Lowlight reel: Republican YouTube debate

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Watch this clip from yesterday’s Republican YouTube debate and spare a thought for our progressive mates in the USA.

I like the idea of users submitting their own questions but I’m troubled by the fact that CNN gets to choose the ones that air.

The debate tended to be light on issues like healthcare, education and the Iraq war, focusing instead on moral issues like gun control, abortion and homosexuality.

15 comments on “Lowlight reel: Republican YouTube debate”

  1. The Double Standard 1

    TPF, DBP, and TM would fit right in!

  2. The Double Standard 2

    Oh yes, and Winnie-the-Poodle on immigration too!

  3. fred is dead 3

    wouldn’t that be painful ?

  4. The Double Standard 4

    “but I’m troubled by the fact that CNN gets to choose the ones that air.”

    Yeah, they should have rejected the morons and just used a ballot or something. It turns out that a lot of the chosen questions were from folks connected to Clinton, Obama, Edwards, etc etc. Wot a surprize!

    Here’s Cooper (the hosts) comments on one:

  5. Billy 5

    How was that “do you beleive this book?” guy? Brr-rr-rr.

  6. The Double Standard 6

    The sad thing is that the Demo candidates are just as bad!

  7. Gruela 7

    I will say this: it’s going to be a fun year for us saddos who actually find this stuff interesting. Too close to call, here and the U.S.

  8. Lee C 9

    The government have become blinded by their own arrogance and act as an echo-chamber for their own spin.
    for a long time they have been spoiled by a compliant media and as a result their critical faculties have withered through lack of usage.
    There is a cultural over-hang. They still believe that ‘saying it makes it so.’ and are vitriolic in their treatment of any dissenting voices.
    But this means they have ceased to take the argument or debate to the poeple, rather, relying on a scratched-record mantra to relay their policy – not their beliefs.
    Annette King is simply trying a technique of villifying the opposition to the EFB which is sadly past its sell-by date.
    However, Annette, her government and her hard-line supporters are so out of touch that htey haven’t realised that the electorate it in the process of doing what Helen Clark so often advocates – it has moved on.

  9. Lee C 10

    sorry – mistake post

  10. Gruela 11

    You got that right

  11. Billy the Double 12

    Doesn’t give currency traders a good look
    didn’t put this on his DVD

  12. Billy the Double 13

    Whoops wrong thread

  13. Santi 14

    What a lovely, independent, liberal and right-wing site this is. Long live Mao, Stalin and Helen too!

  14. Nick C 15

    You guys at the standard: As someone who is following the 2008 presidential election I have to say your critisizm is unfair They have had many debates so far, all focused on different issues. It just happened that this one was about social issues If you search a little harder on Youtube you will find a Republican debate on healthcare and education.

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