Jon Stewart on Fox News on the poor

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18 comments on “Jon Stewart on Fox News on the poor”

  1. Pat 1

    so when will Fox headhunt Hosking?….looks like his natural home.

  2. locus 2

    if you’re out of work for whatever reason, the Fox freaks would have you go sell your fridge and microwave before deserving the right to food stamps…. cos why on earth would you want to refrigerate or cook anything ay?

    but if you’re on food stamps then whatever you do you’re still leeching and sponging….

    so thoroughly despicable, illogical and charmlessly republican.

    thankyou jon stewart for mocking these self-styled Atlases who uphold the moral fabric of our randist world

  3. Charles 3

    “so thoroughly despicable, illogical and charmlessly republican.”

    That’s the thing though, it doesn’t start that way, which is a lesson we can all learn from them.

    Traditional American Republicanism was, minus the incovenient and unavoidable genocide and war, a good idea, but also a very small-minded, myopic one. It was admirable, hopeful, logical, and charming in theory. The rule of law, the interconnected communities, the equality of all men, the aspiration and freedom of association, no-to-low taxes, sounds great who doesn’t want that? The problem was that it was a reaction to environments in Europe, taken and superimposed onto an unsuspecting indigenous nation, during a time of expanding Empires. Totally the wrong time to do it, but people impatiently want and need their hope, even if it comes at the cost of reality.
    It’s a bit like how aspiring types here want to go live at the Whitsunday’s – if they just believe that everything they think they know is true, then it’ll all work out fine. Life doesn’t work that way. The place they’re going to has, or had, an extensive history and culture of it’s own. In order for them to construct their utopia, they have to ignore or destroy the indigenous culture. Colonialism begins all over again.

    Traditional Republicanism, while the theoretical values are attractive, cannot survive without a massive dose of cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance, even more so in today’s world where it manifests as a domestic class war, overseas-war-as-economic-policy and a growing police state. Unfortunately, the style of thinking is not reserved to the Right.

    • just saying 3.1

      Unfortunately, the style of thinking is not reserved to the Right.

      Poor-hating has a subtler, microaggressive form where it has taken root in the liberal middle class of NZ.
      Unfortunately, a lot of these people have real influence.

      Very difficult to respond to,

  4. vto 4

    The ugly of humanity

  5. Brian 5

    The constant bombardment by the media promoting this attidtude sickens me.

  6. RedLogix 6

    There is a moment there when Stuart – almost as an aside – speaks from the heart. It’s when he says that he can longer tell whether “these contradictions the result of a lack of self-awareness, cynicism or evil? I don’t know anymore …”

    That is a powerful line that resonates with me.

  7. Neil 7

    This is exactly how Key, the national party & their supporters, think of & treat those who are less fortunate in life.

  8. Reddelusion 8

    I like Stewart he is a funny guy, fox is easy to parody but to argue there no truth in the sense of entitlement argument, the poverty industry, self responsibility, statistical poverty, the danger of welfarism is also a crock and worthy of humour

    • felix 8.1

      Amazing response from someone who just watched a video of a man being pissed off at poor people for owning fridges.

      • RedLogix 8.1.1

        And it’s entirely possible that some of these ‘poor people’ have the audacity to be allowed electricity, toilets and running water in their hovels.

        I mean for FFS whatever is wrong with the good old cardboard box for a home?

        • Colonial Rawshark

          Well you’d have to ask yourself, did they pay for the cardboard box, or did they thieve it from a wealth creator?

          • RedLogix

            Well they may have been ‘up-cycling’ it – so lets not rush to hasty judgement.

    • Maui 8.2

      Damn those poor people, that sense of entitlement that they should have enough money to surivive in the world we’ve created is astounding.

  9. BillyFish 9

    Red…..except there is no humour being shown relating to any of what you say, just broad brush stereotype attacks on anyone getting “entitlements”.

  10. Melanie Scott 10

    Entitlements come in many forms. You don’t hear the right complaining about no tax on property speculation or the size of bonuses paid to ‘senior managers’ on top of their obscene salaries, especially in organisations with no competition. One law for the rich, another for the poor I guess.

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