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Pablo, Anita, and Jafapete have (finally) started their new KiwiPolitico blog site.

I don’t know Pablo* (at least under that psuedonym), but the post on Key and McCully at APEC was amusing.

Anita has already annoyed David over at Kiwiblog. She tends to do with her myth-busting ways. Who can forget her persistent requests of some of the trolls here to back up their assertions with some verifiable facts. DPF views this as ‘lambasting’.

Jafa will have to interrupt his touring of the USA to sneak a post in. I’d suggest a post on the politics of the size of food portions or waistlines?

I’d guess that the various munsters of the wingnut blogs will follow the usual tactic of dogwhistling the trolls in to start their usual campaign to make the comments section into a sewer.

* Update: Pablo is Paul Buchanan, who I have spent many hours ‘discussing’ the world with. Thanks Graeme

16 comments on “KiwiPolitico started”

  1. Graeme 1

    Pablo is Paul Buchanan of the University of Auckland. He outed himself on Kiwiblog:

  2. Ari 2

    Neat, I am a fan of both Anita and Jafapete. 🙂

    Thanks Lynn.

  3. StephenR 3

    Odd that Buchanan needs/wants to use a pseudonym, seeing as ‘Pablo’ doesn’t have any pre-established credibility what so ever…
    I believe that it is like here. The decision was made that everyone has a psuedonym. If you want to use your real name, then that is your choice. But there should be no expectation that your IRL identity should be spread all over the net.

    Apart from historical reasons (a reminder of when logins were limited to 6 characters), that is also why I use lprent rather my well known real name. Besides it also helps with the searches. There are very few references to me outside of the blogs or usenet archives.]

  4. Johnty Rhodes 4

    Probably be a sucessful as Newzblog

  5. lprent 5

    Johnty: It is a pretty high quality of poster – these are the people who’d teach the students at Newzblog.

    Tell you what, go over and criticize one of Anita’s posts with your usual level of assertions. I’ll pop over and watch with amusement.

  6. StephenR 6

    Thanks lprent. To expand – surely more people would read his blog if they knew who he was. IMHO not such a big issue for the writers here. Paul doesn’t seem to think people knowing who he is is an issue, seeing as he released his name on Kiwiblog and it’s not hard to figure out who he is if one was ‘in the know’ based on the ‘about’ section of the blog. Bit of fun to use his ‘childhood name’ too I guess.

  7. Anita 7

    None of us are using our full names it changes the tenor slightly and less formal is where we want to be. It also allows us a little more room if people are ken to join us or guest post.

    None of us are hiding our real names either, nicks are a good convention on the net but none of us want anonymity.

  8. pablo 8

    As Anita notes, there is no attempt to disguise who we are. I felt that it simply would distinguish my blog writing from my academic and editorial work. Moreover, given where I live and the subjects I tend to write about, the thin veil of the monicker might prove useful in staving off unwanted personal attention. We shall see…

  9. toms 9

    I can see why Farrar might be worried. Rather than just a boring load of spinning the Herald as a cue Farrar’s Fascists going to town in the comments section, which is a bit of a boring one trick pony these days, the contributoirs to this new site have a fair amount of credible analytical brain power behind them.

  10. Paul Robeson 10

    you say amusing. I say terrifying. *gulp*

    It’s not us assuming we are really really important and losing the rugby world cup co-hosting because of it.

    I shudder to think what would happen if China tried to lean on us over any aspect of our FTA.

    Grosser is experienced, but doesn’t like to admit to climate change although it is our position.

    ahh. I stopped caring about this I think. time for hibernation. Wake me up when Rodney Hide is deputy PM, and the left is united and ready for another go.

    oh and the Herald sabre rattling on bulk funding. That’s not going to wait until second term then.

  11. A National win would always reinvigorate the left. I would expect more such blogs to surface over the coming years as New Zealand is thrust into the bonfire by the right.

    Sorry to linkwhore but NewZBlog just turned one! Happy birthday to us 😉 .

    [lprent: congrats. Keep it up.]

  12. faded tigger 12

    A National win has sure given the left a well deserved keep up the ass. I also expect more of these blogs to pop up as the foot soldiers become annoyed that their socialist paradise is being changed to develop NZ in a more rounded fashion and pull the economic future of the country from the socialist ashes.

  13. faded tigger 13

    Oh, and hopefully now the public servants and union offices are open we’ll see less of the $7.99 chardonnay socialists over at kiwiblog!

    [lprent: How about looking at the policy, especially the section on trolls. If you don’t have anything to actually say, then why bother displaying that in public]

  14. StephenR 14

    …the thin veil of the monicker might prove useful in staving off unwanted personal attention

    Well you do ‘coldly objective’ pretty well, so don’t think that’d be a problem anyway, but good luck all!

  15. faded tigger 15

    Iprent said “If you don’t have anything to actually say, then why bother displaying that in public”

    Back at ya buddy.

  16. Santi 16

    “[lprent: How about looking at the policy, especially the section on trolls. If you don’t have anything to actually say, then why bother displaying that in public]”

    Ah, the charming schoolmaster waving the stick to the unruly children.

    If only he could control these people. Of course, he can by banning them. Free speech as understood by the Left.

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