Helen Kelly Q+A on health and safety

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Watch the excellent Helen Kelly on Q+A this morning, discussing workplace health and safety, and the current proposals to water down safety legislation.

“The problem is that our workplaces are unregulated and dangerous”

“Good economies have both regulated the labour market and health and safety. This government has deregulated the labour market as we know. But we want to see the health and safety law passed, as was promised, as has been recommended.”

15 comments on “Helen Kelly Q+A on health and safety”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    Her reflexive and automatic answer to Simon’s stupid question about lung cancer was excellent and shows just how completely and deeply she believes in fairness for all.

  2. Charles 2

    Personally offensive interviewer, who delights in open provocations that have no journalistic purpose, meets “…the excellent Helen Kelly…”

    Luuuuuuuuuet’s get ready to ruuuuumblllllle..!

    The last comments, where she subtly says, “Irony? Let me tell you about irony…” and lays down four, maybe five issues, in one classic knock-out punch BAM!

  3. Tracey 3

    this govt would never offer a dame or higher title to this kiwi… cf paul holmes dying knighthood

  4. The question about non-smokers with lung cancer was batted away by exposing the narrative that underlies the question – differentiating those deserving and deserving of empathy, sympathy (health care?).
    I wonder if Simon had a lightbulb moment when he was forced to reconsider his question?

    This shows her awareness of the power of language to influence the way people think about things, events, relationships etc.
    Very impressive.

    To put her performance in a slightly wider context, compare with Michelle Boags and Tau Heneres rude ignorance yesterday on the Nation.

    I was also curious about the length of time Simon spent on “The Labour Party are run and funded by union insiders” line (paraphrased).
    My understanding is, and clarified by Helen Kelly, that the CTU is not affiliated with Labour nor does it give them any money. Out of 40 unions that the CTU represents, 5 members are affiliated with the Labour Party and what they do in that regard is their business.

    I have long suspected that many of our political reporters don’t do basic homework like reading the about pages or the publicly available governance documents (structure, affiliations, standing orders, etc.) on the various entities they report on.
    This is excusable in a rushed story that may involve an unknown organisation. But for large publicly present organisations like; Greens, CTU, NZ Initiative, Taxpayers Union etc. it’s inexcusable

    Simon presents well, but it’d be nice if he came to work prepared.

    • tc 4.1

      Dallow reads the scripted questions, he’s no more a journalist than your local solicitor and his job is to be read stuff out.

      It wouldn’t matter what Helen said as it wouldn’t alter the next piece of script.

  5. Rodel 5

    What an impressive woman. The contrast with people like Boag and Henare!

    • Jilly Bee 5.1

      @Rodel – +1000. I removed a few zeros so as not to make my response seem trite. But, what an impressive woman. All power to you Helen, kia kaha.

    • dv 5.2

      Henare has a sex change?

  6. Penny Bright 6

    Helen Kelly has been / is doing an excellent job on worker safety, in my view.

    Good on her.

    Penny Bright


  7. Fabulous interview. At times when I feel despondent and frustrated with the status quo and political manipulation by whoever is doing it (currently the National Party), I will rewatch this interview with Helen Kelly for inspiration to change things (within my remit!), and to conduct myself with humility and integrity as she does. Kia Kaha Helen Kelly.

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