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Goff retiring as super city mayor

Written By: - Date published: 11:04 am, February 14th, 2022 - 52 comments
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Phil Goff has announced that he will not seek re-election as Auckland’s Mayor.

With Richard Hills announcing that he will not stand it appears that for progressives Efeso Collins is the best placed candidate.

The next couple of days will be crucial however and it will be interesting to see if any other names are proposed.

Much will be written about Goff’s reign but my overwhelming impression is that he handled what is the hardest job in politics with skill and dedication and the city has improved during his reign.

52 comments on “Goff retiring as super city mayor ”

  1. Tiger Mountain 1

    The Supercity was set up as a corporatist’s dream with its CCOs–Council Controlled Organisations–in reality unaccountable and definitely beyond Councillors, let alone ratepayers control. ACT’s party was spoiled from the outset though with Banksie wanksie going down big time to a South Auckland surge and Len Brown.

    Phil Goff did not appear to make things much worse or better re the various infrastructure and social problems of NZ’s premiere city. But really when recent postal vote turnout has sunk as low as 32% and not topped 40%, it gives an indication that even the middle class, let alone the alienated can’t be arsed voting in local Govt. contests. Plus postal infrastructure has been retrenched and people shift address and last used post regularly around 1999…

    Go Efeso is all I can say, he has good working class understanding. How many more coots in suits do we need? He may not tick every liberal issue box but so what, he is an authentic candidate in the largest Polynesian city. I hope he runs a community organising campaign based on enrolment and voter turnout. Events could be run where people vote and papers are bulk mailed, and he could do some middle class outreach. He is a possible cross class candidate.

  2. Barfly 2

    Thank you for your service Mr. Goff I hope you enjoy your retirement. yes

    • Tiger Mountain 2.1

      He is Goff and he’s off!

      He would have made a better PM than sirkey that is for sure, but as an arch Rogernome who never recanted as far as I know, history will be his judge. One time I did feel for him was when he was shockingly treated by then SIS Director Warren Tucker over the “Israeli Affair” briefing in 2011.

      I am sure more empathetic tributes will flow when he does formally retire.

      • Gypsy 2.1.1

        This is the person who stood up on national television and couldn't answer basic questions about his CGT. Key made him look a fool.

        • Tiger Mountain

          you seem to have replied to me for some reason, despite my criticisms of neo liberal Labour since 1984, even Treasury graphs show that the country does better with various indicators under Labour Governments than dirty filthy tory ones!

          • Gypsy

            I replied to your comment "He would have made a better PM than sirkey that is for sure,". Key was many things, but a financial illiterate he was not.

            • ghostwhowalksnzFor 6 days

              Then how come SOE Solid Energy went bankrupt on their watch…thats right Wall St tactics to extract huge dividends .

              Ill be chuckling all week about the so called smarts coming from working on Wall St you claim.

              Some of nationals dumbest ministers came from a financial services background.

              • Gypsy

                I was responding to Tiger's comment "He would have made a better PM than sirkey that is for sure". My point is simply this; if Goff would have been so much better, then why was he made to look such a fool by John Key? Why did he go on nationwide TV, in the middle of an election campaign, and be totally unable to explain the absolute basics of a cornerstone party policy?

                • Blazer

                  Key was a forex gambler at Merrill Lynch ,which became a basket case(admittedly after he left),and had to be bailed out by the taxpayer ,which is de riguere for most Wall ST charlatans.

                  Key was embarrassed many times about the veracity of his statements and his favourite defence was….brain fade,can't recall.

            • Kiwijoker

              O please give us evidence of jks expertise in government financing.

        • Blazer

          R U sure that wasn't Cunnliffe?

    • Gypsy 2.2

      Goff is a career politician. That occupation and honesty are not generally compatible.

  3. Ad 3

    You got in before me well done.

  4. Blazer 4

    Wonder if there is an opening on the ANZ board for Goff.

    There is alot of talk about a prized ambassadorial post for this stalwart of Rogernomics.

    • alwyn 4.1

      Yes. The current Ambassador was appointed in 2018 so her term must be up fairly soon.

      I really don't think Phil has the nous to manage the job of being a Bank Director.

      • Blazer 4.1.1

        Being a bank director would be the easiest job ' in the world ,would it not!

        Shining a leather seat a few times a year is not exactly…onerous.

        • alwyn

          Frankly, after the introduction of the farce that is the CCCFA I don't see how they are going to be able to get anyone who will be willing to take on the job of being a director of a Major Bank.

          The penalties that could apply to any Director if any employee of the bank were to approve a loan that was later to be ruled as being one that the borrower could not afford are completely horrendous. They become personally liable for penalties of $200,000 for each offence, regardless of their personal involvement in the matter. Do you think that the Board of Directors of ASB do, or even could, review every single loan the bank makes?

          The act was meant to look after people who borrowed from payday lenders, or bought goods they really couldn't afford from small merchants. For some reason the current Government extended it to all financial organisations, including the major banks. I suggest you approach a bank and try and arrange a low limit credit card. The information the bank is required to obtain about you means they simply won't give you such an arrangement. They are also being forced to clamp down on people who want to buy a first home. Haven't you noticed the stories in the papers.

          When was the last time anyone suggested you would be a suitable person to be a Board Member of a large Organisation?

          • Blazer

            So are they all resigning!

            Don't be silly….all those stories are just the already bulging banks trying to divert attention to the Govt as higher interest rates and defaults loom large.

            What qualifications do you think you need to be a board member…hint…about the same as those you need to become a RE agent.

            Old boy networks recruit the bulk of these rubber stampers.

            • alwyn

              "higher interest rates and defaults loom large".

              Well I certainly agree about the higher interest rates. Of course you really should base those on the need to restrain the inflation that Robbo and the RBNZ are releasing.

              What are these defaults you see looming though? I can't see any present or likely future increase in loans going sour at any greater rate than usual.

              • Blazer

                Right wing ,darling, economist Milton Friedman,has always maintained that interest rates have to be higher than the inflation rate re prudent monetary policy.

                I don't doubt that they will discard that wisdom if it suits but if inflation is 6-7%,interest rates higher than that would most certainly result in defaults imo.

                Of course the banks say they have stress tested loans at much higher interest rates than those struck in the last few years…believe it…or not.

                • alwyn

                  The number of people who bring up old Milton as being the doyen of the right without realising that he is the intellectual father of the Universal Basic Income.

                  Milton may have strongly believed that an individual should be free from the overpowering weight of the State but his Economic Theory wasn't really any different to those Economists who were supposedly left wing.

                  Excluding Karl and Friedrich of course.

              • Patricia Bremner

                Alwyn I thought you were smarter. What about imported inflation?

                7.6 in USof A

                • alwyn

                  I don't understand what your statement has to do with anything I said. I was talking about Friedman supposedly being the darling of the right. I would suggest that the left leaners, fans of a UBI should be cheering Milton on just as they think the right are.

          • ghostwhowalksnzFor 6 days

            Directors Insurance paid by the company is how personal liability of directors works

            Always has. Ask Dame Jenny Shipley ( but she didnt have enough coverage , tsk tsk.)

            $200k damages is chickenfeed

            • alwyn

              From what I understand you are wrong in that claim. They cannot insure against these penalties.

              From this reference, from one of the large law firms

              "Further, under Section 107D and E:

              1. Companies are unable to indemnify directors and/or senior managers in respect of any pecuniary penalty imposed under the CCCFA or costs that are incurred in defending any civil proceedings in which the pecuniary penalty is sought to be imposed. Importantly this applies even if the director and senior manager has stopped working for the lender; and

              2. Insurance cannot be used to indemnify a director or senior manager in respect of the pecuniary penalty or any costs involved with defending any civil claim in which the pecuniary penalty is sought to be imposed any such contracts that claim to offer this protection are void. However, a director or senior manager is not restricted from obtaining insurance to cover the payment of statutory damages. "


              I'm not a lawyer though so this may not say what it seems to. If you can find a lawyer to dispute it be my guest.

              Now, is $200,000 still chicken feed. Particularly when it could be for each offence?

              • Barfly


                Mainzeal – Jenny Shipley

                Are you saying she will have to pay??

                • alwyn

                  I don't imagine so. It happened before this law was passed. Anyway Mainzeal was a builder not a lender so it would have to have been a different type of offence.

                  On the other hand gww seems to be saying the insurance coverage had a limit below the amount awarded, so she might have to pay an excess.

                  I know nothing about the case though so ask someone who does.

                  • ghostwhowalksnzFor 6 days

                    Shipley had to pay ( through the insurance policy) for the failure in pecuniary duties at Mainzeal.

                    You are just providing waffle from some lawyers , thats what insurance does for directors negligence over their duties. Who would have a policy with exclusions you mention.

                    Anyway for a Bank a Director just needs an ironclad indemnity that the Bank will pay for lawyers to defend and any fines levied.

                    Clearly the directors can only make bank policy regarding loans but the legislation doesnt cover commercial loans so huge loans arent

                    Its a bank after all.

              • Blazer

                From your link…

                'The due diligence duty does not apply to directors or senior managers of pawnbrokers.'

  5. Corey Humm 5

    Thank God we don't have a house of Lords or neoliberal careerists like Him and Dalziel would be sitting on an unelected board till the end of time

    I expect they'll both be named as Ambassadors to somewhere? Heaven forbid the neoliberal revolutionaries ever get a real job or better yet retire.

    Still better that than staying on as a list mp thirty years past your used by date and being elected as speaker despite 48 years of anger management issues and screaming at former speakers and former mps, using parliament to defame and muck rake, violence against other mp's, doing things like scalping tickets after voting to ban scalping or getting wined and dined with David Shearer by sky city after screaming bloody murder about the convention deal encouraging gambling.

    Parliament should be four year terms and no more than three terms allowed to be served and that includes cabinet mofos and once you've done three terms in parliament you shouldn't be able to stand for election to any office in NZ.

    It should be considered embarrassing to be a career politician. Parliament needs more diversity of ideas, occupations and class not more upper middle class hive mind neoliberals or woke capitalist consumerists.

    That said , go Efeso, a working class voice.

  6. Chris T 6

    Could never stand the geezer, as he came across to me as sleazy. Probably a purely personality clash thing, but good luck to the dude in whatever cushy overseas ambassadorship he is gifted by Ardern.

    Don't actually wish him ill-will.

    • Patricia Bremner 6.1

      What ever makes you think PM Ardern rates Goff?

      • Chris T 6.1.1

        Call me a cynic, but it doesn't really matter if she does or not.

        Any politician that has been around that long knows their parties deep dark secrets, no matter what party.

        They are always going to be looked after purely out of "just in case they go a bit rogue"

  7. Gypsy 7

    Rating any mayor of Auckland is difficult, because the supercity is a seriously flawed model, and the mayor's ability to reign in organisations such as AT and Panuku (both of which are plagued by ideologues and incompetents) is restricted.

    That said, the best thing that could be said about Phil Goff is that he was better than Len Brown, but that is a low bar. Good luck and good riddance.

  8. Belladonna 8

    Goff going has to be the worst kept secret in NZ – it's been gossiped about for at least the last year.

    Having said that, he's done no favours to any left-wing mayoral candidates – leaving them only 7 months or so to put together a campaign. For which, you either need lots of money (Molloy) or backing of the party (Labour) or party front (Citizens & Ratepayers aka National).

  9. Chris T 9

    So do we reckon they will throw Helen Clark, Twyford, or with a bit of luck Mallard in there? (Mallard is a stretch I know)

    • ghostwhowalksnzFor 6 days 9.1

      There is no 'they' there.

      Auckland mayor is a self funded and individual persons ambition. They may ask for Auckland regional LEC endorsement but thats it.

      Its the CR that goes round head hunting for a 'worthy' to back and fund

  10. higherstandard 10

    Bye Knobhead.

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