John Key on honesty

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At the height of the Peters affair when John Key was trying to make political capital out of the PM’s statement that she had known about the Glenn donation to NZ First since February, Paul Henry asked Key about his own honesty. Here’s the exchange:

Henry: Do you promise you will never do that if you become the Prime Minister?

Key: I do promise I’ll never do that.

Henry: You promise you will always be honest?

Key: Yeah

Henry: And if a journalist forgets to ask you a particular question you will answer it anyway?

Key: Well I’ll do my best.

I guess he’s only as good as his word.

[Hat tip: Tracey from Balmoral]

28 comments on “John Key on honesty”

  1. East Wellington Superhero 1

    You guys are pathetic. You have no honour and your tactics bring shame on all those who have worked hard and sacrificed for the NZ Labour Party in the past. My great-grandfather was a founder of Labour in NZ on the West Coast and he would be embarrased and ashamed of your actions.

  2. Daveo 2

    Get off your high horse young fella. If old pop was anything like the coal miners I knew back in the day he’s probably more embarrassed and ashamed that his great grandson’s turned scab and thrown his lot in with the bosses’ party.

    You shouldn’t worry so much anyway kid. The way I hear it you’re due for promotion if John Key gets rolled.

  3. Monty 3

    I was listening to talkback radio today – and overwhelmingly the callers were pro-Key – much beat-up about nothing. Key does acknowledge he could have handled this better – and that will be the end of the story. What is evident is that Labour needed a massive diversion, but it appears that this has not worked.

    Today John has released much evidence proving that he never personally held the shares.

    For a more objective review I suggest you all read this and another post David did on the additional information provided by our next Prime Minister.

    I do get the feelling that the public are so over Labour and their lies and deceit (and support of the Corrupt Winnie the Poodle) that John Key will be swept to victory in a massive landslide come 8 November.

  4. Felix 4


    Talkback sez so!!!

  5. randal 5

    ews should speak for himself and not for his dead grandfather. if his claim is true I bet that if his grandfather really was on the west coast at some time then he would be having a jolly good laugh with the devil himself at the moment, both at keys preidcament and his prissy little grandson.

  6. andretti 6

    My 75 year old father has voted labour ALL his life and guess what,he thinks Mr key is great.go figure

  7. andretti 7

    My 75 year old father has voted red ALL his like but now thinks Mr Key is grwat.Go figure?.

  8. toad 8

    andretti – maybe he’s in early onset Alzheimers. Perhaps you should suggest a medical checkup.

    He should be voting Green if he’s unhappy with Labour.

  9. Speaking of honesty, can someone spill the beans on how big the price on winstons head was? even just a hint, 5 figures or 6?

  10. randal 10

    back on topic…keys on teevee right now and he is being “QUITE” honest. how different is that from being quite dishonest? Now he is being germane… defintion= dissembling, disingenuous, prevaricating
    and telling a whol elot of bullshine!

  11. Quite honest, and if really blows up he will be really honest.

    Really fits that cartoon posted earlier, I must say!

  12. vto 12

    Gotta say, I think this will all backfire on Labour perhaps in a similar way to how Peters’ perjury appears to have backfired on his detractors.

    Will watch with close interest how this develops and whether Key has in fact acted in a manner unbecoming of a PM..

    But dead as a dodo is labour and its stooles… and running out of time.

  13. the sprout 13

    hmm, i wonder how convinced by polls the Nats will be when the effects of this start to get traction on Key’s ratings?

    do you think the Nats have clicked to the idea yet that when Helen said this election would be fought on ‘trust’, she just might have had a very suitable arsenal ready when she decided the terms of battle?

    this won’t have that much affect on voters, although it will on journalists. but the next revelation about Key’s ‘honesty’, and the next, and the next – they’ll have an affect, like water dripping on a very soft stone.

  14. vto 14

    mr sprout that could well be correct, in a soapish sort of way. But to most people they way the news appears at the moment is simply politicians all having a merry old ding dong and who knows and who cares who’s right. Except Winston – he’s doomed. I’ll bet 2c on it.

  15. vto 15

    The public remember Winston.

    And they remember fraudulent paintings and speeding motorcades.

    And bitter Cullen

  16. “And they remember fraudulent paintings and speeding motorcades.”

    Not outside of talkback and kiwiblog, i honestly have heard someone mention either of those all year.

  17. outofbed 17

    So Helen Clarke held up the article in The Nelson Evening Mail in Parliament today as an example of Nationals gutter politics.
    Which is true but you know the really annoying thing about last Friday evening ?
    The Greens also had an campaign launch in Nelson that night.
    It was well attended Speakers included Craig Potton Russel Norman Kevyn Hague (West Coast and candidate no7 on the GP List) and our own Nelson Candidate Diana Mellor.
    No Misogyny No smut, just another positive principled Green Party meeting outlining our vision and policies

    The Nelson Mail couldn’t be arsed to send a reporter to our launch.

  18. the sprout 18

    that may be vto, but floating voters decide an election and they are both stupid and amnesic. on Nov 8 they will remember the myre of shit Key has landed himself in.

  19. outofbed 19

    I’m in moderation which is unusual

    [lprent: the spam engine is getting fussy about naked links]

  20. vto 20

    ok then, you’re on. 2c says I’m right.

    Maybe it’s he climes I inhabit. I just do not see any warmth towards Clark. I see appreciation of the left ideologies (but not the way they have been pushed onto people) but not of Clark. (climes include cold winters and no money)

  21. aknut 21

    Andretti – “My 75 year old father has voted red ALL his like but now thinks Mr Key is grwat.Go figure?.”

    I think your grandfather would be appaled at your spelling – here let me help you out, change “grwat” for “twat”.

  22. Rose 22

    how can you still be supporting Labour when they have ignored democratic process and the findings of the privileges committee (which should be binding) just because it suits them? this arrogance is incredible,,Its disgusting! open your eyes…… im no Nat supporter but this is just wrong and undemocratic

  23. the sprout 23

    ok vto. i’m gonna have to sell my TranzRail shares to do it but i’ll see your 2c and raise you 3. that makes 5c says NZF will make 5%.

  24. Felix 24

    Youse are gonna have to round that wager up to 10 cents if you want to be able to settle it in cash.

  25. gobsmacked 25

    Well, I am appalled and disgusted by this appalling and disgusting government and I am so appalled and disgusted I’ve had enough, I’m going to emigrate and I will go anywhere – anywhere at all – to escape from this appalling and disgusting KORRUPTION by KLARK and her appalling and disgusting government.

    Fortunately, I see that today Transparency International has released its latest annual survey of corruption around the world. So let’s have a look, and choose a destination, there are 180 countries in the survey, so I think I’ll go and live in the one officially named as the least corrupt nation on earth. I wonder which one it is? Anywhere but here, just tell me which one it is, I’m leaving today for …

    Oh. Right.

    It’s New Zealand.


  26. gobsmacked 26

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Great. I demolish every ranting rightie with one simple fact, and this is my reward.


    G’night, and PLEASE sort out this moderation nonsense before the election campaign. You are seriously pi55ing off people on your own side. We do NOT have time to sit around waiting for this. That’s the best way to lose supporters.

  27. gobsmacked,


  28. slightlyrighty 28


    Twice, A reporter has asked potentially damaging questions from Key about Lord Ashcroft and Tranzrail Shareholdings.

    How long did it take for the truth to come out in each case? ABOUT 10 SECONDS.

    How long did it take for Winston to come clean about the Owen Glenn Saga? How long did it take for Helen to come out with the truth about the speeding motorcade, or the painting, of labours involvement with the Owen Glenn Donation to NZ First.

    Oh Yeah, we’re still waiting.

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