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National and Act getting ready to sell our assets. Don McGlashan, joining Phil Twyfords ‘Not Yours To Sell’ campaign, says ‘I don’t think so’.

Incidentally, Phil’s campaign is hosted on issues.co.nz, a new website for groups of all political websites to run campaigns on. SAFE, the SPCA, and the Pork Industry Board all have campaigns on the swine crate issue, for example.

It’s quite a cool concept, being able to go to one site and see views from different organisations on different sides of various debates

8 comments on “I don’t think so”

  1. Jared 1

    Baseless scaremongering on emotional issues like alleging National and Act are going to start their reign of privatisation isnt the “different side of the debate”, its straight out lies, and I have already called Phil out on this, he agreed
    “02:41 PM, Monday 13 July, 2009 by Phil Twyford

    Jared – Fair enough, the super city doesnt necessarily mean a fire sale of assets.”

    And goes on to justify his reasoning that because Rodney Hide favours privatisation that the Supercity is just a wolf in sheeps clothing. Its not. As National have promised, they will not be privatising assets without the consent of the voting public. That is, if their policy changes to privatising some assets, they will campaign on it at the election.

    • DeeDub 1.1

      Yep, just like a certain Herr Schicklgruber ‘took it to the people’ after assuming power in January 1933. In a media-managed election circus after a cynical 3 years of softening up of public opinion with the right spin you can dress just about anything up as democratic…

      • Jared 1.1.1

        At least say his real name, you aren’t talking about Voldermort, you are talking about quite possibly the most hateful mass murderer who ever lived. Slight difference from someone trying to initiate increased efficiencies in our largest city by consolidating for instance, the numerous water companies in Auckland into one unit.

    • Armchair Critic 1.2

      The law used to allow water networks to be owned and managed either within council or by limited liability companies. Rodney District, Waitakere City, North Shore City and Franklin District all chose to retain the ownership and management within council.
      The new law compels the ratepayers to have these assets owned and managed by a limited liability company. While this does not constitute privatisation, it is a step toward it.
      Also, ratepayers no longer have a choice, returning the ownership and management of the water networks to full council control will require a law change.
      I am not inclined to believe that National or ACT feel obliged to fulfill their election promises, either. I remember being promised tax cuts upwards of $50/week, JK personally guaranteed them.

  2. ALIX 2

    GO TO-

    Government have stalled my emails. Check tonight before the email address closes.
    Download information- Do not publish any information.
    But beware of the MEAnz cover-up.

  3. outofbed 3

    wrong thread

  4. Corporate raider 4

    Wow, I am salivating at the cash flow/profit making potential that exists in library!!!

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