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John Key is worried – Cyberbullying: ‘It is really awful out there’ – Key

Prime Minister John Key has told officials working on a youth mental health programme he is particularly worried about cyberbullying — saying for many young people “it is really awful out there” on social media.

It’s a valid concern of course. But also 100% hypocritical coming from the biggest bully in parliament and an active user and enabler of the worst of the dirty politics cyberbullying blogs.

48 comments on “Key on cyberbullying”

  1. Stuart Munro 1

    It’s called feedback. It’s a quality assurance function. Feedback improves the performance of most systems by about 30%. Key finds feedback uniformly negative. “These damned refuseniks” he thinks. But it’s really more like the oil light in your car. You can cover up the oil light if you like. For a while. But it will be expensive.

  2. Mosa 2

    Talk about a split personality and a hypocrite to boot

    • Mosa 2.1

      He is the worst bully scince Muldoon
      At least Muldoon did his own dirty work
      Its acceptable when it’s political opponents
      But when it affects the nearest and dearest it’s never pleasant being on the receiving end

  3. weka 3

    Ok, that looks like John Key using his son politically. I didn’t think he could go any lower.

  4. BLiP 4

    Oh, woe, despair and despondency . . . everyone hates John Key, so here you go, a lovely wee story displaying his fatherly tenderness and concern about internet bullying because of the effects it has on the mental health of our young.

    Back in the real world, – the National Ltd™ government cuts funding to mental health services in Christchuch and John Key lies about it.

  5. Something contentious and debatable – “coming from the biggest bully in parliament.”

    Specifically for in parliament itself? There’s plenty of competition for the overall title with Hekia Parata being a consistently outstanding performer in bullying.

  6. North 6

    To what moral depths will this appalling man Key NOT descend ?

    Caring and protecting his blood by flaunting and vaunting his blood.

    I think he’s losing it……

  7. BM 7

    So, no one here thinks Max Key is getting unfairly attacked or bullied?

    Copping abuse and shit because some people hate his old man, Is he just getting what he deserves?

    • One Anonymous Bloke 7.1

      Did you read the article, troll? It’s about what a piss-poor role-model his father is. No wonder you’re feebly attempting to derail the discussion.

      As for the son, the self-obsessed often find they attract ridicule. Why should he be any different?

      • BM 7.1.1

        So you have no problem with Max Key getting abused? because he’s a bit different and trying to make something of himself.

        How very socialist of you.

        • One Anonymous Bloke


          It’s the similarity to Paris Hilton that’ll make him a target, bud. That is not the same as saying I have no problem with it. Perhaps you can continue this discussion without false framing, and I doubt it.

        • Kaplan

          Does Max Key feel he is being abused? He seems quite happy with the attention.

          • BM

            I have no idea.
            A lot of people laugh at stuff as a defense mechanism, who knows, he could be quite gutted about what’s going on and is just putting on a brave face.

            • Grindlebottom

              I think Max has got a pretty good handle on it. He doesn’t strike me as a shrinking violet. I reckon his dad’s given him some good advice about looking out for number one and don’t worry about your critics, and he’s just getting on with marketing himself.

            • weka

              “I have no idea.”

              That’s right. All we have is the PR move by a known liar and hypocrite. If you want to put up some evidence that Max Key is being cyber bullied so you can talk about that, go ahead.

        • Lucy

          The problem is if you invite people into your life via twitter or facebook and they say things you don’t like you can always block them from your facebook page – not sure about twitter but assume it’s similar. Therefore at any time Max could remove access to his pages for people he doesn’t like. The fact that he doesn’t do this implies that he would rather have the followers than protect himself. I do have a problem with him being abused, all his solutions but one require that he actively controls his social interactions and he has chosen to do the only one that does not – get daddy to fix it!

          • BM

            You could say the same thing about Charlotte Dawson.

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              Not if you employed Cameron Slater and benefited from the activities of Blabbermouth Lusk, you can’t. Then you have to keep schtum lest someone notice your massive double standards.

            • Lucy

              Probably BM, she was unwell and did not do what was necessary to protect herself. She was failed by her doctors and the people she surrounded herself with. Max on the other hand appears to not be mentally unstable. Normal people walk away from fame when it begins to damage or annoy them. Most of the people who are famous and successful do not engage on social media – they have people to do that for them. If you wish to leverage the fame of a parent to achieve fame it comes with pitfalls Paris Hilton learned that – it also comes with a limited life span!

    • North 7.2

      Never said that Bowel. Said that Key’s own blood ain’t immune from a morally rudderless dad. Flaunted and vaunted. Very low quality panda-speak there Bowel.

    • McFlock 7.3

      No idea at all, either of what he’s received or what he deserves, or whether his experience is disproportionate to anyone else in the public eye.

      But two factors come to mind:
      a) didn’t the nats solve this problem already, passing some law or other?
      b) a real life bully moaning about cyberbullying comes across more as a sleazebag on a contrived pr campaign than a genuinely concerned person someone shining light on a problem.

      • BM 7.3.1

        c) A Father just trying to look out for his Son.

        • One Anonymous Bloke

          What a pity that the father employs bullies, and is himself a bully. It makes his words ring hollow.

        • North

          Different story when Amanda Bailey tried to look out for herself. Different story when Tania Billingsley tried to look out for herself. All sorts of egregious abuse hurled the way of each of them. By Key, his attack dogs, and the likes of you Bowel Motion. Key is scum. Pea in a pod with you.

          • maui

            +1, nailed it.

          • ropata

            +1 exactly. what sickens me is the privileged have a huge fucken platform to tell everyone about how hard their life is. meanwhile 250 000 kiwi kids go to school hungry. WTF national you utter scum.

        • weka

          “c) A Father just trying to look out for his Son.”

          There’s no just about it, as pretty much everyone who has replied to your shit stirring has pointed out. Key isn’t just being a father here.

        • BLiP

          Who puts his son in the spotlight to make himself look good. Watta dad.

        • McFlock

          the trouble with your “c” is that Key is a well-known recidivist bully, both to hospo staff and in the House.

          So your sycophantic defense is to substitute an allegation of using his kids for political sympathy with an allegation of outright hypocrisy.

          Maybe they’ll email you some better talking points in the morning.

      • lprent 7.3.2

        Harmful Digital Communications Act 2014.

        Due to become effective in 2017ish when the government presents approved agency(ies) to the GG.

        Purportedly to protect kid.

        BUT Every threat of its use to date has been for adults wanting to silence people being critical of them. That is what I expect that it will be mostly used for.

        The act was carefully designed to filter through approved agencies who would bring the calls for peremptory court orders in front of a overworked district court judge without opposition being present (like this site), and where the agency is not liable for any of its actions.

        Basically an unworkable bit of legislation. I intend to just restructure this site to ensure that any agency has to convince us of a need before we will act. Quite simply I suspect that whatever agency is setup (teacher laden Netsafe?) will be as thoroughly incompetent on net ops as most are without net and IT community input.

        • Draco T Bastard

          BUT Every threat of its use to date has been for adults wanting to silence people being critical of them. That is what I expect that it will be mostly used for.

          As it was designed by National I’d say that was what it’s purpose is. They couldn’t get away with bringing back Lèse-majesté directly so they found another way.

  8. Hayden 8

    But to be truthful it’s not limited to Max…

    Oh, really? How profound.

  9. NZJester 9

    It was all fun and games to him until a number of people started going after his son. Now suddenly as it is affecting a member of his family he is taking notice.
    When you are close with one of the countries biggest cyber bullies you ignore this sort of stuff till it comes for your own family.

  10. Whateva next? 10

    Reaping what you sow Mr.Key?

    • Anne 10.1

      Nice one Whateva next?

      This kid called Max Key is a chip off the old block and goes out of his way to court publicity so he’s anyone’s game.

      The meme which says you leave the children of politicians alone no longer applies in this case.

  11. Gerry Brownlee does what he does and gets gunk chucked over him.

    There are some who think what Brownlee has done (or hasn’t done) is worse than what the gunk thrower did.

    John Key treats us as he has and then has the gall to tell us it’s really awful out here.
    He has the gall to use his son as he has, and his son has the nous to go along for the ride, and then is surprised by some sort of backlash?

    Since Key is not that unintelligent this all adds up to a typical scuzzy political ruse, treating us as dumb enough to swallow the story and knowing for sure that his dumb sycophantic followers will pick it up and run it for him. Boo bloody hoo.

  12. North 12

    You mean Gerry Brownlee the-pensioner-basher ?

    From Wikipedia –

    “Civil assault[edit]

    Brownlee received criticism during the 1999 election campaign when he ejected Neil Able, a 60-year-old Native Forest Action campaigner, from the National Party’s 1999 election campaign launch. The ejection took place with what many, including watching journalists, considered excessive force. Neil Able started civil assault proceedings against Brownlee, seeking damages of $60,000. In 2002, a District Court judge found in favour of Mr Able that Brownlee had “used excessive and unnecessary force on Mr Abel when he tried to remove him from a staircase handrail”. Brownlee was ordered to pay Neil Able $8,500 in damages.[3][4] Brownlee later sought unsuccessfully to have $48,000 of his legal fees reimbursed by the Government.[5]”

    • ropata 12.1

      not to mention destroying the lives and homes of thousands of cantabrians on behalf of his mates in the insurance racket

  13. Whispering Kate 13

    When you post your everyday activities to the world on a daily basis then its darned obvious you will invite comment back – I just cannot understand why people need to relate everything to the world – who cares – why do they do it – do they need reassurance all the time to keep living, to validate their self perceived importance. We only hear of so called celebs who go and hang themselves because they cannot stand the heat of severe abuse – how many others are addicted to their hand pieces and expose themselves to it. I have relatives who send to their friends what they ate at night or where they are going during the day – who cares. God life must be so busy for them cramming in all this useless data and sending it out into cyberspace.

    The technology giants must be laughing all the way to the bank on the stupidity of it. Social media, I think they call it – a load of old cobblers but we are stuck with it and future generations will be posting such trivia and it will just be the same old same old misery for people who get rough feedback. There is a cure for it, switch off and out of it and learn to live without the crap. It’s non productive and bad for one’s mental health.

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