Nats letting the facade drop

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We’ve been receiving reports of some appalling statements by National MPs on the campaign trail. They mesh with the arrogance and heartlessness that shines through in the secret agenda tapes.

A writer reports on David Bennet’s performance at a forum on mental health policy in Hamilton:

Mr Bennett came absolutely unprepared. he had no knowledge of the subject area, had obviously not even taken the trouble to contact the national party research unit nor the national party health spokespersons to get any insight into the area…he talked about the current economic downturn and international crisis, and used this to say that social services would not be so well funded in the future because of this. Unfortunately, I don’t have a recording, but if that is the policy, it’s appalling. When times are tough, they’re going to take it out on the vulnerable by cutting or capping funding? it sure didn’t go down too well at the meeting.

An outraged resident of Mapua wrote to us about Chris Auchinvole’s racist comments at a candidate’s meeting there:

When questioned on his view on GE he said he woudn’t want it in NZ but in tropical climates where workers won’t work hard it could be very useful.

These comments from Nats are really disturbing. If you hear a Nat revealing their secret agenda, let us know. It really is worth getting stuff on tape if you can, too. It is the only way the media will pick it up.

4 comments on “Nats letting the facade drop”

  1. Lampie 1

    Your Granny Herald is at it again.

    “The section has recently attracted a handful of writers who support the KiwiSaver scheme ahead of a larger tax cut from National but in the pages preceding, the tenor is overwhelmingly in favour of tax cuts.”

    This is refering to the blog on the subject, absolute bullshit if you ask me, leaning towards the other way “leave KiwiSaver alone thank you”

  2. cha 2

    Submitted by Peter Wiseman on Thu, 2008-10-09 22:42.

    I have heard from a mate in Wellington the best tape is racist comments from JK, coming about 3 days before the election.
    Something about dealing with the dumb maoris and pacific islanders being useless lay abouts.

    Could be a big bang or a vote winner.

    From blubbers place.

  3. Pat 3

    If he really said that, then he would remember saying it, and he would already know it was probably caught on tape.

    In which case, he has had time to prepare a defense/response (I don’t know what) or even make a pre-emptive statement (I don’t know what).

    So, is leaving it until 3 days before the election the best tactic by Labour? Why not release it earlier and let it sink in?

  4. Alexandra 4

    It should be released before then…I wish, but that decision is not up to labour…its up to the person who has the tapes! As much as the Nats will spin that labour is behind the tapes there is not a scap of evidence of such. Like the rubbish outside of Keys house. St Stephens Ave is brightly lit and busy 24/7. Dogs most likely or of course Key himself…The leaky tapes, who knows…English, Smith??

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