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Open Mike 01/12/2018

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, December 1st, 2018 - 186 comments
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186 comments on “Open Mike 01/12/2018 ”

  1. Jenny 1

    Fascism is infectious

    Jamal and his sister escaped from Homs following the government led bombardment and many of his family members have been ‘disappeared’ by Asad al Bashar’s forces.  They came to the UK for safety.

    Assad apologists in New Zealand who continue to ignore and condone genocide.

    Need to realise; Your support for fascism is contagious and infectious

    Coming to a school and community near you


  2. Jenny 2

    Jamal’s sister has also been bullied at the same school


    Why Nazis from Charlottesville tp Europe love Bashar al-Assad


    “The far-right and Assad share hatreds”

    Nazis like Assad because he has killed, and is killing, a lot of Muslims. This is essential to their view of the world. Anyone who sets out to murder Muslims and Arabs can be considered a friend. In this sense the far-right love affair with Assad can be considered almost tactical, a means to an end……

    ……Nazis across the world love Assad partly because it is transgressive to do so. Their governments, or most of them, acknowledge Assad’s crimes and so to downplay them or embrace them seems an exciting, daring act.

    Huddersfield is the centre of far right activism typified by far right activist Tommy Robinson,. It appears that before the attack on Jamal the schoolboy who assaulted Jamal had been sharing Tommy Robinson’s posts on social media.

    The suspect had shared numerous posts from Robinson’s Facebook account in recent months, as well as from Britain First and other far-right accounts.

    Robinson’s page has more than one million followers and his posts on the Huddersfield incident have been viewed up to 900,000 times each.


    In the aftermath of the attack on Jamal, Robinson spread a completely false allegation that Jamal had assaulted a  ‘white girl’.

    Jamal’s family are suing Robinson.

    Robinson’s attack on Jamal is a typical Nazi tactic used very effectively in Germany in the ’30s. German propaganda of the time demonised Jews as pedophiles and deviants, and rapists ‘defiling the race’. Most people’s deep repugnance of sex crimes has a high emotional content that fascists play on to demonise minorities.. Jewish people have called this sort of Nazi propaganda “blood libel”

    Jamal’s family are suing local racist and fascist Tommy Robinson for spreading this lie.


    • Jenny 2.1

      Syrians are not the only ones who have paid a price for soft peddling fascist apologia and lies. Which not only gives comfort to the Assad regime, but embolden fasscists and Islamophobic racists in the West.

      Jo Cox was assassinated for her support of the Syrian people and for exposing Assad fascism and genocide.

      The most notable aspect of Jo Cox’s tragically short parliamentary career was her outspoken stance for escalating war in support of the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria. From the Blairite wing of the Labour party, she worked with neoconservatives and other Conservative hawks to use claims of genocide to support taking humanitarian intervention on the side of the moderate rebels by establishing safe havens, the delivery of humanitarian aid to rebel areas and support for the White Helmets.


  3. Ed 3

    Maggie Barry accused of bullying behaviour.

    “National MP Maggie Barry has been twice investigated over bullying claims this year – including accusations she expected staff to do political party work on taxpayer time, which would be unlawful.

    The Weekend Herald can reveal two employees in Barry’s four-person office have accused her of bullying since May – one in a personal grievance complaint, and the other during the investigation of that complaint.

    The Weekend Herald has obtained documents which show that during its investigations in August this year, Parliamentary Service heard allegations that Barry:

    • swore and yelled at staff;
    • called an employee “stupid”;
    • used derogatory terms about other elected officials, which made staff uncomfortable;
    • referred to people with mental health issues using offensive terms like “nutter”;
    • discussed her employees’ sexuality in the workplace;
    • expected staff would do work for the National Party during office hours, which they felt unable to refuse while knowing it was wrong, because they were scared.

    One staffer told investigators he believed there was a huge power imbalance and that Barry was “terrifying” and could “destroy my career”.


    • WeTheBleeple 3.1

      Maggie’s been a nasty bully ever since her garden show where she was a demanding entitled asshat pretty much all the time.

      • Ed 3.1.1

        It would be interesting to hear from people who worked for her then.

      • AB 3.1.2

        Beat me to it WTB.
        If you are old enough to remember her garden show of a couple of decades back – there was a nice older guy with a quiet manner called Bill. Bill was actually the only one on the show who really knew much about plants or gardening. Maggie managed to deliver a constant stream of smirky put-downs of Bill.

        • joe90

          was a nice older guy with a quiet manner called Bill

          I’ve had the pleasure of getting on the drink with Bill. Despite being a rabid tory, he’s an awfully nice bloke and a ton of fun.

      • cleangreen 3.1.3

        Maggie Barry is a cringworthy nastty spicimen of right wing ideology person, and she would crush your skull if given the chance.

        She is a very agressive woman.

        • OnceWasTim

          …. but “doncha know who she is?”
          I hear she’s an one of Nu Zull’s broadcast institutions, and high society in the bush. I wonder if she intends retiring to one of the colonies


    • Cinny 3.2

      maggie denying everything in a desperate ego fueled attempt to retain her position of power.

      Expect to see/hear flat out denial from other nat mp’s as they get called out for the same. Their motto is probably deny, delude and distract.

      That’s the difference between a bully and someone who is stressed out, a bully will deny everything, a stressed out person who has over-reacted will usually own up to any bad behaviour, apologise and try and put it right.

      Thrilled Trevor has made the bullying investigation possible, sure he has been no angel in the past, but he’s improving life for many by making this investigation happen.

      • Marcus Morris 3.2.1

        When Maggie Barry hosted Nine to Noon back in the eighties I enjoyed her show very much. Occasionally I watched the Garden Show in latter years. I was disappointed when I learnt that she had thrown in her lot with the Nats and, as I have listened to and read her occasional arrogant rants in the time she has been an MP I am not at all surprised to learn of these bullying disclosures. It is the result of arrogance developed over a long period of being in the public eye in media where she was universally admired. It has all lead to an overbearing sense of entitlement – the hall mark of so many National party members and their parliamentary representatives.

        • Doogs

          I have similar thoughts and experiences as you Marcus in regard to our dear Maggie. I have to say though that arrogance never arrives out of nothing. There’s no doubt that exposure to adulation over time can lead to an arrogance and feeling of entitlement in a person. However, it needs a core this to be present before someone can get as puffed with her own importance as Maggie is. There are plenty of people who are admired and lauded for their achievements, and who display none of the odious characteristics displayed by Ms Barry. John Campbell springs to mind, and Jacinda, of course, but there are a good number of others. National seems to attract people who love themselves and who consider they are a cut above.

          • OnceWasTim

            Couldn’t have said all that better.
            So what should we make of the pompous Woodhouse – another of that ilk.
            The old guard must be rolling in their graves – or soon-to-be graves.
            The party of ‘free enterprise’ and ‘opportunity’ does seem to be attracting a lot of rabble these days.

      • Ankerrawshark 3.2.2

        Cinny there apparently there are tapes which refute Maggie’s denials. Perhaps this is one thing we can thank Todd Barclay for? Ie gathering irrefutable evidence

    • James 3.3

      All allegations only at this point but interesting to note the bits Eddie missed out in his efforts to make it look as bad as possible.

      “Barry concedes there were issues raised by former staff, but they were resolved “by mutual agreement” and “there was no finding that bullying or harassment had occurred”.

      I’m guessing that she would be tough to work for but whoever took this to the media sounds like a complete snowflake.

      • Ankerrawshark 3.3.1

        Umm James the herald has heard tapes that refute her denials

      • Cinny 3.3.2

        How does it go…. the person who is nice to you, but not nice to their staff, is not a nice person.

        Is mental health so wide spread in NZ in part because we’ve forgotten how to be nice and instead say things like ‘harden up’. Or use excuses such as a person who can’t handle being talked down to is a complete snowflake, to excuse bad behaviour?

      • Tricledrown 3.3.3

        James putting the ice_ing on the bullying cake.

      • Gabby 3.3.4

        ‘there was no finding’ means ‘we made sure nothing got said on the record’ jimbo.

    • Chris T 3.4

      It’s quite funny watching people trying to highlight cases from the other side as if it makes their sides cases less bad.

      Especially when the whole thing is being overseen by a bloke who punches people in the head at work.

  4. Ed 4

    The most important issue facing us today and every day.
    Climate change.
    Here is an interesting article that looks at why ‘we’re ignoring climate change.’


    • Cinny 4.1

      Ed, last night at the school festival we had a wash station for plates and cups, and recycle and compost stations for rubbish.

      People were encouraged to bring their own crockery or use the schools, and were given a discount off food if they did so.

      They’ve also adopted a nude food challenge, kids that don’t have their lunch wrapped in cling film, or use little packets (like prepackaged bags of crackers etc) everyday go in the draw to win a prize.

      Trying hard to be a zero waste school, if we educate the kids, often they will go home and educate their parents.

      • cleangreen 4.1.1

        7.0 earthquake in Ancorage Alaska today.

        Lots of liquefaction there today and broken roads.

        Guess the “Ice road” will be damaged too now?


      • James 4.1.2

        The nude food challenge with a carrot (as opposed to a stick) as motivation is a great idea.

      • Matiri 4.1.3

        We were discussing the Radionz article this morning with a friend.

        We all agree that something radical needs to change beyond the small things we are all doing – composting, cycling to work, growing vegetables, reusable shopping bags etc but even so there was denial about air travel (need to keep in touch with family and children overseas “I’m not like those instagrammers fuelling tourism”), fossil fuelled vehicles (we have three!) , “my kids generation will sort it out”, “I really care about the birds but I bought my niece a kitten for Christmas and a collar with a bell”…….

        Last night we had wine and nibbles before a plant based meal – self indulgent behaviour really from people who care and worry about the huge problems facing us!

        If we who care can’t change our behaviour enough to solve it, who on earth will?

        • Cinny

          This bit Matiri… “If we who care can’t change our behaviour enough to solve it, who on earth will?”

          Very well said indeed.

        • Sabine

          I really care about the birds but I bought my niece a kitten for Christmas and a collar with a bell”…….

          but we need the space for the three car garage, so these trees and shrubs needs to go. Also, i want a low maintenance garden, so that lawn needs to go to. Instead i have a pot or three of some desert plants here.

  5. SaveNZ 5

    I know from the Natz but would not be surprised if it is true. Also interesting that is sounds like Mum was involved in the import/export drugs findings… but failed to be convicted/prosecuted.

    “Will another Sroubek be granted Ministerial favour?

    Suggestions drug smuggler Karel Sroubek’s mother is seeking permanent residency raise more questions about what Special Directions might be granted by the Minister, National’s Immigration spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.”


    • SaveNZ 5.1

      Immigration did not seem to have much issue declining this women who does not sound like a criminal and has money to support herself.

      But again it sounds like a political move as her husband is ex CIA who sounds like was concerned about an assignment and reported it to the chief of staff? .

      “Harmon Wilfred – The First U.S. Refugee?

      Harmon Wilfred was an honourably discharged U.S. Military Veteran with a top secret security clearance. He turned CIA whistleblower in 1999 over serious concerns he had about an assignment as a “CIA Asset” involved in covert financial transactions in 1997 and 1998. Harmon appears to have created some extremely powerful political enemies when he submitted a report on his concerns to Michael Horowitz, then Chief of Staff of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.”


      It’s a pity our immigration policy seems to now be a dysfunctional political tool to further neoliberalism and individualism and get the worst people here, while stopping people who might be good citizens from living here and instead joining in on international bullying on people who sound like they tried to do the right thing.

  6. DJ Ward 6

    Years ago my mother (40) got a knock on the door, me watching. There in front of her was a woman she had never met who looked very similar to one of her sisters.
    “Hello I’m your sister” the woman said.
    This being in the generations that killed so many men in wars that many women couldn’t find partners and no contraception. She lived next door to a man for over a decade. Due to “religion” the man couldn’t leave his wife. My grandmother had 6 girls in this relationship. The first she could keep and suspect was why she lived next to the father for so long. The next 5 were taken by the state at birth and fostered or adopted out. My grandmother was a large lady so this managed to be a 100% secret to my mother, community and the family. She met my grandfather who had his 6 kids taken from him when the mother died, a full blooded Maori and my full blooded Pakeha grandfather. My grandmother 7 more kids with my grandfather and died young with cancer.

    I think a lot about what the hell were we thinking to end up with all those outcomes in my grandparents generation. What are we doing wrong today that we think is good. That my grandchild will say WTF were they thinking.

    As a side issue which is why I thought about that sister at the door.

    She had a son who unbeknown to me was an hermaphradite. We became freinds over the few years I knew him. He suicided at 18. Didn’t see it coming at all.


    • greywarshark 6.1

      The laws supposed to be providing guidelines and set standards have often in their cold and remorseless way have done bad and hurtful things. My idea now is if we test matters against a kindness and practicality criteria, we will be able to avoid some mistakes, and lessen those that are made.

      • DJ Ward 6.1.1

        Two steps forward and one step back is better than not making any steps unless your lost.

        Accepting we make mistakes, doing something top stop or lesson mistakes, understand things take time, learn about our progress. Accepting we make mistakes.

        Positive thoughts, good intent, informed, and a good dose of realism.

  7. joe90 7

    OTD in 1939 the Soviet Red Army began its unprovoked invasion of Finland. The attack began with the bombing of civilian targets in Helsinki and 18 Red Army divisions crossed the 1300km long border.

  8. Andre 8


    ” In particular, the researchers found that there was a strong correlation between counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump and internet searches for topics related to masculine insecurity, including “erectile dysfunction,” “hair loss,” “how to get girls,” “penis enlargement,” “penis size,” “steroids,” “testosterone” and “Viagra.” ”


  9. WeTheBleeple 9

    Your Feelings of Anger, Fear and Sadness are Entirely Valid: My paraphrased notes on a talk on Climate Change; ‘This Civilisation is Finished’ by Rupert Read. Cambridge, 07/11/18.

    Dear young people. I’m so sorry. We have totally failed you. Our corporations, governments and institutions have all failed you. Many of you may not have the chance to grow old.

    The Paris Agreement was absolutely not enough. Things have got worse. US is the largest polluter and they’ve dropped out. Our weather systems appear to be spinning out of control. Oceans are storing much more heat than we’d realised. Methane release also threatens runaway warming. Commitments made for Paris targets are in contradiction to what the Governments actual actions are (pro-growth, infrastructure for industry and transport).

    The techs proposed to save us either don’t exist or are untested. They could cause further disasters exacerbating an already dire situation. The Paris Agreement is toast. The aims are not being achieved. Conditions have worsened, and climate change is already upon us.

    There are three possible future scenarios.

    I. A transformed civilisation.

    The best scenario, although highly unlikely.

    What do we need?

    Industry and Governments immediately cease their obsession with growth to address climate change with all possible resources.

    Unprecedented large-scale change. Radical alteration of energy, agriculture, transport and trade.

    We mobilise our governments, armies, corporations and citizens. Everyone tightens their belts. Everyone pitches in. A war on climate change.

    II. A successor civilisation.

    Following partial collapse. Very likely the best scenario we can hope for.

    III. Total collapse.

    From just a few humans left to the end of all complex life. Runaway methane and heating or simply coastal inundation of nuclear sites could wipe us out entirely. Possible, and must be avoided at all cost.

    So, what can we do?

    1. Wake up.

    If you have not had feelings of fear, sadness and anger, you have not been paying attention. If you have been listening you might be interested to know there is an entirely new branch of psychology emerging: Ecopsychology. We are hurt by our hurting planet. Your feelings are entirely valid, and you are most certainly not alone.

    Climate change is terrifying, tragic, and it could have been avoided.

    2. Talk about it.

    Many think they are suffering alone, but that is not the case. Share the burden of your fears and concerns, come together in support. Understand others anger, sadness and fear as valid; and try not to shut them down, rather, hear them.

    This IS scary stuff.

    3. Think about it.

    How do we preserve the values of civilisation through scenario II?

    4. Build lifeboats.

    ‘Prepping’. Food storage. Building community. Seed banking. Permaculture. ‘Building lifeboats’ is a theme that will soon be rolled out here in articles/posts. Watch for the heading ‘How To Get There’.

    5. Holding Actions.

    Divesting from big oil and subsidiaries. Lobbying government. Voting Green.

    6. Rebel!

    This is an emergency. Demand direct action. Use non-violent direct action. Join extinction rebellion. Start your own revolution. Make it clear this is not a drill.

    7. Stop.

    Slow right down. Take this in. Think about it. Feel it. Talk about it.

    Then do courageous dramatic things.

    Use your abilities and intelligence to retrofit your: yard, business, farm, orchard, company, government, family, community, society.

    The Standard has a vast resource of knowledge and experience. I greatly enjoy discussion of solution-oriented adaptation, and the plan to enlarge on this mostly positive theme here is encouraging.

    However, at the same time it has become clear to me after this talk that acknowledging our feelings about climate change is a vital part of moving forward together.

    So I wrote these notes.

    And to all the Ed’s and Bill’s of the world. I apologise for thinking you go over the top. Thank you for shoving things in my face that I needed to hear till I heard them.

    Here is the talk itself:

  10. Ed 10

    The news story that dwarves all others.
    Here are some people doing something to force change.

    ‘Australian students skip school for mass protest

    On Monday, Australian PM Scott Morrison rebuked their plans for “activism” during school hours and insisted his government was tackling climate change.
    Many students said his remarks had bolstered their resolve to protest.
    “We will be the ones suffering the consequences of the decisions they [politicians] make today,” protester Jagveer Singh, 17, told the BBC.
    Organisers say they were inspired by Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old girl in Sweden who has undertaken similar protests.
    Australia has committed to reducing its emissions by 26-28% on 2005 levels by 2030, under the Paris climate agreement.”

    Greta Thunberg is inspirational.

    • Ed 10.1

      15 year old Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UK Extinction Rebellion rally outside Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 31st October 2018. Her quiet voice encouraged her audience to repeat her words so everyone could get the message.

  11. James 11

    I was reasing there TERF thread.

    Really interesting to see a poster come out and directly ask the sexually of a commentator:

    “Are you straight [name] girl?

    What interested me is that not a single poster on here pulled the person up on it. (Surprise surprise)

    I understand a lot would not have seen it – but a lot would have.

    Seems to be part of the “we can treat people we disagree with worse” model that some on here subscribe to.

    It’s either ok or not?

    Oh climate change (that bits for Ed)

    • Drowsy M. Kram 11.1

      “Oh climate change (that bits [sic] to Ed)” – trying not to sound “like a complete snowflake“, James, but what do you mean?

      “Anna urges us to do this in every situation, even suggesting bringing up the weather at a barbeque to make a subtle segue onto the topic of climate. Conversations like this could be monumental in changing how people think about climate change.”


      • James 11.1.1

        She sounds boring as all fuck. I wouldn’t have her at one of my bbqs.

        Reminds me of the joke- how do you know someone is vegan? Don’t worry – no matter what you are talking about they will tell you.

        And what’s your thought on the subject of asking posters on here their sexually?

        • Drowsy M. Kram

          James, about one hour ago you wrote this (@11):

          “Seems to be part of the “we can treat people we disagree with worse” model that some on here subscribe to.

          It’s either ok or not?”

          You then wrote this:

          “She sounds boring as all fuck. I wouldn’t have her at one of my bbqs.”

          Honestly, I doubt Anna would be interested in your bbqs. Nor would she be so crass as to label you “boring as all fuck”.

          • James

            if you can’t see the difference you prob need to work in your comprehension skills.

            • Drowsy M. Kram

              Nor would she be so crass as to label James “boring as all fuck”, although she might well think it.


              showing no intelligence or sensitivity.
              “the crass assumptions that men make about women”

              synonyms: stupid, insensitive, blundering, dense, thick, vacuous, mindless, witless, doltish, oafish, boorish, asinine, bovine, coarse, gross; informal: pig-ignorant

              Please consider the possibility that it’s your comprehension and communication skills that need (a lot of) work, and we can agree to disagree.

            • Tricledrown

              You prob need T go on probation wit your lack of skill James.

        • Tricledrown

          James if you came to a bbq at my place you would get fried.

    • Ankerrawshark 11.2

      James I am not sure what your problem is with someone asking a direct question of another commentator in this case “are you straight?” I think it’s ok to ask, and it was a relevant question to the thread on sexuality and gender. Of course people are free to decline to answer.

      Now a request I have of you. I would really like it is you left Ed alone ie don’t comment about him. I appreciate it if you consider this. Cheers

      • James 11.2.1

        But I like talking with Ed.

        Perhaps if he replied in a reasonable fashion then the conversations wouldn’t deteriorate?

        Me: post link from herald about anything not climate change

        Ed: herald are paid propagandist

        Ed: OMG you hate the planet – climate change is more important than whatever you wrote.

        Ed: you are a troll

        Ed: then post link from some guy with a tin foil hat eating banana leaves discussing Russia – OMG he nails it !!!!!!!

        • Ankerrawshark

          By all means disagree with any commenter here about their opinions but leave the person out of it. I realize this might appear like I am singling you out, but I have decided to put out this message of don’t attack the person on this website on an on-going basis……….

          Btw me wondering what you found difficult about a commenters asking if someone was straight wasn’t a criticism I just saw it differently, but happy to hear your views about it

          • te reo putake

            Thanks, Ankerrawshark. I made a similar request a week or so ago for people to have a crack at arguments rather than people. It’s not hard to adjust the wording of a comment to say things like ‘I think your opinion is wrong and here’s why …’, rather than ‘you’re an idiot’.

            However, one of the strengths of TS is that conversations here are in near real time and sometimes that does mean that debates occasionally resemble the kind of intellectual discourse normally associated with pub car parks at closing time.

            If the usual suspects are reading this, please note that abusive single sentence retorts might be simply diverted into spam in future and that other, sterner, corrective methods may be employed to keep debates from degenerating.

            • Ankerrawshark

              I think a little bit of banter ok. For example I found James comment Anna. Must be boring as fuck slightly amusing as she is unlikely to read it and it is something most of us could defend with something like James prefers his guests to talk about Bitcoin cause money is so interesting.

              It is the unrelenting brawls that get personal I find unhelpful and unhealthy

              • James

                I love the fact you think you know what I prefer people to talk about

                (And btw – I think bitcoin is for idiots)

                Money is not that interesting if you have some – what you do with it is way more interesting.

                • Ankerrawshark

                  hi James no the bitcoin thing was just a wild stab in the dark. What would be an interesting topic for you.

                  I once worked with a woman who said it wasn’t the topic, but the delivery that made stuff interesting.

          • WeTheBleeple

            I agree. Don’t play the person, play the ball, or in this case, the topic at hand.

            I’m as guilty as the next in being a bit of a dick, but we can at least try not to be.

        • Incognito

          But I like talking with Ed.

          That’s a euphemism, isn’t it?

      • gsays 11.2.2

        Hear hear ankerawshark.
        Well said thank you.

  12. Dennis Frank 12

    How realistic is a conservative coalition prospect after the next election? No prospect at all, currently. Henry Cooke examines coalition stability: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/108998180/the-coalition-is-showing-signs-of-maturity-but-labour-isnt-selling-it-very-well

    He illuminates the incentive motivating Winston: “while National’s internal polling has NZ First at 4 per cent, Labour’s has had them at 5 or above plenty of weeks recently. The Greens have consistently scored about 5 in both the public and private polls, and both major parties’ internal polling has Labour ahead of National right now.”

    “This is streets away from the situation in the last two terms when NZ First was in Government. Between 2005 and 2008, it basically never made it above the 5 per cent mark in public polling – leading to its one and only term out of Parliament.”

    He also reveals a behind-the-scenes coalition arm-wrestle. “On Tuesday this week a very rare thing found its way to journalist’s inboxes: a press release signed off by Labour, NZ First, and the Greens. The release confirmed the set of compromises made by Labour and the Greens to ensure NZ First would support the second reading of a long-fought bill to reform workplace laws.”

    “NZ First had already won a major concession before the bill was even introduced. Despite the fact Labour as a party exists to protect the rights of workers, the first Labour-led government in a decade decided to let NZ First keep 90 day trials for any businesses with fewer than 20 employees.” Then more wrestling occurred.

    “Eventually Labour rolled out Heather Simpson, Helen Clark’s old enforcer. It’s understood she met NZ First chief of staff Jon Johansson, and Johansson himself met the unions, and the deal we saw on Tuesday was hammered out.”

  13. Exkiwiforces 13

    Not expecting to see this on a lazy Saturday morning in the 21st century while having breakfast.


  14. Sacha 14

    Canada’s indigenous governments to get responsibility for child welfare: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/tasker-ottawa-child-welfare-services-indigenous-1.4927104

  15. Puckish Rogue 15


    Bloddy annoying when comments come back to haunt you 🙂

    (I’m not against the upgrade, just poking fun at Hipkins)

    • Ankerrawshark 15.1

      Yes it’s a very old house and it pays to keep up the maintenance else they end up costing you more.

      She was doing one of her fb posts inside the property and I thought it looked shabby but maybe it was a backroom

    • McFlock 15.2

      A million on security alone? Must be replacing a system of 30 year old PIRs lol. Possibly also a sprinkler system and a guardhouse/monitoring room, too.

  16. Top, top thread! Careful you don’t spill your covfefe laughing.

  17. cleangreen 17

    The NZ Green Party is a fucking joke today!!!!!

    We have better environmentalists inside Greenpeace now!!!!

    Inside the ‘well healed’ members of the urban members of Green Party No-where are we hearing them fight to ‘save the world’ from climate change,’ simply firstly by restoring rail to get that 90% freight now carried on trucks to only 6% running on rail presently, at least half of that 90% be put back on rail again.

    I now see all freight of what was ‘traditional rail freight’ running on roads now such as fertiliser, milk, aggregates, fuel, and timber products.

    A number of other waste and hazardous products were also carried on rail, when the ‘Hazardous substance Act’ was enacted, but the 2008 National Government dialed that act back to allow dangerous substances to be carried on roads.

    Consider that trucks are using eight times the energy to move ‘each tonne each km’ around NZ.

    Those trucks shed black cancer causing tyre dust onto our roads and then the rain washes that cancer causing chemical substance of Tyre dust straight into our rivers, lakes and sea!!!!!


    Then that black Tyre dust containing 1,3,butadiene/styrene (both cancer and nervous system damage causing chemicals) are carried by our water runoff systems after entering the sea are just being carried to the both ice-caps then the black dust just attract the heat from the sun to melt both polar ice caps at an alarming rate!!!!!!

    Then the sea level rises and will just wash those trucks and those roads into the sea.

    Trucks are then single biggest destroyer of our environment and future extreme weather systems.

    Wake up everyone as we are reaching the end of sustainability.

    • DJ Ward 17.1

      The truck might not agree. I’m thinking that humans have something to do with the problem.

      I’m struggling with your 90% comment.

      I would suggest that what you would like to be achieved which I think needs addressing would require government intervention.

      Firstly rules about freight so it’s journey from location to location, so rail must be considered and used if it’s realistic to do so.

      Upgrading infastructure.

      A train arrives, a robot puts on and removes cargo. A truck arrives, a robot takes off its cargo, then puts on the correct cargo. Trucks are often chosen due to time delays in the network, and the costs of inefficient processes. The costs are more with the choice to use trains, or Buisiness would use trains if the finances worked. When factories like Fonterra use trains it’s because it’s in a process designed and integrated with rail. Easily out performing trucks as a option.

      Increasing connectivity.

      The more connected the rail network the more realistic minimising truck use becomes. Adding light rail connecting bigger non rail connected towns as a start. Underground light rail connected to suburb town centres, industrial areas, courier hubs, airports, ports, main rail hubs.

      Full electrification of the network including battery powered trains.

      Intercity buses could also be replaced with a standard and lite gauge using rail using EV buses.

      • cleangreen 17.1.1

        DJ Ward.

        Yes as a climate denier you would say that and you are off the mark sadly.

        Firstly you have no concerns about the tyre pollution to humans and environment/ice cap melting do you?

        That is disturbing.

        And where did it say I advocated for connectivity and farm gate rail service?

        Go look at the way transport/connectivity was structured in NZ in the l;ast 40 yrs.

        Then you will see where your National party went the wrong way.

        First they allowed the closure of many factories around NZ that was close to rail lines and “centralised the whole system for “efficiency” but they forgot that eventually without rail truck freight would eventually prove to expensive and now the Road Transport Form Ken Shirley is howling at the cost of taxes on truck freight.

        Well if he had backed rail instead we would have a rail and local truck delivery and pickup like we had firstly again and the cost to freight would become cheaper while saving lives cost of road repairs and use far less carbon emissions so you cant fight that model that was always the ‘best practice’ used world wide now and before so the only thing you said right was ‘humans have something to do with the problem’ – yes indeed they are.

        • greywarshark

          Encouraging people groping their way to an understanding of how we can change to cope with our looming future, is the best way. It doesn’t do to crush the process and throw negatives around. It is so easy to poison a well, why would you do it?

          Can we have more positives, with you inserting your further ideas. Each move of mind should result in a step-up for that person and all readers of the post, of which there may be many out in the wop-wops of the outer ether.

    • Tricledrown 17.2

      Clean green politics is pragmatic change is relative to support pick on those who don’t support the greens otherwise you are just sabotaging any progress.

  18. Sabine 18

    so what do we think about white Christmas? it is gonna be a happening thing?

  19. Sacha 19

    Publisher making two of Harry Leslie Smith’s books, including “Harry’s Last Stand” free to download via ebook services this weekend only – links for each provider (Amazon, Apple, Google, etc) in the tweets following this one: https://twitter.com/iconbooks/status/1068473889246887936

  20. joe90 20

    After spending the last 2+ years lying about it’s existence, tRrump defends his potential 2016 Russia deal as very legal & very cool.


  21. greywarshark 21

    Thinking about Prof Brady and Chinese reaction to fair comment and facts.

    Read http://www.kiwipolitico.com/2018/11/left-compass-lost/
    …the independent minded expat Chinese community in NZ, who remain silent in the face of threats against them here as well as against their families and associates back on the mainland. It behooves readers to read, watch and listen to the Mandarin-language media here in NZ (even if needing translators) because the rhetoric employed by these outlets –which Brady has pointed out are with the exception of the Falun Gong mouthpiece Epoch Times all controlled by CCP-linked United Front organisations –is hostile to the point of threatening towards all those who do not toe the Party line

  22. Dennis Frank 22

    “A smiling Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen high-fiving Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the G-20 Summit. Source: AP” https://www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/video.cfm?c_id=280&gal_cid=280&gallery_id=201356

    Blecchh!!! Putin sends big signal to the watching world!! Anyone here still thinks the dude’s a good guy better think again!

    • Andre 22.1

      They immediately sat down to what was no doubt a pleasant discussion. About their favourite journalists, perhaps.

    • greywarshark 22.3

      Show me your list of big power good guys Dennis Frank.

      • Ad 22.3.1

        Some are better than others, irrespective of their “power”.

        • greywarshark

          OK short and sweet Ad. But I was thinking about a list. I don’t find the leader or major political poseur of the UK, USA, China, Russia much chop.
          Who do you like for the podium?

          • Ad

            Don’t like any of them.
            For just the four you named my least worst in order would be:

            – May
            – Trump
            – Putin
            – Xi

      • Dennis Frank 22.3.2

        Yeah, I do a sporadic complaint about it now & then. I think the one a few months back mentioned we hadn’t had a top western leader being an authentic statesman since the post WWII era, or something like that. You know, Eisenhower’s warning the American public about the threat of his own military-industrial complex, Kennedy facing down Kruschev. At the non-top-level we got Havel & I do rate Mandela a genuine statesman. Always possible, regardless that power structures tend to deselect them.

        • greywarshark

          Does Angela Merkel rate – she seems to have held Germany together and attempted to deal with overwhelming problems for some time?

          I do like Yanis Varoufakis as offering some way out of the financial maze that the EU seems to be wedded to.

          • Dennis Frank

            Merkel has a track record as a competent manager. A statesman has a comprehensive overview at the top level, capacity to act on that basis, does so with appropriate effect, and earns a reputation above all other contenders on that basis. Within that mix there must also be moral guidance, which all involved recognise as being right (in the common interest).

            Varoufakis has the right global view: “To achieve progressive goals on a global scale, from worker rights to climate justice, we must reclaim the international institutions and deploy them to deliver an International Green New Deal.” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/dec/01/liberal-world-order-new-international-yanis-varoufakis-david-adler

            And with Sanders he’s developed an appropriate action plan: “That is why DiEM25 and the Sanders Institute have launched the Progressive International movement: to mobilize people around the world to transform the global order and the institutions that shape it.” https://www.progressive-international.org/

            “A reinvigorated United Nations, with a security council elected from a UN assembly comprising not just government appointees but also citizens from around the world, should forge binding commitments to swift ecological transition.”

            However he hasn’t yet been able to persuade other key players to join his team. A statesman has the charisma and gravitas to make that happen. We’re not seeing evidence that he’s got what it takes. For instance, I haven’t noticed Corbyn endorsing the above prescription!

  23. greywarshark 23

    I bought some Bic pens and on the back is a promotion they are doing.

    ‘Join BICs Mission to Save Handwriting!

    That’s sense. People doing it for themselves needs to be a new catchcry.

  24. DJ Ward 24

    RIP George H.W. Bush.

    • Muttonbird 24.1

      What will be his legacy? Desert Shield and that’s about it.

      • Sabine 24.1.1

        Bush junior and Jeb!

      • Incognito 24.1.2

        George W. Bush

      • DJ Ward 24.1.3

        Service is one thing. His war service. His being a self made man. A long period of service in government. He as we are both aware, did some good things and bad things. Just like everybody else does. Overall he was a good man trying do good things for the people he represented and had the character of a gentleman in public and in private. I give some thanks for that as an example for any young person.

        • Sabine

          oh you mean Zapata, who was most likely a conduit for CIA money and operations. Or you mean being born into a privileged family of which Granpa almost was convicted for treason, going to super posh all boys school n such?

          Bush the elder was no more selfmade then Trump. Both were born fairly well off, and then continued to make money the respectable way, inherited.

          As for his war service, so did literally any man born into these times that were drafted to fight. I have more respect for those that refused to fight, cause that took guts, real guts.

          a good diary here by DK writer Meteor Blades

          Bush was not a ‘nice’ man. He was a company man, he was owned lock stock n barrel, as are his sons. None of them did this world any good in any which way.

    • Ad 24.2

      – Negotiated NAFTA
      – Pushed Saddan out of Kuwait with UN mandate and 30 member coalition and did not destroy Iraq
      – Pushed out Noriega
      – Spectacularly popular as a result of those wars
      – Total Republican gentleman

      – Total Nixon defender
      – CIA to his fingernails, but given much stronger oversight by Ford’s directive 11905
      – Ran the economy down, and spent all his popularity on not much of worth
      – Given the ass after one term by Clinton
      – Father to a generation of mediocre Bush politicians

      • DJ Ward 24.2.1

        Your Buts.
        He had a public service role and that was to support the President. I believe he told Nixon to resign.

        CIA Director.
        He had a public service role. One that is probably extremely difficult with life and death decisions. His mistakes probably affected him, like it would if we had that job.

        Yes he wasn’t strong on that plus using opportunity of developement by wasting it on war.

        Lost election.
        After 12 years of a Republican President. Time for change.

        160 million American males will never raise a child to become president. Just 4 since he ended his official public service. Sorry 3.

        • Ad

          Bush led the Republican Party and was a staunch defender of a criminal President who resigned in disgrace.

          Bush needed controlling as CIA Director, so the Ford directive again the entire intelligence comity put him in his place, as was totally appropriate.

          Lost election despite 90% popularity during the Gulf War. Shit at being President.

          Father of mediocre leadership. None of them generated goodness in the world. The world would have been better off if none of them had ever been elected to office at all. I’ve seen better public servants in the New Lynn library.

      • millsy 24.2.2

        Would point out that Iraq had been involved in an 8 year war with Iran that had taken a huge toll on it’s military and economy. Saddam’s army was exhausted and the 1991 Gulf war was more of a massacre than anything else.

        • Ad

          How does that bear on evaluating BGH Bush’s presidential record on his death?

          • Sabine

            that generally Americans are not good at winning wars unless they get help, or the enemy is already on the ground. And for what its worth, the US and its spineless helpers should have never invaded Iraq at the time, and then should have never invaded Iraq the second time around.

            For what its worth, bush the elder and bush the younger both got their invasion with all that jazz and jizz and non of them ever defeated the country. They created misery and mayhem, and they still have not won anything, nor created any lasting legacy.

            they were both spectacular shitty presidents in a whole slew of shitty presidents.

            • McFlock

              They’re pretty good at winning conventional wars.

              Just complete shit at counter-insurgency and empire maintenance.

  25. Ad 25

    Good article at The Intercept on Mueller’s investigation closing in around President Trump very quickly:


    • DJ Ward 25.1

      So can any body tell me what would be wrong with me doing Buisiness deals in Russia. I can’t work out what’s wrong with it. Would any of Trumps deals he has done in other countries count, why not? are they not just the same things.

      I don’t understand the paranoia. It’s not like Trumps smashing up hard drives.

      • Ad 25.1.1


        Are you aware of the difference between being a businessman and being the President of the United States?

        The United States has a specific set of rules known as sanctions – some mandated by Congress, some others by the UN – against Russia.

        Here, this set of briefings from the US State Department will help you:


        Donald Trump needed to be aware of those from 2014 since he was auditioning in 2015 and 2016 to be the person who would represent those state positions.

        But he didn’t.

        He just wanted to to keep cutting deals.

        • Macro

          Not only was Trump hoping to get Russian finance to build a tower opposite the Kremlin with his name on it – which was the only way that was going to happen, but part of the sweetener was to be a $50m penthouse for Vlad! Furthermore he still had skin in the game in June 2016 but Donald Jnr and others have told Congress that the deal had fallen through long before then. This was a lie and as such is an indictable offence.

          • Macro

            “It’s a loud message to everybody that is interviewed by our committee, regardless of where that prosecution comes from: If you lie to us, we’re going to go after you. Our mandate is at the end of this to get as close to the clear truth as we possibly can, and we can’t do it on conjecture. We’ve got to do it on facts.”

            In his plea deal, Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, admitted that he lied about negotiations he had about building a Trump Tower in Moscow. Those discussions about the real estate project occurred well into the 2016 presidential campaign, while Cohen represented Trump in business dealings.

            Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Thursday that the committee had made multiple criminal referrals to Mueller, but added “we’re not going to talk about any individuals.”

            Some of the key people interviewed by the committee include Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, and Donald Trump Jr.


      • Macro 25.1.2

        Why Michael Cohen’s Trump Tower Moscow revelation matters, in under 500 words
        A small guide to a really big deal.


        This is bad for Trump. Cohen says he aimed to secure a lucrative business deal with Russians closely linked with Putin on Trump’s behalf during the 2016 presidential election — all while Trump was repeatedly championing better Washington-Moscow ties in campaign speeches.

        What’s worse, it’s entirely possible Trump knew a close confidant willingly lied to Congress.


      • Gabby 25.1.3

        They’re just using the hard drives because apparently it’s not an issue any more. Inexplicably dud4.

        [Gabby, DJ isn’t Dad. TRP]

  26. DJ Ward 26

    Most likely, but maybe a conspiracy theory.
    His granpa, not him.
    Rich kid yes but he leveraged that opportunity. He was a self made man, he created his own Buisiness. You need to look at the start of his adult life.

    War has often not been an option for men. In fact women lurked the streets with feathers looking for cowards. Demanding they suffer, maim themselves, and die to protect them while lived in relative comfort. He was a volunteer putting his life on the line in the service of his country.

    You are looking at this mans actions from one perspective. He did many good things, made many good decisions. He broke the ice with China, supported German reunification, events that led to profound change to all our lives. He did lots of charity work post being president.

    He is not responsible for his sons actions. The deposing of Saddam was not his decision. He didn’t decide to invade Afganistan.

    Sadam Hussain forced the company hand with Kuwait. Supported by most nations.
    Things like global warming was hardly discussed in his era. He never got a Government report proving man made Climate Change. Judging the actions of people in the past shouldn’t be by today’s reality or understanding.

    • DJ Ward 26.1

      Sorry that was for Sabine 24 1 3 1

      • Sabine 26.1.1

        He has his record, that speaks for him. And no, he did not need to start a war for Oil, and his son did not have a valid reason to continue the war on Oil and on the Iraquis.

        Essentially the man was bad, he was born to money – indisputable, grew up with all the white male privilege his time had to offer, never had to actually work for anything, and eventually ended up president, of which really he did not do a good job by any standard. If you want to see self made, i suggest you look to Oprah Winfrey. Now there you have self made. Every cent of it.

        Supported t he German reunification? what was he to do? drop a bomb? Short of shooting people in the main squares on Monday nights during hte weekly protests, there was nothing the East Germans (SED, Volkspolizei) could do to prevent the unification. And no, Poppa Bush did nothing, absolutely nothing to bring that about. It was the women protesting the Afghan war in Russia, hiding their sons so that they would not be send to war, protesting every day anywhere in what was then the USSR and the people of East Germany, Hungary, Poland etc that brought down the iron Curtain, the Yanks did nothing. You might want to read up on these times in Europe, they were pretty interesting.

        He is responsible for his sons actions, he raised his sons, he influenced his sons, and i am sure he advised them. Then there was also …..Saddam tried to kill my Daddy, never mind Rumsfeld delivering the weapons a decade earlier for Saddam to fight the Iranians.

        China, as i recall it was his good friend Nixon who went there first, Poppa just followed in the footstep of an honest crook before him.

        The man was rich trash, could not give a flying fuck about anyone not named Bush, inherited his lifestyle and earned his position thanks to his name, inheritance and family connections.

        Still every man, every women who ever opposed a war, earned their own keep, did not lie, steal and plunder another country for oil has more honor in their little finger then this guy had in his whole body. Other then that, may he rest in peace.

  27. Ed 27

    Bomber Bradbury is right
    We need a radical Green Socialist Party if we are to deal with climate change.

    • Ed 27.1

      An excerpt from an important article by Bomber.
      It would be good to see more emphasis on climate change on this site, rather than conversations by the Woke Left on identity politics.
      The future of humanity is a little more pressing!

      “Climate change and its impacts are far more dangerous than currently acknowledged and only a radical populist response can unseat the vested corporate interests that create the current political and economic inertia. As more and more climate events occur at faster and faster rates, voters will turn on the current hegemony, the question is who will harvest that anger and fear, the Left or the Right?

      …….Politically we need a radical Green Socialist Party. The Middle Class Woke Identity Politics vehicle we have with the current Green Party is a sad joke that alienates more than it recruits. While they bicker about reclaiming the word ‘cunt’ and deciding which pronoun to use for Trans gender rights, the planet melts. Building every Millennial micro-aggression into a war crime doesn’t do a fucking thing to combat climate change.

      What few Green Party voters even recognise is that the current Green Party is built upon free market economics, so we need a new radical Green Socialism Party with one goal and one goal only – radical populist climate change adaption that utterly rejects neoliberalism.”

      The article is here.
      I’ll look at in more depth tomorrow


    • McFlock 27.2

      OK. Might be a good thing to have.

      So it needs:

      a party structure,

      500 members,

      and 150,000 voters (although even 30,000 would scare the shit out of established parties and shift them more left and green).

      Also preferably a decent fundraising infrastructure.

      Anything else?

  28. lprent 28

    If anyone is still hanging around and wondering why the site keeps coming up and down, I’m fixing a problem in the OS update system.

  29. eco maori 29

    Kia ora R & R Clint I’m not getting into that debate but people can have there reality’s/ options change I did a good post on cambridge analytical that is a major threat artificial intelligence is were its at.
    Voting online and compulsory voting is the way to go like Australia.
    Land line polling is not accurate.
    The Amercian election’s are distorted by election boundary’s being drawn by gop party who have lost the majority vote in the last 4 election cycles
    The neo carbon barons want a pro carbon climate change deniers as a governments all around the world. Ka kite ano .trump lost power in the mid term elections now they can make him accountable for his cheating .True Kiwis are more polite than most

  30. eco maori 30

    Kia ora The Hui when you have a goverment that has put money before there voters well being well we can see they have made a big mess we just had one person putting down our youth to justifie importing cheap labour.
    Yes tamariki need love and hope .
    Bullies are made by other bullys and that correct they the same love and hope .
    I was the untidiest poorest kid at school other kids tried to bully me but it was like water of a rakiraki back why because my whano bullied me since I was nine. I was lucky I was given a strong back Honky nick was my name.
    Ka kite ano

  31. eco maori 31

    Some Eco Maori Music for the minute

  32. eco maori 32

    Kia ora Marare Ka pai to Maori Music I tau toko te tangata whenua O Aotearoa waita .
    Lance I think I know the massage your are trying to get out there is.
    Our health systems for Maori need to have a maori wairua the health system need to be revamped may be health centers for maori .
    When one goes it the health system some staff are showing there discrimination just by the way they look at us and the way they talk to us so some people won’t seek help until there health problem has gotten close to life or death or very bad so some aliment that could have been treated with medicine ends up with hospitalization.
    In my view we need to change thing’s an have the tangata whenua seek help as soon as the feel sick not weeks later as the cost on the persons health and the health system explodes .
    Solution have maori treat maori when one goes into a health center a maori nurse check’s the person asap make us feel at easy if there is a problem the nurse can’t treat so be it if the doctor needs to see the person hopefully there is a understanding preferable one who understands maori culture person to treat the patient .
    I think one has to look outside the square box to get maori health stats to improve dramatically.
    Willy we know you have maori’s best interest at heart just .
    Communication is needed if a patient is not at ease they will not communicate well and the treatment could be misdiagnosed Ka kite ano P.S better late than never Scotty 501

  33. eco maori 33

    I see the sandflys payed for the LGBTI awards they paid for the top 2 awards sending money on there image instead of changing there culture it would cost a lot less.
    The sandflys break my human rights every minute of the day and everyone can see this they have cost me $50 k in lost business I have had other business opportunity and the have poured there hate on those opportunity’s .There attitude is who cares you just a broke heaven maori . I there harresment of me they has caused 2 couples to break up.
    They cry and blame Eco Maori because they are getting there our wai sprayed in there faces from tawhirimate the big picture is they started this bullshit cheating MAN HUNT and I’m not going to cower and hide because they are to thick to see the big picture they are the ones behaving in a criminal manna not thee I not Eco Maori so any bad wairua /karma they get well they should all take a good look in the mirror ANA TO KAI.
    Ka kite ano P.S they have a lot of staff leaving and the people who don’t trust them is 40%

  34. eco maori 34

    Some Eco Maori Music for the minute

  35. eco maori 35


  36. Eco Maori 36

    Kia ora Newshub there are some idiots out there who do dumb stuff the Bredon brother lies of his death muppets they new they would get heaps of hits.
    Its sad that those people who lost there house in the floods. It would not have been so bad if we did not have a climate change denier in the lead for the last 9 years.
    Condolences to Ex President Bush snr whano for there loss of him he.
    The far right playing up in France again.
    I say climate change is the main cause of all the Whales stranding life is a finely ballance force.
    That math teacher looks like a national supporter.
    Well I will never let a car drive me anywhere I know how easy they can be hacked I like the tweel tyrers on the cars.
    Niki & Andrew it’s been a good weekend for Aotearoa sports Mana Wahine Ka kite ano

  37. eco maori 37

    Some Eco Maori Music for the minute

  38. eco maori 38

    Eco Maori say that all the children around the World should strike for the futures.
    And all teachers who know human caused climate change is a real threat should support them in there quest for a happy healthy future.
    ka kite ano.

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  • Budget lifts up to 14,000 children out of poverty
    Child Support rules to be reformed lifting an estimated 6,000 to 14,000 children out of poverty Support for immediate and essential dental care lifted from $300 to $1,000 per year Increased income levels for hardship assistance to extend eligibility Budget 2022 takes further action to reduce child poverty and ...
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    1 day ago
  • A booster for RNA research and development
    More support for RNA research through to pilot manufacturing RNA technology platform to be created to facilitate engagement between research and industry partners Researchers and businesses working in the rapidly developing field of RNA technology will benefit from a new research and development platform, funded in Budget 2022. “RNA ...
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    1 day ago
  • Unleashing business potential across NZ
    A new Business Growth Fund to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow Fully funding the Regional Strategic Partnership Fund to unleash regional economic development opportunities Tourism Innovation Programme to promote sustainable recovery Eight Industry Transformation Plans progressed to work with industries, workers and iwi to transition ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Securing the wellbeing of Pacific communities
    Budget 2022 further strengthens the economic foundations and wellbeing outcomes for Pacific peoples in Aotearoa, as the recovery from COVID-19 continues. “The priorities we set for Budget 2022 will support the continued delivery of our commitments for Pacific peoples through the Pacific Wellbeing Strategy, a 2020 manifesto commitment for Pacific ...
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    1 day ago
  • Government delivers timely support for whānau
    Boost for Māori economic and employment initiatives. More funding for Māori health and wellbeing initiatives Further support towards growing language, culture and identity initiatives to deliver on our commitment to Te Reo Māori in Education  Funding for natural environment and climate change initiatives to help farmers, growers and whenua ...
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    1 day ago
  • Government delivers critical infrastructure
    New hospital funding for Whangārei, Nelson and Hillmorton 280 more classrooms over 40 schools, and money for new kura $349 million for more rolling stock and rail network investment The completion of feasibility studies for a Northland dry dock and a new port in the Manukau Harbour Increased infrastructure ...
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    1 day ago
  • A health system that takes care of Māori
    $168 million to the Māori Health Authority for direct commissioning of services $20.1 million to support Iwi-Māori Partnership Boards $30 million to support Māori primary and community care providers $39 million for Māori health workforce development Budget 2022 invests in resetting our health system and gives economic security in ...
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    1 day ago
  • Investing in better health services
    Biggest-ever increase to Pharmac’s medicines budget Provision for 61 new emergency vehicles including 48 ambulances, along with 248 more paramedics and other frontline staff New emergency helicopter and crew, and replacement of some older choppers $100 million investment in specialist mental health and addiction services 195,000 primary and intermediate aged ...
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    1 day ago
  • A Secure Future for New Zealanders’ health
    Landmark reform: new multi-year budgets for better planning and more consistent health services Record ongoing annual funding boost for Health NZ to meet cost pressures and start with a clean slate as it replaces fragmented DHB system ($1.8 billion year one, as well as additional $1.3 billion in year ...
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    1 day ago
  • Cost of living package eases impact on households – 2.1 million Kiwis to get new targeted payment
    Fuel Excise Duty and Road User Charges cut to be extended for two months Half price public transport extended for a further two months New temporary cost of living payment for people earning up to $70,000 who are not eligible to receive the Winter Energy Payment Estimated 2.1 million New ...
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    1 day ago
  • Budget highlights underlying strength of economy in face of global headwinds
    A return to surplus in 2024/2025 Unemployment rate projected to remain at record lows Net debt forecast to peak at 19.9 percent of GDP in 2024, lower than Australia, US, UK and Canada Economic growth to hit 4.2 percent in 2023 and average 2.1 percent over the forecast period A ...
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    1 day ago
  • Budget 2022: A secure future in difficult times
    Cost of living payment to cushion impact of inflation for 2.1 million Kiwis Record health investment including biggest ever increase to Pharmac’s medicines budget First allocations from Climate Emergency Response Fund contribute to achieving the goals in the first Emissions Reduction Plan Government actions deliver one of the strongest ...
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    1 day ago
  • Budget 2022: A secure future
    Budget 2022 will help build a high wage, low emissions economy that provides greater economic security, while providing support to households affected by cost of living pressures. Our economy has come through the COVID-19 shock better than almost anywhere else in the world, but other challenges, both long-term and more ...
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    1 day ago
  • Health Minister to attend World Health Assembly in Geneva
    Health Minister Andrew Little will represent New Zealand at the first in-person World Health Assembly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from Sunday 22 – Wednesday 25 May (New Zealand time). “COVID-19 has affected people all around the world, and health continues to ...
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    2 days ago
  • New efforts to counter illegal timber trade
    New Zealand is committing to trade only in legally harvested timber with the Forests (Legal Harvest Assurance) Amendment Bill introduced to Parliament today. Under the Bill, timber harvested in New Zealand and overseas, and used in products made here or imported, will have to be verified as being legally harvested. ...
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    2 days ago
  • Deaths in New Zealand lower than expected so far during the pandemic
    The Government has welcomed the release today of StatsNZ data showing the rate at which New Zealanders died from all causes during the COVID-19 pandemic has been lower than expected. The new StatsNZ figures provide a measure of the overall rate of deaths in New Zealand during the pandemic compared ...
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    2 days ago
  • New law helps secure New Zealand’s maritime domain
    Legislation that will help prevent serious criminal offending at sea, including trafficking of humans, drugs, wildlife and arms, has passed its third reading in Parliament today, Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta announced. “Today is a milestone in allowing us to respond to the increasingly dynamic and complex maritime security environment facing ...
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    3 days ago
  • Trade and Export Growth Minister to travel to Bangkok for APEC
    Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor is set to travel to Thailand this week to represent New Zealand at the annual APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT) meeting in Bangkok. “I’m very much looking forward to meeting my trade counterparts at APEC 2022 and building on the achievements we ...
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    3 days ago
  • Government welcomes historic pay-equity deal
    Settlement of the first pay-equity agreement in the health sector is hugely significant, delivering pay rises of thousands of dollars for many hospital administration and clerical workers, Health Minister Andrew Little says. “There is no place in 21st century Aotearoa New Zealand for 1950s attitudes to work predominantly carried out ...
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    3 days ago
  • Government delivers new ICU space at Christchurch Hospital
    Health Minister Andrew Little opened a new intensive care space for up to 12 ICU-capable beds at Christchurch Hospital today, funded from the Government’s Rapid Hospital Improvement Programme. “I’m pleased to help mark this milestone. This new space will provide additional critical care support for the people of Canterbury and ...
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    3 days ago
  • Next steps for specialist mental health and addiction services
    Budget 2022 will continue to deliver on Labour’s commitment to better services and support for mental wellbeing. The upcoming Budget will include a $100-million investment over four years for a specialist mental health and addiction package, including: $27m for community-based crisis services that will deliver a variety of intensive supports ...
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    3 days ago
  • 195,000 children set to benefit from more mental health support
    Budget 2022 will continue to deliver on Labour’s commitment to better mental wellbeing services and support, with 195,000 primary and intermediate aged children set to benefit from the continuation and expansion of Mana Ake services. “In Budget 2022 Labour will deliver on its manifesto commitment to expand Mana Ake, with ...
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    3 days ago
  • Belarusian leaders and defence entities targeted under latest round of sanctions
    Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta has today announced sanctions on Belarusian leaders and defence entities supporting Russia’s actions in Ukraine, as part of the Government’s ongoing response to the war. “The Belarusian government military is enabling the illegal and unacceptable assault on Ukraine’s sovereignty,” Nanaia Mahuta said.  “Under the leadership of ...
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    4 days ago
  • Queen's Platinum Jubilee Tree planting event at Government House
    Just after World War 2, there were incentives to clear forest and bring land into agricultural production. In places, the land had been stripped bare as forests were felled for sheep grazing. Today, you only have to look at the hills around Taihape and see the stumps of a once ...
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    4 days ago