Making us proud internationally

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7 comments on “Making us proud internationally”

  1. Big Dog 1

    Don’t worry about it.I am reliably informed that the Guardian supports Corbyn so no problems there! Jeez i must say i’m pretty excited about Mr Smiths commitment to $250,000 a year jobs.I was going to retire in a month but may have to reconsider with this bit of good news.It’s great to be an old white man in modern day NZ.LOL

  2. AmaKiwi 2

    The three rules of politics:

    1. Get elected.
    2. Get elected.
    3. You guessed it, get elected.

    Nothing else matters to politicians. Pony tails and rape jokes matter for nothing unless they reduce your chances of getting elected.

  3. mary_a 3

    Mocking assault and sexual violation is just another day at the office for John Key, a nasty slimy little cesspit wallowing man, not worthy to breathe air, let alone be PM!

  4. Observer Tokoroa 4

    . National Bums

    . Look, if John Key wants to stick a long bar of prison soap up his anus whilst caged, to demonstrate a good hard Rape, then why doesn’t Mrs Collins, and Mrs Hekia Parata, and the heavy lifter in cabinet our Paula, get in the same cage with great man?

    They support the excellence of Rape because they support John Twisted Key.

    That’s right. the company you keep shows the sort of person you are.

    Vote Rape – Vote National.

  5. Muttonbird 5

    John Key makes some people in New Zealand feel proud.

    You’ll know them when you see them.

  6. smilin 6

    John key
    the neo liberal ripoff PM
    Whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine to own
    Pass the soap and dont drop it or I mite …….
    The world mite like your entertainment politics but I want accountability for why you got us 150 billion plus in the red

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