Hone Tuwhare

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No Ordinary Sun

Tree let your arms fall:
raise them not sharply in supplication
to the bright enhaloed cloud.
Let your arms lack toughness and
resilience for this is no mere axe
to blunt nor fire to smother.

Your sap shall not rise again
to the moon’s pull.
No more incline a deferential head
to the wind’s talk, or stir
to the tickle of coursing rain.

Your former shagginess shall not be
wreathed with the delightful flight
of birds nor shield
nor cool the ardour of unheeding
lovers from the monstrous sun.

Tree let your naked arms fall
nor extend vain entreaties to the radiant ball.
This is no gallant monsoon’s flash,
no dashing trade wind’s blast.
The fading green of your magic
emanations shall not make pure again
these polluted skies . . . for this
is no ordinary sun.

O tree
in the shadowless mountains
the white plains and
the drab sea floor
your end at last is written.

19 comments on “Hone Tuwhare”

  1. Michele Cabiling 1

    [IrishBill]: Deleted. I knew Hone. You’re not going to spread your filth on this thread.

  2. Tane 2

    Let’s not turn this thread into a spat about communism. Have some grace for once Michele. There’s a time and a place.

  3. Michele Cabiling 3

    The prick was a communist. I’ve already outlined a record of mass murder for this ideology that dwarfs getting your head around.

    As Stalin said: “A single death is a tragedy. A milliom deaths are a statistic.”

    Regardless of other accomplishments, anyone who defends/idolises/cheerleads/acts as an enabler for this ideology is, and will remain a scrote — way worse than a holocaust denier.

    [IrishBill] – that’s it Michele, you’re banned for a week. You can take your poisonous bile elsewhere.

  4. Jum 4

    Irish Bill

    You’ve just played into Michele’s hands. She was tiring. No doubt her colleagues are coming back from holidays and she’d have had to post less. Ignoring her posts would have been useful. Putting her name in and the rest deleted would have been useful and then you could have watched her posts gradually dying with the light of the day.

  5. IrishBill 5

    Jum, This is not the post to play politics on.

  6. roger nome 6

    I had the privilege to serve Hone an ale at the opening of a monument with one of his poems inscribed on it. He was disappointed that there was no whiskey 🙂

  7. Have some grace for once Michele.

    The Libertarian knows neither grace nor any other finer feeling. Life’s all about property for the c*nts – wouldn’t know a great artist if they were trampling him under their feet. Irish Bill, you show remarkable restraint in only banning her for a week, I must say.

  8. roger nome 8

    I agree Milt, though I would rather this thread wasn’t sullied any more with references to that person. It does Hone’s memory no justice.

  9. dad4justice 9

    I have never heard of him before .

  10. Billy 10

    You surprise me, Dad.

  11. Billy 11

    Nice one, guys. I will look forward to you easing up on criticising DPF for allegedly banning people who disagree with him.

  12. Daveo 12

    Billy it had nothing to do with Michele disagreeing. She’s been given more than enough space to air her views on this blog in other threads and not once has she been threatened with banning.

    Pissing over someone’s obituary is a step too far. When you’ve been warned and yet you do it again you deserve some time in the dog box. Irish Bill was incredibly restrained to only give her a week. We don’t need that filth here, heaven knows we already have Dad4Justice.

  13. roger nome 13

    Billy – this thread isn’t for political point scoring. End of story.

  14. Billy 14

    Look, I didn’t see the comment so I do not know. It did look like she had been getting to all you lefties, though, so you’ve opened yourselves up to the criticism that she’s been closed down for partisan reasons (especially since we can’t read her comment because it’s been deleted).

    That D4J has not been banned lends credibilty to that claim.

  15. Robinsod 15

    Billy – you just lost any respect I ever had for you.

  16. Robinsod 16

    Billy – her first comment was deleted and she was warned. Her second comment is still there. If you truely didn’t realise why she was banned I guess I can maybe go back to respecting you a bit.

    I met Hone at a reading maybe tens years ago – he had mana.

  17. Billy 17

    Well if I could see what she had said, I guess I would be criticising her now. Can’t though, can I?

    If she said something really insensitive and stupid (and my mind is boggling) leaving it up there would have made it worse for her.

    And I didn’t say she had been banned for partisan reasons (how could I when I haven’t seen what she said), just that you’ve opened youselves up to that criticism. Not that I expect anyone round here to criticise you.

  18. Benodic 18

    Well if I could see what she had said, I guess I would be criticising her now. Can’t though, can I?

    You can see the second post. I imagine the first was largely the same thing.

    She called Hone Tuwhare a prick, a scrote and worse than a holocaust denier. I’m not sad to see her go.

    just that you’ve opened youselves up to that criticism

    She’s not the first of this sort we’ve had around here. Prick, Kimble, Burt, Santi and The Double Standard were never banned. It was her utterly tasteless behaviour that got her banned, not her opinions. It’s only for a week too, Farrar banned all his lefties for life.

  19. Robinsod 19

    Give it a miss guys – take your arguments to some other thread. Tane? Irish? can you close the comments on this thread before it become even more of a travesty?

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