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As the most widely read left blog in New Zealand, the Standard is a regular stop for most Labour Party members who spend time online.

We think that offers candidates for Labour Party positions a great platform to get their ideas out to members and to debate them. Which is why, with nominations for various significant party positions closing soon, we’re offering candidates the opportunity to provide guest posts ahead of the conference in Auckland this year.

Democracy works best when people know who they’re voting for and the Standard is about democracy. So if you’re planning to stand for a Labour role and you want to speak to thousands of Labour members, contact us via

We’ll make sure that your post is at the top of the site for at least half a day and will moderate comments. We’re hoping candidates who post also take the chance to engage in the comments so we can get to know who they are and what their vision for the party is.

17 comments on “Offer to NZLP candidates”

  1. weka 1

    Good idea, local body elections are important. I keep banging on about how we need to be working on regional councils if we want to protect water (sorry Canterbury).

    Kind of interesting to see this offer being made to Labour but not other left wing parties.

    • mickysavage 1.1

      I am sure that if Green candidates want to avail themselves of a similar opportunity this could be provided.

      The post is aimed primarily at candidates for internal Labour Party positions. We have Council elections coming up.

      • weka 1.1.1

        Sorry, I completely misunderstood! As you were 😉

      • Macro 1.1.2

        Greens also have candidates standing for Council elections Micky.

        However in Local Body politics the main people to get the ear of, are not usually readers here.

        • mickysavage

          Sorry my comment was a bit sloppy. I am talking about the election for positions on the Labour Party’s ruling council.

          I agree the greens have some very good candidates. I am standing out west on the same ticket as two of them Saffron Toms and Steve Tollestrup.

  2. mary-a 2

    Excellent idea. I’m sure there are some Labour, Green and a few other left candidates (Penny Bright, John Minto being two, standing for the local govt elections) who will take advantage of the offer. Will give the voters an opportunity to weigh up policies and options and vote accordingly.

    I look forward to reading their upcoming posts.

    • Macro 2.1

      John regularly posts on the daily blog – as does Christine Rose. But it would be good to see them here too.

      • mary_a 2.1.1

        @ Macro (2.1) .. that’s right and both John Minto and Christine Rose are excellent contributors to TDB. Always enjoy reading their perspective on the issues through their blogs.

      • Leftie 2.1.2

        Labour MP’s like David Cunliffe and Sue Moroney occasionally post on the TDB too, but they don’t post here. I have also wondered why Professor Jane Kelsey publishes her articles on TDB, but not on the TS.

  3. Nck 3

    Great idea…. Well done Standard

  4. billmurray 4

    Excellent idea, I hope you have a few already lined up for the task, otherwise it could be lean pickings.
    “most widely read left wing blog” I always thought is was the Daily Blog ?.

    • TDB, fine as it is, doesn’t appear to have the readership of TS, nor the engagement in the comments section. However, it’s always hard to gauge these things as , as far as I know, there is no reliable way to measure the activity. Open Parachute publish a monthly summary, but it doesn’t cover every blog.

  5. billmurray 5

    Checked out “most widely read left wing blog” you are to, well done on that.
    Come on Labour.

  6. mosa 6

    At a time when the left is suppressed or treated as not relevant by most of the media I look forward too the future policy ideas which is critical too NZ going ahead instead of going backwards as we are now.

  7. I believe Hamilton is putting up a Left-Wing group for the Local Body elections. Its certainly time this happened .For years the Tories have conned the public with their independent claim.
    way back in the 1970s the small Cambridge branch of the Labour Party put up a Labour ticket .The local papers put a curse on us ,we did not win but a lot of our policies were bought in over the years .Smoke free public places , no animals in shop and many more . The bye pass and nuclear free towns . The bonus was that Cambridge LP increased its membership and cash donations increased .This writer missed out by 100 votes quite interesting for the most Tory town in Aotearoa,

  8. Jenny 8

    “candidates for Labour Party positions”

    Excuse my ignorance, but what positions are The Standard referring to here?

    For the information of the general public and for those of us not in the Labour Party, and not au fait with the inner party workings of the Labour Party….

    What positions does this invitation actually refer to?

    Is this invitation to Labour Party members standing for inner party organisational positions?

    If so, what positions are they?

    And what responsibilities and duties and rights do these positions confer to the successful candidates?

    Or, is this an invitation to candidates standing for selection as prospective Members of Parliament for the Labour Party?

    If so, is this invitation extended to sitting MPs as well?

    Secrecy is the enemy of democracy.

    I applaud The Standard for opening up their columns to the prospective candidates of whatever positions we are talking about here.

    It is my opinion that democracy, lIke justice, has to be seen to be done.

    I would also like to take this early opportunity to congratulate and applaud any prospective candidate who is articulate enough and who has the courage and intelligence enough to openly and publicly state what they stand for, to say to you, thank you for doing a service to democracy by making it easier for those with the privilege of choosing your selection to place their vote.

    To the prospective candidates that avail themselves of this invitation, I say bravo, I understand that to openly state what you stand for makes you vulnerable to be held to account, well done, for taking this step, and best wishes.

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