Media finally getting it?

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On the impending job losses at the IRD, TVNZ reporter Catherine Loft ended her report with:

“Anyone who once thought that they were safe working for our government really needs to think again”.

I wonder how on earth they could have got that idea?

18 comments on “Media finally getting it?”

  1. BLiP 1

    Funny how the tune has changed and the reality about Joh Key and his hollow promises are being highlighted by TVNZ now that their jobs are in the firing line, eh?

  2. Santi 2

    About time the tax Nazis reduce their numbers. Why would they be spared?

  3. Peter Johns - bigoted troll in jerkoff mode 3

    Good, a majority of these jobs probably did not produce anything of worth to NZ. Like the real world the same workload can be done by fewer people.

    When are you guys going to get it? The money ain’t there to fund this amount of people. A lot of the new positions are just warm fuzzy positions anyway, nothing of wealth creation for NZ in these prositions, which is what we need.

    Key should get up in front of the nation and tell us how it is. The recession is a lot worse than predicted, cuts are going to be made and the drivel service will suffer as much as everyone else. On the tax cuts, if these are dropped, most people will understand this. You lefties are scared of the truth being told to the masses, they might have an understanding after all. Labour/Greens would have scrapped any proposed tax increases, invented more taxes (ETS Bullshit taxes etc), borrowed more and left the country more exposed like the UK Labour Govt are doing now.

    Why borrow for beaucracy when the amount of beauracy is not required and 2 people can do the work of 3?

    Geof is a point in case, he may not have a job soon.

    Another 10,000 drivel servants on the dole should do it.

    • Chess Player 3.1

      According to my rough calculations, if there are 2.2million workers in NZ and 6000 working for IRD, then that’s 1 person in the IRD for every 370-odd workers.

      That ratio seems extraordinarily high to me. If all 2.2 million workers put in a tax return (which they don’t) then that’s approx 1.5 tax returns processed, per day, per IRD worker.

      Can someone please educate me on what IRD have been spending their multi million dollar IT budget on if they still need that many people?

      Irrespective of the need to trim excess during a recession, it looks to me like this is a prime candidate for efficiency improvement just on that basis….

  4. infused 4


  5. Bender 5

    Your opinion Peter Johns, I think, is I think a valid one. Just to be clear though it rests on the premises that, you don’t think it’s a problem if you have to wait an hour on the phone to get your IRD number, or single mothers don’t get the DPB in time because there aren’t enough administrators, or your local river/lake/coast becomes infested with sewerage because there was no central government oversight?

    Or will that simply be the excuse you need to support privatising our assets because the public service can’t handle it?

  6. Scribe 6

    Haven’t watched the report, but if that quote above attributed to the reporter herself is a disgrace. That is not the sort of comment any journalist should be making themselves.

    She might think that, but it’s not her job to express it. Get someone else to say the same thing if you must, but don’t compromise journalistic ethics.

    • gingercrush 6.1

      That has been the way TV journalists have been news reports for years. TV 3 is even worse at it.

    • Pascal's bookie 6.2

      bollocks scribe. there are all sorts of journalisms. And in any case, what she said was actually true. Oh, I see your point…

    • BLiP 6.3

      . . . journalistic ethics . . .

      That is just soooo last century!

  7. bobo 7

    So when is National going to bring in some policies to help exporter driven companies? Winston Peters was really one of the few politicians who pushed this over the years for all of his failings , I get sick of the constant beat up of gov bureaucrats by people trying to make their own job seem more important, by their argument everyone in NZ whos job doesn’t directly bring overseas money into the NZ economy is a worthless bureaucrat which is most of the workforce. NZs been living off debt for decades and to blame it now all on the faceless bureaucrat is a cop out.

    Just thought id vent while on hold waiting for IRD Business GST enquiries dept….

  8. all_your_base 8

    Peter, I’m not OK with a political party saying it’ll “cap” the public service during the campaign only to “cut” it once in office. That stinks. The Nats have had a hard time the last nine years shaking their negative public perception and betrayals like this ain’t going to do them any favours. Factor in a black budget and a response to the crisis that’s looking increasingly impotent and I think the government’s got some big problems on the horizon.

  9. Stephen 9

    Can someone please educate me on what IRD have been spending their multi million dollar IT budget on if they still need that many people?

    They needed a shitload to get Kiwisaver going, and i guess the same goes for WFF. Not sure what proportion they would need to retain to ‘run’ these programmes though.

  10. Ebolacola 10

    the best part is that National’s independent earner rebate makes the tax system MORE complicated

  11. mike 11

    “Anyone who once thought that they were safe working for our government really needs to think again’.
    Great – why should they – the private sector don’t take their jobs for granted neither should those at the tax payers teat

  12. Whacky Lefty 12

    “Anyone who once thought that they were safe working for our government really needs to think again’.

    FFS that happened in the 80’s .

  13. marco 13

    Just a quick note. The 500 jobs to go at MSD are actually mentioned in the briefing to the incoming Minister.
    It was part of Labours policy for the next four years.
    The plan is to drive 25% of MSD’s clients online in an attempt to make savings in the call centres and processing units.

  14. Pascal's bookie 14

    Go check this out;

    faux news anchor shepard smith drops the f bomb during torture discussion… w00t

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