Nandor’s not standing

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Green MP Nandor Tanczos announced today that he will not be putting his name forward as a candidate for this year’s election.

Here’s the press release.

13 comments on “Nandor’s not standing”

  1. Santi 1

    As MP Tanczos has been associated with marihuana-related issues, but otherwise he has not achieved much, hence his low profile.

    It’ll be interesting to see which internal forces are at play at the Green Party to make him decide not to stand again. It cannot be the money, becuase who is going to hire a rastafarian for $130,000 a year? Was he pushed?

    All in all, not a loss to this country. Good riddance.

  2. Phil 2

    I liked Nandor. Parliament will be a duller place without him

  3. Matthew Pilott 3

    He said, in the release, he’s looking forward to getting back to the grass-roots action. He’s achieved quite a bit in the last eight or so years, but I always thought he seemed very slightly unconfortable as an MP.

    Santi, I gather you didn’t read the press release. No surprise, but it does give somewhat more insight into his leaving, have a look.

    Are you joking about the money thing? You think someone like Nandor would become an MP for the money… he stated a while ago that he had had enough.

    P.S he can spell marijuana, which is a bonus 😉

  4. dad4justice 4

    When the going gets tough cowards with little mettle usually throw in the towel at the first instance !

    Parliament will be a better place without him . Only a young boy at heart . No place in politics for such delinquent fools .

  5. andy 5

    D4J: thats not very sporting.

    I don’t think he was a coward, in fact quite the opposite he stood up for his beleifs. I may not agree with him but he was a hard worker which cannot be said about many politicians of all stripes.

    BTW good luck in this years election.

  6. dad4justice 6

    Look Andy – all I ever heard from Nandor is his strong stance on “social justice ” – yeah right spare me the woffle . Sorry mate it cannot exist in a regime situation as portrayed by Labour . The greens are heartless whipping poodles for Labour and will pay dearly for it at the looming election .
    As for becoming a MP . Yeah right – too easy mate- lazy pricks . I do like a challenge and I could guarantee a opposition in tears in the chamber before lunchtime .

  7. andy 7


    I think his work on removing non prison offence criminal records was a worthy cause! I think the greens have a bit too much heart for their own political good. Hence the solid 5% support, no more no less!

    If being an MP is easy, I hope when you get your turn there will be a prodigious amount of work from your office and CYF/WINZ will be unrecognisable.

    When is that lamb ready, I am hungry now 🙂

  8. dad4justice 8

    “I think his work on removing non prison offence criminal records was a worthy cause!”

    Andy, that is not true, because it is up too police discretion. Fact that many people cannot get their non -custodial records wiped.

    Look I could wipe the floor with such a rope heads, but why bother.He has been as effective as a cold in summer .

  9. andy 9

    D4J: I called it worthy, I did not call it successful!

    “rope heads”, unsporting! Without difference in the world who would we complain about 🙂

  10. dad4justice 10

    “rope heads unsporting “.

    Oh please Andy spare me the pc rubbish , as my family were called “feral inbreds ” by Helen Clark when we lived on the West Coast . Come on Andy – fairs fair matey .

  11. andy 11

    D4J: I am not Helen nor is Nandor so its not fair at all.

    You don’t have to agree or like, but being polite is the mark of a person!

  12. Richard 12

    “The challenge now is not getting elected, but increasing our influence. The Green Party needs to be able to work with all parties and cut across old political boundaries. It needs to be seen as a safe pair of hands.

    “The Green Movement, on the other hand, needs to become far more radical in my view. We must be fearless in challenging the absurd economic system leading us to destruction. The real changes we need to make will not be driven by politicians, but by communities organising themselves.”

    These two paras in the release were interesting. The first for the slap at Norman, but we’ve heard the sentiment before. The second’s maybe more interesting as I can’t recall another NZ politician suggeting their grassroots movement should have strongly divergent strategy from the party.

  13. Phil 13

    That sounds a little bit like the political model that the IRA and Sinn Fein used?

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