he is not going to hang around …

    • veutoviper 11.1

      Shame indeed. But putting the Gilmore ‘thing’ to one side, things seem to have swung into high gear over recent weeks to get as much of their agenda into place asap. I know it is Budget week and all that goes with that, but IMO there is this feeling of unusual urgency this far out from a scheduled election.

  12. Tanz 12

    Poor Aaron. It was a witch hunt. The guy just got drunk. What crime did he commit?

    • felix 12.1

      Risked making his leader look weak.

    • infused 12.2

      Nothing really. If he had actually told the truth from the get go, said “Yeah I was a moron and I’m sorry” I don’t think things would have escalated. The problem was, he didn’t say sorry and tried to blame everyone else.

    • mac1 12.3

      Getting drunk is not necessarily the problem- it’s what one does while under the influence. Being drunk is not an excuse for bad behaviour, either.

      All that said, I’d like to see some heat come off Gilmore now, so that he can reflect upon his past behaviours, good and bad, and perhaps mature and grow from his experience.

      I do find it personally galling, having in my own life put “the good of the party ahead of my own personal ambition”, to see a commentator say that this resignation in putting the good of the party first will show that National does have high standards.

      I believe that the manner of the dirt coming out on Gilmore, sourced and sanctioned from within National, puts a lie to that claim. Nor does Gilmore fully redeem himself because the belated and mendacious way that the truth came out did not reflect well upon him.

      The heat should come upon National, now, for all the other lying, deceitful, rorting members and friends that it has. A good time to put out far and wide how far this behaviour has spread.

      Time to criticise National, too, for its List election procedures and outcomes.

      Time for all parties to address the quality of all their list and candidate selections.

    • RJL 12.4

      Made Key look foolish and ineffective, and continues to make Key look hypocritcal (because he went because he was untruthful about what he had done and knew).

  13. Tanz 13

    Key is weak, that is not news. Key has said daft things too.

    • felix 13.1

      True, it’s not news. But his own underlings aren’t permitted to point it out.

  14. Tanz 14

    point taken. I think Aaron should have stayed though, he just made a mistake, that is all.

    • Arfamo 14.1

      I reckon Aaron will be compensated in some way we haven’t been told about.

      • Colonial Viper 14.1.1

        Goes without saying. Tories have plenty of ways of moving unwanted MPs on….Labour has very few.

        • Arfamo

          Well, I expect we’ll find out about his nicer qualities in Woman’s Day when the dust has settled.

      • jaymam 14.1.2

        Surely he can’t have been offered money.
        Let’s just see what job he does next.

        • tc

          Keep an eye on EQC and a few other troughs the Nats have lying around in his region.

  15. Johnny 15

    Perhaps they downloaded his parliamentary service phone aka brendan horan and found some interesting things on it. politics can be ugly

  16. Ed 16

    Boag on Nat Radio this morning inferred that the “leak” of employment records about Gilmore was likely to have been from the public service. Pure spin – we had been told it was an OIA request that presumably can be proved to have been signed off in record time by a Minister – and how did the journalist know what to ask?

  17. Johnny 17

    She reacted badly when Bryce said Mr Gilmore was pressured and demanded he show the evidence. A classic raw nerve being hot moment. Shame the media can’t OIA the parliamentary service for the photos and text downloaded off Mr Gilmore’s work phone by the PM’s staff

  18. veutoviper 18

    Oh dear – the story that keeps on giving. Gilmore apparently sent Utu texts to people, including National party people and Slater, yesterday afternoon treatening revence on those who effected his downfall.

    His father also said that Gilmore’s valedictory speech would be “a big story”.


    Can they stop him giving his valedictory speech?

  19. Arfamo 19

    Anyone heard what time Aaron will be delivering his maledictory?

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    7 days ago
  • Quarantine Free Travel with Australia suspended
    Quarantine Free Travel from all Australian states and territories to New Zealand is being suspended as the Covid situation there worsens, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins announced today. From 11.59pm today Australians will no longer be able to enter New Zealand quarantine-free. This will be ...
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    1 week ago
  • Growing conservation efforts in Gisborne
    A big injection of Jobs for Nature funding will create much-needed jobs and financial security for families in TeTairāwhiti, and has exciting prospects for conservation in the region, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. “The projects target local communities most affected by the economic consequences of COVID 19 and are designed ...
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    1 week ago
  • Flood recovery given further assistance
    The Government is contributing a further $1 million to help the flood battered Buller community, Acting Emergency Management Minister Kris Faafoi announced today. “Buller is a small community which has found itself suddenly facing significant and ongoing welfare costs. While many emergency welfare costs are reimbursed by Government, this money ...
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    1 week ago
  • Funding for five projects to reduce food waste
    The Government is funding five projects to help address the growing problem of food waste, Environment Minister David Parker announced today. “New Zealand households throw away nearly 300,000 tonnes of food every year, half of which could still be eaten. By supporting these initiatives, we’re taking steps to reduce this ...
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    1 week ago
  • Temporary Accommodation Service activated for West Coast flooding event
    The Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS) has been activated today - meaning residents on the West Coast of the South Island and in the Marlborough region hit by flooding over the weekend can now access help finding temporary accommodation, announced Associate Minister of Housing (Public Housing) Poto Williams in Westport today. ...
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    1 week ago
  • Pause to Quarantine Free Travel from South Australia to New Zealand
    Quarantine Free Travel from South Australia to New Zealand will be paused from 11.59am (NZT) tonight, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has announced. However, people currently in the state who ordinarily live in New Zealand will be able to return on “managed return” flights starting with the next available flight, ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Zealand condemns malicious cyber activity by Chinese state-sponsored actors
    New Zealand has established links between Chinese state-sponsored actors known as Advanced Persistent Threat 40 (APT40) and malicious cyber activity in New Zealand. “The GCSB has worked through a robust technical attribution process in relation to this activity. New Zealand is today joining other countries in strongly condemning this malicious ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Remarks to Diplomatic Corps
    It is a pleasure to be with you all this evening. Some of you may have been surprised when you received an invitation from the Minister of Disarmament and Arms Control, and I would forgive you if you were. New Zealand is unique in having established a Ministerial portfolio ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Early Pfizer shipment boosts vaccine schedule
    The largest shipment of the Pfizer vaccine to date has arrived into New Zealand two days ahead of schedule, and doses are already being delivered to vaccination centres around the country, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says. “The shipment of more than 370,000 doses reached New Zealand yesterday, following a ...
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    2 weeks ago