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Daily Review 30/11/2018

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, November 30th, 2018 - 42 comments
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42 comments on “Daily Review 30/11/2018 ”

  1. Kat 1

    China-man got hit on head with flying plate… Ow! he said, what Kung Fu dat!?

  2. SPC 2

    Three reasons we had no choice but to exclude Huawei from 5G

    1. China is well known for stealing other countries/corporate stuff and its corporates have to work for them (help them do this)

    AND 5G technology is designed to allow traffic to be handled with more intelligence at cellphone towers, THUS security risk is greater.

    We would not want our new tech start ups to lose their innovative edge, nor would we want it to be easier for China to blackmail government staff etc by knowing stuff.

    2. Once stronger than now economically, then militarily, China will challenge the status quo it is not happy with – the longer this is delayed the more stable our environment is. As with climate change, the slower this process the better. The longer the period without conflict the better.

    This has nothing to do with siding with the US and Oz, but prolonging the period in which where we do not have to choose.

    3. China gives us nothing – Oz is in bed with the USA but get a better FTA than us (never gave them the right to buy housing etc, better dairy access etc etc). THey do not favour our being more even handed – they just see us as weak and dependent (like nations they give loans too then take over land and resources). We should try at least stop them from seeing us as an easy touch.

    ++++. China would have done the same, if it was foreign tech inside China (esp tech that involved gathering up their information to an outside country, so they cannot complain.
    +++++The other tech providers have no motive, (and in the case of the Americans they already have access).

    • One Two 2.1

      Any thoughts on the health safety and environmental impacts of 5G networks?

      Do you understand the technical and infrastructural requirements to support high frequency transfer of data?

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    Video Games Consume More Electricity Than 25 Power Plants Can Produce

    So just how big is gaming’s environmental footprint? Globally, PC gamers use about 75 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year, equivalent to the output of 25 electric power plants. (And that doesn’t include console games.) In the United States, games consumes $6 billion worth of electricity annually—more power than electric water heaters, cooking appliances, clothes dryers, dishwashers, or freezers. As the report concludes, “video gaming is among the very most intensive uses of electricity in homes.” And more power means more greenhouse gas emissions: American gamers emit about 12 million tons of carbon dioxide annually—the equivalent of about 2.3 million passenger cars. Games are rated for things like sex and violence, Mills points out, but games and gear are “silent on their carbon footprint.”

    I’m avid gamer – have been for decades. I’ve been building my own PCs to do it and, like all people who build their own systems to game knows, you have to look at power consumption.

    Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. “There is the potential to save a lot of energy with very little effort and little to no effect with the quality or experience,” says Jimmy Mai, a computer technician and one of the project’s principal testers. An avid gamer, Mai’s job was to set up the equipment every day and then play the games, diving into some titles he’d always wanted to explore, like League of Legends, World of Tanks, and The Witcher III (“a beautiful game,” says Mai, who jokes that this was “sort of a dream project”). Gaming equipment “is constantly being revised, becoming more energy efficient, and becoming more powerful in some cases,” Mai says. Mills notes that by simply changing out the lab’s graphics cards and power supply units, his team could reduce its energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent—with no reduction in the games’ performance.

    This is the advance of technology. As CPUs and graphics cards are miniaturised more and more they use less power for the same processing capability. Many modern CPUs, despite being many times more powerful than some older CPUs, actually use less power.

    Then there’s groups such as the 80 Plus which certifies PC PSUs as meeting minimum standards.

    Then we get to the real point: It’s not the use of power that’s the problem. It’s the generation from fossil fuels.

    Articles like this are all about pointing fingers at others to blame them.

    • alwyn 3.1

      “PC gamers use about 75 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year”.
      What a trivial amount. That is merely a rounding error when compared to the amount used in mining bitcoins, isn’t it?

      I can’t really be bothered checking the accuracy of these numbers, and luckily the value of the bitcoin has slumped remarkably in the last few weeks but a couple of estimates were given as being about 20,000 gigawatt hours/ year quoted by Forbes in January 2018

      or an even more horrendous 52,000 gigawatt hours on Wednesday this week.

      These were equivalent to the total consumption of Ireland and Bangladesh respectively.
      They are, if my sleepy mind is calculating accurately, about 280 times or 670 times the numbers for gamers.
      Anyone think that bitcoins should be banned, and that gamers usage can be safely ignored?

      • Draco T Bastard 3.1.1

        I think BitCoin should be banned but for reasons around fraud and the propensity for private currencies to trash the economy. Once that’s done there’ll be no mass use of PCs to mine BitCoin and thus utilise huge amounts of resources to achieve nothing at all.

        Gamers power usage isn’t an issue – unless countries keep building more fossil fuelled power generation and, IIRC, most countries are building more renewable.

        As I said – it’s not so much the use of power as the generation.

    • JohnSelway 3.2

      “I’m avid gamer – have been for decades.”

      What do you enjoy playing? Here’s something we might find common ground on.

      Currently I’m playing:

      DOOM (2016) – Love it. Fast and fucking brutal
      Minecraft – been playing it on and off for years
      Fallout 4
      Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition – a total classic I can play over and over in different ways
      Doom 3 – Just something to keep me occupied even though I have completed it twice. Just love the atmosphere of dread
      Civ 5 – haven’t upgraded to 6 yet because I still love the 5th edition with the expansions
      Alan Wake – a very moody psychological l thriller

      Think that’s it for the moment. How’s about yourself?

      • mickysavage 3.2.1

        Starcraft II and my home PC is engineered to consume lots of power.

        I’m feeling guilty …

        • JohnSelway

          Never tried Starcraft.

          I cut my teeth as a young man on Alley Cat, Into the Eagles Nest and the first and second installments of Heros Quest/Quest for Glory (I eventually completed all 5).

          If you can remember Alley Cat, Into the Eagles Nest and Quest for Glory then welcome to my vintage 🙂

        • Ad

          My addiction of choice in my 20s was SimCity2000.

          A few weekends I started on Friday afternoon and grudgingly got in the shower Monday morning.

      • BM 3.2.2

        Any games you can recommend with lots of violence and not a lot of thinking?

        I’m after something I can relax and unwind to.

        • mickysavage

          SC1 and 2, Doom all versions, quake …

          • BM

            Tried doom, without wanting to sound like Goldilocks, it was a bit too one dimensional.

            Loved Rage, that sort of game really appealed, if you know of any other sort of games similar I’d love to know.

      • Draco T Bastard 3.2.3

        Civ 5 I’m still playing.
        World of Warcraft I’ve just started playing again
        World of Warships is a bit of fun
        Kerbal Space Program occasionally

        That’s it ATM

        • I feel love

          Uncharted online still appeals, 5 on 5 quick games, but if you get 2 even teams games can last longer, 15-25 minutes, just good when you want something fast, shoot ’em up without people having huge advantages, everyone fairly even tech wise. Will def buy myself Red Redemption and maybe the new online Fall Out for Xmas.

      • mpledger 3.2.4

        I kinda like stratgegy games
        Civillisation 3 or 4
        Open Transport Tycoon (since the transport debacle in Wellington)
        and old-style strategy games
        Woka-Woka/Bejewelled Stars/Critter Crunch

  4. Koff 4

    School kids left school in several Australian cities today demonstrating about inaction by the federal govt on climate change. Some impressive future leaders amongst this lot.

    • indiana 4.1

      …..until they got home and realised that renewable energies couldn’t provide a cheaper and stable power supply to recharge their electronic devices or hours of fun they get from gaming consoles….

  5. SPC 5

    The Waimea Dam.

    So a dam between fault lines is being built, placing homes at risk.

    Will insurance companies reprice the premiums or end cover?

    Can those impacted sue the government for loss of proerty value or at least demand affordable insurance fiull compensation if the dam is damaged?

    PS People cannot work in buildings that are not safe, yet people at risk if a dam fails is OK?

    • Ed 5.1

      Terrible news.

    • Draco T Bastard 5.2

      Tasman District Council gives Waimea dam project final nod

      After a lively six-hour meeting on Friday, Tasman district councillors voted 9-5 to proceed with the controversial proposal to construct a 53m concrete-faced rockfill dam in the Lee Valley, near Nelson. The council will have a joint-venture partner in the project – Waimea Irrigators Ltd (WIL). A council-controlled organisation, Waimea Water Ltd, will deliver it.

      Wonder what the support is for it in the district.

      At the public forum before the vote, retired British chartered public sector accountant Louise Coleman, of Golden Bay, was first up and said she was not there because of a dam.

      “I’m here today because of greed and what greed can do to democracy if it’s not constrained,” Coleman said.

      Over the past 12 to 18 months, a raft of “well-qualified professional people” had presented the council with “detailed rationale” showing the Waimea dam option to be fundamentally flawed in terms of the need, the process, the information, the funding model, the cost and the solution.

      “Yet you continue to vote for it,” she said. “Today, you choose whether to support democracy or to support greed.”

      Seems that greed won again. And I bet all the people who voted for it go to church.

      JS Ewers Ltd financial manager Ursula O’Donohue said the Appleby market gardener employed 170 staff, 80 per cent of whom were permanent employees.

      The company also engaged the services of more than 260 different businesses, most of which were local.

      The economy isn’t just about jobs. It’s also about being sustainable.

      “Our business relies on water,” O’Donohue said. “Without adequate water, we cannot grow produce.”

      Which tells me that your business was not sustainable as there just wasn’t enough water. Having a dam hasn’t changed that at all as the same amount of water still falls from the sky. According to all the economic teachings around the world you should go bankrupt.

      • WILD KATIPO 5.2.1

        Good coverage from the Draco.

        … [ Seems that greed won again. And I bet all the people who voted for it go to church ] …

        But don’t you dare imply greed and hypocrisy to be an inherent quality of those who go to church or believe in Jesus Christ. Just piss right off. It was greedy humanists and cowardly temporal minor political players who put Jesus to death for their equally as temporal brownie points towards imperialist Rome.

        How dare you.

        Judas Cursed – YouTube

        Carl Anderson was brilliant. Great voice, great actor. The perfect foil for Ted Neely.

        • WILD KATIPO

          But gotta agree with the draco / dragon / lizard/ reptilian / commentators sentiments ,… to a point…but I like this song,…which negate’s the Georgia Guide stone’s …

          Yeah ,…I like it…but I like the Beatles take on it as well…

          The Beatles – Revolution – YouTube
          YouTube‎ · ‎TheBeatlesVEVO

          • WILD KATIPO


            Lets try that again and this time with feeling…

            Here ya go, in all its raw and blunt permutations, devoid of the 2018 nuances… doesn’t this seem a little more healthy than what passes for the woke left wing these days and their impotent far left wing garbage identity politics???

            The Beatles – Revolution – YouTube

      • Cinny 5.2.2

        Not keen on my rates going towards this.

        MANY in the district are against the dam, the only support appears to be from growers, vineyards and farmers on the Appleby Straight, the same ones who host nick smiths hoardings during election time.

        One of those farmers hasn’t got enough trees for his stock, never has. He irrigates all through the summer regardless of water restrictions, often you’ll be driving along and your car will get sprayed with water, water conservation is not in his vocab nor part of his practices. Die hard nat supporters, ashamed to be related to him.

        In the summer we always have a few weeks of water restrictions, been like that for decades.

        Trying to keep an open mind, it may work out.

        Apparently they are building it close to a fault line.

  6. Yeah I bet you all are scared of the Christians…Yeah I bet y’all are…you don’t even stand a chance, your twisting of laws, morality, … your efforts to induce your Satanic kingdom… what a joke.

    As if it hasn’t been all exposed years before… by the same ones you despise…the Christians ,… yet you nominal Americans, you racists, you xenophobes , you hypocrites….you are no better than those who expounded the theory of manifold destiny. Hypocrites.

    You despised the Native Americans and you despised what they told you…

    #6 – Chief Joseph – Episode 6 – YouTube
    Video for chief joseph riverwind with l a marzulli interview you tube▶ 29:06

    You foolish hypocrites.

    10 Strange Facts Concerning the Red-Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave

    You foolish , foolish hypocrites,…

    Aye ,… I leave you with the haunting sounds of Johnny Collins, and nothing more you total online scumbags… you disgust me .

    Johnny Collins – Leave Her Johnny (sea chantey) – YouTube

    • And again ,… after the Chief Joseph’s doco with A L Marzulli, … we see the appeal for an amalgamation of human participation… unity, and united action … despite the modern day’s interpretation’s of clamor for diversity ,….to wipe these evil creatures from the land….

      You think we are no different in New Zealand ?

      We are not .

      The Mahoe man was reported to be a six foot tall, cannibalistic counterpart to the Maero. They were one and the same. Approximately six foot tall, which emanated the foul smell of death , covered in red / brown hair,…the Maori warriors were afraid of them…for good reason…
      Getting Hairy with Rex Gilroy | Paranormal NZ – Haunted Auckland

      Kanangra Ranges (Australia) exploration with Rex Gilroy | Paranormal …

      Yeah , have a little think, you far right wing groubles….what do these things want from you? They don’t need your cash ,( in actual fact despise it ) … so what do they want ?….

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