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39 comments on “Open mike 04/02/2016”

  1. Andre 1

    When you dig into it, Rubio is a nastier piece of work than even Cruz is. He just puts a prettier face on it.

  2. pat 2

    we have witnessed the skirmishing of currency battles these past few years with many of the major economies attempting to manipulate their currencies through various measures ….and there has been a bit of sabre rattling around this, particularly by the US…..this prompts me to wonder…

    Is the TPPA and its sister agreement the TTIP a marshaling of the forces in preparation for an all out 1930s style trade war with China?….an unpleasant thought as a trade conflict is only a very short step away from actual conflict and if the 30s are any example , an inevitable result?

    • Bill 2.1

      Well, considering that the TPPA Article on ‘Amendments’ allows (with agreement between the parties) for the TPP provisions to have precedence over the WTO…

      I believe China is in the WTO. If it’s not, it’s on the cusp. But since, arguably, one intention of the TPP is to undermine or gut the ‘authority’ of the WTO should it contradict the TPP…

  3. Chooky 3

    ‘Chief editor of The Nation: No chance to regulate big banks, system has to be demolished to be fixed’

    “President Obama has delivered his final State of the Union address, praising America as the mightiest of the mighty. Yet the country is riddled with unsolved problems: racial tensions, growing financial inequality amid increasing military budgets, and many Americans feeling they have no say in national matters anymore. Ahead lies a presidential election with candidates generous on promises and claims they’ll “make America great again.” But is that going to happen? Who has the most rational course? Who’s no more than a puppet of big money – and who is fighting for votes by scaring people into submission? Today on Sophie&Co we ask these questions to the editor and publisher of The Nation magazine – Katrina vanden Heuvel.”

  4. greywarshark 4

    Coming up on Sunday at 8.15 am on Insight on Wallace Chapman.

    8:12 am Sunday 7 February: Insight: When a Child’s Home is a Car
    Lauren Baker looks into the plight of Auckland’s homeless families, who, despite having jobs, still can’t afford rents, and end up sleeping in cars, garages or on friends’ floors.
    Support workers say they’re having to turn away more families than ever, while parents themselves report troubling experiences with Housing New Zealand and the Ministry of Social Development.

    This Insight examines the safety-net for homeless families, and asks if the system really is helping those in desperate need of a home.

    And on –
    Last Sunday 31 January 2016.

    Don Brash and Jeanette Fitzsimons – Politics 2016
    7:10 AM. The former leader of the National Party, and of ACT, Dr Don Brash, and the former co-leader of the Greens, Jeanette Fitzsimons join Wallace to discuss what they think will be – or should be – the big issues on the political landscape in 2016.

  5. Draco T Bastard 6

    The argument that banks originate loans and thereby create money and additional demand was once a commonplace position. But in the 1950s, American Neoclassicals in particular began to push the view that banks are effectively just intermediaries between savers and investors; the view that banks were uniquely important in capitalism became a fringe view.

  6. Michael 7

    Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Wednesday said he would stop a sweeping Asia-Pacific agreement if he wins the White House.

    The Vermont senator blasted the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as trade ministers for the 12 trading partners in the deal gathered in New Zealand to sign it.

    “As your president, not only will I make sure that the TPP does not get implemented, I will not send any trade deal to Congress that will make it easier for corporations to outsource American jobs overseas,” Sanders said.
    If elected, Sanders said he would “fundamentally rewrite our trade policies to benefit working families, not just the CEOs of large, multinational corporations.”

    “Trade is a good thing. But trade has got to be fair. And the TPP is anything but fair,” Sanders said during a press conference in New Hampshire.

    Sanders has opposed the TPP, as well as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and permanent normal trade relations with China.

  7. Puckish Rogue 8

    Well heres something we can probably all agree on, this is a good start:

  8. cogito 9

    “Prime Minister John Key says the organisation at Te Tii Marae is “Mickey Mouse” and he won’t go there tomorrow if he is under a new gagging order.”

    “a new gagging order”? Classic, from the well known defender of free speech.

    • McFlock 9.1

      Has key started referring to himself with the “royal we”? Sounds like it.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 9.1.1

        Wedge politics. Either that or he’s just being honest and it translates as “me and my corporate colleagues”.

      • Hami Shearlie 9.1.2

        I thought that was referring to his toileting in the shower while visiting the Queen at Balmoral!! I must learn to keep up with the play!!!!

      • alwyn 9.1.3

        That is getting pretty desperate, even for you.
        You will note that when he is talking about him going there he uses the singular “”I am not going there with a gagging order and I am not going there if I can’t speak on the marae”
        The use of we is either when he is talking about his office “The advice we have had from our” or about all the people who would be there “we go there is to pay respect to the fact “. You are aware aren’t you that Finlayson was attending but that if Key isn’t going neither is he?

        I suppose you’ll next be trotting out the line that Kingi Taurua thinks he is really “King” Taurua. After all he used, by your foolish standards, the royal “we” also when he says “We didn’t want women and men”.
        In reality of course both of them are using “I” and “we” correctly.

        • McFlock

          not entirely evident listening to the broadcast in the link. Just sounded funny.

          Don’t get your knickers in a twist over it. I’m sure key’s his usual humble self /sarc

    • weka 9.2

      That’s an interesting letter. I think John Key doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘invitation’ and has decided he can dictate terms. Arrogant git.

      He’s also acting as if this is personal, but the letter clearly states the boundaries apply to all political parties.

      • Puckish Rogue 9.2.1

        Bollix, hes the PM of NZ so no I don’t expect him to go there and cop a gobful of whatever some jumped up over excited nothing (Hone springs to mind) wants to say but only be allowed to speak in certain areas

        • weka

          You think that manuhiri should dictate what they can do on marae? Why?

          Key doesn’t have to go to the political tent and korero. He can still go onto the marae, be welcomed and speak (just not about politics). That’s up to him if he chooses as Prime Minister not to go. But he’s not king and he doesn’t get to rule and say what should happen. From reading the letter, it sounds like he’s lucky to have an invite at all.

          The only reason he won’t speak in the political tent is because he knows it’s will be full of people who disagree with him. Doesn’t have much guts our PM.

          This isn’t about Hone. You obviously have very little respect for the authority of the marae people to organise on their own land according to their own ways, or for Māori in general if you think that PM shouldn’t front up and listen to what Māori have to say.

          • Puckish Rogue

            “hes lucky to have an invite”

            They’re lucky hes still considering going, hes the news not them, without him there there’ll be less media, without him there’ll be less reason for the play acting from the usual kiddies (sorry protests from the usual adults) without him those same bludgers won’t get on the TV

            and that’s what its about, getting a couple of minutes on TV

            • weka

              Wow, you are either very ignorant about what Waitangi Day is and who is there, or you are intentionally insulting all Māori who attend. This is deeply disrespectful in a way that’s beggars belief. If you genuinely believe that all Waitangi Day is is a chance for radicals to get up and protest you need to educate yourself. Hint, it’s not a day designed around Pākehā conceits like yours.

        • McFlock

          there goes that tory sense of entitlement again.

          PM or not, normal guests stick to the rules.

          • Puckish Rogue

            In that case make sure you’re not being incredibly rude to your guests in the first place, goes both way

            • McFlock

              Saying a politician should speak in the political area seems reasonable enough to me.

              It’s as close to a lying bastard’s tent as they can manage to accommodate his particular needs.

              • alwyn

                “It’s as close to a lying bastard’s tent as they can manage”.
                No no. My understanding is that it really is a “lying bastard’s tent”.
                It is Hone’s tent isn’t it?

                “Ngapuhi co-chairman Rudy Taylor said he was surprised Mr Key’s speaking rights had been revoked”.
                It is hard to see what is going on as anything other than Micky Mouse isn’t it? Can anyone send letters to the Prime Minister on behalf of Ngapuhi without even consulting with the other ones involved.

                • McFlock

                  I suppose that an equivalent to “I know you are but what am I” is about the level of originality we can expect from your fine self.

                  Mickey mouse? Meh. Whatever. I’m sure everyone involved is heartbroken at the description. Although under the TPPA the disney corporation might have issues with the appropriation of the brand.

            • weka

              Did you read the letter? Sounded polite and generous to me all things considered, unlike that disgraceful attempt at macho politics that came from his Chief of Staff.

  9. Dialey 10

    PM not going to Waitangi

    • McFlock 10.1

      toys, say goodbye to cot yet again

      • North 10.1.1

        Love it Flock……. bitch Key gets all very legs crossed and there’s been 24 hours of creature Max saying – “Nah, fuck dem Dad…..fuck DEM ! And fuck the


      • North 10.1.2

        Love it Flock……. bitch Key gets all very legs crossed and there’s been 24 hours of creature Max saying – “Nah, fuck dem Dad…..fuck DEM ! And fuck the


      • North 10.1.3

        Love it Flock……. bitch Key gets all very legs crossed and there’s been 24 hours of creature Max saying – “Nah, fuck dem Dad…..fuck DEM ! And fuck the


  10. Grindlebottom 11

    If Key doesn’t go there may actually be more people happy than unhappy about it. When it comes to argy bargy I reckon we must have the most long-running potentially risky “national day” of any country.

    I don’t like Key but he’s PM and on balance I reckon he should just forget it & go somewhere else like Clarke did.

  11. feijoa 12

    OR, he could send his office….

  12. Gangnam Style 13

    Todd Mcclay just said on John Campbells Checkpoint that Maori were one of the only indigenous people who get a mention in the TPPA out of all the other TPPA countries, like it is a good thing. He also said there was nothing to worry about because nothing has really been signed anyway.

    • lprent 13.1

      That is the usual National line. Ignore it and hope it goes away.

      However in this case I think that it is ignore it and let it get a lot worse.

      • Gangnam Style 13.1.1

        I was just astounded that Mcclay would think Maori would be happy selling out their indigenous brothers & sisters. Really shows how the Tories think, selfish bastards.

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