Health and safety categories – ludicrous and venal

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8 comments on “Health and safety categories – ludicrous and venal”

  1. dukeofurl 1

    Demolition low risk ?

    You can see clearly which industries have been buying themselves into the classifications.

    demolition may not be high death rates but their injuries would be up there

  2. Foreign Waka 2

    Ephraim Kishon: The camel in the eye of the needle, the holy bureaucracy
    Perfect fit, it says a lot about the caliber of politicians in NZ. You should keep the anthem at all costs: god defend NZ.

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    What we need is an injury rate per 1000* and a death rate per 1000 so that we can make an informed decision on this. As it is we’re just looking at the categories and going hah hah. It’s not the best way to make decisions.

    * The injury rate would need to be split into minor, moderate and serious.

  4. Mad Plumber 4

    How is the injury rate arrived at, is this worked out from ACC claims.
    I did have a discussion with my MP (national) yesterday and the fear of unions was raised which at the time seemed a bit odd, then reading the Herald’s site this afternoon daylight dawned.I then asked if those who are pushing for the changes to H&S would attend the Funeral of a worker who died. SILENCE and the conversation changed and we agreed to disagree.
    Off to install a toilet cistern which is a high hazard as I am 3 days late in getting there.

  5. b waghorn 5

    Because of the threat of being sued/fined a large amount of injuries are not reported. Been involved in and seen a few myself.
    It might be more effective to get rid of the threat of financial penalty unless there is proof of willful negligence or attempted cover up , this would lead to a more accurate picture of the causes.

  6. weston 6

    personally i think we got enough rules and regulations already !! once again a very very small group of yes well meaning individuals is tirlessly campaining to effect a law change compelling all of us to obey the same eddict . reminds me of the very old verse THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS

  7. Smilin 7

    The ludicrous nature of what Nationals has tabled as a Bill for health and safety makes me think the secrets contained in TPPA are the direct cause of the blatant exclusion of what any person would see are essential compliant industries as most of those industries are at present directly involved in exports and our sovereign right to protect the H&S of workers and it is the govt responsibility to ensure these rights are there or we are looking at a treasonist govt
    So this Bill should never have been tabled for that reason

  8. Gruntie 8

    There are already key stats recorded by H&S assessors / advisors / managers for injuries

    – injuries requiring first aid only
    – injuries requiring medical treatment
    – serious harm injuries
    – fatalities
    Workplace NZ could publish rates per 100,000 worked hours today of each of these for each industry sector tomorrow if there was a political will

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