John’s lying eyes

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All it takes is Youtube, some video editing software, and imagination to make great vids, as this video we have just been sent from ‘johnnyfivestrive’ shows:

18 comments on “John’s lying eyes”

  1. Tim Ellis 1

    SP, I note you said this this morning:

    Can we get on to discussing how to raise wages, whether we should break up ACC, and how to protect our environment now? Hide will miss the attention, but I suspect Kiwis will welcome coverage of issues that affect their lives instead of the latest gossip about who knew what when regarding some legal donations.

    Since you guys have repeated the same statements nine times since you wrote that plea to deal with the real issues, SP, and you haven’t yet got around to covering John Key’s press conference this morning where he explained himself and apologised, I do wonder just how sincere you were in your request to discuss the real issues.

    [we’re individuals writing in a collective, everyone can have their say and it’s up to each writer how much they want to write about any topic. This is my second post on Key’s lies on shares, and it’s just linking to a youtube vid. SP]

  2. randal 2

    its all a question of mind over matter. we dont mind and keys dont matter. last night on teev his tongue was flickering like a lizard…sorta borught back that old song by the Doors..” HIs Brain is Squirming Like a Toad”.

  3. I do wonder just how sincere you were in your request to discuss the real issues.

    Tim you c*cksucker – you don’t wonder anything. What you are trying to do is feign polite surprise in an attempt to misdirect teh tread without being held to account for it.

    Ironically JK was trying the same tactic at the press conference you mention (although, unlike y’self I didn’t see it in person) when he classically misdirected by claiming to come clean about the mistake in declaring interest while ignoring the real issue of the conflict of interest during the meeting with rail america and on the select committee…

    [Tane: Sod, again with the personal abuse. Final warning.]

    [lprent: Bloody hell I so want to ban his arse….]

  4. Scribe 4

    Enjoy your time off, Robinsod. We’ll miss you.

  5. Tim Ellis 5

    Robinsod there’s no need for that language and personal abuse. You know you can engage in people civilly. I know you can because we’ve engaged in civil debate before.

    I understand that Labour Party supporters got sick and tired of seeing Winston Peters stories in the media all of the time. It’s understandable. Every day there were new revelations and Winston Peters blustered and thrashed around and did anything but answer the questions.

    Chris Trotter appears to compliment John Key for confronting the issue head-on, giving a plausible explanation, and apologising for misleading. That seems to have killed the story in its tracks. As Trotter says, this is exactly the approach that Winston Peters should have used.

    I’ve said elsewhere that John Key handled the Fran Mold question shabbily. Since then he’s fronted up and dealt with it. Labour Party supporters are hoping that the story has legs, but I don’t think it does. You can hold me to saying this: in two days’ time, I don’t think this story will dominate the headlines at all.

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out to SP that he was asking for a debate of the real issues just this morning. Given the subsequent posts at the Standard, I don’t think that plea has very much sincerity.

    [lprent: The joys of a multi-poster blog. They don’t (and probably shouldn’t) agree with each other. Looks like Tane, Dancer and Irish would prefer to run with the story. ]

  6. Scribe 6

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out to SP that he was asking for a debate of the real issues just this morning. Given the subsequent posts at the Standard, I don’t think that plea has very much sincerity.

    Tim, I think the point is that it’s hard to criticise people who aren’t Steve for not living up to Steve’s pledge. Criticising him for two posts not up to that pledge is justified and in bounds, IMHO.

  7. Dancer 7

    I just heard Key on Checkpoint being pursued by Mary Wilson – it’s Key who’s keeping this story alive with his inablity to explain himself clearly and answer the questions he’s getting asked.

  8. r0b 8

    Interesting to see how badly Key is condemned out of his own mouth on this issue.

    He knew his vested interests should have been declared.

    He has made plenty of sanctimonious claims about honesty and high standards. It’s all pretty outrageously hypocritical

    And his own words make the task of holding him to account that much easier. John Key, this is the Google effect. I’m guessing that it won’t be the last time either.

  9. Tane 9

    Man, that Checkpoint interview was brutal. From the interview I take it John’s new line is ‘technical’, as in ‘oh it was just a technical breach, nothing serious’. Mary wasn’t buying it.

    Also, I thought it was very poor form from John to try and blame his researchers for his repeated failure to disclose his conflict of interest.

  10. randal 10

    robinsod…dont blow ya cool man…

  11. randal 11

    tane his new song is….oh oh oh yes I’m the great dissembler. to the tune of; oh oh yes there’s a secret agenda. with apologies to the “Platters” and oh yes I’m the Great Pretender

  12. toad 12

    randal said: ..’HIs Brain is Squirming Like a Toad’.

    randal, you should have posted some more of the lyrics:

    Take a long holiday
    Let your children play
    If ya give this man a ride
    Sweet memory will die
    Killer on the road…

    Like a dog without a bone
    An actor out alone…

    Apart form the fact that we toads don’t actually squirm. At least not about this, I’m quite enjoying it.

  13. toad 13

    Tane said: ‘oh it was just a technical breach, nothing serious’

    Yeah, like the “technical” statement: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

    The real issue is Key’s lying about it, not what he actually did, which as the righties keep pointing out, was not particularly significant. The fact that he felt he had to lie about it is.

  14. Quoth the Raven 14

    Robinsod there’s no need for that language…

    What’s wrong with the english language for fuck sake.

  15. randal 15

    quoth…it is not wise to question a mans choice of words. being offended is a sign of immaturity, infantilisation and an unwillingness to face reality on reality’s terms. I have the feeling that sod was not in the mood for being NICE to some little crrepy crawly provocateur from the ranks of the squibber party. Investigation of manners shows that their chief value is distinguishing us from the others and then making a value judgment on the basis of a captured majority. somehting like the majority mob that mirk shrewsbrewery organises every night for his vox populi. am I making myself clear or should I go on?

  16. Danny 16

    What were Key’s thoughts when he sought that information? They were certainly not: “I need to know if X or Y is the case, because doing X is bad/good for the country and I need to hold the Minister to account”.

    It was more likely: “I need to know if X or Y is the case because if its X there’s a buck to be made, and if its Y I’m selling out”

  17. Ianmac 17

    John Campbell on TV 3 interviewed John Key tonight and started to hold him to account. Then John smiled and said he had made a mistake and that meant everything was OK. Campbell then let him give a sort of election address. Funny how the questions that are hard to answer, are not followed up– unless you are Winston Peters of course.

  18. DSC 08 18

    This false private money system promotes stupidity and ambition. People will give up on m.m.p. soon ( which the Democrats for Social Credit intiated when 21% of vote, as well as nuke free before media blackout).
    Nice Free Trade Deal with America, NZ Labour Party, enjoy the increasing dysfunction in NZ society to come….or more accurately our place in the budding Global Pacific section of peasantry to world govt.

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