Kelly interviewed by Campbell on RNZ Checkpoint

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Helen Kelly was interviewed by John Campbell on RNZ Checkpoint last night. The conversation covered cannabis, assisted dying, farm workers, health and safety, unions and more.

24 comments on “Kelly interviewed by Campbell on RNZ Checkpoint”

  1. Jenny Kirk 1

    Magnificent interview – both from Helen Kelly and the interviewer, John Campbell.
    Along with a very clear statement as to how medical cannabis can help a seriously ill person.
    Thanks for putting this up.

  2. Heather Grimwood 2

    To add to that Jenny is superfluous. To see and hear Helen so expertly shown as the woman of integrity, compassion and courage that she is has been a memorable experience.

  3. David H 3

    Damn. Helen just doesn’t stop working for the little man. A few politicians would do well to follow her example.

  4. Dot 4

    Whoa ! go Helen ,
    Still on the job of trying to make a difference
    Thats leadership

  5. vto 5

    One of the 20 greatest living New Zealanders

    • Detrie 5.1


    • Mosa 5.2


    • Mosa 5.3


    • Mosa 5.4

      Have emailed Helen to thank her for her GUTS and DETERMINATION and her service to the union movement which contrary to opinion and harsh labour law is still active and plays an important role in NZ human rights Because of her I have re joined after 20 years. She is deserving of a NZ honour but it maybe some time away while we wait for a more sympathetic government.

  6. lprent 6

    That was an awesome interview. And Helen Kelly is just awesome.

    One of the very best decisions I made around here was to give Helen Kelly a login when she asked if she could write some guest posts on forestry workers, and then made time to train her in making them.

    I’d also have to say that I never used to watch Campbell Live much. I always had too much to do around that time of the day. But I do plug my headphones into my cellphone regularly at 5pm to listen to him there. I think he was wasted in TV. His interviews are a lot better on Checkpoint radio

    • Hami Shearlie 6.1

      Agreed lprent! We watch it on tv till 6.30 – One News and Three News are no longer needed in this house!

    • Detrie 6.2

      Of course John’s not new to national radio and held the sat morning slot for a couple years (2000) whilst still working at TV3. Even back then he was superb, his authentic and caring nature coming through.

      • lprent 6.2.1

        I have a wee problem with listening to radio on Saturday morning slots. I always sleep in on Saturday, then I read the Economist (these days on my phone, back in 2000 I read the paper edition from last week). About middayish or later I get up and seek a coffee and scrambled eggs…… 🙂 Then I turn on the radio and start doing some code…

        On Sunday I work, do washing, shopping, cleaning, pay bills, and all of those mundane things to keep my life operating + plus some playing with non-work.

        Monday I’m usually back on the work work.

        No kids == Saturdays is the day off.

        • David H

          Or you could goto the RNZ website and que up the past weeks programmes to listen to .

  7. seeker 7

    John to Helen at about 3.50 in:

    “You are such a singular person aren’t you……even when you are really, really
    crook, you just want to have a go…… just don’t give up…. fearless…..”

    She is. Thank you Helen for all you do. You are one person who always makes a difference in helping this indifferent ,greedy world to be a better place.
    An absolute inspiration to us all.
    Great interview as ever John, beautiful and so worthwhile, thank you both for that .

  8. Manuka AOR 8

    When Mr Dunne eventually okays the medical cannabis, Helen will have to go into hospital to receive it? Each dose? If that is the case, it seems really wrong. It defeats the possibility of independent living during this time.

    • TeWhareWhero 8.1

      I think it’s either the person has to be in hospital or be gravely ill. If there is a requirement to be in hospital to receive cannabis oil, that would be disgraceful and hypocritical in light of the numbers of people who are prescribed powerful and addictive opiates which they self administer.

      • weka 8.1.1

        She says in the interview that she has to go to hospital to have it administered. That’s bizarre beyond belief, to make someone who is ill travel daily for their medicine. It’s hard not to see the whole thing as paranoia about recreational drugs as if they are substantially any different than other drugs.

        • TeWhareWhero

          I missed that bit – and I’m unclear how that could work in practice as she says there are different strengths for day and night. Surely she wouldn’t have to go twice a day? It’s beyond bizarre when you consider that someone can be prescribed oxycontin – known in the US as ‘hillbilly heroin’ – a highly desirable street drug and highly addictive, on a monthly prescription for self medication.

          • weka

            It’s at about 3:20. She says it’s a pen and “I’ve got to go into hospital to have it administered”. Maybe they give her a takeaway as well and that the visit is about making sure she is not selling her supply, kind of like they do with methadone. Which would be laughable if true.

  9. TeWhareWhero 9

    I have the utmost respect for Helen Kelly – I’m not saying this just because she is dying and is facing her death with great dignity and courage – I respect her because her actions show her to be an honest, ethical and principled person. Like John Campbell she acts as a counterweight to the glibness, venality and shallowness that dominates so much of public life and political discourse in NZ.

  10. ankerawshark 10

    Helen Kelly is a saint.

  11. the best way to support Helen is to encourage all your friends and relatives to join their union .Helen has done her bit so now let us do ours,

  12. Big dog 12

    Great interview .

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