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86 comments on “Open mike 06/11/2015 ”

  1. RedLogix 1

    George HW Bush has a new autobiography confirming what many already knew – that Rumsfield and Cheney were very dangerous and damaging characters indeed.

    Especially during that awful first term in the aftermath of 9/11.

  2. Ad 2

    I am hearing a lot of beltway discussion about the future of Kiwirail.

    It appears to still have no future path to profitability, after billions worth of taxpayer dollars put into it.

    Helpfully NZTA doesn’t have to evaluate its motorway systems as a commercial operation to be continuously evaluated as value for money.

    Does anyone have any idea what the:

    (a) Green Party Kiwirail policy is

    (b) Labour Party Kiwirail policy is

    (c) NZFirst Kiwirail policy is

    I am also hearing and seeing on the ground a lot more non-structural cooperation between NZTA and Kiwirail.

    But even if Kiwirail and NZTA were merged, the rail system would still have an operation to run, whose profits from freight don’t generate enough to support the assets.

    Anyone got any intel?

    • Chooky 2.1

      ask Goldman Sachs…they are advising Treasury…and they have an interest in privatising national transport utilities

      • Puckish Rogue 2.1.1

        Ask Labour, you know sell it cheaply then buy it back at a more expensive price

        • savenz

          @Puckish Rogue vs the Natz sell it cheaply to mates and then make taxpayers provide corporate welfare to keep the profits up.

          • Puckish Rogue

            Well if we’re going down that route then its still a lot better then Labours sell completely 100% of of whatever it is they want and leave NZ with nothing

            Fay and Richwhite send their regards

            • McFlock

              Yes, in that regard at least key’s govt is less shitty than the 4th Labour government.

              But if “being less shitty than lab4” is the government’s goal, they might want to find a goal that actually involves good governance.

        • Crashcaart

          Wow normally a lie isn’t so hard to refute but here you go.

          NZ Rail was sold in 1993

          By the then National Governement

          So National sell it cheap. The private owners run it into the ground and the Labour government buys it back before it is completely destroyed. National government proceed to run it into the ground again.

          • Draco T Bastard


            • Rodel

              Amazes me how National party supporters think they can lie and expect people to believe them.
              But what really amazes is how gullible people can be, actually accept what Tories say… gulp –and then vote for them.
              I guess Blair and Bush got away with it. Why should we be any different?

          • John Shears

            @ Crashcart
            Your first link “NZ Rail sold 1993” leaves out the fact that TOLL Holdings got out of the deal after they had run down the rail system but when the Govt of the day bought it back for $658? Million they kept the delivery service which had been buiit up by NZ Rail over many years and they (Toll) still operate in Auckland at least. So Tranzrail can not offer a door to door service as they used to be able to, at least not under their own direct control.

            • Draco T Bastard

              Fairly pathetic attempt at distraction from the truths there:

              FACT: National sold rail
              FACT: Private enterprise then ran it down for profit
              FACT: Government had to buy rail back because of it’s centrality to transportation into the future causing more profit to the private enterprise that ran it down
              FACT: National still running down rail for the profit of the trucking firms against the will and benefit of NZ

        • Ad

          Got any actual facts on Kiwirail’s future?

          • John Shears

            @AD No not really but I can say that Toll has been bought by Japan Post Co. Ltd.on 25.5.2015 .

            Perhaps we should sell Tranzrail to them also that might suit the present Government who are a little short on funds.

            Poor joke see DTB comment below I agree 100%

        • Draco T Bastard

          The fact that it was sold in the first place was a result of the ideology that you follow. None of our assets should ever have been sold and they should have been kept as monopolies as that’s the most efficient form for them. This is, in fact, one of the reasons why they were set up as monopolies in the first place.

          Competition simply doesn’t work with natural monopolies and that means that they must be state owned and operated as services at cost.

          List of natural monopolies:

          * Water
          * Power
          * Health
          * Telecommunications
          * Food
          * Transport

          • tc

            Agreed and the first 2 immediately targeted by NACT once they BS’d their way into govt and they’re been doing health/education via stealth/charter schools.

            Rebstocks rubber stamped commcomm efforts greatly concentrated food and transport in fewer hands as well as building supplies.

          • Naturesong


            Please explain.

            • tc

              Supermarket duopoly, an appalling decision for the consumer, which impacts other areas like alcohol as they dominate wine and beer market share.

              The mill was just acquired by one of them to consolidate further

              • Naturesong

                It might just be a matter of preference, but:

                For a robust centralised power grid? – monopoly, check. Superkeen.

                For the growing or distribution of food?
                Regulation, not monopoly is required so when you buy a loaf of bread you can be reasonably assured that the baker did not put a stone in it to make it feel heavier.
                So the production of food in NZ doesn’t strip our oceans (like we are currently) or pollute our waterways, wetlands and beaches (like we are currently)
                And to punish with prejudice cartel behaviour.

            • Draco T Bastard

              I look at food as a demand monopoly – everybody needs it for their well being. Leaving it to the market has left a lot of our population with not getting enough food despite NZ producing enough food for ~20m and while the farmers sell offshore.

              So, we have Landcare buy up enough farmland to feed all of NZ and that food is then distributed at cost. This would ensure that all of NZ is actually well fed.

              • Naturesong

                Yeah, I disagree.

                I advocate for strong regulation (that has low compliance overghead) around minimum standards for food quality and environmental health (standards that if implemented in a draconian way would put Sanford, among others, and half the dairy farmers out of business) during food production.

                I’m also confident that the state does not have and in fact would be near impossible to get variation of thought, culture and skill within its staff needed to produce the infinitely variable range of foods that we currently enjoy.

                While my daily intake consists of basic high quality goods that are available to everyone if they have the time to look for, and can afford them (good bread, organic staples and veges add a good 20%+ to my basic shopping bill).
                Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself, family and guests to Medjoul Dates, Parmigiano-Reggiano or a world class Olive oil.

                I do understand your desire to run the folks who make tones of money producing shit food out of business, but a monopoly on food simply will not work the way you envision.

                • Draco T Bastard

                  I advocate for strong regulation…

                  Even if it was state owned we would still have strong regulation.

                  I’m also confident that the state does not have and in fact would be near impossible to get variation of thought, culture and skill within its staff needed to produce the infinitely variable range of foods that we currently enjoy.

                  Read The Entrepreneurial State. Basically, the state has far more variation in thought, culture and skill than any private enterprise. In fact, private enterprise is the one that’s locked into the straight jacket of having to make a profit and thus works to keep things the same and just looks to create more of the same. This is what happened at Fonterra.

                  While my daily intake consists of basic high quality goods that are available to everyone if they have the time to look for, and can afford them…

                  The people who have poor diets can’t afford them. Having the state provide them at cost is part of the answer of ensuring that they can.

                  I do understand your desire to run the folks who make tones of money producing shit food out of business, but a monopoly on food simply will not work the way you envision.

                  Actually, it will:

                  1. State buys enough farm land
                  2. State hires enough managers and hands to work those farms
                  3. State invests in huge R&D and encourages farm managers to submit ideas from themselves and the farm hands about running the farms and products. Also invites ideas from the population. IP belongs to the submitter so that they can be appropriately rewarded for it.
                  4. State sets up a distribution network across country to meet demand
                  5. UBI paid out so that everyone can afford the cost price free delivery of their weekly groceries (this will save millions if not billions of dollars per year in time and resources)

                  As I say, the state can, through cooperation, do far more and more efficiently than the private sector can dream of.

    • John Shears 2.2

      Are you suggesting that the trucking lobby pay a fair share of their , use of the roads? You seem to be saying that Kiwirail are “bludging” to stay in business. Facts please.

      • Ad 2.2.1

        “Helpfully NZTA doesn’t have to evaluate its motorway systems as a commercial operation to be continuously evaluated as value for money.”

        Perhaps that was just too oblique for you.

        Well aware of RUC charges, well aware of Track Access charges.
        Thanks for playing.

        Actually looking for policy information, if you’ve got an actual contribution.

        • Naturesong

          This does not address your inquiry specifically as to rail infrastructure funding. But Transport blog link at the bottom is pertinent.

          The Greens transport policy page and policy plan is centred on fixing Auckland’s transport infrastructure:

          • Complete the City Rail Link, cutting train travel times by up to 28 minutes per trip
          • Build a rail extension to Mt Roskill (with further rail extensions to the Airport by 2025 and the North Shore planned by 2030)
          • Electrify the rail network from Papakura to Pukekohe
          • Build a new bus lane on State Highway 16
          • Extend the Northern Busway to Albany and Newmarket
          • Establish a new high quality bus service across the upper harbour
          • Extend the AMETI Busway into Ellerslie and Manukau
          • Increase funding for cycling, walking infrastructure

          * increasing funding for regions – it’s not detailed how that money would be used, but Julie Anne Genter is very accessible. Email her.
          * subjecting all projects to more rigorous up to date cost/benefit analysis/modelling
          * reduce spend on motorways
          * maintain $ spend on maintenance – which works as in increase / km (as it relates to current spend) due to reduced rate of increase of motorways

          The Green party through Genter has also regularly exposed Brownlee’s ignorance in the house, and fought for Gisborne rail access, and against the retrograde step of changing electric trains for diesel on parts of the main line.

          The Transport blog is a very good source for news and analysis. They had this up a couple of weeks ago Funding Kiwirail and trucks.

          • Ad

            Yes I am well aware of the TransportBlog debates – and cheers I know the transport spokespeople already.

            I was just fishing for something fresh since the report was clearly going to come down the pipeline soon.

            Thanks anyway though.

  3. Chooky 3

    From the Daily Blog :

    “On the Israeli front they have propaganda to new levels. They are giving free visits to Israel not just to people like Slater but even Kiwi’s at consultancies on the Red Peak Flag team among others”.

    James Shaw wants the Red Peak flag ( the Red Peak corporate logo of a USA corporation and a British surveillance firm)

    …He wants the Red Peak flag so much that he supported John Key… and snubbed Labour (and NZF), the Greens traditional Left coalition partners… in order to get his Red Peak flag on the first referendum …which deliberately excluded the existing NZ flag with the Union Jack and Southern Cross (which is most what most New Zealanders want).

    …James Shaw and John Key thereby forced New Zealand into a costly second flag referendum. Both support the Red Peak flag and do NOT like the existing New Zealand flag

    …I wonder as the Israelis like the Red Peak Flag team so much as to offer them free trips to Israel….whether James Shaw has been invited on a free trip to Israel as well?..They must love him!

    And I hear James Shaw this morning arguing that Ron Marks (NZF) is “racist” because he objected to a Nact Korean MP patronisingly telling NZers to “grow up” and work on their holidays …Marks told her to “go back home!”`

    Is this really racist ?….I dont think so!..Do we want New Zealand workers forced to work in slave Labour Asian worker conditions? This would be to undermine our own humanitarian laws of worker and New Zealander rights !

    Once upon a time the Greens defended NZ workers’ conditions and holidays, which had been hard fought for over many decades, by New Zealand workers and their Trade Unions and their British worker and Trade Union counterparts.

    …imo James Shaw is either naive, inept or compromised. He does not seem to know how to work cooperatively with the Left, the Greens traditional coalition partners…and to date he certainly seems to be supporting jonkey Nactional.

    • left for deadshark 3.1

      I think Chooky the more I hear of, and from Mr Shaw, It seems his task is to take the Greens further right.
      Maybe they want to get closer to the right wing of labour…
      I can hear the howls from here, An no weka I will not link, I only run on about a gigabit a month, as OAB offend states, let google be your friend. 👿

    • Draco T Bastard 3.2

      And I hear James Shaw this morning arguing that Ron Marks (NZF) is “racist” because he objected to a Nact Korean MP patronisingly telling NZers to “grow up” and work on their holidays …Marks told her to “go back home!”`

      Is this really racist ?….I dont think so!..Do we want New Zealand workers forced to work in slave Labour Asian worker conditions? This would be to undermine our own humanitarian laws of worker and New Zealander rights !

      Yeah, I was gobsmacked by that. The fact that we used to actually have holidays was because we had grown up. Recently we’ve been reversing that trend because a few psychopaths want to be richer and think that everybody else should work all the time to make that so.

      • James 3.2.1

        That quote is bullshit.

        Marks did not say “Go back home” – he said “if you do not like New Zealand go back to Korea”.

        That IS racist.

        • Draco T Bastard

          Which is where she came from so, no, not racist.

          • Adele

            Teenaa koe, Draco

            Well, how is it that every time us Maaoris tell white folk to fuck off back to England or wherever, we are labelled racists?

            • Draco T Bastard

              Fucked if I know. I never considered that racist.

              • Adele

                Lol. Good answer.

                • Chooky

                  @Adele…your problem with sending “white folk” or Pakeha back to Britain… is not racism but logic and genetics

                  …. MOST Maori would have to “fuck off back to England” themselves …or the British Isles

                  … including you! …unless of course you are a full blooded Maori, which I very much doubt… because there are very few, if any, full blooded Maori around ( there were some full blooded Moriori but the Taranaki Maori just about exterminated them)

                  …there are many Maori around that look like Pakeha ( look at Ngai Tahu)….and not a few NZers who look like Pakeha but who actually consider themselves Maori

                  ….so how do you get around that problem…chop yourself up and send off an arm and a leg back to England??…or maybe your head?

                  • Bill

                    Chooky. The US determines indigenous people by blood percentages meaning that there’ll be no indigenous peoples…at least as far as government is concerned. NZ doesn’t have that racist framework.

                    Essentially then, as I understand it, if your of Maori culture and a sun-burned red head with 1% Maori biological lineage – you’re Maori.

                    And that’s as it should be by my reckoning.

                    • weka

                      Yep, and blood quantum was something invented by racists as a tool of colonisation.

                      Some tribes in the US don’t even need the bloodlines. If you get adopted into the tribe you are part of the tribe. These people know some things about social coherence and social intelligence that the Eurocentric cultures have forgotten.

                  • Adele

                    Kiaora, Chooky

                    My Mother’s whakapapa does not contain white DNA and she is not 200 years old. My Father however has both Irish and American blood coursing through his Mataatua and Te Arawa veins. My Irish and American tūpuna witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of colonisation with the American arriving here in 1842.

                    My daily ritual includes a karakia of thanks inclusive of all my whakapapa. Without their collective efforts I would not exist so perfectly today.

                    In direct response to your query, perhaps there are degrees of whiteness with each invoking a unique response along a continuum of “fuck off” to “fuck, stay!”

                    Anyone that has an appreciation for the uniqueness of Te Ao Māori, please stay. The rest, fuck off. The Māori amongst us who are so colonised in their thinking – if only they could just fuck off to the DNA of their choosing.

    • M. Gray 3.3

      I don’t think Ron Marks was being racists he was just telling it how it is.
      This brings to mind the saying , the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. lprent 4

    For your amusement from Italy and the chilly work I sometimes do

    “Accidental selfie while trying to zoom in on a recalcitrant bit of electronics”

    I was trying to read some micro serial numbers using the flash camera utility on my ASUS phone, and I managed to flip the camera lenses to the backwards facing one…

    It could also have caption of
    “Sysop considers what to do to troll”


    • Ad 4.1

      For all that severe solitude and concrete, for a moment I thought you were at the Labour Party conference!

    • proud poppy wearer 4.2

      It could also have caption of
      “Sysop considers what to do to troll”


      ” Smelly old socialist does more naval gazing”

      • lprent 4.2.1

        You do realise that I volunteered for and was in the army for quite a few years. I really can’t abide dickheads waving their patriotic dicks around. My usual question is to ask what have they done recently for our society… The answer is usually an embarrassed silence followed by meaningless blather.

        I’d class you as one of those more interested in dick waving rather than doing. Just another armchair general.

        • proud poppy wearer

          Talking of dick waving that could also be worked into a caption with relative ease.

          You do seem to have a rather interesting fixation with penises.

      • greywarshark 4.2.2

        That last one was quite witty proud poppy wearer. There are caption contests every month about, and you would be a winner there, so look out for the next one.

      • McFlock 4.2.3

        ” Smelly old socialist does more naval gazing”
        I doubt that there are any ships in the immediate vicinity of where the picture was taken…

        edit: damn, IV beat me to it… by 4 hours or so lol

        • proud poppy wearer

          Well he does have the penis fixation, so perhaps naval was more appropriate than navel.

          • McFlock

            Ah. So your poppy pride doesn’t extend to avoiding tired tropes about the maritime service.

          • lprent

            I use the penis meme because it is effective on dickheads. Throw out a barb about their penis and watch the dickheads chase after it like a angry fox terrier after a hedgehog.

            People who don’t tie their identity to their genitalia will usually ignore the barb and concentrate on the content of the comment. It is a useful way of seperating the adults from the immature boys.

            Your reaction clearly shows where your brains lie, and it isn’t in your brain.

            • proud poppy wearer

              An angry fox.. an hedgehog too if it takes your fancy as much as the penile talk does

    • Chooky 4.3

      lol…you are more handsome than I thought

    • Olwyn 4.4

      For an accidental selfie, that turned out rather well. It looks like still from a movie.

      • lprent 4.4.1

        I actually took 3 photos (the usual multishot). This was the only one in focus. I clipped the image to oval because it got rid of the junk on the side as I was off balance. Amazing what editing can do.

        Pity it can’t get rid of the baggy eyes. But it is the brains that count right?

    • Rosemary McDonald 4.5

      Scary. Kinda looks like the Sunday school version of God.

  5. Muttonbird 5

    Just 102 houses from the 39,000 target have been completed in just 2 of the 95 SHAs set up by the current government. Other land designated SHA land is being used by developers for land banking.

    I believe Nick Smith had no intention of receiving pressure on housing, rather he wanted to be seen to be doing something with the least possible impact on the wealthy.

    • savenz 5.1

      Creating SHA has created instant multi millionaires for those who own land around Auckland. Quite a lot in John Key’s electorate too.

      For the investigative out there maybe do a bit of research and see who is benefiting and who they are friends with.

      I think you will find the governments interest in changing the zoning is related to this for mates rather than tackling the real problems – cost of building, monopolies, cost of infrastructure, cost of transport, lack of builders, immigration, foreign investor category investments.

      There is plenty of land in NZ it is creating the house that costs so much and connecting it to services and transport.

      And those houses being created are not affordable or sustainable, and actually taking away affordable housing in the most part and creating eyesores and other problems for the existing communities.

      • tc 5.1.1

        That was always the intention, make alot of BS noises about solving an issue but make changes that enrich your mates and backers but doesn’t actually resolve the issue.

        RONS follows the same pattern.

  6. Lyn 6

    proud poppy wearer – while I can attest that Lynn has his malodorous moments, I can assure you he naval gazes less than anyone I’ve ever met. And if age is a crime – well we’re all for the wall aren’t we?

  7. proud poppy wearer 7

    “And if age is a crime – well we’re all for the wall aren’t we?”

    True, very true.

  8. adam 8

    Did you know 14 families were evicted form a boarding house in Avondale on Saturday. Illegally, but then again with this Tory government, what is legal or illegal these days? Odd this has not made the news, I mean with the bleeding of funding of womens refuge, a boarding house which takes single mothers with small children is the free market solution – right? So a place these women could go to get themselves away from, men beating them up is a good thing? It does seem we are not to mention that there is something very wrong with our society when we sweep under the carpet the consequences of ignoring the fact men still beat, and kill women. No doubt some Tory scum bag, will think of some way to make it comfortable for them to ignore the fact they put some many women at risk by their ideological purity. At the end of the day, it is a moral question, do you want to live in a society where women are second class citizens and punch bags – or not?

    Back to the fourteen families, homeless on less that 24 hours notice, now living with friends, relatives, in cars, under bridges and on the street. I’m happy to say I heard today, that some Labour M.P’s have helped were they can, but even they are hindered by the ideological purity of a government, not of the people. When did we decide that society was but for the rich? When did an accident of birth decide someone was better than someone else? When did greed is good, and opulence is a right – become the norm?

    Have people forgot what it means to love thy neighborer? To stand as one? To know what free air smells like? I think so. When we have a society willing to ignore 14 families illegally evicted, and a media who won’t even question the fact – what have we become? Because those Tory fools who start with a pray in parliament are not Christians. They have given up on love, grace and the Gospels. They walk with deceiver.

  9. millsy 9

    Why were they evicted?

  10. sabine 10

    and this is just heart breaking.

    “Local municipal and church authorities this week declared that the island’s cemetery was full, leaving them no option but to store dozens of bodies in a refrigerated container.

    “We hope that the authorities will be able to find a solution quickly,” said Effi Latsoudi, member of a local migrant support group.”

    “At the local morgue – which is also full to capacity – coroner Thodoris Noussios is at his wit’s end.

    “This morning we received five more bodies. This tragedy must stop,” he sighs.

    Over 50 bodies are currently being kept in the morgue and a 12-metre refrigerated container outside the hospital that was supplied by private donors, Noussios told AFP.”

  11. sabine 11

    and file this under war crime or shit happens

    “What we know is that we were running a hospital treating patients, including wounded combatants from both sides—this was not a ‘Taliban base,’” Liu declared. “The question remains as to whether our hospital lost its protected status in the eyes of the military forces engaged in this attack—and if so, why. The answer does not lie within the MSF hospital. Those responsible for requesting, ordering and approving the airstrikes hold these answers.”

    How the carnage unfolded

    U.S. airstrikes started around 2 am. At the time, staff were treating 105 patients and attempting to catch up on a “backlog of pending surgeries” because the night had been relatively quiet.

    A “series of multiple, precise, and sustained airstrikes targeted the main hospital building, leaving the rest of the buildings in the MSF compound comparatively untouched,” which happens to correlate with the exact GPS coordinates that were provided to “parties to the conflict.”

    Two of the three “operating theaters were in use,” and “three international and twenty-three national MSF staff were caring for patients or performing surgeries in this same main building. There were eight patients in the ICU and six patients in the area of the operating theaters.”

    “MSF staff recall that the first room to be hit was the ICU [intensive care unit], where MSF staff were caring for a number of immobile patients, some of whom were on ventilators. Two children were in the ICU. MSF staff were attending to these critical patients in the ICU at the time of the attack and were directly killed in the first airstrikes or in the fire that subsequently engulfed the building. Immobile patients in the ICU burned in their beds.”

  12. Michael 12

    Very good (and unbiased) piece in RNZ about Little and Labour. Worth a read.

  13. Penny Bright 13

    Interesting how there is a deliberate blurring of the language and muddying of the waters?

    The term ‘social housing’ – is now being used to incorporate ‘State housing’?

    It’s not complicated.

    STATE housing is PUBLIC.

    SOCIAL housing is PRIVATE.

    In Glen Innes, directly affected affected State tenants are facing the transferal of 2,800 Housing NZ properties to the Tamaki Redevelopment Company (TRC).

    The TRC is a new hybrid – 59% owned by the Crown and 41% owned by Auckland Council.

    The mechanism for the privatisation of STATE housing in Tamaki – is first to TRANSFER 2,800 Housing NZ properties to the Tamaki Redevelopment Company (TRC).

    I am opposed to this.

    Penny Bright

    2016 Auckland Mayoral candidate.

  14. Rodel 14

    Haven’t heard much about Ponce Charles and duckchess Camilla. Good!

  15. Tautoko Mangō Mata 15

    Is it possible to start a new topic for TPP analysis based on the released TPP text?

    “Article 11.2* of the agreement confirms that financial services providers are covered under the minimum standard of treatment obligation. This means that almost any change in financial regulations affecting future profits could be challenged in an extra-judicial tribunal, even if they equally applied to foreign and domestic firms and even if they were enacted in response to a crisis.”

    *Article 11.2: Scope
    1. This Chapter shall apply to measures adopted or maintained by a Party relating
    (a) financial institutions of another Party;
    (b) investors of another Party, and investments of those investors, in
    financial institutions in the Party’s territory; and
    (c) cross-border trade in financial services.
    2. Chapter 9 (Investment) and Chapter 10 (Cross-Border Trade in Services) shall
    apply to measures described in paragraph 1 only to the extent that those Chapters or
    Articles of those Chapters are incorporated into this Chapter.
    (a) Article 9.6 (Minimum Standard of Treatment), ”

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  • Minister responds to review of Kāinga Ora
    The Government has announced a series of immediate actions in response to the independent review of Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities, Housing Minister Chris Bishop says. “Kāinga Ora is a large and important Crown entity, with assets of $45 billion and over $2.5 billion of expenditure each year. It ...
    2 days ago
  • Pseudoephedrine back on shelves
    Associate Health Minister David Seymour is pleased that Pseudoephedrine can now be purchased by the general public to protect them from winter illness, after the coalition government worked swiftly to change the law and oversaw a fast approval process by Medsafe. “Pharmacies are now putting the medicines back on their ...
    2 days ago
  • New Zealand-China Business Summit
    Tēnā koutou katoa. Da jia hao.  Good morning everyone.   Prime Minister Luxon, your excellency, a great friend of New Zealand and my friend Ambassador Wang, Mayor of what he tells me is the best city in New Zealand, Wayne Brown, the highly respected Fran O’Sullivan, Champion of the Auckland business ...
    2 days ago
  • New measures to protect powerlines from trees
    Energy Minister Simeon Brown has announced that the Government will make it easier for lines firms to take action to remove vegetation from obstructing local powerlines. The change will ensure greater security of electricity supply in local communities, particularly during severe weather events.  “Trees or parts of trees falling on ...
    4 days ago
  • Wairarapa Moana ki Pouakani win top Māori dairy farming award
    Wairarapa Moana ki Pouakani were the top winners at this year’s Ahuwhenua Trophy awards recognising the best in Māori dairy farming. Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka announced the winners and congratulated runners-up, Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board, at an awards celebration also attended by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Finance Minister ...
    4 days ago
  • DJ Fred Again – Assurance report received
    "On the 27th of March, I sought assurances from the Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs, that the Department’s correct processes and policies had been followed in regards to a passport application which received media attention,” says Minister of Internal Affairs Brooke van Velden.  “I raised my concerns after being ...
    5 days ago
  • District Court Judges appointed
    Attorney-General Judith Collins has announced the appointment of three new District Court Judges, to replace Judges who have recently retired. Peter James Davey of Auckland has been appointed a District Court Judge with a jury jurisdiction to be based at Whangarei. Mr Davey initially started work as a law clerk/solicitor with ...
    5 days ago
  • Unions should put learning ahead of ideology
    Associate Education Minister David Seymour is calling on the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) to put ideology to the side and focus on students’ learning, in reaction to the union holding paid teacher meetings across New Zealand about charter schools.     “The PPTA is disrupting schools up and down the ...
    5 days ago
  • Craig Stobo appointed as chair of FMA
    Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Andrew Bayly today announced the appointment of Craig Stobo as the new chair of the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Mr Stobo takes over from Mark Todd, whose term expired at the end of April. Mr Stobo’s appointment is for a five-year term. “The FMA plays ...
    5 days ago
  • Budget 2024 invests in lifeguards and coastguard
    Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Coastguard New Zealand will continue to be able to keep people safe in, on, and around the water following a funding boost of $63.644 million over four years, Transport Minister Simeon Brown and Associate Transport Minister Matt Doocey say. “Heading to the beach for ...
    5 days ago
  • New Zealand and Tuvalu reaffirm close relationship
    New Zealand and Tuvalu have reaffirmed their close relationship, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says.  “New Zealand is committed to working with Tuvalu on a shared vision of resilience, prosperity and security, in close concert with Australia,” says Mr Peters, who last visited Tuvalu in 2019.  “It is my pleasure ...
    6 days ago
  • New Zealand calls for calm, constructive dialogue in New Caledonia
    New Zealand is gravely concerned about the situation in New Caledonia, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.  “The escalating situation and violent protests in Nouméa are of serious concern across the Pacific Islands region,” Mr Peters says.  “The immediate priority must be for all sides to take steps to de-escalate the ...
    6 days ago
  • New Zealand welcomes Samoa Head of State
    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon met today with Samoa’s O le Ao o le Malo, Afioga Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II, who is making a State Visit to New Zealand. “His Highness and I reflected on our two countries’ extensive community links, with Samoan–New Zealanders contributing to all areas of our national ...
    6 days ago
  • Island Direct eligible for SuperGold Card funding
    Transport Minister Simeon Brown has announced that he has approved Waiheke Island ferry operator Island Direct to be eligible for SuperGold Card funding, paving the way for a commercial agreement to bring the operator into the scheme. “Island Direct started operating in November 2023, offering an additional option for people ...
    6 days ago
  • Further sanctions against Russia
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters today announced further sanctions on 28 individuals and 14 entities providing military and strategic support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  “Russia is directly supported by its military-industrial complex in its illegal aggression against Ukraine, attacking its sovereignty and territorial integrity. New Zealand condemns all entities and ...
    6 days ago
  • One year on from Loafers Lodge
    A year on from the tragedy at Loafers Lodge, the Government is working hard to improve building fire safety, Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk says. “I want to share my sincere condolences with the families and friends of the victims on the anniversary of the tragic fire at Loafers ...
    6 days ago
  • Pre-Budget speech to Auckland Business Chamber
    Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Kia ora and good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much for having me here in the lead up to my Government’s first Budget. Before I get started can I acknowledge: Simon Bridges – Auckland Business Chamber CEO. Steve Jurkovich – Kiwibank CEO. Kids born ...
    7 days ago
  • New Zealand and Vanuatu to deepen collaboration
    New Zealand and Vanuatu will enhance collaboration on issues of mutual interest, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.    “It is important to return to Port Vila this week with a broad, high-level political delegation which demonstrates our deep commitment to New Zealand’s relationship with Vanuatu,” Mr Peters says.    “This ...
    7 days ago
  • Penk travels to Peru for trade meetings
    Minister for Land Information, Chris Penk will travel to Peru this week to represent New Zealand at a meeting of trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific region on behalf of Trade Minister Todd McClay. The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministers Responsible for Trade meeting will be held on 17-18 May ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister attends global education conferences
    Minister of Education Erica Stanford will head to the United Kingdom this week to participate in the 22nd Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) and the 2024 Education World Forum (EWF). “I am looking forward to sharing this Government’s education priorities, such as introducing a knowledge-rich curriculum, implementing an evidence-based ...
    1 week ago
  • Education Minister thanks outgoing NZQA Chair
    Minister of Education Erica Stanford has today thanked outgoing New Zealand Qualifications Authority Chair, Hon Tracey Martin. “Tracey Martin tendered her resignation late last month in order to take up a new role,” Ms Stanford says. Ms Martin will relinquish the role of Chair on 10 May and current Deputy ...
    1 week ago
  • Joint statement of Christopher Luxon and Emmanuel Macron: Launch of the Christchurch Call Foundation
    New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and President Emmanuel Macron of France today announced a new non-governmental organisation, the Christchurch Call Foundation, to coordinate the Christchurch Call’s work to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.   This change gives effect to the outcomes of the November 2023 Call Leaders’ Summit, ...
    1 week ago
  • Panel announced for review into disability services
    Distinguished public servant and former diplomat Sir Maarten Wevers will lead the independent review into the disability support services administered by the Ministry of Disabled People – Whaikaha. The review was announced by Disability Issues Minister Louise Upston a fortnight ago to examine what could be done to strengthen the ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister welcomes Police gang unit
    Today’s announcement by Police Commissioner Andrew Coster of a National Gang Unit and district Gang Disruption Units will help deliver on the coalition Government’s pledge to restore law and order and crack down on criminal gangs, Police Minister Mark Mitchell says. “The National Gang Unit and Gang Disruption Units will ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand expresses regret at North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has today expressed regret at North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric towards New Zealand and its international partners.  “New Zealand proudly stands with the international community in upholding the rules-based order through its monitoring and surveillance deployments, which it has been regularly doing alongside partners since 2018,” Mr ...
    1 week ago
  • New Chief of Defence Force appointed
    Air Vice-Marshal Tony Davies MNZM is the new Chief of Defence Force, Defence Minister Judith Collins announced today. The Chief of Defence Force commands the Navy, Army and Air Force and is the principal military advisor to the Defence Minister and other Ministers with relevant portfolio responsibilities in the defence ...
    1 week ago
  • Government puts children first by repealing 7AA
    Legislation to repeal section 7AA of the Oranga Tamariki Act has been introduced to Parliament. The Bill’s introduction reaffirms the Coalition Government’s commitment to the safety of children in care, says Minister for Children, Karen Chhour. “While section 7AA was introduced with good intentions, it creates a conflict for Oranga ...
    1 week ago
  • Defence Minister to meet counterparts in UK, Italy
    Defence Minister Judith Collins will this week travel to the UK and Italy to meet with her defence counterparts, and to attend Battles of Cassino commemorations. “I am humbled to be able to represent the New Zealand Government in Italy at the commemorations for the 80th anniversary of what was ...
    1 week ago
  • Charter schools to lift educational outcomes
    The upcoming Budget will include funding for up to 50 charter schools to help lift declining educational performance, Associate Education Minister David Seymour announced today. $153 million in new funding will be provided over four years to establish and operate up to 15 new charter schools and convert 35 state ...
    1 week ago
  • COVID-19 Inquiry terms of reference consultation results received
    “The results of the public consultation on the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into COVID-19 Lessons has now been received, with results indicating over 13,000 submissions were made from members of the public,” Internal Affairs Minister Brooke van Velden says. “We heard feedback about the extended lockdowns in ...
    1 week ago
  • The Pacific family of nations – the changing security outlook
    Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, other Members of Parliament Acting Chief of Defence Force, Secretary of Defence Distinguished Guests  Defence and Diplomatic Colleagues  Ladies and Gentlemen,  Good afternoon, tēna koutou, apinun tru    It’s a pleasure to be back in Port Moresby today, and to speak here at the Kumul Leadership ...
    1 week ago

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