No longer at the back of the class

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Word is National’s David Bennett will be chairing the Transport & Industrial Relations select committee.

After his unhinged performance over the youth minimum wage bill (audio below) where he screamed that the bill was “communism” and that we need to protect our hierarchical society, I’m not surprised John Key doesn’t want to send the 90 day no rights legislation to select committee.

Have a listen, it’s truly outstanding:

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17 comments on “No longer at the back of the class”

  1. Janet 1

    This is really depressing. He believes that people being equal is ‘communism’. We are all equally human – it’s just a fact. The hierarchical society is just a social construction by people to justify a whole lot of unpleasant behaviours. He probably thinks men are superior to women and that middle class white men like him are superior to everyone else on the planet.

  2. outofbed 2

    The guy is obviously a nutter, and he will be chairing the transport and industrial relations select committee ? Give me strength
    It is sure going to be an interesting three years

    And as an aside I sure hope that Dunne and his committee find that AGW is bollox. It would make my life so much easier

  3. Felix 3

    “…we have sayed through the whole time…”


    Either this speech was written by Brett Dale or this guy is just a moron.

  4. Chris G 4

    wow this guy is a nutter. What a dropkick.

    ‘Young people want a chance’ ‘You dont know what young people want’ (They dont want fairer pay?)

    This guy is disgusted that youth workers might stop being exploited and getting paid much less than the next joker who isnt as productive.

  5. A Teenager 5

    What an asshole.
    He doesn’t even make sense, “no idea of what young people want, young people want a start, they want a future”? Young people want to be treated fairly in the work place, just like you. Surprise, surprise. Get your caustic ideas away from me, David Bennett.

  6. deemac 6

    was he pissed? the continual repetition of the same points make him sound like a bar room drunk! it was certainly not a “speech” in the conventional sense of putting forward a proposition, detailing the arguments and then summing up…

  7. the sprout 7

    the persistent mispronounciation of everyday words makes him sound drunk.

    the content itself makes him sound like a cold-war-era idiot.

  8. We’re going to be an international joke within 6 months with these loonies running the show.

  9. Akldnut 9

    illuminatedtiger I’d say youre being a bit generous – more like about 6 weeks at the rate theyre going.

  10. Chris G 10

    A telling sign that the usual suspects haven’t defended this bonehead yet.

  11. lprent 11

    CG: Yes it is a bit noticeable isn’t it.

    Will no-one stand up in support?

  12. Tane 12

    The funny thing is the few times he stops being unhinged and tries to inject facts he gets them completely wrong. What a munter.

  13. gingercrush 13

    There is a reason the majority of MPs from all parties go somewhere else when most of these types of debates take place. Because its the world of nutters.

  14. Felix 14

    Come on gc, that’s the trademarked higherstandard response to embarrassing National party antics, but he knows better than to waste it on this buffoon. You can do better than that.

    I’m still waiting for Tim Ellis to give us 1000-1500 words on a different topic. Or Scribe to have a whinge about elitism. Or Brett Dale to tell us there’s nothing wrong with the speech…

  15. higherstandard 15


    Unlike many I don’t have the need to defend idiots just because they belong to a certain political party – based on this speech this chap appears to be somewhat handicapped in terms of both IQ and public speaking.

  16. gingercrush 16

    Eh Felix I wasn’t defending the guy. My point still stands, if you wish to see how many members of parliament think, listen to the debates etc late at night when most other MPs have gone for the day. They’re rather eye-opening.

  17. Tigger 17

    Wow, just checked this idiot out. His profile says he’s 37 but he looks 47. Talk about getting the face you deserve. He’s my mum’s MP…I’ve linked her to this post so she can quiz him on why he thinks equality = communism.

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