Lockwood threatens the press

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Lockwood Smith seems to be losing the plot. He’s now issuing open threats to the Press Gallery of all things:

Parliament’s Speaker, Lockwood Smith, has warned the media that the coverage of MPs’ expenses borders on lobbying, and if it continues he will treat journalists as lobbyists.

If the newspapers do want to have a view and want to lobby on it, I’m very happy to issue them with a lobbyist card and relieve them of their [Press Gallery] offices here, and if they want to be lobbyists – fine.

Got that citizens? Journalists have been told to stop writing stories on amoral double dipping greedy MPs or Lockwood Smith will do away with the Press Gallery. Does that sound like democracy to you?

[Hey gallery hacks – time to teach young Lockwood a lesson. Got anything on expenses rorts you’ve been holding back?…]

18 comments on “Lockwood threatens the press”

  1. Tigger 1

    Oh yes, those journos have been paid off by the powerful ‘reduce benefits to MPs’ lobby group…

    Does he even know what lobbying means? All those years on academic quiz shows clearly taught him nothing.

  2. ghostwhowalksnz 2

    If Margeret Wilson had said anything like this , the gallery would have had their hair on fire in their stories.
    I seem to remember a big fuss over the TV channels only being allowed to use the Parliament TV feed and not use their own cameras. That seemed to be a big attack on their ‘independence’ at the time.

    So far silence, while the Herald has put the thunder machine away for the year

  3. Hilary 3

    Today’s DomPost features Bill English’s trip to the hairdresser (5 minutes walk from parliament) requiring two cars- one parked over a disabled car park- both waiting while he was trimmed.

  4. QoT 4

    His continual self-congratulation is even wankier in this instance:

    “You’ve seen how principled I’ve been in the chamber, I’ll take the same approach to other things as well.”

    You’re not being principled, Lockie, you’re threatening the media for doing their job – because on this issue, you’re the one in the firing line.

  5. JustRight 5

    I think the whole media focus has been a great thing. Shining light on how politicians spend taxpayers cash is fantastic. I would equally say though that the media feeding frenzy does border on ‘lobbying’ not in the strictest sense though.

    There has to be a balance struck between hysterics and accountability and I think this is what Lockwood is on about…

  6. ghostwhowalksnz 6

    ..balance struck between hysterics and accountability ..

    It seems to be that Smith is the one being hysterical. As others have said what exactly are they lobbying for ? Its a news story.

  7. Jim McDonald 7

    Dorkwood is losing the plot?

  8. BLiP 8

    Unbeknownst to himself, Lockie, sort of, has half a point.

    Other than the egregious example set by Not-so-Perky-these-days and his side kick Blinglish, the acres of endless tautology regarding the expenses might have been of more use had they been filled with details and analysis regarding the implementation process used, general tone and consequences of National Ltd®’s legislation to date. If nothing else, the Gallery needs a kick up the arse for its plucking of the low hanging fruit when it should have been holding Parliament to account.

    • andy 8.1

      the Gallery needs a kick up the arse yes, it does

      Audrey Young whines about how tough it is on the press, these overseas summit type junkets.

      The secretary general of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma, invited a journalist from each country to the opening ceremony as a guest. Those of us that went that way meant that unlike our brethren who were it covering it from the wings, we did not have to get up before dawn to be herded to an empty theatre in order to wait for three hours before it started.

      When will the organizers of Chogm, Apec etc wake up?

      Wake up to what, that your a media-whore from babble-on and you write meaningless puff pieces about chickens and how nice Port of Spain in the daylight is?

  9. Rex Widerstrom 9

    Lockwood, your starter for ten

  10. Nick C 10

    To be fair hes the only speaker whose ever actually agreed to release the expenses. Margret Wilson didnt.

  11. Jared 11

    Whilst I agree that shams like Bill’s lying around his housing allowance eligibility should have been aired as it did, the latest attack smacks of one eyed hypocrisy. The Greens structure their housing arrangements in a similar manner, as do Labour and National Party MP’s (specifically around who owns their electorate offices).

    • felix 11.1

      Keep up, Jared. The Greens quit all that in the interest of transparency.

      Don’t think any of the others did though.

      • Swampy 11.1.1

        No, they quit the super scheme because of MPs leaving meant they no longer had the money coming in.

        • felix

          That’s a weird thing to say Swampy, they still have the same number of mps.

          Are you drunk again?

  12. ben 12

    I agree with you, what Smith said is wrong and dangerous.

    Except that the only reason you are saying it is becaue Smith stood for the National Party at the last election.

    Had Smith been wearing a red tie and not blue, you’d be cheering this all the way.

    Which is what you did, nearly but not quite entirely unanimously, when the odious EFA was passed into law.

    This is why this blog adds no value. If it’s from red you cheer, from blue you boo, almost always without any thoughtful regard to an idea’s merit or any thinking about it an intellectual framework. Since we already know from what team everybody comes from, you add precisely nothing with your cheerleading.

  13. r0b 13

    If it’s from red you cheer, from blue you boo

    You might want to open the other eye and read what is actually said here.

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