Jacinda Ardern on the Late Show

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43 comments on “Jacinda Ardern on the Late Show”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    Nothing else to say other than she was very, very good.

  2. Robert Guyton 2

    Coached by Clarke, I’d say and well coached. Smooth as silk.

  3. Cinny 3

    She does us proud on the world stage. Well done Jacinda 🙂

  4. Reality 4

    She’s shone like a beacon. Very very proud.

  5. Jimmy 5

    She comes across very well to any audience

  6. Chris T 6

    She did well.

  7. Ngungukai 7

    Came across well IMHO

  8. Kevin 8

    Breath of fresh air.

  9. the other pat 9

    bloody brilliant and lets hope that KINDNESS gets some permanent traction!!

  10. Michelle 10

    Too may people underestimate Jacinda she is a very bright articulate young women and she is still learning the ropes. Give her a bit more time and she will be formidable the fact she is able to communicate well is a bonus as many world leaders lack this skill and it is a very important skill often under valued.

  11. JohnSelway 11

    Meh – it was pretty shallow really. Would have liked to heard a little more substance

    • Michelle 11.1

      john it sounds like you are talking about soimon and you saying our PM speech was pretty shallow sounds like tall poppy syndrome (and the glass ceiling)

      • JohnSelway 11.1.1

        Ah, no.

        I thought her UN speech was great but the Late Show appearance was shallow because it didn’t really touch on anything of any real importance.

        Its not Ardern’s fault – she just wasn’t asked anything of real interest which I found disappointing and lacking any real substance.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Is the Late Show really about touching on anything of importance?

        • McFlock

          It was the Late Show, not Hard Talk. It’s supposed to be light.

          I was surprised they even talked about tarriffs.

          • JohnSelway

            Yeah I know but nonetheless I have seen late night shows ask specifics.

            I guess I like seeing world leaders treated with a little more gravitas than a movie star.

            But that’s just me

            • McFlock

              Things like the Daily Show, John Oliver, etc? Yeah.

              The Late Show and Tonight Show and so on are just light entertainment. Ardern went on and managed to plug hobbits, direct flights, and make like we’re all nice and welcoming and chatty. Probably booked by Tourism NZ, like dunnokeyo’s awkward top ten list.

              • JohnSelway

                Yeah John Oliver and Daily Show are much more my speed (though I still can’t quite decide if I like Tervor Noah or not. He did have big shoes to fill however).

                Gawd, that Top Ten with Key was cringe worthy…

            • Robert Guyton

              Americans anyway, probably sign more gravitas to movie stars than they do politicians…

    • veutoviper 11.2

      Watch her biggest speech of the trip – her 22 min speech to the UN General Assembly this morning NZ time which covered plenty of really meaty substance – and received considerable applause at the end.

      This official UN recording is just up, and is just one recording of it – plenty more around.

      • Bewildered 11.2.1

        Shame every one who was anyone had gone home and left the floor to the nobodies and who cares brigade . Looked empty, suggest way more interest at the senate hearing

      • Chuck 11.2.2

        Delivered her speech well, even if it was one big virtue signalling exercise.

        It was also the ideal time for Ardern to check out her office suite at the UN, once she retires or is fired from her current gig.

        Back to reality for Jacinda when the plane touches down in NZ.

        • AB

          “Back to reality for Jacinda when the plane touches down in NZ”

          Yep – back to Chuckland where the twisted little piggies will squeal if anybody dares to threaten their economic domination of non-piggies. Rather than signalling virtue, the little piggies will evidence vice – constantly.

  12. Cinny 12

    Current stat’s for the above clip….


    #1 trending on the youtube

    as of 11:28am 28th Sept 2018

    That’s our PM 🙂

  13. Bewildered 14

    Like Key on letterman i found it cringy and cheesy, makes out we are Hicks

  14. You are bewildered. Key paid to appear. PM Ardern was invited to take part.

  15. Cinny 16

    Over 1 million views now 🙂

  16. Timeforacupoftea 17

    Meanwhile on the Shakey Iles Poverty reins as Taxcinda turns on the screws of excessive tax’s and fails to meet teachers wage demands.
    She Turns off oil drilling which will increase importation cost of fuel.
    Its all down hill from here on in.

    The bright spot is free electric cars to all as xmas presents, which in time will cause the burning of coal to produce electric power the same as it is done in China.

    • Katipo 17.1

      Even an electric vehicle charged by a dirty coal power station produces less emmissions than an equivalent fossil fueled vehicle, and the cleaner the grid becomes the cleaner the eletric car fleet becomes.

  17. Cinny 18

    The clip has almost cracked 1.5 million views now

    Still the #1 trending clip on youtube 🙂

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