Herald’s interview with the waitress – updated

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Last night NZ Herald editor Shayne Currie tweeted:

Much later Martyn Bradbury:

Bradbury’s piece at The Daily Blog is a second statement from the waitress in question. She states that the Herald interview was obtained under false pretences, and she withdrew her consent for it.





And now Currie’s statement on the matter – which leaves questions unanswered.


334 comments on “Herald’s interview with the waitress – updated ”

  1. Appleboy 1

    What an utter bastard Glucina is. This vile story needs to be well aired as it just shows the vile dirty network around Key in operation.

    • Tom Gould 1.1

      Glucina and Currie covering for Key? Surely not. Who would allow the Herald to be used to run blatantly party political counter-spin? Tim?

      • whateva next? 1.1.1

        Why would anyone talk to Glucina if they knew it was her on the end of the phone? stinks

    • Murray Rawshark 1.2

      I suspect the cafe owners were in on it as well. The old boy King’s College/Auckland Grammar network know how to call in favours and they hardly have an ethic between them.

  2. emergency mike 2

    Slimy stuff from from Rachel ‘Dirty Politics’ Glucina. I guess we’ll find out if her ‘concerned PR expert’, (probably actually not a lie), trickery was on behalf of the Key team trying to get more info for butt covering purposes, or on behalf of the Collins team trying to get more info for butt ramming purposes. Unless The Herald gives birth to a conscience by tomorrow of course.

    “…[Glucina] was so determinedly trying to put the word “political” in my mouth…” Seriously? Are they really going to go with ‘Green supporter’ again like with Tania Billingsley? Good luck with that David Farrar – this isn’t a mumble-mumble complaint against a dodgy foreign diplomat that can be sent back to Malaysia, this is John Key pulling a woman’s hair at her workplace against her will until she starts crying. Knock yourself out.

    Also of note, the waitress, who I’m increasingly impressed with, writes: “A lie would be claiming that I accepted an apology or spoke the words “that’s all fine, no drama.” Neither of these two things have happened…” Ouch.

    John Key is full of shit.

    And his carefree reflexive compulsive lying is, as I have predicted for some time, today skating oh so close to ending his time as the worst, most damaging, most embarrassing Prime Minister we have ever had.

    And over a hair fetish. Why not.

  3. linda 3

    perverted weirdos are called Johns

  4. Paul 4

    The story by Glucina is up on the Herald.
    Of course no mention by Key’s friend Glucina of how the story was extracted.
    I didn’t think I could think lower of the Herald.
    It is now in my mind like the worst parts of FOX News.

    • Paul 4.1

      Dirty Politics.

      This loathsome article ( and knowing how it was put together makes it possible to see this even more) has been written by Glucina to minimise the story.

      This article has been written to protect Key.

      Glucina managed to insert a quote by the owners referencing Amanda Bailey’s strong political points of s. What a repulsive angle used by Glucina in an attempt to minimise acts of physical harassment. Read what Amanda says in the Daily Blog…there was a clear attempt to look for a political angle to denigrate her.

      Then Glucina references a source to minimise then behaviour of Key. He was matey and enjoyed banter and had been going to the cafe for years.

      Someone told her to find this angle on the story.
      Dirty Politics is alive and well in John Key’s New Zealand.

      • David H 4.1.1

        She is getting a hiding on twitter, and not accepting Emails at the Granny.

      • Murray Rawshark 4.1.2

        The thing that sticks out like dog’s balls there is she wrote about strong political views. She didn’t say strong left wing views, which she would have if there’d been any evidence. Maybe Amanda was a JFK supporter before this? She did say she’d heard he was a nice guy, which you don’t hear hanging around anyone vaguely on the left.

    • emergency mike 4.2

      Yes under false pretenses they have:

      – Outed her name against her wishes.

      – Printed photos of her against her wishes.

      – Quoted her bosses saying she has “strong political points of view”.

      – Written eight one sentence paragraphs about what a lovely relationship Key has with the staff at the cafe.

      – Given no new information other than “a source” saying that “John Key used to call one of the waitresses Princess. He was always matey with the girls.” Which maybe morally vacant people like Glucina, Farrar and Key think sounds nice and endearing or something, but personally does nothing to lower my Creep Alert Level from: Very High.

      Stay strong ‘waitress’. I’m sure you are smart enough to see this all this is meant to intimidate you into shutting up. Don’t.

      • Paul 4.2.1

        The Herald is a propaganda voice for the vile people who are poisoning NZ with their Dirty Politics.

        Clearly Glucina condones Key’s actions.

      • emergency mike 4.2.2

        Also, they tried to give the impression of balance by quoting The National Council of Women calling him ‘sexist’. The words ‘harassment’ or ‘assault’ do not appear in the article. Guess which of those three words are crimes and which are not.

      • RedLogix 4.2.3

        Yesterday I went to bed thinking “Key will be damaged, but probably survive” – and I wonder how it will play out in the media this morning? And what is John Armstrong thinking? His next column should be interesting as even he knows this ain’t a pretty look no matter how you spin it.

        But I never expected this. A known good friend of Key posing as a bogus HR person in order to extract a damaging interview for her real employer with the young woman concerned. Then publishing this so called ‘meeting’ in the Herald despite being told it was obtained under blatantly false pretenses. This is wrong in so many ways I’m lost for words.

        Only on Planet Kreepy could they imagine to get away with this.

        • Sanctuary

          The trouble is who is going to expose the Herald? The OTHER major daily newspaper in Auckland?

          Oh wait… There isn’t one.

          That is why they can get away with it. NZ is a media monopoly, and that monopoly has no ethics.

          • tracey

            Surely she will be assisted to complain to the Press Council?

            • Sans Cle

              Would be happy to contribute to crowd sourcing. This whole case STINKS.

              • rawshark-yeshe

                Yes, Press Council at the very least.

                Perhaps it will persuade her to take trhe private prosecution path. I’d offer money to that as well.

                Glucina ? I have no words suitable to publish.

            • Ovid

              It’s a clear breach of Principle 9:

              Information or news obtained by subterfuge, misrepresentation or dishonest means is not permitted unless there is an overriding public interest and the news or information cannot be obtained by any other means.

              And Principle 8

              Publications have a strong obligation to protect against disclosure of the identity of confidential sources. They also have a duty to take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves that such sources are well informed and that the information they provide is reliable. Care should be taken to ensure both source and publication agrees over what has been meant by “off-the-record”.

              The clock is ticking. A complaint must first be filed in writing with the editor of the Herald within one calendar month. If the process is not resolved satisfactorily at that stage, then a complainant may take it further with the Press Council. The Procedure is laid out here.

              So far as I can tell, there’s no requirement that the complainant is the subject of a news story, so I’m tempted to draft one myself this evening.

          • Unicus

            If JK pulledl down his pants and sh…t in the middle of Lambton Quay Tories would still vote for him .

            Cant imagine what Grannies spin would be but they’d make damn sure he came out of it smelling of roses –

      • Murray Rawshark 4.2.4

        Princess as in “I’d love to see you at a Princess Party. I’ll bring the wine.” Anything seems possible.

  5. CnrJoe 5

    One employee Key didn’t stalk and repeatedly assault – he called Princess.

  6. Charles 6

    So I take it no one has gone to get her and take her somewhere safe. She’s walking around, clueless, straight into the lions den.

    Is this like when photo-journalists watch a beating or a murder, for instance, but don’t intervene because it’d cost them their award-winning photo?

    I can’t watch. This is wrong.

    • Paul 6.1

      These people have no qualms or conscience.

    • Tracey 6.2

      Agree with all. People using people. This is another version of what was done with the woman who had the affair with Brown. They both wanted to tell their story and that was the last time they were thought of by those looking to exploit the story

    • rawshark-yeshe 6.3

      So do we think the owners knew it was a setup? Or did Glucina fool them as well ? Have they also been betrayed in an effort to cover Key rather than them ?

      • Chooky 6.3.1

        imo….some serious questions need to be asked about the employers….why did they condone the harassment for so long?….why did they apparently collude in a setup by John Key’s no.1. PR person?….where did they think the harassment of their staff member would end?….was it an entree to something else?…why did they fail to protect her?

        some serious questions also need to be asked about the Herald

        • Maui

          Well if you owned a cafe in Parnell that the PM visited often, leads me to think that a lot people would be more likely to defend the PM than a staff member that you probably don’t know or at least not very well. The power dynamic once again..

      • tracey 6.3.2

        Henry Gucina’s “CV”. Note the complete lack of mention of employees, human relations outside the client/stakeholder profit-making requirement.

        These owners cannot be squeaky clean in this. It looks like they took his advice and let the viper into the nest and the waitress was dinner.

        “A conscientious, efficient and proactive manager with an intense commitment to grow a business and maximise the return on assets.

        A proven ability to deliver a profit in challenging times, establish productive rapport and professional credibility with clients and stakeholders by identifying needs; providing innovative solutions and high levels of customer service and support.

        Able to work in demanding and dynamic environments that require research and analytical skills, an adaptable, flexible approach and sound administrative skills.”

    • Sans Cle 6.4

      I wouldn’t call her clueless! She is a very brave person, taking on one of the most powerful people in the country, with all his supporting PR infrastructure, all his machinations of spin, political resources. She is taking a moral stand. Not an easy thing to do. So lets not patronise her. I have nothing but admiration for her: another case of a person sacrificing her privacy for something she believes as an injustice.

    • Colonial Rawshark 6.5

      Charles – quite right, there doesn’t appear to be anyone giving the waitress professional support, advice and protection from the fuckwit pseudo-journalists like Glucina and the dish rag that is the NZ Herald. It is a steep and painful learning curve having to deal with the media like this.

  7. This is how the machine shuts it down – the cogs go to work, churning, and anyone in their way gets crunched. The speed of their reaction shows the damage they perceived from this story – to fix it cause maximum damage and disinformation, create smokescreens and a new victim – key will be that victim soon, watch and see.

  8. Appleboy 8

    I would say the waitress could sue her employer and The Herald over this.

  9. sabine 9

    would this be a good time to start a go fund me page for the waitress? She could take legal council to persue if nesecarry a case of defamation, breach of privacy and the likes against the Herald and that gossip tart?

    I am not really sure how these things work, but if this article cost her her lively hood, flat etc, is she actually financially prepared for it?

  10. felix 10

    Let me get this straight. Her employers deliberately and knowingly concealed Glucina’s identity in order to serve up their own staff member on a platter to the Herald AND to a known National Party operative?

    They fucking WHAT?

    Is the young woman a member of a union? Or does she know a good lawyer? Because I see a large settlement in her future.

    • RedLogix 10.1

      Also – exactly where did the photo the Herald used for this story come from?

      • felix 10.1.1

        Good question, I can think of two possible answers.

        Unfortunately they both involve the employers consenting to having the photos end up in the hands of Glucina, who at the very least they knew to work for the Herald and probably also knew to be closely linked to John Key.

        • Anne

          Given the latest development this intelligent young lady needs a trusted professional person to guide her and keep her safe. A good lawyer is inevitable now that her employers appear to have done the dirty on her. She will have no choice but to resign from the cafe.

          As I said yesterday… if victims dare to complain or raise their heads above the parapet, they will be re-victimised and it can follow them around for years.

          • Colonial Rawshark

            She will have no choice but to resign from the cafe.

            The last thing you would do is resign! You stay with the job and force a huge fucking settlement from the creeps.

        • McFlock

          or the Herald trawling social media

    • Paul 10.2

      Don’t go to their cafes

      • sabine 10.2.1

        what are their cafes? I don’t read the herald anymore…given up that one too.

      • tracey 10.2.2

        Good idea. Can someone name the cafes?

        • lprent

          Yes. I think I have this urgent need to go there to be noisy about this event for a few months

          • tracey

            I was thinking that too. Maybe buy a small coffee and sit on it for a couple of hours reading the paper… with 3 friends.

            I have posted their website, so people, feel free to email them. They may be thinking that having it known the PM goes there will boost their custom… every upside has a downside.

            Maybe they were duped too..

            • lprent

              I don’t think so. Did you notice the photos by Dean Purcell in the Herald article? Clearly done outside and almost certainly with a telephoto (the manner in which the background is out of focus is a dead giveaway). The second one appears to be on a balcony or patio – also outside.

              The point is that I suspect her arsehole employers Jackie Grant and Scott Brown arranged at least part of this farce outside so that these pictures could be taken.

              • One Anonymous Bloke

                In today’s TDB article, Ms. Bailey mentions “We agreed that it would also be good to have a photo together to show that we had a good relationship and harboured no ill feelings, and for this sole purpose only.”

                So the photos were taken with her knowledge, and then the good relationship and lack of ill-feeling was immediately shown to have been a lie.

              • felix

                From the waitress’s second statement:

                “We [the waitress, the employers, and Glucina] agreed that it would also be good to have a photo together to show that we had a good relationship and harboured no ill feelings”

              • tinfoilhat

                If her employers have been complicit in this disgraceful deception I would expect they are in deep deep trouble and that there would be a number of employment lawyers happy to take on her case pro bono.

                I also expect her employers having deep pockets will want to settle rather quickly before they get too much more negative publicity.

                As for Glucina she stands out as a bottom feeder amongst a profession that has more than its fair share. hopefully the Herald is also facing a very significant censure.

              • SHG

                almost certainly with a telephoto (the manner in which the background is out of focus is a dead giveaway)

                Or the photographer could have been standing right next to them with a fast lens. Or the DOF could have been added in Photoshop.

                Or… DIRTY POLITICS!!!1

                • lprent

                  Or you could just look at the simplest explanation. I wonder what the photographer will say under oath eh?

                  Edit: I see that the waitress has started that the photos were taken with her consent, but for PR reasons for the Hip group? So she didn’t consent to the Herald to use them.

              • felix

                Interesting choice of sweatshirt by one of the owners. Big blue “N”.

            • Sabine

              If someone can form a nice letter about how someone might not patronize their locale anymore due to their enabling of bullying and harassment I would very much appreciate.

              My english at the best times is not very stellar. But I would love to send a letter letting them know that my dollar will go to other places and that i will make a point out of never frequenting their eateries.



              • tracey

                Take bits you want, change, discard… hat tip to Hateatea for her contribution to the later part of the composition.

                Dear ……

                I am a (coffee) drinker and eat out (how often ).

                I have seen the incident with the waitress you employ and have a few questions:

                Can I stroke any of your employees when I visit, or just the young women?

                Do you only let customers play with their hair, or can we stroke other parts of their bodies while waiting for our food?

                Do you have a notice about where you draw the line, is it on your website?

                I am really looking forward to visiting your cafes with my friends. See you soon

                A person in your care (both legally and ethically) was treated appallingly. Customers saw. Staff saw. Two Managers knew she was uncomfortable but did nothing to help her. Instead of keeping her safe you have used the opportunity to play down her treatment and talk up the Prime Minister presumably to make the tills ring some more?

                It has now lost you at least on customer.. Me. And my family and friends. I will not frequent any of your cafes in Auckland, again.

                Cafe employees may seem like playthings to you, there for the pleasure and bidding of the customers, and, it seems for our PM. Bu they have rights and feelings too. They have the right to be treated with respect, the right to feel safe at their place of employment and most of all, the right to expect that their employer would be honourable in their dealings with them, not exploit them for publicity, a photo op and a chance to butter-up the PM.

                You may not see her value but it seems that there are many New Zealanders who do. If you don’t understand that then perhaps you will understand loss of custom.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          Hip Group names its cafes as

          Kohi Corner;

          The Café, The Store, The Bar

          Waihi Beach Hotel Eatery and Store

          Takapuna Beach Café & Store

          Rosie Café

          Matua Road Farm


          Richmond Road Café

          The Store at Britomart


          St Heliers Bistro & Café

          The Diner at Britomart

          Provenance Eatery & Store

          Who wants to bet they attend Cabinet Club?

      • Chooky 10.2.3

        +100 Paul…although it is probably Nacts who go to their cafes…but even they will be feeling rather squeamish i would think

    • tracey 10.3

      She can join a union. They will take her case. How do we rally round her? Through TDB?

  11. Scintilla 11

    Marilyn Waring interviewed on Morning Report by Kim – she is very clear that Key’s behaviour was illegal and he should be stood down while there is an investigation. End of.

  12. felix 12

    Oh and Bradbury you fucking muppet. Why wasn’t she in a fucking safe house getting properly advised?

    You KNOW how these cunts operate even if she doesn’t.


    • Sanctuary 12.1


    • tracey 12.2

      Yup, that’s the Slater-esque part of this. A blogger happy to take the clicks for the interest the story will generate, but, on the face of it (please disprove me Mr Bradbury) leaving her to her own devices.

      • the pigman 12.2.1

        Well it’s not really Slateresque, because he and his pornographer mate holed up Bevan Chuang in some safehouse that she left voluntarily because she was basically being kept prisoner.

        I think Bomber is a total loser (no less because he put my comments in auto-moderation on his site for having the gall to criticize his posts 😉 but he has conducted himself pretty ethically on this so far and hasn’t used it to grandstand or do anything other than denigrate and delegitimise John Key and his network of thugs in the press, which after all, should be the one positive to come out of this fustercluck.

        I also think the waitress (while she couldn’t have been prepared for the response) has been articulate and measured throughout. It is a pity that Glucina and the Herald will be copping (deserved) flak, because it draws the attention away from John Kreepy.

    • halfcrown 12.3


    • Colonial Rawshark 12.4

      felix +1

    • Murray Rawshark 12.5

      1. Bradbury does not have the resources available to Slater.
      2. We have no idea what he tried to arrange.
      3. Oh and Key you fucking muppet. Why is no one safe from you and your filthy helpers?

  13. Sanctuary 13

    She will have to resign. And I hope her employers have got deep pockets, because by colluding with the Herald they’ve just got themselves (I would guess) at least a 75k employment court bill.

    • RedLogix 13.1

      I’m having trouble processing this.

      The hair tugging is a stupidity I can understand – this betrayal I can’t.

      • sabine 13.1.1

        why is it so hard to understand that she was always Just the Waitress, and any publicity is publicity….the cafe owner would not care more about her then Dear Leader. She is expendable, as are what 50% of the NZ Public in terms of HR. You fire/bully/make one go away, 40 others will apply. We have a rocking economy, remember?

        What galls me, is that in any case of sexual misconduct, the victim gets revictimised over and over again.

        • RedLogix

          I don’t expect perfection from human beings. I can understand Key being stupid enough to do the hair thing once or twice. I can understand how no-one around him thought to tell Emperor Key that is was time to stop. I can understand how he thought a couple of bottles of crap wine might stand up as some sort of crass substitute for an apology. I can understand how Key was oblivious to the power gradient involved – and that as Prime Minister this is why it is vital he behaves with more circumspection and restraint that anyone else in the country. That kind of oblivious entitlement I can understand – not approve of – but at least it makes some kind of sense.

          But what I am having trouble processing is how Glucina for one second imagined that her false pretences interview was going to help one tiny bit. It’s just made matters ten times worse.

          • mickysavage

            Yep she has attempted to put out a fire with a bucket of petrol …

            I have seen it a few times in politics, the thought that a crisis can be managed and the effect reduced. But all that happens is the effect of the story continues and gets worse.

            • felix

              Yep she has simply highlighted the “abuse of power” dimension of the story, and done nothing at all to diminish the “creepy weird molesting” dimension.

            • tracey

              Who is reporting her duplicity? Not the Herald? Any other MSM?

              • dukeofurl

                It seems to be the standard method of getting an interview. Dont say you are a journalist because they are seen as scum, even lower than politicians.

                From NZ Press Council ” Statement of Principles’

                Publications have a strong obligation to protect against disclosure of the identity of confidential sources. They also have a duty to take reasonable steps to satisfy themselves that such sources are well informed and that the information they provide is reliable. Care should be taken to ensure both source and publication agrees over what has been meant by “off-the-record”.
                Information or news obtained by subterfuge, misrepresentation or dishonest means is not permitted unless there is an overriding public interest and the news or information cannot be obtained by any other means.

                I have just had a closer look at the ‘Principles’

                They are a LOAD OF HORSESHIT as the gives carte blanche to lies and deception

              • weka

                “Who is reporting her duplicity? Not the Herald? Any other MSM?”

                I just googled, the herald glucina, to get the article and the first news story is TDB’s update post 😀

                Second news hit is this headline from TVNZ (haven’ read it yet)

                PM ponytail saga day 2: Waitress claims she was duped by journalist in PR guise
                TVNZ‎ – 2 hours ago

                • tracey

                  Thanks Weka

                  • ianmac

                    The Herald denies the dupe and “Herald Editor Shayne Currie has responded to ONE News about Ms Bailey’s accusations, saying “none of what is stated is accurate” and promises to have a statement available as “quickly as possible”. (TV1)

                    That will have to go past their legal team as repercussions will flow onto the Cafe employers part in this.

                    • tracey

                      Every person for themselves it seems…

                      Glucina will have a recording of everything she said, tot he owners in arranging the meeting, and the actual meeting, right? Like a good solid quality journalist?

                    • freedom

                      next comment by the NZH will probably be ‘unexpectedly sudden technical fault causes loss of all recorded data regarding the interview’

                    • McFlock

                      There’s a lot more wriggle room in “not accurate” than there is in “not true”.

                      Accuracy is by definition to within a predetermined margin for error, but for something to be true it must match reality in some way.

                    • Tracey


                      As in

                      “our first statement was not accurate so we corrected it”


                      “our second statement was not accurate so we corrected it.”


                      “our third statement was not accurate so we corrected it”


                      “we think this one would have covered our arses but for the clusterfuck of the first three.”

                      I have tried to find a statement regarding what the herald stands for, in journalistic terms. All I could find was this, which speaks volumes, dontchathink?


                      and this

                      “Reader Profile

                      The New Zealand Herald presents an audience profile with an even gender split. Readers tend to be well established, enjoying the strong earning capacity in empty nester households.”


            • vto

              mickysavage “Yep she has attempted to put out a fire with a bucket of petrol …”

              It is clearly a diversion..

              Key’s loyal followers are throwing themselves in front of him.. Mike Hosking is doing it too with his worst ever numskull horseshit.. It is almost like a cult..

          • felix

            I think the Dirty Politics crew have some blind spots that are incomprehensible to adults with relatively normal functioning brains.

          • Sabine

            she never imagined that is was going to help one bit. but it got her paid.

            And frankly this is what it is all about. Getting paid. The investors in the AKL Property Market just want to get paid, the fat one over that the Whale thingy just wants to get paid, Mike Sabin just wants to get paid, Judith Collins and Orivida just want to get paid.

            there is a gravy train going up and down the length of NZ and those with no scruples and morals will jump on it and trying to get some themselves.

            When we of the opposition are making peace with what is actually happening we can start fighting back. But as long as we are still believing that we, that NZ is better then that, we are stuck and are not getting anywhere.

            Hunter S. Thompson comes to mind: America… just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.
            translated to NZ:
            This is what we are, a nation of used car sales man, with all the money to buy influence, journalists and wanna be’s to “kill” anyone who makes us uncomfortable so that the same car sales men continue to screw us over and continue to sell us lemons.

            • tracey

              Hear! Hear!

              We have become a nasty, money grubbing lil nation beholden to the one with the most cash, standing for nothing and standing UP for no one.

              • rawshark-yeshe


                • rawshark-yeshe

                  that was supposed to express tears, and an ocean of them for the truth you write @Tracey

                  • tracey

                    Every person for themselves it seems…

                    Glucina will have a recording of everything she said, tot he owners in arranging the meeting, and the actual meeting, right? Like a good solid quality journalist?;)

            • Olwyn

              Well said Sabine – you can only fight back effectively when you know what you are up against.

            • greywarshark

              The company that is going somewhere. That is aiming for the Stars.
              We bring you –
              Swamp kauri dragged out of muddy water.
              Milk powder – let’s not muddy the water on that.
              Now pure bottled water, that we haven’t yet muddied, and so precious that soon people will spend most of the other half of their income to obtain.

              And indeed anything else we can sell you We aren’t into housing yet
              or maybe we are.

              Next, a few decades away I suggest some misanthropes will offer:
              Body parts, we have a supply of disenfranchised people with no hope of maintaining themselves and their families, with relatively clean organs.
              And now what else can we sell to the wealthy or exchange for favours?

              (Google says it is Dame Ngaio Marxh’s 122nd birthday. We need her to solve this crime. In her books she always got it worked out reasonably satisfactorily in the end.

              “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” Mark Twain (from goodreads quotes)

              • tracey

                Well said!

                When we expect less from our Leaders, we get it.

                • greywarshark

                  @ Tracey
                  When we expect less from our Leaders, we get it.

                  That little sentence really resonates. It vibrates when hit with a tuning fork. Its one of those that sums up a situation. I think it’s called an aphorism, you would know.

                • rawshark-yeshe

                  “I join boards because I think that they have the potential to deliver [to] both stakeholders and shareholders.” Shipley on that link.

                  Mainzeal, Jenny ?? Heard of them ?

                  Chair of Oravida, chair of major China Bank .. what could possibly go wrong ? Plus all her secret investments such as Drapac … what a failed Kiwi she is.

                  • freedom

                    Drapac ? The health & beauty products company?
                    or the real estate company whose make up resembles an algerian love knot that lost a battle with a mixmaster?

                    • rawshark-yeshe

                      The health and beauty company with retail outlets, I don’t know the other one of whom you speak .. maybe it’s them as well .. why wouldn’t they be creaming real estate as well ?. Short for Dragon Pacific. She was ( dont know if still is) a very secret direcor and shareholder from way back when it first opened here .. she opened all the doors. Even arranged special testing facilities for them in Mt Elbert at old DSIR. Certainly would never have happened without her accompanying aegis of respectability. She has been rolling in Chinese money since she was PM .. and likely during, we’ll never know.

                      I still shudder when I think of the footage of her in the background protecting and ushering the Chinese PM (or was it president?) into Parliament while Russel Norman on behalf of Free Tibet was almost bashed to the ground by Chinese security.

                      Let’s also remember it was she who ordered the buses in to protect Chinese dignitaries from pro-Tibetan demontrators on a previous visit to Auckland.

                      She is seriously deeply covered in remnimbi. Perhaps she even has her bathroom papered with them ? Nothing would surprise me.

                      See her here the background running shotgun guard for the Chinese while Russel Norman does brave battle for human rights in front of our own parliament. Watch for her at 0.40 over against the wall beyond Russel …

                    • rawshark-yeshe

                      obviously that should be Mt Albert, not Elbert .. but she has been there with sticky fingers for many, many years. Amazing what being a really failed prime minister can get for you.

                    • freedom

                      or… it explains how the rebel base was discovered 😯

                    • rawshark-yeshe

                      Beam her up, please !!!

                  • greywarshark

                    All this talk about stakeholders. It makes me think of vampires.

              • vto

                Orivida: west coast gold too… large swathes purchased ready for dredging

                • rawshark-yeshe

                  and the water …. and Oravida means golden life .. certainly for some of them as they strip NZ assets like fillets from a poor dead fish.

                  They make me so very angry.

          • Olwyn

            @ RedLogix: I think they are relying on conditions that have been slowly changing since Dirty Politics – for a long time they have used these methods with impunity, but they are now laid open in the public arena. It is like being shown how a conjurer’s trick works – you can’t go back to seeing it as magic. It seems likely to me that the damage control will prove more harmful than the ponytail pulling. With the latter left and right can congregate in their usual teams and shout past each other; with the former we have yet another display of how Key’s “popularity” is maintained.

          • seeker

            redlogix…’understand key being stupid enough to do the hair thing
            once or twice’.j

            Ms Bailey had to put up with key’s horrible behaviour far more than ‘once or twice’. Please don’t minimise her ordeal.

  14. Lefty 14

    Why on earth was there nobody advising this young woman?

    She is up against dangerous,powerful and nasty people and they include her employer.

    She needs good representation fast.

  15. fisiani 15

    6 different posts now on this trivia. Must be despairing. The sky is falling.

    • Sanctuary 15.1

      Oh, just fuck off you egg.

      • Hayden 15.1.1

        In the old days there was a saying, (on FARK.com) that can be adapted thus:

        Shut up fisiani, you cock

    • tracey 15.2

      What an utterly vacuous person you are portraying yourself to be. Devoid of human compassion and respect for the result of actions done with or without thought that invade a person’s privacy. Far from promoting the ideology your purport to support you show it up and stigmatise all those who vote as you do with your brand of uncaring, dismissal.

      6 posts means that invading a woman or child’s personal space without consent is wrong whereas you and our Prime Minister think it is just another day of self gratification.

      Post some more fisiani, please, show yourself up.

    • Mr In Saiif 15.3

      Hey fisiani,

      Pull the other one

      • Mr In Saiif 15.3.1

        Hey fisiani,

        No pull the other one

        • Mr In Saiif

          Hey fisiani,

          No, No, Pull both of them you sexy minx

          • Mr In Saiif

            Hey Fisiani,

            I think I’m ca….ca….ca cummmmming………………………

            Gossip has it that the National party women are all turning up today goose stepping with ponytails a swinging…

            Pull me John, no me John, no me.. The amount of heat they are generating could power the grid for the next century

            Some of the Nat blokes to I heard….Joyce in a Ponytail

      • wyndham 15.3.2

        “Pull the other one”. That’s what John Armstrong says . . . . http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11436987

        • ianmac

          I wondered about the connection thus as Armstrong says, “David Cunliffe got into trouble for apologising for being a man. The Prime Minister has been forced to apologise for failing to be the man most people thought he was. That must surely be to his political cost.”

          A neat ironic circle. What goes around …

          • tracey

            For Armstrong too…

          • BassGuy

            To be fair, the Prime Minister has been forced to apologise for being the man I thought he was.

            Lice are attracted to clean hair, unfortunately it takes more than a comb to get rid of John Key.

    • felix 15.4

      “6 different posts now on this trivia.”

      That’s right fizzy.

      Near blanket coverage across all radio and tv news bulletins.
      Stories on every news website.
      International press reports.
      John Key taking time out from ANZAC commemorations to comment.
      National Party operatives setting up sting operations to get access to the victim.

      You’re right though, it’s probably nothing. 🙄

    • Hateatea 15.5

      “The sky is falling.”

      If the sky falls, fisiani, I really hope that you and Honest John, the waitress harasser, are both taken out by it. It would be some kind of payback for your blind hero worship and his demonstrable arrogance. You both sicken me.

      Cafe employees may seem like political nonentities to you and the PM but they have rights and feelings too. The right to be treated with respect, the right to feel safe at their place of employment and most of all, the right to expect that their employer would be honourable in their dealings with her.

      You may not see her value but it seems that there are many New Zealanders who do. If you don’t understand that then you are no better than the PM and Rachel Glucina.

      • tracey 15.5.1

        May I borrow this? Someone wants a letter to write to the cafe owners explaining why their dollar will be taken to other cafes?

    • rawshark-yeshe 15.6

      neither egg nor cock .. just a broken empty shell where a hollowman used to be … so sad it is.

    • linda 15.7

      fis your John key is a little fucken pervert

  16. tracey 16

    John Armstrong must be annoyed. He even remembers the Cabinet Manual and the call to behave to the highest standard.

    He is calling for a Court Jester to hold Key to account…

    There are many fools about, but not many who are funny. Perhaps Mr Armstrong could take that role upon himself and call Mr Key and his promise of higher standards to account. Each and every time.


    • rawshark-yeshe 16.1

      I think Slater has applied for the jester job hasn’t he ?

      A post late yesterday by him seems to suggest that it will be odd if this brings Key undone when there are so many much bigger things about him being ignored ( my interpretation, not his exact words and I don’t want to go back to quote directly).

  17. linda 17

    How about crowde funding a lawyer for the girl we all donated to Nicky hager

  18. nzsage 18

    Do not fret my friends, the police will be looking into how Glucina obtained this information by deception a la the “cup of tea” recordings… or maybe not.

    • s y d 18.1

      the cops are probably looking into charging the waitress with threatening to assault the PM.

  19. Pat 19

    Shit ,thats a disgrace ….they should all be dragged before the courts, the Herald, the employers and anyone found to been involved….and as someone said, i think the young woman may be better off in a safer environment.

  20. Hateatea 20

    I am enraged by the actions of her employers and the NZ Herald employee (not journalist, that would be giving her a status she doesn’t warrant). This is yet another example of the power imbalance that is at the core of this whole incident.

    If anyone hears of a fund raising effort for the innocent victim in all of this, I would gladly make room in my budget to assist.

  21. linda 21

    As will i

  22. Not Arandar 22

    [lprent: someone hijacking a email address. Adding to permanent bans. By the look of it some kind of arsehole from Lauda Finem astroturfing a post]

    • One Anonymous Bloke 22.1

      It’s clearly what you think, although I notice you’re trying to shift the focus away from Mr. Tuggy.

      • Pat 22.1.1

        and are the underhand employer actions and questionable journalistic ethics an attempt to deflect from JKs actions?

    • Lanthanide 22.2

      I agree it could have been handled better, in terms of having a “perfect” story to get points against John Key.

      But actually, scoring points against John Key isn’t the primary purpose of all of this.

    • tracey 22.3

      Two different Managers, a he and a she, were identified by the waitress in her statement as seeing/hearing her discomfort. They did nothing.

    • weka 22.4

      “The big mistake was using TDB to break the story, instantly labelled as hard left…”

      What’s wrong with that?

      For the people that think she shouldn’t have used TDB, who should she have used?

      • Tracey 22.4.1

        why glucina of course. … a real journalist

      • Lanthanide 22.4.2


        • tracey


          What if she had used, say, Glucina?

        • felix

          Have a look at the original Stuff story from yesterday that tried to frame the whole thing as a single event that the PM had immediately apologised for.

          If she had gone through those channels first, that would be the story and then the blogs would be responding to it maybe today, maybe tomorrow, and by the 25th it would all be over and out.

          She had nothing to gain by going through such channels first.

          Instead she got her story out the way she wanted to tell it, and the MSM are now reporting on it from there.

        • weka

          Which MSM Lanth?

          • Lanthanide

            For the record, I am not someone that thinks she shouldn’t have used The Daily Blog. I just responded to your question of “whom else?”

            Obviously the people saying “hard left blog” would be saying “should have reported through reputable MSM” because that would avoid the “hard left blog” angle.

            Personally if I were to choose a MSM outlet, I’d go with National Radio.

            • weka

              there appear to be a number of reasons why various people are saying she shouldn’t have used TDB, which is why I addressed the question to them.

              I can’t see why RNZ would be a better choice than TDB. They’d yield different results, so I guess it depends on what she was after. She probably went with what she trusted. If I was in her situation I’d have gotten a lawyer and given the story to the standard or similar. I’d want someone who gets the power and employment issues, and the politics (on all levels), and were I could tell my story. RNZ aren’t going to do that, they’re going to be looking at how the story fits in their format, their direction, and under their journalistic and legal obligations (although fortunately KH was on morning report this week) ie the person telling the story loses power, quite a lot.

              After reading both of the waitress’s stories, I have very few questions. Most of these kind of things I read in the MSM leave me with a lot of questions, not least being ‘why didn’t the journalist ask x, y, z?’. I’m struggling to think of any MSM outlet that would have handled this well. Campbell Live probably the most likely, but they’ve got probablems of their own and hard to know how they would handle such an overtly anti-Key story so close to their own run in with him.

              • Lanthanide

                What ‘run in’ has Campbell Live had with Key, apart from him calling it “entertainment” and saying he doesn’t watch it?

                • weka

                  Key gunning for his job etc. Whichever way you look at it, there’s been a big drama in recent times, and I don’t know if that would affect their perception of how to do balanced journalism (eg them erring on the side of caution).

                  • Lanthanide

                    “Key gunning for his job etc”

                    Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by this. Do you have evidence of Key doing something about John Campbell?

                    • weka

                      Are you saying you don’t know what I am referring to at all? It’s in the standard’s backlog if you want to look it up.

                      If on the other hand, you think that the CL drama was a storm in a tea cup, and that affects my original comment, you could just say.

                    • Lanthanide

                      Are you saying if I look in the “standard backlog”, I will find evidence that Key has directly interfered with Campbell Live’s job?

                      I haven’t seen any such evidence and I have been following this story.

                    • weka

                      Fuck off Lanth. You know exactly what I am talking about. Disagree with me fine, but this game playing is off topic.

                    • Lanthanide

                      So from that response, you don’t have any evidence that John Key is “gunning” for John Campbell or his job.

                    • weka


                      Take it to OM if you want to have an OT argument.

            • Colonial Rawshark

              Personally if I were to choose a MSM outlet, I’d go with National Radio.

              You go because of the journalist, not the outlet.

      • Not Arandar 22.4.3

        [lprent: someone hijacking a email address. Adding to permanent bans. By the look of it some kind of arsehole from Lauda Finem astroturfing a post]

        • rawshark-yeshe

          It will still be alive and Winston will take care of it, I have no doubt!

        • tracey

          She can’t win, some accuse her of being too politically savvy and here you are accusing her of not being savvy enough… 😉

        • weka

          “Just think how Winston could have used this when parliament resumed. Too late for that now.”

          Yeah, just think. Peters would have used this for his own purposes. Whatever criticism we might have about Bradbury, at least on TDB she was allowed to tell her own story in her own way, twice.

          I’m not sure how much I trust Bradbury, but I sure as hell wouldn’t trust Peters.

          Marilyn Waring on the other hand 😀

          • rawshark-yeshe

            Winston on TV3 news disdaining hair fetishism was a lovely watch tonight ! Link not available yet, sorry …

  23. linda 23

    Its a very simple story john key is a fucken pervert every human has the right to. Out have some 53 year old pull at her hair on multiple occasions like a perv I. The undies drawer

  24. freedom 24

    On a side note (and apologies to Amanda for intruding on her space)

    Facebook is where many people express their political views freely and openly. This is especially true with people in their twenties. Having just had a look through Amanda Bailey’s public feed on Facebook, there is nothing, I repeat, nothing on that page which could be said to be expressing “strong political points of view”. Even during last year’s election campaign period there are no political posts on her public feed.

    Motivational memes, music, photos of friends, animals, places, usual stuff. No politics.

    • Tracey 24.1

      in parnell strong political views mean you dont just parrot the key/english propaganda written for them by people in PR ( matthew hooton in the nine to noon thread has given a good working definition). so she has prolky just wondered aloud at work dos;

      why arent we working to reduce child poverty or something extreme left wing activisty like that

  25. The lost sheep 25

    I was just going to comment on TDB’s version of how the story got published n their website, and find it interesting that there has been an edit to the original post this morning.

    At 8.45am the preface to the original story stated that the Waitress approached TDB, wanting to publish the anonymously, but she accepted that her name may become public as a result.

    By 9.15am the reference to accepting her name might become public has been edited down to this statement “The waitress contacted us with her story, The Daily Blog did not seek her out or pressure her in anyway to write this blog. We are protecting her identity so she is not punished by her employer or social media victim blaming. “

    Mmm. Well whatever the machinations, what is clear is that the Waitress herself chose to place this story in the Public Domain through a Political blog.
    This clearly demonstrates a degree of political motivation – as also expressed in her statement “Unfortunately, when our poor country is left cringing, tormented, cowering in the corner, it can’t be fixed with a bottle of wine, and neither was this.”

    So I hope that the issues around harassment and bullying do eventually get resolved in a manner appropriate to the case, but if that was the main concern of the waitress, then she would have been far better raising the issues through the appropriate channels.

    If she didn’t want to be dragged into the grinding machine of politics, then going to TDB was a serious judgment of error.

    • Tracey 25.1

      i think you have hit on the really important crux of the whole issue. You have done us a real service. Women with legitimate complaints should find a likeable man in his 50’s in a position of authority to complain to. otherwise they really only have themselves to blame.


      I bet Bo Peep isnt looking hard for you

      • The lost sheep 25.1.1

        If you want to deal with a case of harassment in a workplace, you take it in the first place to your employer, who has the responsibility to ensure you are protected by such activity.

        In this case, that avenue was clearly open to the waitress, who by her own statement had a good relationship with her employers (one of whom was a women).

        She didn’t, she say’s she has no issue at all with her employer, and she made no attempt to take this issue any further with any of the other avenues she could have gone to for support. She gives no indication she felt the need to do so.

        So it is rubbish to suggest she had no option but to ‘find a likeable man in his ’50’s’!, and that explains why she had to go to TDB.

        The choice to go to TDB was clearly politically motivated, and she says so, and at the point she chose to step beyond the issue of harassment and it’s appropriate environment, and deliberately place the into a context she knew very well it would make it public domain and political……in order to make a political point

        um, all sympathy regarding her experience of harassment, but she does have some degree of personal responsibility for the political consequences she is experiencing as a result of her political action?

        • The lost sheep

          Ooopsie..bad typo above, but not allowed to edit!

          Obviously i do not mean that employees should be protected by such activity!

          And while i seem to have incriminated myself…I should point out Tracy, re your bo peep comment, that I employ many Women who work in public situations where the potential for harassment exists, and on the very rare occasion it does, staff come direct to me immediately as our workplace policy urges them to do.
          It never takes more than one unequivocal contact from me with an inappropriate customer to fix such issues in my experience.

          • freedom

            did you skip the part of her story where one of her bosses was standing right beside her when one of the tugging episodes occurred and did nothing!

          • tracey

            Perhaps just read more of the stuff that has come out, about these employers you think she should have approached?

        • tracey

          Did you consider that she didn’t regard her employers as open to her problem? Two separate managers knew about it and saw her discomfort but apparently did nothing. Her bosses have since said that Key is “loved by all the staff”. So, did you consider that is not an environment to complain about the PM?

          Her bosses then arranged a duplicitous meeting after it was made public, lying to her about the purpose, with a gossip journalist sister of their management level employee, which kind of bears out her reluctance to go down that line, or are you not reading all the facts as they come out?

    • DoublePlusGood 25.2

      The reason for it being on TDB first could be as simple as she knew Bomber from somewhere, or Bomber heard about it from contacts that she wanted to do something about it.

    • Maui 25.3

      But whatever channels she went through to publish the story would have been political in some way. Can you imagine fairfax or the herald giving her free license to tell her story in her own words? I don’t think so. We don’t know, but she may have previously approached a main stream media source and didn’t like the way they were handling it.. The story is so political in itself. Maybe she could have laid a police complaint, wonder how far that would have gone 😉

      • tracey 25.3.1

        “We don’t know,”

        We have one clue. Glucina’s representation of yesterday’s “meeting”

    • felix 25.4

      Shorter TheLostSheep: She’s asking for it.

    • Murray Rawshark 25.5

      Her motivation is irrelevant. FJK is a sick POS and it’s great to see a little of his behaviour exposed.

      • linda 25.5.1

        who cares its simple the pm John key is creepy little fucken pervert he stalked the poor girl and the fucker wouldn’t leave her alone
        i don’t care who he thinks he is she has a right to carry out her lawful activities without some pervert harassing her pm or not.

  26. Puckish Rogue 26

    I’m not all that suprised at Bradbury over this, he surely must have known that by allowing her to post on his website it made the story political

    Did he advise her to try going to a journalist over this (assuming there are some journalists that arn’t bottom feeders) rather then post on his website

    Or was he after more publicity for his website?

    • Paul Campbell 26.1

      I beleive you are blaming the messenger – Key and Gluccina are the perps here

      • Puckish Rogue 26.1.1

        Oh don’t get me wrong, Key shouldn’t have done it originally, Glucina shouldn’t have done what she did recently, the Herald shouldn’t have run it

        I’m just saying Bradbury was also wrong

        • RedLogix

          Or maybe Bradbury was the only person SHE thought would listen. After all so far no-one else had taken her seriously.

          • Puckish Rogue

            I’m not blaming her but Bradbury should have known better but maybe he let his ego get in the way

            • Draco T Bastard

              In what way should Bradbury have known better? Do you think he shouldn’t have run the story?

              • Puckish Rogue

                The story, no matter who ran it, would be political but by running it on his site it can be accused of being a hard-left hit job

                Bomber could have suggested going to a journalist or a newspaper instead

                • felix

                  The story is all over the MSM. The PM has admitted to everything.

                  The story came out in her own words. It doesn’t matter at all that it was first published on tdb.

                  In fact I’d love to see that attack made as it would make the PM look incredibly desperate.

                  • Puckish Rogue

                    Its already happening so get your popcorn ready (mine certainly is)

                    • felix

                      Where? (Apart from you, here, of course.)

                      ps the reason it’s a “political” story is because [drumroll] John Key is a fucking politician.

                    • Colonial Rawshark

                      And not just “a politician.” Your local regional councillor is “a politician.” John Key is the fucking Prime Mincer of NZ. I mean, Prime Minister.

                • rubbish, Bomber put the initial post up without commentary – imo TDB was the best place to put it and to me it shows the value of TDB.

                • Draco T Bastard

                  The story, no matter who ran it, would be political but by running it on his site it can be accused of being a hard-left hit job

                  It doesn’t matter where it was published originally, it was still going to be portrayed by the MSM as a far-left hit job as we’re seeing.

                • Clemgeopin

                  She approached Bradbury. It was her story, in her own words. Bradbury consulted confidants/lawyers because of the explosive nature involving a very famous/powerful deviant and took signed affidavits from the victim first. I think he did the right thing. Why should he shun from such a great scoop and give away the privilege to some other media? I do not think any other story of Key has received such an enormous media exposure both nationally and internationally. If you were the editor/owner of a blog, would you give such a mammoth story to some one else to benefit from?

                • linda

                  bullshit story has seen the light and we now know pervekey is a fucken creep

        • Tracey

          good on you for acknowledging the wrong doing.

    • felix 26.2

      I heard a few people taking this line yesterday, asking why she didn’t go to a mainstream media outlet.

      But look at the way Stuff reported the story yesterday, before it blew up. It was framed to make it seem like a one-off incident that Key had immediately apologised for.

      There’s no way any msm outlet would have let her tell the story in her own words – and perhaps they shouldn’t, as journalists – but it does seem to me that telling the story in her own words was probably the only way it was ever going to get told properly.

      Now that she has gotten her story out, the msm journos are free to report on it and get the other side so I don’t really see what the problem with her choice of outlet is (apart from Bradbury being a fuckwad).

      • weka 26.2.1

        +1 I’m very greatful that she told her story in her own words.

        plus, she’s 26, why would she trust the MSM more than a blog?

      • Maui 26.2.2


      • emergency mike 26.2.3

        Exactly felix. Why didn’t she go to the MSM? Seriously? Why Earth would she given how useless and manipulative they are?

        I really hope she is now taking to someone who can give her good legal advice.

    • Huginn 26.3

      It’s political because John Key is the Prime Minister.

  27. ianmac 27

    This would be an interesting scenario. Would the PM have to stand down John Key for the duration?

    Audrey Young (9 minutes ago):

    “Ponytail fallout: Is John Key destined for court?”
    “Amanda Bailey, the waitress involved in the ponytail-pulling episodes, could take civil proceedings against Prime Minister John Key, a legal academic says.
    University of Auckland law professor Bill Hodge said Mr Key could also be investigated for common assault for “hostile touching” if police received a complaint…..

    • Paul Campbell 27.1

      yes but which John Key would he stand down?

      • ianmac 27.1.1

        Stand down the one that is John Key Barbecue/blokey/man. The PM John Key is a different statesmanlike gentleman altogether so he would stay in Key’s Alternative Universe.

        • rawshark-yeshe

          Did you listen to Marilyn Waring with Kim Hill this morning ( linked above) ? Marilyn seems extremely clear about what actions should be taken against Key, and yes, he would be required to stand down. Have a listen .. Marilyn is white-hot angry at Key.

          • tracey

            This is a woman who worked for and was belittled by Rob Muldoon… she knows what bullying and stand over tactics feel and look like. She knows what power does to some men and I suspect she sees alot of things from experience in Key. Just my 2 cents.

            • rawshark-yeshe

              And she defeated him in spite of it all ! And your 2 cents is worth $100 !

              I think she will take action on this; I felt

            • rawshark-yeshe

              And she defeated him in spite of it all ! And your 2 cents is worth $100 !

              I think she will take action on this; I felt

            • rawshark-yeshe

              And she defeated him in spite of it all ! And your 2 cents is worth $100 !

              I think she will take action on this; I felt

            • rawshark-yeshe

              And she defeated him in spite of it all ! And your 2 cents is worth $100 !

              From her comments, I suspect she plans to take definite action on this. Great woman to have protecting Amanda Bailey’s back.

  28. The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 28

    How stupid is Glucina? How stupid would you have to be to engage her services? I’m not Deb Webber, but I predict these people are all in trouble: The Herald, Glucina, the employers.

    • s y d 28.1

      But not JK?

      • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 28.1.1

        Less so, I suspect. Unfortunately, the left have been screaming for so long about every trivial thing, most people will think this is just another one. And Glucina’s idiocy sends it all down a cul-de-sac.

        • Draco T Bastard

          No, we’ve been pointing out that JK is lying to everyone all the time. This is not trivial but a major problem.

          • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

            See, it’s shit like that that creates the disconnect between the far left and the half of the population that still voters for Key into his third term.

            • s y d

              I tend to agree, but this is people laughing at JK for being a creep. Not just a doofus, muck about geezer, but a perv.
              And now the rest of the world has joined in and with our need to be liked it don’t feel good

            • Draco T Bastard

              And what you’re showing is the disconnect that half the population have to reality. JK is a liar and yet half the population still vote for him. This is a major issue.

      • tracey 28.1.2

        I wonder why Gilmore had to go? It was cos he lied to the PM, as I recall… see, bad behaviour isnt a resignable offence, putting Key in a bad light is… oh wait…

        John key the man put John Key the PM in a bad light… major conundrum

  29. Pat 29

    a question for anyone who knows…is Glucina stupid enough to run the story AFTER she realised she’d been outed and permission withdrawn?

    • rawshark-yeshe 29.1

      hard to know, but it seems Shayne Currie was indeed stupid enough. He must have known what Glucina was doing imho.

        • rawshark-yeshe

          Good that Stuff published most of her denial about it .. promising I thought!

          Methinks this has powerful legs for walking way beyond Gallipoli, and the house is due back.

        • weka

          The Herald article looks like a very toned down version of what was probably originally intended. Once Glucina had been found out, she couldn’t go hard out against the waitress.

        • felix

          That article contains an unusually candid admission 😀

          Herald Editor Shayne Currie told TVNZ that “none of what is stated is accurate”.

          Just as we’d always suspected.

          • tracey


            In any event what is his proof, base don usual investigative reporting? He knows, cos Rachel promised.

            • felix

              That’s John Key’s standard, isn’t it?

              As in ‘I know it’s true because Slater/Banks/Collins told me.’

          • freedom

            An ambiguous line to say the least. It is not made at all clear in that story as to what part of the story he is saying is not accurate. The fact he was rung? The fact Glucina and the employers lied. Or is he claiming what Amanda herself is saying is untrue?

  30. Nick 30

    Negatively slanted political inference comments by the cafe owners towards the waitress were probably used out of context by the Herald gossip writer. I would say the Cafe owners were manipulated by the herald as well. Team Sleaze Key will be putting massive pressure on the herald.

    • freedom 30.1

      I presume you forgot to add a sarc tag seeing as how the owners are blatantly complicit in the deception.

  31. So many parallels between Rachel Glucina and Rebekah Brooks, at News of the World.
    My summation: tabloidism at the most reprehensible level.
    Will desist from referring to the NZ Herald as Main Stream Media, as it is nothing other than a dirty Tabloid.

  32. Paul Campbell 32

    Hmmm – compulsively touching other people’s hair can be a symptom of a mild form of Tourette’s

  33. rawshark-yeshe 33

    Cany anyone lay a complaint with the Press Council or must it be the one aggressed upon ?

    And listening to Marilyn Waring on Morning Report with Kim Hill, she very clearly expresses her anger and explains her current investigation into legal action possibilities via Human Rights Act. I took it to suggest Marilyn might lay a complaint herself? Now .. that would be worth a truckload of popcorn. Cherchez la femme … et ecoutez !

    Keep safe, Amanda, and thank you … hope a crowdsource funder is established really fast for you.

  34. tracey 34

    “After the young woman contacted me aggrieved about the way she had been treated, I called the NZ Herald at 11.08pm and spoke to their editor Shayne Currie. I told Shane that there was a dispute by the woman and that she had been told Rachel was a PR advisor who was helping protect the reputation of her employers and that she withdrew her permission for the photos to be used or her comments.

    If you are reading this and the NZ Herald has printed their exclusive interview, they did so knowing that the woman in question had removed her consent after feeling deceived.
    – See more at: http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2015/04/23/update-the-prime-minister-and-the-waitress-part-2-dirty-politics/#sthash.71CXXIDk.dpuf

    So there is, so far, the evidence offered from:

    The waitress
    Bomber’s phone call to the Editor of the Herald in time to withdraw the story, at least from online or add the waitresses reasons for wanting to revoke

    awaiting evidence:

    Owners – they are in an interesting position. They cannot admit to being part of any duplicity because that will open them up to major legal liability (potentially) from their employee…
    Statement or Affidavit please
    Herald – Glucina Afidavit please (no confidential sources to hide behind cos they are all out in the open thanks to her.

    • freedom 34.1

      the owners seem to have little chance of claiming innocence if they presented Glucina as ‘a friend who works in PR’

      • tracey 34.1.1

        Yeah but it seems Glucina has a history of fucking over “friends”. Not excusing the owners, they were trying to cover their arses and business at the expense of a young woman.

  35. tracey 35

    “A statement clarifying that I took issue with John’s behaviour, and that only, and not with them as my employers; that I had no intention of claiming any negligence on their part….” Waitress account of reason for meeting with owners yesterday…

    They were worried about legal liability. Fine. Did they tell her to seek legal advice? To bring a lawyer? Was the meeting recorded? And, YES, it does matter. They were seeking damage control for their business and themselves and looking out for their legal position, but what about hers? “Informal” almost always means someone is being taken advantage of, in my past experience in employment law.

    Gordon Campbell asks, quite rightly in my view, “And talking of people with responsibility and who should better …where has been the response from (a) the Minister of Women’s Affairs and (b) the Minister of Labour ?”

    • rawshark-yeshe 35.1

      So — is Amanda Bailey the only person who can lay a complaint with the Press Council on the relevant issues?

      • tracey 35.1.1

        Well, she is the only one with any proof or evidence, isn’t she? Bomber has his call to the herald as “proof” of their failure to retract when advised BUT that might not be a transgression? You know, having second thoughts is often too late in the world of journalism? Bomber could do it, with her permission (see below)

        “Other requirements

        Where the circumstances suggest that the complainant may have a legally actionable issue, the complainant will be required to provide a written undertaking not to take or continue proceedings against the publication or journalist concerned.

        The Council may consider a third party complaint (i.e. from a person who is not personally aggrieved) However, it reserves the right to require the complainant to first seek written consent from the individual who is the subject of the article complained of.

        Publications, websites and blogs must not give undue publicity to a complaint until it has been resolved or adjudicated. However, the fact a complaint has been made can be reported.

        Editors are to publish, in each issue of the publication, the Council’s complaints process. This should be by way of a brief at either the foot of a news briefs column, or on the editorial or letters page; on the contacts page for websites and blogs and on the imprint page for magazines.”

  36. ianmac 36

    The plot thickens!
    Shayne Currie, Editor of NZ Herald has released a statement on how the story was reported:

    “Rachel Glucina approached the Hip Group yesterday to seek comment from them and the waitress for a NZ Herald story. She knows the couple personally, and has dealt with them before for at least one Herald article.

    Glucina says at no stage did she misrepresent herself or mislead anybody – she did urge the couple to front-foot the issue, and speak to her.

    She spoke to the couple and the waitress over the telephone. They agreed to pose for a photograph and a Herald photographer was dispatched. They were told by the photographer that the photo would be appearing in the Herald.

    Herald editor Shayne Currie said he spoke to the owners of the Hip Group late yesterday afternoon following a call from a PR firm that had already been helping them.

    “When I spoke to the owners, they told me they had initially thought Rachel was working on a statement to go to all media, along with the photograph.

    “Given the situation, I wanted to ensure they were satisfied with the quotes they had given Rachel and took the rare step of agreeing she should run the quotes past the parties before publication. No objections were raised.

    “By early evening I was assured that no one was in doubt that the article, quotes and photograph were appearing in the Herald.”

    – NZ Herald

  37. ianmac 37

    “My 12-year old daughter watched the TV news last night and exclaimed ‘that’s what the Prime Minister did at Te Papa to my two friends”.
    See No Right Turn just now.

    • rawshark-yeshe 37.1

      wow. this is going to be ugly.

    • vto 37.2

      John Key is a serial offender.

      Someone said John Key pulled David Beckham’s ponytail when he was here too… just before calling him “a bit thick”

      There is no way on earth that John Key can remain PM.

      No way.

      Key cannot remain in office.

      Get him out.

      He is not fit for PM (as we all knew anyway)




      • rawshark-yeshe 37.2.1

        vto … I read that about Key and Beckham on the Guardian last night and posted it on TS .. but photos posted by Murray Rawshark show Beckham had very short hair when he was here, and I am aware of only one visit he made to NZ. Maybe it happened elsewhere, but in the meantime we best leave it out .. there are many proven instances already and so far we are unable to verify about Beckham.

        Other than that, I agree 100%

        • vto

          okey dokey

          the entire situation should be leaving me absolutely astounded and gobsmacked…..

          …. but it doesn’t because all this does is confirm what has been seen in John Key for years

      • linda 37.2.2

        what the fuck serial pervert with minors

  38. rawshark-yeshe 38




    • Colonial Rawshark 38.1

      yeah it’s going down the tubes now. By the weekend we’re going to have another half dozen confirmed reports.

    • Puckish Rogue 38.2

      I have no issue with a complaint being laid but by this guy doing this it’ll just muddy the water even more

  39. Sable 39

    Papers like the Herald are the reason I no longer take any notice of the MSM in NZ.

  40. Kevin 40

    I always wondered what happened to this little trophy…


    I’m picking it went straight to John’s pool room.

  41. Puckish Rogue 41


    Wonder if shes embarrased about where she works? 🙂

  42. tracey 42

    “Backbench MP Aaron Gilmore lost his job for abusing a waiter, and Former CERA chief Roger Sutton lost his job for behaving in a way that women in his office found offensive. The Prime Minister of New Zealand should be held to a higher standard than either of them, the problem is he’s only answerable to himself,” Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

    “The National caucus should consider the criteria John Key set for dealing with misconduct by other MPs and public servants when it considers what action to take in relation to his harassment of this woman.

    “The caucus needs to consider the serious implications of the Prime Minister acting in such a way that he could trigger a police complaint, a Human Rights Commission complaint and an employment dispute.

    “John Key has publicly stated that hospitality staff should be treated with respect when he came down hard Gilmore for abusing a waiter. Arguably, John Key’s repeated harassment of the Auckland waitress is even worse than Gilmore’s one-off drunken rant.

    “Workers and women need the Prime Minister to lead by example. They need their Prime Minister to show more respect for them than ordinary New Zealanders do, not less, Ms Turei said.

  43. arkie 43

    Brent Edwards ✔@rnzgallerybrent
    @nzherald have confirmed a breach of journalistic standards in #ponytailgate What will it do next?

    Anyone have a link for this?

  44. JanMeyer 44

    Good to see Andrew Little staying above the fray and simply referring (correctly) to the behaviour as “unbecoming of a Prime Minister”. Enough said. He knows that the hysteria building among many of the more excitable commentators with their references to “sexual harrassment” and “bullying” and “complaints to the Human Rights Commission” etc, won’t resonate with the voting public and certainly not the voters he needs to extract from National’s clutches to get closer to the 40% Labour will need to capture the Treasury benches in 2017.

    • Tracey 44.1

      Yes, a PM charged with sexual harassment or assault is not something he can make go away… unless he settles it big-time with the waitress.. and that may be a double-edged sword for him.

      We also need some clarification on the role of his bodyguard detail. IF they do not have any power to intervene on behalf of a citizen who is being assaulted, then the public need to know so no aspersions are cast on them.

  45. freedom 45

    When will the MSM realise some people pay attention to details, even if they won’t.

  46. ianmac 46

    In the TV1 online video explaining Amanda’s version re the Herald tricky interview, there is a point near the end showing briefly Key apparently in the street fingering another little girl’s hair. Not a ponytail but braids. Very brief at 2:15.

    • Tracey 46.1

      Yes. That’s kinda my point too ianmac, he doesn’t playfully tug pony tails, he caresses or fondles them…

  47. Tracey 47

    More excuse-making. Please note: to all Herald journalists, he is nOT pulling the girls hair, he fondles it… a bit different and easily distinguished from a tug.


    • Kiwiri 47.1

      Kreepy will go down in political history as the, very literally, ‘touchy feely’ Prime Minister !

  48. Not Arandar 48

    [lprent: someone hijacking a email address. Adding to permanent bans. By the look of it some kind of arsehole from Lauda Finem astroturfing a post]

    • Murray Rawshark 48.1

      The GCSB will have looked through them by now, under instructions from Crosby Textor.

  49. prosaic 49

    My friend Charlotte was so angry about the PM’s behaviour she wrote a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHBJ-5h0KV4

  50. weka 50

    Anyone else noticed the people running the line that this is about how what Key did was offend Bailey, and the apology is for causing offense?

    • felix 50.1

      Haven’t noticed, but not surprised.

      Also noticed a few along the lines of ‘she’s only complaining because she’s some kind of leftie.’

      Cos, you know, it’s totes ok to molest lefties.

      • weka 50.1.1

        I think the woman who was on Morning Report with Waring was talking about offence. A few others in similar positions (PR/Media types).

  51. Murray Rawshark 51

    The owners of the Tory trough are in my opinion fairly obviously not interested in providing a safe working environment. They knew FJK was fondling at least one of their staff, and do not appear to have done anything about it. I have known brothel owners who wouldn’t allow this sort of stuff and if they did, they’d end up with no staff.

    My lay view is that they should be prosecuted under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

  52. emergency mike 52

    From Amanda Bailey’s second statement:

    “I questioned my employers over her name and they admitted that, yes, she works for the New Zealand Herald, but she was doing this as a favour for them for their personal use and not in her capacity as a journalist. I asked how well they knew her, if they trusted her, and they claimed they were confident in their judgement of her character,…”

    “Rachel’s story changed. RAPIDLY…. She was absolutely acting in her capacity as a journalist for the New Zealand Herald and claimed that my employers had known all along, which they denied.”

    To my mind her employers, who already have their names and photos in The Herald, should show a fraction of Amanda’s guts and stand by their employee, who trusted them in good faith over this, by publicly backing her claim that they were all deceived by Rachel Glucina.

    Failure to do so absolutely implies that they were complicit in the deception, and that for them this was purely a butt covering exercise at Amanda Bailey’s expense.

    • marty mars 52.1

      my understanding is that they were friends with her so they absolutely knew what she did and what she does – any attempt to distance themselves is self-serving imo – probably to stop any potential ‘runs’ for their business or future employment court cases.

      • Murray Rawshark 52.1.1

        What they seem to be doing is just showing how many foot soldiers there are in the NAct DP army. Every business owner or executive who went to King’s College or Auckland Grammar is a likely member, then Whanganui Collegiate and so on. These people are a sickness upon our land.

  53. whateva next? 53

    Usual Nat tactic, create chaos around the facts and distract, business as usual.

  54. Key Finds Locks Irresistible

    A kiwi prime minister called Key
    Tugged a waitress’s ponytail repeatedly
    He claimed it was just horseplay
    Not tricophilia or foreplay
    But it seems quite kinky to me.

    PS I’m the author of “The Fetish Collection”, an anthology of short stories featuring a range of paraphilias.

    • Murray Rawshark 54.1

      The kink community are very rigorous about not forcing their fetishes on people who don’t ask for them. I see nothing wrong with kinky behaviour, but Key is just creepy.

      Nice poem, btw.

  55. linda 55

    remember keys daughter did a photo shoot in the buff and called it art a whole family of bloody weirdos

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    1 week ago
  • Pre-Budget speech to Auckland Business Chamber
    Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Kia ora and good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much for having me here in the lead up to my Government’s first Budget. Before I get started can I acknowledge: Simon Bridges – Auckland Business Chamber CEO. Steve Jurkovich – Kiwibank CEO. Kids born ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Zealand and Vanuatu to deepen collaboration
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  • Penk travels to Peru for trade meetings
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