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We love remixes (well all except those German house ones of classic 80’s pop).

Imagine our delight when we found this in out inbox this morning – tempered only, of course, by the fact the Iraq war is still on.

(Hat tip: youknowwhoyouare)

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  1. Wow. Yet again one of the three of the Standard’s perennial obsessions pops up this morning.

    Helen Clark says: “The war in Iraq is over, so we can send troops there.”

    Phil Goff says: “The war in Iraq is over. Our troops are there for reconstruction.”

    John Key says: “The war in Iraq is over.” Suddenly it’s news.

  2. r0b 2

    IP – “Suddenly it’s news.”

    Not “suddenly” – four years later it’s news. All explained here:

    Key doesn’t deserve the moral high ground

  3. Robert Owen 4

    Who could forget this comment a few hours before Brash resigned
    Insolent Prick Says:
    November 22nd, 2006 at 11:36 am

    Sonic, phillip, james, etc:

    You pinko shits have been predicting Don Brash’s demise ever since he became leader. Fact is he has survived every one of the personal attacks and dirty tactics that the Labour Party has thrown at him; from personal shit-throwing about his private life, to allegations of misdeeds, to the most preposterous&the bald claim that he is not fit to be Prime Minister because Pete Hodgson says so.

    Every time you have tried to demonise Don Brash, he has bounced back higher in the polls. He doubled National’s vote at the last election. He leads National at a time when the Nats are continuing to thump Labour in the polls, by even wider margins every week.

    Look out for Orewa III. Brash’s next speech will make you toast. As much as Labour wants to collude with nut-jobs like Nicky Hager&who blamed Brash for Rod Donald’s death just last year&Brash will be our next Prime Minister.

    Hasn’t quite got a grasp has he?

  4. “Every time you have tried to demonise [Don/Key], he has bounced back higher in the polls. He doubled National’s vote at the last election. He leads National at a time when the Nats are continuing to thump Labour in the polls, by even wider margins every week… [Don/Key] will be our next Prime Minister.”

    sounds familiar 😉

  5. Santa Claws 6

    Wow boyz, looks like you have really struck a rich vein of “I don’t give a fuck” with mainstream NZ. Despite the continual spamming of the petition site over the blogosphere, there is current a grand total of…. 348 entries Whoop-de-doo

    About 30 anon entries, and half a dozen other obvious fakes or dupes (John Key, Saddam Hussein lol) lowers the impact even more.

    Still, good to see that you have managed to get through to a few crowd favourites like Tom Semmens, Jordan Carter, Tony Milne, and Sammy D.

    Even the Bring Megadeath to New Zealand petition managed 687 entries.


  6. r0b 7

    looks like you have really struck a rich vein of “I don’t give a fuck” with mainstream NZ

    Why Mr Claws – you have such a lovely turn of phrase! True the petition hasn’t yet been as successful as it might. But here’s how it played in the “mainstream” media (The Herald):

    “It is John Key’s reputation that is suffering the most. He’s had a long, cosy honeymoon with opinion-makers but this last week they seemed to turn ugly in unison. His Iraq babble could be one of those pivotal moments historians will look back on as the instant he lost the plot and the next election.”


  7. ak 8

    Totally off topic, but ever wonder why Colmar-Brunten polls always favour the tories?

  8. Sam Dixon 9

    ak – I know, its bizaare and as professionals they ought to be ashamed that they can’t deliver a professioanl quality product.. the worst thing of course is then you see Tracy watkins taking the latest CB poll as gospel ‘Key avoids punishment as polsl following policy gaffes’ – no Tracy, if you adjsut for the fact that CB is always 5% to the right, you find things are a lot tighter.

    Would be intersting to add to that table figures into the present and the acutal election results as markers

  9. Santa Claws 10

    Good to see you are playing your part boyz:

    “I’m expecting a cartoon of Helen Clark to appear, morphing into an angry Robert Muldoon. He used SIS files on opponents, perfected the nasty technique of personally destroying opponents, intimidating the media (not that you have to muzzle sheep), and used the levers of Government to create stunts, diversions, and buy votes in marginal seats.”

    “This politics of personal destruction is fearful. Why is Labour so good at it? Because we practise on each other.”

  10. JamesK 11

    Sam, I hear Tracy Watkins is a regular at National Party social events.

    Perhaps that explains her decision to run a National Party press release on the front page of the dompost today?

  11. Santa Claws 12

    Sammy, as you are a professional blog commentator I’m surprised that you can’t deliver a quality product, even given the assistance of the US-English spell checker thoughtfully provided here. I’m afraid it shows a lack of education and attention to detail. Did you make it through 5th form?

  12. Benodic 13

    Oh Santa, you really are tiring. You’re not Redbaiter are you?

  13. the sprout 14

    and. a deafening silence from santa follows

  14. Sam Dixon 15

    so, i went to youtube to see this vid, and found this one of key instead by accident


    and what is it people who think ‘yeah right’ is both the height of humour and incisive criticism?

    santa – re my typos. i’ve thought long and hard about your criticisms and my conclusion is ‘fuck off’

  15. ak 16

    “Oh Santa, you really are tiring. You’re not Redbaiter are you?”

    Ouch! way to insult Redbaiter ben….

  16. Santa Claws 17

    Ben-dover: You’re not Trevor Mallard are you?

    Sambo – Breathe deeply and keep up the calm discussion standards boyo.

    Shouldn’t you be getting on with your acolyte duties by signing the petition a few hundred times? At least you could then boast that it got more interest than Megadeath

  17. Benodic 18

    Santa, yes I am Trevor Mallard. Are you Redbaiter?

  18. Santa Claws 19

    Hi Trev. Any truth in the rumour that you’ve been bonking a New Zealand sports star?

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