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O’Connor and Jackson for Labour

Written By: - Date published: 10:35 am, February 2nd, 2017 - 71 comments
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As has been rumoured for some time now:

Greg O’Connor targets Dunne seat

Former Police Association president Greg O’Connor has confirmed he is seeking to represent the Labour Party in Ōhariu at this year’s election.

Mr O’Connor told Morning Report the Labour Party was a natural fit for him given his strong sense of social justice. …

And just last night:

Willie Jackson dumps Maori Party for Labour

Willie Jackson has dumped the Maori Party and is set to announce he is standing for Labour instead.

The Maori broadcaster and former Alliance MP was considering standing for the Maori Party in the Tamaki Makaurau electorate, but sources said he had since been approached by Labour and now planned to stand on the list for them instead. … Jackson is yet to respond to a request for comment. …

Like many, I have mixed feelings about these developments. Both O’Connor and Jackson bring different kinds of strengths to Labour, but there are also significant reservations in both cases. Although I’m aware that this will be an unpopular position with many core activists, on balance I am in favour of the “broad church” approach. As much as we need to have our core ideals, we also need to have a range of voices and perspectives around the table.

71 comments on “O’Connor and Jackson for Labour ”

  1. Sigh 1

    Jackson coming on board would be a death blow to the Maori Party. He controls the Maori Party in Auckland and the North, with a majority of the Maori Party’s members being his backers who he signed up to the party.

    Willy has massive resources and networks throughout Maoridom. He was central to Tuku’s strategy.

    This is HUGE and could be the difference between Labour losing a couple of Maori seats or wiping the Maori Party out. If the election is close (which it should be) this savvy move by Little could be the thing that wins it.

  2. Policy Parrot 2

    Some activists may not be happy seeing candidates that do not share all of their values being shoe-horned into parliamentary contention by the leadership, but:

    – Do you really feel that the parliamentary and Fraser House teams are actively acting against the other?
    – If not, should the membership not be trusting their judgement around reaching out to prominent like-minded community members so that voters can see that people that they respect could be at the table if Labour is given their vote?

    IAC – the Greens offer suitable insurance to prevent the leadership running off on a political tangent again.

    • weka 2.1

      Willie Jackson’s very public support for Clint Rickards (a friend) and his poor professional performance in the media over the Roastbusters case are reasonably significant issues. In both cases he contributed loudly to rape culture and used his positions of institutional power to do so. I’m not saying that precludes him from standing for Labour*. I would like to know how Labour will deal with this if/when it comes up though. Labour have a history of their MPs speaking publicly against the party’s position, so how is it going to work the next time this comes up? It’s not like women or feminists or those in the political sphere working against rape culture are not going to have a huge problem with this. Labour does seem to be changing for the better but I’m not confident they’re that good yet.

      * (although plenty will and in an ideal world it should prevent him from being an MP. If we stopped all the people who promote rape culture from being in parliament that’d cut the numbers in half, which while tempting and would be a great solution to many things, it’s just not going to happen, so we need processes for dealing with that).

  3. tc 3

    shane jones folks ! Willie is a smarter model but just as self serving.

    Oconnor is just wierd maybe he sees this as a comfy next gig and like dunne will flap with the breeze in ensuring he’s well looked after.

    So thats the right seat for that behaviour

    • greywarshark 3.1

      I have heard Greg O’Connor talk outside police matters and he sounds okay. As government is pretty weird, he could fit in just right. Better than Willie (the WeatherCock) who turns with the wind and is likely to fart in his leader’s face and think that was funny.

  4. EE 4

    How would Labour reconcile with Jackson’s love of charter schools?

    • Policy Parrot 4.1

      Jackson is pro-Maori development more than pro-charter schools. Charter schools should be able to remain that for semantics, but make sure that they are subject to the same standards as state schools, i.e. teacher-pupil ratios, teacher qualifications, pay etc.

      Take the soldiers out of the Trojan horse and all there is is a horse.

      • Bob 4.1.1

        “teacher qualifications”
        Would you also have our Universities held to those same standards?
        I have no problem with teacher-pupil ratios, pay and achievement standards be held to the same standards of public schools, however, how can teacher qualifications be one of you key requirements without having the same requirement for Universities.
        If a school wants to bring Shamubeel Eaqub in to teach Economics, why should we prevent them? The school would be held to the requirement for the pupils to pass their NCEA qualifications or they wouldn’t receive their performance payments, so it is up to the school to bring the right people to teach. Passing a 12 month add-on at University doesn’t suddenly make you great teacher.

        • Policy Parrot

          I don’t think that there is any particular problem with this on a limited basis, perhaps one secondment at a time per school. Just remember that many good research academics are incredibly poor teachers/lecturers. Teacher training does help cope with some the gaps, ultimately though it is up to the person.

        • JanM

          There are two major differences between schools and universities which make teacher training at the former highly advisable and to some extent irrelevant in the latter:
          1. Schooling is compulsory and therefore schools have all levels of ability in their classrooms (and some who don’t want to be there at all!). Teachers need strategies to cope with these varying levels of interest and academic levels. Tertiary students are not compelled to be there so it’s reasonably safe to assume they are self motivated to learn and gain whatever qualification they are enrolled in.
          2. The pupils in schools, unlike those in universities, are not adults and it is therefore strongly advisable to understand the levels of development for different age groups within the school system.
          Having said that, when I was lecturing I did do a paper in adult teaching and learning and found it positive and helpful

      • Richard McGrath 4.1.2

        Not only is Willie Jackson open to the idea of charter schools, several years ago he had heart surgery done in the private sector rather than risk dying on a public hospital waiting list.

  5. Enough is Enough 5

    I think Willy is a great move.

    He is a former Union Leader, Maori Leader, opposes neoliberalism on a daily basis and will attract some of the missing million.

  6. Ovid 6

    I’m not much for party purity tests. I think if O’Connor – a former union leader – thinks Labour’s principles align with his own, then he’s welcome aboard. I don’t share his views on arming the police beyond the steps already taken, but that’s not enough in my view to vilify him.

    Likewise I welcome Jackson too. On the whole I think both men will open Labour to broader appeal.

  7. Ad 7

    This is going to turn the main Labour list conference into a proper bunfight.

  8. Observer Tokoroa 8

    To: Anthony Robins

    Anthony you know better than I do that many of the commentors on here are not Labour friendly.

    Therefore you should not allow them to pass personal non -documented official statements about Labour Candidates.

    The Trolls never stop toiling for the dirty National Party, who in the name of Wealth and Money, continues to destroy the common men and women of New Zealand.

    Low wages. High high Rents. Shocking Housing. Too few Jobs. Poor Health provision. Poor Education. Rotten Opportunities. Massive competition from immigrants.

    Housing Crisis. “There is no Housing Crisis says Paula the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand “. The PM English states the same. John Key stated the same. true blue shagging nonsense.

    The trolls, on behalf of the Nationals want to remove Kiwis – not only from Auckland but from the entire Nation. For the dirty Nationals only support the wealthy.

    Suffocate the trollship Anthony. Bury their stinking unwholesome rubbish.

    • r0b 8.1

      OT – I have some sympathy with your views believe me! But nothing in the comments so far strikes me as as over the line.

      Also, a political blog, by its nature, is a forum for discussion and disagreement. Kick out everyone you disagree with and what you have left is a dangerous echo chamber. We need to hear what the Nat folk are thinking.

      • Observer Tokoroa 8.1.1

        Hi Rob

        If you want to rubbish a Labour Candidate – I think it reasonable that you have very good grounds and documentation for doing so.

        Do you not agree ?

        Anything less is unlawful.

        • r0b

          Well there are laws on slander / libel, but up to that point I don’t believe it is unlawful to “rubbish” people without very good grounds, no.

        • lprent

          Quite simply the laws and case law of the country are designed to set the outer limits of possible behaviour. They’re always a balance point.

          So in a political talk-talk forum there are the criminal law areas. That is criminal incitement, conspiracy and a few bits of the summary offenses act and the crimes act. There are the provisions of the harmful digital communications act (HDCA) that are being tested by the courts at present.

          In the civil law realm there are is the defamation act, mitigated by case law of things like Lange vs Anderson. This requires a lot lower standard of proof than criminal law (apart from the HDCA which appears to have been written by people who wanted to write an unenforceable act). So civil laws are the ones we observe the most closely

          Then there is the bill of rights act (BORA) which tends to mitigate against all of those.

          Now the way that I read most of those is that generally people have an expectation of privacy – especially chilren. Politicians and candidates for public office (and to a lesser extent people seeking public attention) effectively waive a lot of their expectation of privacy. This is based on the various public interest considerations in statute, common law, and BORA.

          For the most part what we look at with public figures, especially politicians, is the space between opinion and fact. False facts are defamatory and put us at risk. Opinion when applied to public figures we limit to people providing an argument (ie no pointless abuse). We generally squelch personal opinion on non-public figures except as it affects things discussed in the public interest (ie personal gossip bad – debate on issues facing societies ok). Children are normally exempted from discussion.

    • stunned mullet 8.2

      Gosh Mr Observer what a terrible country NZ is… you sound like a NZ poorman’s version of Donald Trump.

      • Observer Tokoroa 8.2.1

        You don’t want to admit that your wealthy Nationals have done nothing for the commom man in New Zealand. Blame everyone Stunned Mullet. But don’t blame yourself or your wealthy Nationals.

        Progress only for fewer and fewer wealthy people.

  9. adam 9

    My problem with Greg O’Connor is the fact he rolled on wages for police so many times. Looking after members, he was OK. But on the issue of wages, he was weak. Not sure this is the type of union person we want in government, it shows a natural weakness in my opinion.

    • fender 9.1

      His “gun on every hip” fetish is disturbing also.

      • marie 9.1.1

        Absolutely…totally agree. Always thought he was a nasty piece of work. No doubt he would love to be Police Minister and this would be dangerous in my opinion. I believe it would be a real concern for NZ if he was put in a position of power.

      • Sir David Henry 9.1.2

        Not to forget his desire (and the Police Associations) to disarm licenced and law abiding citizens at the same time.

  10. Brutus Iscariot 10

    Securing Jackson is a big coup for Labour.

  11. opium 11

    I must say the thought of Greg O’connor in parliament sends chills up my spine.He represents everything that is wrong with our current police force.

  12. Tiger Mountain 12

    so sections of the Alliance are coming back to Labour?

    why bother really, Labour has not repudiated neo liberalism and sorry still seems to be the hardest word regarding Rogernomics wrecking ball through provincial NZ

    Mr O’Connor seems a Wellington man before all else so who knows, he may persuade the civil servants of Ohariu to dump Hairdo

    this election is shaping up to be another one for the opposition to lose, they should be smashing the Nats with the housing crisis etc. Labour has finally got it right on super at 65–though 60 as an option for flogged out workers would go down well;

    all those kiwis voting Nat for the sake of property prices and effectively turning their backs on the renters and homeless and working poor need to be told by credible opposition leaders–“the party is over” and an incremental lowering of property prices over a number of years including…
    –massive house build and trades training
    –capital gains on multiple properties beyond a house and bach
    –curbs on immigration
    –rent control and full tenants rights, organised occupations and squats of the 33,000 empty Auckland properties till the greediest get the message
    –re-establishment of full union rights to move out of the low wage economy trap

    if the above kind of thing does not happen it does not matter who stands in which seat

    • Peter 12.1

      Well said carn’t agree more

    • Olwyn 12.2

      +1000 TM.

      • greywarshark 12.2.1

        Hi Olwyn
        Had an idea. And don’t know if you have time for it but think you would approve, so am sending my spiel to you to see what you think and hope you can be in.

        You always bring good political ideas and a breadth of vision to the problems facing us.
        We need new approaches to get through this maze we wander in. I had the idea that new ideas and thoughts could spring from studying books on the important subjects relating to our politics. Could you find the time to be in this – over a month first reading and noting about E F Schumaker and his Small is Beautiful and then having a great discussion on a Sunday post at end of month? It would be great if you could be in. Could you reply to this comment today if poss. Thanks.

        I am writing similarly to other regular commenters who I feel would be interested, but of course it is a matter of time available. Regards.

        • Olwyn

          Hi, and thanks for contacting me about your idea. I do not have a copy of the book, so my inclusion in this round depends on my getting hold of it.

          • greywarshark

            We will make sure that you know where to get access to the book by hook or crook (the shepherd’s one of course). On Sunday 12th there should be a post about it with all the different ways to access the book, and not expensively either, according to weka who has done preliminary scouting. Great if you can be in. See you on the 12th.

            • Olwyn

              Thanks grey: I will see if I can hunt it down, and look to Weka’s suggestions should I fail to find it.

    • millsy 12.3

      ‘why bother really, Labour has not repudiated neo liberalism and sorry still seems to be the hardest word regarding Rogernomics wrecking ball through provincial NZ’

      Rogernomics was a wrecking ball ’twas true, but the real damage was done after 1991, with the ECA and Ruth’s budget, which included cuts to health and education and the closing down of many services as much as cutting benefits and housing support. The bottom half of NZ took a huge hit in living standards after that.

      • Tiger Mountain 12.3.1

        I hoped it is taken as read that “Ruthanasia” was a continuation of the structural changes began by Rogernomics such as Reserve Bank and State Sector Acts and SOEs etc, in no way should the Nats get off the hook

        certainly the early 90s, on the back of the ECA weakening of unions and the ending of GWOs etc. was when productivity and wages parted company for good, as in other OECD countries as neo liberalism diminished collective bargaining

        Nats did some of the nastiest work with hospital closures, market rents etc. and by cutting benefits on purpose to levels below that needed to sustain people at a basic level, but the next Labour led government was a lost opportunity really with its “jobs jolt” and “no go” provincial towns for unemployed and NOT reinstating the Richardson cuts

        society has moved on now and stable full time work is a rarity for most so it is more about working out the details of a UBI as part of a move to AI run workplaces and services, Labour actually put out an interesting “Future of Work” Report last year that sank without trace for most people being overlong for mass media coverage

    • greywarshark 12.4

      Tiger Mountain
      You always bring good political ideas and a breadth of vision to the problems facing us.
      We need new approaches to get through this maze we wander in. I had the idea that new ideas and thoughts could spring from studying books on the important subjects relating to our politics. Could you find the time to be in this – over a month first reading and noting about E F Schumaker and his Small is Beautiful and then having a great discussion on a Sunday post at end of month? It would be great if you could be in. Could you reply to this comment today if poss. Thanks.

      I am writing similarly to other regular commenters who I feel would be interested, but of course it is a matter of time available. Regards.

      • Tiger Mountain 12.4.1

        I’ll give it a go greywarshark

        have hardly been a regular contributor lately, but do skim the site most days, the US elections really disrupted normal transmission here, and for a good part of the rest of the internet!

        • greywarshark

          Tiger Mountain
          Great. I am finding a good core of people, and the next is we will have an explanatory post about it probably on Sunday 12/2 and I’ll send a comment to all the core people so they get to see it and we’ll get started then. Weka is keen to see us having this sort of thing and helping to get it going with advice and joining so lots of positives, and once announced others will be interested so should be good. Be seeing you next Sunday unless unforeseens occur.

          Yes the USA attention machine operates continuously on the theme that dominating the stage is the important thing, whether it is good or bad news.
          And with Trump in, and already putting his name down for 2020 which apparently enables him to treat the intervening years as campaigning years, and with probably a campaign symbol of a pelicanTM with big beak and pouch for donations, then we can be sure that we will fight to get any traction in the mainstream news for little us, instead of the big US. (I just thought I should trademark the pelican, that was a great idea, I could make good money from that!)

  13. McFlock 13

    That’s … a really broad church…

    Still, folks jumping to Labour bodes well, imo. The past instability is fading, it seems.

  14. Michael 14

    None of Labour’s current MPs are attractive to any but the most die-hard supporters (and they’re dying off fast) so I suppose they’ve got to get “celebrities” to draw the punters in. I’m not sure, though, whether Jackson and O’Connor have any real commitment to the Party’s principles that justifies their windfall of lucrative taxpayer-funded office. OTOH, that observation applies to the current caucus as well, so I guess these two will fit in well.

  15. newsense 15

    Two guys with more public profile than most of the Labour team put together joining Labour…can’t hurt!

    (Sorry, but no so untrue yeh?)

  16. Benby 16

    O’Connor is just wacko weird.

    If Ohariu is supposed to vote Dunne out, we need perspective. Someone young and colourful, e.g. a woman who’s not a soccer mum or so. Someone cool who speaks to the moms and dads, and to the kids.

    As it is, Labour really wants to lose.

    • Richard McGrath 16.1

      Someone cool… like a celebrity… style over substance.

    • red-blooded 16.2

      Ohariu votes for Mr Boring time and time again. What makes you think they want the kind of candidate you would find energising? O’Connor isn’t who I’d want as my electorate MP, but I live in Dunedin and we always return Labour seats. What works here and what works in Ohariu are different things.

      If he’s elected O’Connor will be one voice in the caucus – he’ll have to work to gain respect if he wants to be more than that. I think this is probably a savvy move.

  17. straightup 17

    greg oconner for labour is political suicide. I am a full labour supporter but put him in the mix and i will abstain from this election

    • rob 18.1

      Excellent comments and o conner in the Labour party just doesn’t come across right too me,I’m worried about his appointment at this stage.

  18. Xanthe 19

    oconnor and jackson. Clearly they know nats will lose this time , and the ultra right is jumping to labour, which welcomes them with open arms,, explain to me again why so many people “cant be bothered” to vote. Something about 5%?

  19. Observer Tokoroa 20

    AS Predicted

    The Trolls have flocked to this O’connor and Jackson topic pouring out their usual rubbish.

    They have had their hands on the levers of power for eight years – in which time they have taken housing ownership away from all future generations of younger New Zealanders; applied excessive rental rates to all New zealanders for life time; sold off assests to their wealthy mates. run down Health; Education; Training and Opportunity.; allowed crime to spiral. Made the cost of heating impossible on low rates of pay.

    But it seems that The standard is the only place that welcomes the Trolls. Can we not realise that the trolls belong to the harmful sector of society ?

    • lprent 20.1

      ‘Trolls’ represent a part of society, so they are as welcome to speak here as anyone else. Like everyone else, if their behavior get in the way of robust and useful debate, then they get warnings and bans.

      Besides, while I haven’t had a good look through this post today, I hadn’t noticed any particularly sustained bad behaviour.

      I suspect that you simply disagree with some people and have a poor sense of discrimination between opinions you disagree with and behaviour that you dislike. But that is why we have a limited number of people who act as moderators that we trust to distinguish between what is opinion and what is bad behaviour.

  20. Takere 21

    You know its a 2fur. You get JT as well as there two organisations MUMA & Waipareira Trust are joined at the hip.
    Mana Motuhake
    Social Dem’s
    The Alliance – Laila Harre
    The Alliance! Mk11 The Republic! Maybe? The orchestrator, McCarten Maybe?

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  • Support, recovery and re-set plan for tourism communities
    Five South Island tourist communities targeted for specialist support Pressure on Māori tourism operators and Conservation facilities recognised Domestic and international-facing tourism agencies put on more secure footing Long-term plan to re-set tourism with a focus on sustainability, industry standards and regional economic diversification A plan to ensure the immediate ...
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    6 days ago
  • Speech on NZ Rail Plan
    Check against delivery E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā karanga maha o te wa, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa. Ki ngā mana whenua o Taranaki Whānui anō nei aku mihi ki a koutou. Nōku te hōnore kia haere mai ki te whakanuia tēnei huihuinga whakahirahira. Nō ...
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    6 days ago
  • Government hits massive milestone in Violence Prevention & Elimination
    Minister for Family and Sexual Violence Marama Davidson announced a major milestone at a hui in South Auckland today, with the launch of the national engagement process on the prevention and elimination of family and sexual violence. “There is no room for violence in our lives – there is no ...
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    6 days ago
  • Fee waiver extended for conservation tourism businesses
    Tourism businesses operating on public conservation land will have another six months of fees waived to help them adjust to the downturn in international visitors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Acting Minister of Conservation Dr Ayesha Verrall has announced. "We acknowledge it has been a difficult year for ...
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    6 days ago
  • ‘Lua Wave’ to future-proof Pasifika Festivals in Aotearoa
    Pasifika festival organisers will receive additional support to adapt to the COVID-19 environment thanks to the Government’s newly launched ‘Lua Wave’ component of the Pasifika Festivals Initiative, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Carmel Sepuloni announced today. “This initiative has not only been to support festival organisers to recover from ...
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    6 days ago
  • Crown accounts show confidence in Govt economic plan
    The Government’s financial accounts continue to reflect the resilience of the economy and confidence in the Government’s economic recovery plan. The Crown accounts for the nine months to the end of March 2021 show both OBEGAL and the operating balance remain better than forecast in the Half Year Economic and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Energy Trusts of NZ Autumn Conference
    It’s a pleasure to be here today. Thank you Karen [Sherry] for the introduction and thanks to the Energy Trusts Executive for inviting me to speak at tonight’s event. It is an exciting time to come to speak to trustees of distribution companies. For many decades the electricity industry was ...
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    6 days ago
  • New partnership to grow Māori success in STEM
    A new partnership with the Pūhoro STEM Academy will support thousands more rangatahi Māori to participate and succeed in the fields of science, technology, and innovation, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis announced today. Since 2016, Pūhoro has worked with Māori students to build their capability and create pathways to employment ...
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    6 days ago
  • Rail builds platform for economic recovery
    Transport Minister Michael Wood and State-Owned Enterprises Minister Dr David Clark today released the Government’s long term vision for a sustainable rail network that supports our economic recovery. New Zealand Rail Plan lays out how the Government is building a resilient, reliable and safe network, as well as the indicative ...
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    6 days ago
  • NZ and UK agree to lift the pace of free trade talks
    New Zealand and the United Kingdom have agreed to rapidly lift the tempo of talks, as the two countries enter a new phase in free trade negotiations, Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor announced today. “UK Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss, and I spoke today about ...
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    6 days ago
  • Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill passes first reading
    The Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill has passed its first reading and will now be considered by Parliament’s Justice select committee. “The Bill updates and improves New Zealand’s counter-terrorism legislation and ensures that the right legislative tools are available to intervene early and prevent harm,” Minister of Justice Kris Faafoi said. “The ...
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    6 days ago
  • Statement on The Speaker and Annual Review Debate
    “The serious issue of alleged sexual assault and harassment at Parliament was poorly managed and inappropriately politicised last night. The tone of the debate did not reflect well on Parliament as a whole,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. “Any investigation of claims of sexual assault should be in a manner ...
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    7 days ago
  • Govt motoring towards zero-carbon buses and protecting drivers’ conditions
    Transport Minister Michael Wood is seeking feedback on options for the next phase of the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM) review to better protect bus drivers’ pay conditions, and also achieving the Government’s target of fully decarbonising the public transport bus fleet by 2035. Michael Wood said investing in our ...
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    7 days ago
  • Drop in unemployment shows Govt economic plan is working
    The Government’s economic recovery plan continues to be reflected in the labour market, with more people in work and unemployment falling. Stats NZ figures show employment rose by 15,000 in the March quarter, with 14,000 more women in work. The unemployment rate fell from 4.9 percent to 4.7 percent. This ...
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    7 days ago
  • Government sets pay and workforce expectations for the Public Sector
    The Government’s Workforce Policy Statement issued today sets out its expectations for pay and employment relations in the Public Sector, the Minister of Finance and Minister for the Public Service say. “New Zealand has had an exceptionally successful health and economic response to COVID-19. This has been supported by the ...
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    7 days ago
  • Author Ben Brown is New Zealand’s first Te Awhi Rito Reading Ambassador
    Lyttleton writer Ben Brown (Ngāti Mahuta, Ngāti Koroki, Ngāti Paoa) will be New Zealand’s first Te Awhi Rito Reading Ambassador, promoting the value of reading for children and young people, Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti announced today. A poet and award-winning author, Ben Brown writes books, non-fiction and short stories ...
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    1 week ago