Key priorities – puppy photo op not Pike River people

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27 comments on “Key priorities – puppy photo op not Pike River people”

  1. vto 1

    What an absolutely cowardly arsehole

  2. Gabby 2

    Looks like Ponyboy’s yanking something .

  3. Tel 3

    … so Key avoids Pike River familys, to do a photo op where he can’t even hold a dog properly. The dog’s body language is one of pure distrust and discomfort, and why shouldn’t the puppy be? Dogs are usually good judges of character.

  4. Olwyn 4

    When I saw this I wondered if he was attempting to mirror Helen Clark’s meeting Shrek the sheep rather than the foreshore and seabed hikoi. If so, then he and his advisers must be incredibly callous and tin-eared. While the foreshore and seabed dispute was deeply divisive, Clark’s sidestepping the hikoi did not involve a show of contempt for the dead and the bereaved.

    • gsays 4.1

      but.. but.. labour did it too…?

    • dukeofurl 4.2

      “When prominent political journalist Mark Sainsbury asked her why she chose to meet with Shrek the Sheep and his owner today instead of hikoi marchers, her exact comment was “I found Shrek to be better company ”

      So she dismissed them openly, while Key doesnt even acknowledge PR families.
      he was worried about his sidekick moonbeam though.

      • Olwyn 4.2.1

        Good point. Whatever you think about the foreshore and seabed issue, Clark was making a move within the context of a political dispute. He is snubbing people who have lost beloved sons, partners, brothers and fathers to work accidents that should not have happened.

  5. b waghorn 5

    Oh come on every one knows that the puppies real name is Seymour

    • Clemgeopin 5.1

      puppy’s real name is Seymour

      LOL! There are three more mongrels with Seymour in the dirty kennel….

      • b waghorn 5.1.1

        Yes but , dunne flavell seymour hoskings -henry is a hell of a mouthful especially when you have to say after”get in behind”

  6. Wensleydale 6

    Oh, come on. Let’s not all pretend to be surprised. This is Key we’re talking about. Obviously a puppy is of greater consequence in terms of future re-electability, than the bereaved families of hard-working miners who died as a result of catastrophic incompetence and miserly penny-pinching. Those families aren’t going to vote National anyway, but the puppy might sway a few more animal-lovers to the cause. And that’s all that really matters here on Planet Key.

    • emergency mike 6.1

      That’s about right Wensleydale: get heckled by the families of dead miners you gave glib assurances to that turned out to as hollow as all his other assurances about everything, or cuddle a puppy and post a dad joke about it in twitter. It’s a no brainer really.

  7. Stuart Munro 7

    The puppy’s expression is like Ritchie McCaw’s: ‘This tosser doesn’t like me (I can smell it) why is he pretending to?’

  8. dukeofurl 8

    Is that an Audemars-Piguet watch hes wearing ?

  9. Anno1701 9

    completely Craven…………….

  10. maui 10

    There is just something uncomfortable with this man and his relationship with hair.

  11. jackp 11

    Key wasn’t at Parliament when the families gave their speeches?! Typical Wall Street derivatives manager… take the money, fuck the people. This man has to be a sociopath. I can see Hoskings defending his beloved Key with something to the tune of how busy he is.

  12. adam 12

    I feel another crack from John Oliver coming.

    You vote for what you deserve: We deserve a PM who does not give a damn about people. A economy which is on the whole, destructive. A society which has the “have a little”, spitting on the “have bugger all”. A amoral government of no hoper’s, who waste the public purse for ideological purpose.

    The PM is now the guy who now reaches for the creepy card.

    Leaving us with a quite revolting indictment on our society, it is all the people hoovering up – the creepy.

  13. Weepus beard 13

    Good god he is carrying a lot of fat under his chin.

    • whateva next? 13.1

      by crikey, I hadn’t noticed that before, even more marshmallowy features, Crosby Textor will be all over him

  14. Smilin 14

    Can someone tell Adolf Key to go to the bunker and well we know the rest

  15. nzsage 15

    I hope Bodhi shit on his shirt evil little toad. (Key not the dog)

  16. Brian 16


  17. Paul 17

    No spirit.
    Just money.

  18. freedom 18

    As Mike says “It must be awfully hard to face the families of the Pike River tragedy and try to explain that what you’re doing isn’t what they want, but I suppose that’s government isn’t it? ”

    Yes Mike, much easier to simply ignore them and go hug a puppy. (CT handbook pg2 -s2 a)

    Surely when the families of lost workers make their way to Parliament, the PM’s decision not to meet with them would be worthy of note?
    In fact, who exactly from National did meet with the families?
    From all accounts, not one solitary member of the National Party fronted up but Mike Hosking seems unaware of this.

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