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Sad thing is, Trump’s loss is probably a bad thing. Cruz is much more dangerous.

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  1. Andre 1

    Rubio is probably more dangerous than both Trump and Cruz.

    • Lanthanide 1.1

      Because Rubio’s the only one with an actual chance to win the general election.

      He’ll be the nominee.

  2. millsy 2

    Any GOP contender is dangerous. Ronald Reagan, Bush I, Eisenhower, Nixon and even possible Bush II would have all been too left wing to win the GOP nomination for 2016. Even George Pataki, who cut taxes and slashed spending, also pushing a privatisation program that included selling off the World Trade Centre (the one that got leveled in 2001) had a push at the nomination last year and was regarded a a moderate.

  3. Stuart Munro 3

    While it’s probably better for America, the set back to cartoonists and comedians of losing the Trump/Palin ticket will be serious.

    • miravox 3.1

      I’m not convinced it’s better for the US for Trump to be trumped by Cruz

      The Right American Conundrum

      Can’t say conservative American conundrum because we don’t really know if Trump is one – shhh he might be a bit of a New York City Liberal maybe that’s why he lost a few votes and also why the Democrats should be doing all they can to help him win the Republican nomination.

  4. Ad 4

    Which would have a worse go-slow term with Senate and Congress: Cruz, Sanders, Clinton, or Trump?

    Maybe this is the election to lose.

  5. gsays 5

    i think i am out of touch.
    for me the comment worthy result from yestys voting was how close a socialist, no name(till a year ago), senior citizen got to a candidate with massive name recognition, huge war chest and massive experience.

    perhaps the seppos can see you can be socialist without going full blown commie!

    • Kevin 5.1

      Bernie Sanders seems to have single-handedly made the term ‘socialism’ finally acceptable in the US of A.

      The younger generations are flocking to him in droves.

      Yesterday will have put the shits up Clinton and the DNC and it will be interesting to see how both will counter it. A bit sad really when the best hope for Democrats is an Independent yet the Democrat establishment will attempt to nobble him at every turn.

      • Colonial Viper 5.1.1

        The term “socialism” was extremely politically popular in the US from the late 19th Century through to the 30s and 40s. Over those decades and the following ones, a deliberate programme of demonizing socialism and the left was implemented.

        True conspiracy theory, that one…

        • Bill

          Shame it was a just a label with no substance though. Bernie Sanders, authentic as he may be, is no socialist. Much of what was termed as socialist, in the US and elsewhere, simply wasn’t socialist.

          The ‘catch-all’ phrases of socialism or communism were used to persecute communists, socialists and anarchists in the west, and through a different play in Bolshevik Russia, to persecute communists, socialists and anarchists there too, but in addition it’s also been used in ‘the west’, to marginalise the idea of statism – easily done seeing as how proponents of statism happily appropriated the terms socialism or communism in spite of their political prescriptions being a million light years away from socialism or communism.

          A case of two birds for one stone as it were.

  6. Grim 6

    Heidi Cruz… The Council on Foreign Relations, Goldman Sachs

    good god, NWO own all the candidates on both sides.

    Sanders is also suspect, way to much sudden support from all forms of media,
    social media is a tool of oppression.

    Trump is the wildcard, buffoon, boogieman or clever campaigner,
    either way the media is vilifying him, (Rupert Murdoch, Saudi Princes and Georgie boy Soro, strangle bedfellows for SJW and liberals I would have thought)
    the media are dirty, social media controlled, zealots and righteous leftists the usual useful idiots.

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