Official complaint over police handling of Barclay case

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In more bad news for Bill – Complaint over police handling of Todd Barclay case received by Independent Police Conduct Authority

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has received a complaint about police handling of the original investigation into the allegations of embattled National MP Todd Barclay’s involvement in a secret taping scandal.

Last week police re-opened the case and authority case resolution manager Sarah Goodall said the complaint about the original investigation was received on June 21, sparked by renewed media interest in the case.

It came from someone not personally involved in the case and was thus classified as a “principled complaint,” Goodall said.

“We are currently assessing information in accordance with our normal processes and determining what, if any, action to take,” Goodall said.

Compare with the police raids on media organisations in search of the Ambrose tape. Given English and National’s long history of intimidating critics and the media, you do have to wonder if something went on behind the scenes here.

28 comments on “Official complaint over police handling of Barclay case”

  1. Anne 1

    “Something” went on behind the scenes alright. It should be noted that all the nefarious incidents occurred during the John Key years. The teapot tape saga, the Dotcom saga, the release of a top secret document to a sleazy blogger about a Labour leader, the secretive granting of a NZ passport to a filthy rich American who proceeded to fleece NZ taxpayer of around $10million, and now the obvious cover up re- the Barclay case.

    And that’s without even starting on all the Dirty Political revelations and the subsequent search of Nicky Hager’s home.

    The police – and John Key – have a great deal to answer for.

    • Red Rosa 1.1

      Well said. This case has Key’s fingerprints all over it. The first stories go back maybe 18 months, to March 2016 and earlier. The Glenys Dickson resignation (also other local staff) and resulting police complaint, the Stuart Davie local chair resignation etc etc arose around then. Strange that a police complaint about the taping, with supporting evidence from the then deputy PM, never resulted in a formal interview with Barclay.

      As for the tapes themselves, Joyce admitted in QT last week that he (among others? ) had listened to them…. though ‘not in a ministerial capacity’. What? Yet Bill English just a couple of weeks back was unsure if they existed. But their existence and content must have been well known, at some early stage (early to mid 2016?) among the Nat hierarchy. Hardly a ‘minor employment matter’, this went right to the top. There are several serious questions still to be answered, and meantime Barclay carries on as a National MP, a crucial vote on some contentious legislation.

      And as for the Glenda Hughes intervention…an ugly scene all round.

    • Cinny 1.2

      Yes you have hit the nail on the head Anne.

    • tc 1.3

      Sunlight required urgently for nationals police.

      Be interesting to watch out for any senior departures post election for the enablers should they feel the need to move on.

    • Sacha 1.4

      It is more likely to be Eagleson than Key. And he’s still there, pulling the same strings ..

    • Treetop 1.5

      Will the public get to see the full police evidence?

      Unless there is transparency why bother.

    • NZJester 1.6

      Don’t forget also that the complainant in the case that led to Nicky Hager’s home being raided never had his residence or offices raided even though he had bragged about hacking a Labour Party server. He apparently also tried to hire someone to hack this very website among other things. As I haven’t heard anything about that for ages I’m guessing that the case was just ignored by police also.

      • lprent 1.6.1

        The police gave a police diversion (ie by Cameron Slater having to admit his guilt) all without managing to inform me and doing it under police requested name suppression. Had to have someone tell me what was happening just before the final discharge.

        Managed to help get the name suppression lifted.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Did you lay an official complaint about that?

          • Anne

            It would have been a wasted effort DTB. They don’t listen to complaints from those they deem to be on the wrong side of the political fence.

  2. OncewasTim 2

    One word: Glenda

  3. Whispering Kate 3

    The Police Conduct Authority is carrying out the investigation but how wide/or narrow are the Terms of Reference going to be. Like the Tower fire in London – very narrow most likely. There won’t be any satisfaction from the enquiry – it will be like all the others. Sniffs of corruption if you ask me going right back to pre Blinglish’s role as PM.

  4. Treetop 4

    Will the public get to see the full police evidence?

    If not why bother?

  5. dukeofurl 5

    Isnt there a complaint about the OIA release of the police file some months back to NZ Herald, which as newsroom found out, DIDNT include Bill English’s record of interview and a few other things.

    Are the police going to search ministerial offices in the beehive as it now seems senior ministers have had a listen in.
    Theres enough circumstantial evidence to charge Barclay, and interview any minister who has listened to it for the broad details

  6. Zeroque 6

    The Police never seem to be overly interested in getting involved in investigating whether politicians have committed a crime.

    • Draco T Bastard 6.1

      Well, National Party politicians anyway. They didn’t hold back when Philip Field went rogue.

  7. the pigman 7

    I OIA’d the Southland District Police seeking all records, minutes, police notebooks and legal advice (whether produced internally or received from 3rd parties) about their decision to discontinue the investigation.

    That was on the day Newsroom broke the story.

    I have yet to receive an acknowledgment of my OIA, but I will be contacting the Ombudsmen if they don’t get back to me within the statutory period.

    • Anne 7.1

      Methinks the police may be starting to regret their previous decision to close the case. 😉

    • gsays 7.2

      A hearty well done from me pigman.
      Along with whomever has laid this complaint to the I(snigger)PCA.

  8. Ian 8

    nothing to see here. Move on you fools

    • Cinny 8.1


      Ian NZ is very small place, especially the south island, here are three FACTS and some fun facts.

      1. It involves a senior level politician (can’t say who)

      2. It’s why she was being taped, it’s what’s on the tapes, that’s where the shocker will be found. (Can’t say more on that topic until the media does)

      3. The payout was around $100k, this is massive for an ’employment dispute’.

      A. Fun fact… P makes people paranoid, paranoid enough to worry about what others think of their behaviour, sometimes it makes people so paranoid that they need to record others. They might even install CCTV, ironically such actions often create more paranoia

      B. Fun fact…. There is an international airport in Queenstown, something Gore doesn’t have.

      • Red Rosa 8.1.1

        Great stuff. Well done pigman, too. Clearly this was always far more than a simple ’employment dispute’ for the Nats to bring in all the heavies and desperately try to get the issue buried. Somewhere lurking in the Deep South is political dynamite. If the tapes are evidence, if and when do they become public?

      • Anne 8.1.2

        So, Ross Barclay attended a knees-up in Queenstown accompanied by a more senior National Party politician and they smoked P which had been flown in from Aussie (or somewhere) and they knew Glenys Dickson had been told about it so they taped her to find out how much she knew. 😉

        It wasn’t Paula was it? (joke)

        • Cinny

          LMFAO!!!!!! Crack up, I heard P comes mostly via Asia, Anne your scenario… I’m still laughing, can picture it, that’s what’s so funny. Thanks for that, laughter is the best.

          The first 3 facts are true as true, and the truth has no agenda.

          The rest are just fun facts, cause I’m a cheeky lil shite.

          Fun fact…. Queenstown night life is far more pumping than Gore, more tourists and less locals out and about at nighttime.

          • Anne

            I was going to add that Toddy boy ended up in hospital in a state of “exhaustion” but thought it might be going a bit far… 😎

            • Sacha

              Which partying senior politician was he trying to keep up with?

              • Anne

                Having a bit of fun with Cinny’s 8.1.

                In other words I don’t know what I’m talking about but it would be a real laugh if it turned out to be true…

                • Sacha

                  Makes more sense of the level of effort they’ve put in than to protect Toddyboy’s reputation. Can’t imagine any of them partying, is the catch.

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