Musical interlude for John

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I’m a money lender
I have fortunes upon fortunes
Take my hand for tender
I am tortured, ever tortured

And if you don’t love me
Let me go

12 comments on “Musical interlude for John”

  1. TBA 1

    This is truly quite sad guys.

    I expect this sort of behaviour from Whale Oil with his post Ding Dong the Witch is Dead but there is such a thing as accepting defeat graciously.

    [lprent: Removed the link because I hate link-whoring for the liar. But are you trying to say that we should stop stirring the right. No way, too much fun]

  2. TBA 2

    lprent I don’t care if you want to attempt at stirring the right at all, however do it smart. This sort of stuff just makes you guys look bitter and small.

    PS How do the recatcha word work I currently have Whale and God 🙂

  3. TBA – is there a specific time period one must be gracious before starting to take the piss again? It’s just that having lost so infrequently I am unsure of the etiquette…

    Perhaps some from the right could offer some tips on losing… Actually, nah. Don’t bother… I’ll probably never have to use them…

  4. Ianmac 4

    Actually I think there is plenty of fun to be had at John Key’s expense. He does not appear to have gravatas, or charisma. I try to imagine him fronting NZ on the World Stage, but I can only hear the slogans that he talks. He is a bit like Paris Hilton but without the silly walk which Paris and John Cleese made famous. At least they try to be funny or cute. Imagine Dave Letterman’s Famous moments in Presidential History. Ripe eh!

  5. mike 5

    Suck it up kids and try not to get bitter – hey perhaps Hels with come to your next DL as she’ll have a bit more time on her hands

    Poor old SP – all those graphs and muck-raking posts and for what?

    Just read Trotski’s cry in the SST – I’m off for barbie with my mates before a night at the Sportsbar celebrating. Life is good

  6. Felix 6

    For what, mike?

    To inform, for one. It seems there are a lot of naive kiwis around.

    See you in a couple of years when you figure out that you’ve been had.

  7. Jimbo 7

    Felix – it’s a slippery slope to always assume that the other side (or their supporters) are stupid.

    If you think you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re probably not.

    For the Left to recover quickly, some fast learning is needed.

  8. sweetd 8

    Sod, I think that for the next nine years labour will be doing nothing but loosing. Watch for the blood letting and bitter fractional warfare to break out now that Clark is steping down. Its going to be like 1990 again for the socialists.

    BBQ’s at Phil’s?

    Combined with the huge mandate and the state of the books Key will be able to do anything he wants. Yeah, Clark was correct to be worried about a bon fire; all her social engineering achievements will be burned on the lovely pyre she has created.

  9. Felix 9


    Key essentially has two choices:

    1. Keep his promises to run a centrist moderate govt and thus turn his back on the right wing voters who expect a far more right wing agenda than he articulated publicly.

    2. Renege on his promises, move to the right and thus ignore the wishes of the “Labour plus” voters who expect Labour’s programs and policies to stay largely intact.

    One of these groups of voters is going to be seriously disappointed. One of them will be shown to have been, by definition, naive.

    I’m not assuming that I’m the smartest in the room but it’s blindingly evident that I’m not the stupidest.

  10. Jimbo 10


    But it’s not all about policies, as such. The electorate knew all about the last coalition govt’s policies and has watched them get implemented over a nine year period.

    The swing voters don’t vote for a particular politician based on purity of their ideology. They vote for someone who will deliver a growing economy, improved infratsructure and services, better education and safer streets.

    I couldn’t give a toss about whether the person who gives me that is a “pure” right-winger, centrist, leftist or whatever…

    We’ve had 9 years and perhaps the electorate has been unhappy with the RESULTS….?

    What Key and Co deliver will determine whether they survive to two terms, not whether or not their policies are “extreme right”, etc.

  11. lprent 11

    I don’t think that the voters were unhappy with the results. After all they voted National in with essentially the same professed policies and targets.

    What the public voted against was the things that had very little to do with the process of government or anything of any substance. They were matters of perception. Nanny state (Key is actually promising more), s59 (national voted for it), paintergate, ETS (national is commited to it), ‘surpluses’ not going into taxcuts (there weren’t really any surpluses) etc. etc.

    When you talk to people, these are the things that come up again and again as issues. In essence the Nats profess to have adopted the Clark plan almost intact. What they will morph to over time is another matter.

    What got Labour was a mood for time change, based on relatively trivial matters to a party that profess to largely the same macro policies

    Also it wasn’t ‘swing’ voters except in the case of Act. By the look of my preliminary look it was probably more to do with people not voting across a number of electorates. The swing voters did their thing in the 2005 election and National still lost.

  12. Edosan 12

    I hope you got permission from Colin Meloy. If he googles his name he’ll find my comment now.

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