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It looks like Herald journo Audrey Young needs to go back to the basics and check a few facts before going to print. Reporting on the Labour conference and the performance of Chris Knox’s song Audrey’s blog says:

“What you won’t get on the recorded version are the backing vocals from tonight provided by the Grateful Red, among others, Mark Burton, Steve Maharey, Ruth Dyson, and Chris Trotter – who is running a workshop on the media at the conference.”

It’s not a particularly big deal or anything, and I understand an earlier version of the programme had Chris T doing a workshop, but for sure the conference programme didn’t feature Chris and seeing as Trotter was there at the conference as a journo, sharing the same media room as Audrey no doubt as she was writing the article, you think she could’ve just double checked it with him.

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  1. Robinsod (moderator) 1

    I don’t want to dis teh Herald too much but let’s face it: anyone who puts Fran O’Sullivan up as a serious political commentator has reality issues.

  2. Oh dear! looks like it’s you guys who didn’t do the fact checking.

  3. Tane 3

    Ah, Whale, Chris Trotter wasn’t on the conference program. He didn’t run his forum. It was cancelled. Audrey Young wrote that it was still on – she was wrong and she should have checked her facts. It’s not the end of the world but it’s worth commenting on.

    So Trotter got up on the stage and had a sing with a bunch of others when Chris Knox played his song? Shit, you’re grasping at straws mate, and you sound like you’re running scared.

    Oh, and how’s that photoshopping of 15 year old children’s heads onto gay porn working out for you? John Key offered you a place on the list yet?

  4. Sheesh it is you who is desperate. the quote you use is of the Grateful Red and you said is was BS, it demonstrably wasn’t. Now you go and make more shit up.


  5. Tane 5

    Whale you’re not even making sense. Chris Trotter was not on the conference program. Audrey said he was. She was wrong and should have checked her facts. You’ve tried to prove us wrong by desperately ripping a picture of Chris Trotter singing a song with a dozen or so others and claming Audrey was right all along.

    Let’s look at what she says: “…Chris Trotter – who is running a workshop on the media at the conference.” Clearly he didn’t run a workshop. If you can’t understand basic English I’d suggest you give up blogging.

    Oh, and anyway, how’s that photoshopping of 15 year old children’s heads onto gay porn working out for you? John Key offered you a place on the list yet?

  6. Robinsod (moderator) 6

    Yo Whale – you’re wrong. Be a man and apologise. I apologised when I mis-read your donation sheet – are you lower than ‘Sod? (well of course you are but are you finally admitting it?) Oh and how’s KtB going anyway? Will you start attacking National on their pro-everything-but-the-campaign-period position? Maybe you dad could help with that.

  7. Benodic 7

    Fuck you’re a moron and a disgrace Whale. Your sexual harassment of James Sleep – a fifteen year old child – has been appalling and your pathetic attempts to discredit the standard have fallen flat. Give it up dude.

  8. Santa Claws 8

    Shame to see the blog authors can’t keep up Sam’s “Calm Discussion” standards – is that why he doesn’t visit much anymore?

    Have you boyz ever heard of re-victimization? You send everyone who reads your counterattacks over to Whale’s blog too look for the pic. I supose its a slight improvement the Robespierre has stopped linking to it every time.

    And Tane – how’s the vile homophobia going down with you? I notice you have a compulsion to stick the ‘gay’ label every time you poke whaleoil. Obviously trying to push your homophobic agenda there mate. Better watch out or the Rainbow boyz might revoke your membership.

    As for Audrey Clarks minor error almost a week ago – big fucking deal. Trotter was obviously there as more than a Journo – have you already forgotten this post Eddie?


    And how many other ‘Journos’ were singing on stage? Maybe you’d like to comment on why the planned workshop was cancelled?

    Actually, I’m surprised that you haven’t started attacking Trotter like Minto has been. I suppose that pretending that he was just there to report, and not participate is the first step in that plan?


    And where’s the post on The Stupid praising Labour’s flip-flop on tax cuts, or are you having philosophical problems there? After all “Tax cuts are a path to inequality. They are the promises of visionless and intellectually bankrupt people”, right?

  9. Santa Claws 9

    What – you guys deleting comments again?

  10. Matthew Pilott 10

    WhaleOil, just a simple thing, but the use of a hyphen in the comment in question indicates a relationship between the two subjects. In this case, I asked a five year-old, who sucessfully realised that the hyphen showed that one Chris Trotter was running a Workshop.

    Why don’t you get a friendly five year-old to proof read your blog posts for this sort of error, and save yourself the embarrassment (you could keep their age and identity secret..).

    Perhaps give the whale a rest and try tuna – it’s a good source of omega-3, vital for developing brains. I assume you’re still a kid, right?

  11. Tane 11

    Santa, we don’t delete comments. It’s your mate DPF who deletes comments, particularly if they disagree with him or call him on his spin: http://www.thestandard.org.nz/?p=616

  12. Tane 12

    Santa, just had a look in admin and your post was awaiting moderation. It seems to do that automatically if your post includes two or more links.

    Now you’re rather tiring and I’m sure you’ve got Kiwiblog to run, but let’s go through this: Nothing about my comments has ever been homophobic. You, on the other hand, have repeatedly made homophobic remarks on this site.

    I just want Whale to remove the photo and apologise to James. It’s pretty simple really. That you defend this kind of sexual harassment says a lot about your character.

    I’ve said elsewhere Audrey’s error wasn’t the end of the world, though it had been widely commented on that Trotter wouldn’t be running the workshop, especially after Colin James wrote an entire column on it that turned out to be based on the same mistake.

    The post above is completely correct. Whale was wrong. You’re grasping at straws trying to defend him, and given his disgraceful conduct I’m confused as to why that might be.

    I’ve had my issues with Trotter in the past, but I don’t see why I should attack him now. He does some good work when he puts his mind to it.

    As for tax cuts, I don’t think they’re necessary or a good idea, but I can see the political necessity for them. I tend to agree with Jordan Carter on this one:


    I’d rather see Labour deliver sensible tax cuts that target people on low incomes than let National give big tax cuts to the rich at the expense of public services.

    Anything else you want to know my opinion on?

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