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Just how gross can a anti-vaccine enema be?

Written By: - Date published: 12:22 pm, April 16th, 2022 - 38 comments
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This little gem popped up again. The comments are risible and barbed.

As an ex-army medic, I’d suggest that you only do this if you are insane. Which appears to be common when in thrall to the Orange wonder.

For those who are unsure what a enema is, then there is a Wikipedia page with more information that one really wants to read in detail..

I was hesitant to find out what a Carolina reaper (suggested as an alternate) was. However Wikipedia explained about its Guinness World Record (which should be enough for someone who would try this).

There was some good advice in this comment.

Problem is someone will take this seriously, probably not a good idea to share too far and wide.

Really? That was my prompt.

Please let me know if anyone has actually tried it voluntarily. To have it involuntarily performed on someone would be likely be regarded as assault without the protections under s61 and s61A of the Crimes Act 1961 – I don’t think that it would be regarded as being ‘reasonable care’. Incidentally, I can’t see why the language is largely repeated in the first clause between these two sections.

Now for anyone who thinks that this post was gross and in poor taste, can I direct you to the saga of surgery that is Doctor Pimple Popper. I’d suggest that (as I frequently say to my one persons fascination with these videos), you treat these as being a private viewing and never show them to adolescents.

38 comments on “Just how gross can a anti-vaccine enema be? ”

  1. aj 1

    Some people will be insane enough to try that.

    Dr Pimple Popper performs a great service to her patients and I don't think her show is a waste of space.

    But I did start hating the content of some shows a long time ago. Naked Attraction still tops my list of 'Never thought I'd see this junk on TV'

    • lprent 1.1

      Didn't say it was a waste. Just don't like seeing things over and over again that were routine when I was a medic.

      We didn't have to do cysts like that too often but we did a lot of extraction of ticks, twigs, boils, and a lot of things out of peoples skins.

      I don't need to be informed that it is an issue.

  2. DB Brown 2

    If we're talking bad television, and tactical nukes, might I suggest vaporising the Kardashians.

    And then Putin can retire, having done the world a favour, and all will be forgiven.

    Also, if anyone takes this post seriously please enrol at your nearest automobile manufacturer as a crash test dummy.

  3. Grumpy 3

    Well, that filled in some of the afternoon.

  4. mac1 4

    "never show them to adolescents." Hah! That's what I spent my adolescence doing in front of a mirror……. as well as shaving, oh and doing the hair comb-back…..

    • Robert Guyton 4.1


      • mac1 4.1.1

        Simple pimple popping- amongst all that teenage angst, enemas never surfaced as a remedy. Ours were simpler times- all we had were racist rugby tours, Vietnam wars, radioactive fallout, mutually assured destruction, and silent Springs.

        We didn't have on-line bullying, huge platforms of misinformation, global warming, and nascent fascism, as well.

        Every generation has seemed to advance with its chances, its science, its greater knowledge, life expectancy, medical improvements, and general progress.

        Except now, as an old man, I'm not so sure. I'm living longer, surely, but has the 'human condition' improved?

        It's the stuff of poetry, song and novels and our perversity in the face of what should be obvious is still inexplicable…..

  5. Robert Guyton 5

    "an", right?

    The real question is: can we flush these anti-vaxxers from our body-society?

    Ain't it 🙂

    • Andy 5.1

      I didn't take any of these "vaccines" and recovered from Covid in 7 days, with mild cold symptoms.

      However, you are welcome to try to "flush" me from society.

      You're welcome

      • Incognito 5.1.1

        Contrary to common belief aka misconception, the Public Health measures such as vaccination are not specifically about you or me – the key-word is “Public”. But I do suggest you donate some blood, so that scientists can find out why you are so special and what makes you so special – it sounds like a medical miracle to me and it should be published widely and shared with the science community. May I ask what your blood group is? Are you AO+ by any chance?

        You seem to have an unhealthy predisposition to binary reckons.

        PS when you put it as “vaccines”, you give the game away.

        • Andy

          I don't think recovering from a cold is a medical miracle. I know lots of people in my position.

          [Of course, you know lots of people who are as special as you are, that goes without saying.

          The implied equivalence with having a cold is dangerous disinformation with more than 10 Kiwis dying each day on average from Covid. This, of course, adds to your other disinformation, which I called you out on before, but you have not given an adequate response yet.

          You’ll have to the end of today to provide the info I requested previously and since you didn’t respond to my gentle request I now have to resort to moderation, which means I have to spend more time on you than I want. You are in Pre-Moderation until midnight – Incognito]

          • Incognito

            Mod note

          • Andy

            I had symptoms of a cold, I fail to see how this is "disinformation"

            I wasn't implying that everyone has the same symptoms as me, or denying that people die of Covid, the flu or any other respiratory illness.

            [You said you “recovered from Covid in 7 days, with mild cold symptoms”, i.e. you had Covid, not a cold, which is not something equally mild as a cold and which kills Kiwis each and every day. That’s the dangerous disinformation you’ve been peddling here, together with other mis- and dis-information. Now, you’re wasting my time and the clock is ticking. – Incognito]

            • Incognito

              Mod note

            • Andy

              I described my situation exactly as I found it. cold symptoms, with a positive RAT test.

              I know of others with similar experiences. I also know of people that were unable to get out of bed for 8 days.

              In March 2020, the PM stated that most people would have mild to moderate symptoms but some would get very sick and some die.

              Flu kills around 400-500 people in NZ in an average year. The cold can too.

              Not exactly controversial

              [Covid is not a mild flu or cold – symptoms are not the disease casuing them.

              Flu kills around 400-500 people in NZ in an average year. The cold can too.

              So, the cold can kill 400-500 people a year in NZ? I’ll add this to your homework. Stop gaslighting and get on with it. You’re wasting more and more of my time – Incognito]

              • Incognito

                Mod note

              • Andy

                Sorry I meant the cold can kill people too, not that the cold can kill 400-500 people a year. My poor grammar.

                • Incognito

                  Yes, poor grammar, that must be it. Indeed, some people can die from a cold or complications caused by a cold, but how common it is that people die from a cold? Give us some NZ stats.

                  Regardless, you continue your flawed comparisons with flu and cold, which is the issue that you’re avoiding and denying, i.e. you are gaslighting here.

          • Rosemary McDonald

            10 Kiwis dying each day on average from Covid.


            You might want to read this Incognito…in the interests of not spreading what could be construed as misinformation.

            Now, where this new method may affect the death count is this: "Deaths are automatically reported if the person died within 28 days of a positive test result" and in particular "where a person is found to have had Covid-19 when they died but it was not the cause of death".

            That may drive the number of deaths reported each day higher than deaths actually from Covid-19.

            Omicron, bless it's little cotton socks, is everywhere at the moment and the chances of dying with it are very, very high.

            Doesn't mean they died from it.

            Most of us haven't.

          • Andy

            I never claimed that I am special. the exact opposite in fact

            • Incognito

              Well, you’re one of the ‘special’ ones who didn’t take the “vaccine” and got to tell the story of how you “recovered from Covid in 7 days, with mild cold symptoms.”

              If it wasn’t some kind of perverse virtue-signalling and grandstanding to show your ignorance and bias then what was your point? BTW, this is a rhetorical question, so don’t even attempt answering it.

  6. Incognito 6

    I’d be very concerned about the long-term effects of the vaccine, e.g. the memory cells that create those nasty antibodies that recognise and bind to the S protein. Obviously, they’d need to be destroyed as well and an enema ain’t gonna do it.

    • Belladonna 6.1

      Perhaps copious quantities of alcohol applied internally – it has a well-known deleterious effect on 'memory cells'

      [Yes, /sarc. Tongue-in-cheek. I know the difference between brain cells and antibodies]

    • Andy 6.2

      I'd be very concerned about the long term health effects of these barely tested "vaccines" that were manufactured by a company with billions of dollars in fines against them. But I didn't take them, so will only amuse myself at the "useless eaters" that suffer in the years and decades to follow

      • Incognito 6.2.1

        Tell us, by what plausible mechanism are the vaccinated going to “suffer in the years and decades to follow”? I don’t appreciate people fearmongering here, so you must back up your assertion. I’ll start with a gentle request, but the Author of the OP might not be so gentle. TBH, I look forward to his response wink

        Tell us, assuming you were referring to Pfizer, what were these fines for and in what way do they make the vaccine unsafe? Provide links, so that we can all see and check for ourselves.

        PS you are sick when you amuse yourself with the suffering of your fellow humans and the vile label confirms it.

        PPS we have a few public health measures of our own here on TS and they have been thoroughly tested over many years and proven to have high effectivity against almost all variants and be very safe for uninfected commenters except for a slightly bruised ego in rare cases – known contra-indications are: twat, moron, troll, astroturfer, spammer. TS does not make any money and has never been fined, to my knowledge.

        • Andy

          Yes I can provide links but a simple Google search will provide all the info you need about the fines against Pfizer.

          I don't really wish malice or bad fortune against my fellow humans, despite my malformed rhetoric, especially as the rest of my family have taken the "vaccines" (I use quotes because the definition changed somewhere along the journey)

          I am concerned about the rise in overall mortality in countries that are heavily jabbed. We don't know the reason yet but no one seems that interested, which is odd.

          For example, I heard that Scotland, Israel and the USA have a big jump (40% in the USA case) in all cause mortality.

          • Incognito

            I didn’t ask about the fines per se, I asked about how these fines make the vaccine an unsafe product for treatment of people. No reckons, gives us facts and make sure they have been fact-checked and can withstand the slightest of scrutiny. The onus is on you to provide the relevant info, not on me to do a Google search, which is likely to give different results not in the least because of my different search history profile.

            Similarly, I’m not interested in your concerns as such about a rise in mortality. You made quite a specific assertion, so you must support this with a plausible mechanism and facts. I’m sure you’re a real hoot at family parties.

            What you have heard is irrelevant because a falling tree in the middle of a forest doesn’t make a sound unless it is heard and shared by and with others. Facts! And don’t confuse alleged short-term ‘spikes’ in mortality with your alleged “suffer[ing] in the years and decades to follow”. Furthermore, you seem confused about “all cause mortality”, but I’ll let you explain yourself – I can’t wait to hear it.

            I don’t have all day and I don’t want to waste any time on rabbit hunts down gaslit rabbit holes. Your next reply better address these points on point or you will be flushed from the frontend.

            • Andy

              Furthermore, you seem confused about “all cause mortality”, but I’ll let you explain yourself – I can’t wait to hear it.

              All cause mortality is mortality from all causes. I'm not the slightest bit confused about it. It's the easiest metric to deal with because you don't need to ascribe mortality to any specific cause.

              Here are some links.

              I can't provide any guarantee as to the validity of these


              [Irrelevant information if it cannot be ascribed to any specific cause. In any case, correlation is not causation, which requires a plausible mechanism or we end up in La La land with idle speculation and reckons by dimwits and conspiracy nutters.

              Saying that you cannot provide a guarantee for the validity of your source links sounds like a euphemism that you have done no critical review of these, and/or lack the skills & knowledge, and basically leave it to me to check them out. The onus is on you to back up your specific assertions with specific info, not to spread more mis- and dis-information.

              You’re wasting my time again – Incognito]

              • Incognito

                Mod note

              • Andy

                You asked me to find some references. I provided some, and you deleted them.

                The whole point of "all cause mortality" is that you don't ascribe a cause.

                If the number of deaths in a particular time period rises by say 40%, then most people might ask why.

                I don't need to suggest a reason for this. The mere observation of the data is of intrinsic interest

                [Back to square one:

                But I didn’t take them, so will only amuse myself at the “useless eaters” that suffer in the years and decades to follow

                This led to some mortality stats and other concerns of yours, but “no one seems that interested”. The latter should tell you something important Sherlock or is it Don Quixote?

                So, most of us are going suffer in future, which will and already amuses you, but you refuse to explain why and how we will suffer. Because you made up this BS about the “vaccine” and it is all a figment of the horror story that’s playing 24/7 in the movie theatre inside your head.

                Your deadline has been shifted to 2:00 pm today – Incognito]

                [Second note after deadline ahs passed:

                You’ve wasted enough of my time. Considering your history of offending here on TS (including several bans), your patterns of commenting and behaviour here on TS, and the severity of your dis-information and fake BS, you’ve lost access to this free platform for three months – Incognito]

      • Grumpy 6.2.2

        I think Andy is right.

        My wife (74) has 3 vaccinations plus a booster and caught Covid last Monday. I, (71) with 2 vaxes plus booster caught it from her Thursday. Our granddaughter living with us (19) 2 vaxxes plus booster caught it Friday. We are all still crook.

        So, tell me how the vaccine was supposed to stop us getting it or spreading it.

        Looks like total BS to me.

        • Drowsy M. Kram

          That's no good Grumpy. I'm double vaxxed, boosted, and doing my best (masking, physical distancing, minimising time spent in crowded indoor situations, washing hands, etc. etc.) not to catch COVID-19, because even long-COVID sounds scary.

          Best of luck – hope you and yours recover well and aren’t reinfected anytime soon.

          ‘They’ claim that aspirin will fix a headache. In my experience aspirin can help, but not fix. Bloody so-called wonder drugs – still, better than nothing (for some), eh?

          Association of Early Aspirin Use With In-Hospital Mortality in Patients With Moderate COVID-19 [24 March 2022]

          • Grumpy

            Thanks Drowsey,

            Funny how it affects people differently. After 14 days I still have a cough and feel tired a lot. My wife has been fine for 6 days now and my granddaughter only had a headache for 3 days and tested negative on day 5!

  7. In Vino 7

    I think the Spanish call this method 'Innuendo'. One has to be subtle- people tend to get offended by innuendos, especially when they are unexpected.

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