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Until now, Melissa Lee’s only remaining selling point in this train wreck of a campaign has been that the party she’s standing for is currently in Government. As she said in her press release yesterday:

‘I am the only candidate that Mt Albert voters can vote for that will be inside John Key’s Government.’

Unfortunate then to see John Key kneecap her once again in today’s Dominion Post:

Mr Key also conceded that Ms Lee’s campaign, which has featured several embarrassing gaffes, could have been helped if she had been briefed about plans for a controversial motorway through the electorate. She was not briefed because she was not in the executive.

So much for the line that a vote for Melissa Lee will give the people of Mt Albert a voice in Government. Not only does she have no say, she’s not even being told about the decisions the Government is making in Mt Albert until she sees it on the six o’clock news like the rest of us. So remind me then, why exactly would anyone vote for Melissa Lee?

[Funny also that Melissa Lee is constantly using “prior engagements” to excuse herself from fronting up to candidate debates like everyone else. Why is it that no one else but Lee has these prior engagements that they can’t get out of?]

11 comments on “Kneecapped”

  1. Tim Ellis 1

    I suppose your answer to the prior engagements issue is that neither Mr Shearer, Mr Norman or Mr Boscawen have set foot in the electorate for the few years prior to the by-election. Melissa Lee has been working for Mt Albert as the buddy list MP since the last election. She fought hard for a community constable in avondale and achieved it. That’s probably why she has other meetings to go to.

    What have Mr Norman, Mr Shearer, or Mr Boscawen done? More importantly, what can either of them achieve from opposition what Helen Clark didn’t manage to achieve as prime minister?

    • Pascal's bookie 1.1

      Yep, she’s given up on the swing voters, let alone trying to convince any of Helen’s voters. At the moment she is desperately trying to shore up as much of the base as she can in order to not come third. Calling in favours from those she can possibly claim to have helped in the past is about all she’s got.

    • merlin 1.2

      debunking this community constable spin that T is so obediently running

    • Rodney 1.3

      Tim Ellis is/was a Winston Peters supporter!

      Well **** me.

      I know on the web one can adopt multiple personas but this takes the cake. Winston fought hard for the community constable Tim, as you so nobly remember but misspell his name. Melissa-Winston, a simple inversion of the letters mate. We understand.

    • GC Martin 1.4

      Tim Ellis,

      you read like a chap that might know the answer to my question: what was the National Party vote in Mt. Albert at the last General Election. Rounded to nearest hundred is fine.. tks in advance..

      • Anita 1.4.1

        The handy election results site has everything you could possibly need.

        (Well if what you need is election results anyway)

        • GC Martin

          Anita:—Thank you for the specific data on Electorate 26..

          By-elections would be no different to General Elections insofar party and candidate voting would they..?

          My interest here was whether ineptitude would be reflected in the votes. With a relatively short timespan operant, too.

  2. Rick 2

    We’re talking weeks back Tim, not years. All candidates have been in the electorate for weeks campaigning. So why does only Melissa Lee have these constant appointments that she can’t change?

    Are you trying to argue that she made these appointments years ago (even though she said weeks) and that she can’t get out of them for that reason? I’m confused.

    Also, Labour appears to be disputing her claims about getting a community constable.

  3. Zaphod Beeblebrox 3

    Where is Key during the campaign? Leader and candidate seemed to have given up. hopefully the AB’s won’t follow their example.

    • andy 3.1

      I am still waiting for Farrar and Slaters Blogmobile to hit Mt Albert. I am aware that the Sandringham Rd dairy had ordered extra pies for the lads visit.

  4. George D 4

    She was not briefed because neither Key nor Joyce told her. The political inexperience of both shows.

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