Interview the Leaders VIII: NZ First

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We’ve chosen the questions for John Key in the seventh installment of our “Interview the Leaders” series.
The first question remains the same, as for all leaders:

Of which of your achievements in politics are you most proud?

For the others we’ve gone with Darryl’s question:

Under the last National government most people’s wages fell and the gap with Australia increased by 50%. Under Labour wage growth has been strong and the gap with Australia has remained static. How can National therefore claim any credibility to campaign on the wage gap?

And this from Nicholas O’Kane:

Can you give one issue, where you hold a view that is unpopular with the New Zealand public, that you are not willing to compromise your position on, even if the refusal to compromise on that position may cost you many votes in the election?

While we await his responses this is your chance to get in a question for Winston Peters in what will be the final interview of this series. Make your suggestions in the comments. Tough but fair.

8 comments on “Interview the Leaders VIII: NZ First”

  1. Last election you stated you would go with the bigger party. The result of this announcement was to help drive voters toward National and Labour to the detriment of smaller parties. Do you think this was a tactical error and will you be announcing a coalition policy this year?

  2. Daveo 2

    As a former National cabinet minister how do you think the party has changed since you were there?

  3. AndrewE 3

    How are those baubles hanging?

  4. Sam Dixon 4

    Could New Zealand First survive without you?

    captcha: ‘ones phate’ – yes, one should never try to avoid ones phate. You can’t phight phate.

  5. higherstandard 5

    1 . You have now held several different positions in various governments do you have a preferred portfolio and what is the reason for your preference.

    2. You’ve been in politics for many years, which Prime Minister during your time do you most respect (why) which Prime Minster do you believe was the worst (why)

  6. r0b 6

    (1) Before the 2005 election in a press release ( ACT leader Rodney Hide said: “Yet again Winston Peters is attacking ethnic minorities in the run-up to the election. He’s using his position of power to attack the most vulnerable New Zealanders. That’s Winston Peters, the racist demagogue. He divides New Zealand, incites racial violence, and breeds intolerance and hate. […] Winston Peters is causing distress here at home. His bigoted and hate-filled politics is damaging New Zealand’s reputation overseas’. Many New Zealanders I know share Hide’s views on this matter. How do you respond to these New Zealanders?

    (2) Your strategy in recent elections has been to promise to enter talks about forming a government with the party winning the majority of the vote first. If NZ First is just a “clip on” to any major party, why should people vote for it? Why not just vote for the major party that they want?

    (3) It is becoming more and more obvious that the Green Party has been right all along on many of its environmental positions and warnings. The whole planet needs to seriously and urgently address environmental issues. Why then do you rule out supporting a government that includes the Greens? Are the issues that divide you more important than the health of the environment?

    (4) Who’s your tailor?

  7. Rodel 7

    To Mr Peters
    To what extent do you enjoy taking the urine out of incompetent journalists, do you believe as I do that journalist in NZ are intellectually 3rd rate and how can NZ we raise the standards?

  8. Robin Grieve 8

    When are you going to pay back my tax money you illegally used at the last election and why when you received the stolen emails of Don Brash did you not do what an honest person would do and call the police.

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