Key laughs off minimum wage earners

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John Key’s recent stint at the Big Gay Out wasn’t all target marketing and niche political branding. He also had a run in with living-wage campaigners who took him to task for his government’s poor response to minimum wage earners and asked if he could live on the minimum wage.

And what was his response? “Not easily, no, ha ha.” Yeah John it’s a real laugh trying to get by on the minimum wage.

It reminds me of Key’s dismissive response on youth rates:

Or his joke about how a $28 a week tax cut was worthless (that’s about three hours on the minimum wage after tax)

He’s a real funny guy that Key.

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15 comments on “Key laughs off minimum wage earners”

  1. Bright Red 1

    The guy says there are 160,000 kiwis out of work, and Key says ‘nah nah only 2,000 jobs disappeared last quarter’


  2. $28 is a finger lickin family feast for four round these ways and nothing to be scoffed at…

    I’m tempted to send the cuzzies round his crib to tag his fence with some politically relevent graf, then you tube that.

    • George D 2.1

      Bad idea. There are cops outside it 24/7. They chased someone I know down the road for taking pictures!

      • lprent 2.1.1

        There are always DPS police at the PM’s residence.

        • Simon

          They started hassling me well before I took the one photo of the DPS officer who was being a prick.

      • pollywog 2.1.2

        “They chased someone I know down the road for taking pictures!”

        And at that time there’d be no one guarding the wall ?…Could make for great viewing if someone planned it right…

        y’all know graffers run in crews eh ?…and you’d be surprised what they can do in a couple of minutes


        • felix

          Damn that was quick. The vid’s more or less in real time isn’t it?

          • pollywog

            yup…pretty much

            It’s called a ‘throw up’ cos they can throw them up pretty quick. You’re bound to have seen them around heaps. Mostly just bubble letters with a single colour outline and metal coloured fill in. Hence why that type is called a ‘2 colour chromie’.

            …inspirational isn’t it ?

            On topic though, that whole jokey ordinary guy thing Key’s got going on ?…could Goff rip that and use it to seem like a decent kiwi bloke as well ?

            I’ve seen him try hard with the staged biker shots and on ‘sunrise’, riffing it with ollie but theres just something not quite right with it and i’m struggling to get a handle on it ?

            Maybe he needs a few choice street phrases to throw around and do the bro hug greeting thing as well ? It’d connect him with teh yoof a bit more i reckon ?

    • felix 2.2

      There’d probably be a stabbing.

  3. Rob 3

    That is a very sad comment Felix.

  4. tc 4

    dash and bother those pesky workers…..smithers release the hounds and break out the poison donuts.

  5. More and more when key opens his mouth, nothing of any worth comes out.
    Nationals under serious pressure and it’s only February.

  6. Rory 6

    Maybe he should be in reality t.v. making minimum wage!

  7. And why are people on a minimum wage?

    It is not Keys fault that the only job they can get is a minimum wage one.

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