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Open mike 07/05/2013

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, May 7th, 2013 - 177 comments
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177 comments on “Open mike 07/05/2013 ”

  1. Ennui 1

    According to Key Wellington is a dying city http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/8639116/Capital-a-dying-city-says-prime-minister

    Speaking to Takapuna businessmen about growth opportunities for Auckland he demonstrated very clearly his total detachment from reality. For Key there is only growth per se, no other reality, no other concept. Which may help him heat the mansion as the planetary temperature rises. Conversely he may be astounded to find himself and the Takapuna businessmen starving amongst the extra million Aucklanders in twenty years time.

    There you go though, this level of vision and leadership might also be found not too far distant from the Treasury benches. I also heard Shearer mention the magic words “growth” recently.

    • rosy 1.1

      But – Oh nos, he said it but didn’t really mean it – it’s just that head office stuff – but I did really mean it really, it’s contracting due to Auckland’s growth.

      Seems a bit like ‘we’d love to see wages drop’ but really I didn’t mean it, but really did.

    • Paul 1.2

      From the article…”the Government has no idea…”
      Those 4 words pretty much up this government.

    • karol 1.3

      And yet, Vic Uni is the uni of choice for Sth Island students; meanwhile Wellington rents are on the up.

      • AsleepWhileWalking 1.3.1

        In a world first for a PM he actually forgot two entire universities (Massey University + the Wānanga):

        “All you have there is government, Victoria University and Weta Workshop.”

        • freedom

          Wellington is a very popular spot for general Tourism, especially amongst wealthy travellers. It is widely regarded as the coolest little Capital in the world, and often hosts some of the more important conferences that head to this side of the planet. All of this seems to highlight a bit of ignorance on the part of the Minister of Tourism

    • BM 1.4

      Yeah, weird choice of words, talk about giving the the left wing contingent of the media something to beat you with.
      Dying is rather final, you don’t tend to come back from dying, stagnating, weak,vulnerable would have been a lot better.

      • One Anonymous Knucklehead 1.4.1

        Reality check. Population growth ≠ weakness, let alone death.

        • BM

          I know very little about the economy of Wellington so I can’t really comment on it.

          I’m stunned the Key would make such a dumb comment, the only thing I can think of that he was ad libbing part of his speech and dying popped into his head, stuck so he went with that.

          If it was part of a written speech I’d be pretty disappointed as it really shows a lack of nous.

    • TheContrarian 1.5

      Unfortunately he is right…and it his government’s fault too (although to be fair, some of the blame should be shouldered by Wellington’s hopeless council).

      • One Anonymous Knucklehead 1.5.1

        Wellington’s population continues to increase. So “unfortunately” he is wrong.

        • Descendant Of Sssmith

          Likely setting the scene for a new round of attacks on the public service. The changes to industrial legislation, the welfare reforms and the start of privatising those services, charter schools, health changes like the new mental health unit in Hawkes Bay having half the beds they have now and mention of services being provided in the community instead of by the hospital, traditional service providers like Presbyterian Support and polytechs losing contracts all over the place in the last few years. Crisis in the various departments publicised and publicised and publicised, all of government contracting removing any sense of autonomy, government aim of online transactions, the offloadimg of support to do your tax return from a free service by IRD staff to a paid service by the private sector (disadvantaging the intellectually disabled for instance who are unlikely to access paid services but used to go to IRD previously), government property being looked at to reduce the cost of this including the amount of space per person.

          That’s just a random few things that have been through the news in the last year or so.

          There seems to be a pattern emerging.

          I’m picking a real go at teachers, more contracting to private sector and a considerable downsizing of the Wellington Public Service.

          Just waiting for someone in the media to suggest moving government to Auckland next. Where’s Hooten?

        • TheContrarian

          Economically speaking its pretty glum.

      • ghostrider888 1.5.2

        No Ambulance at the bottom of the cliff?

    • One Anonymous Knucklehead 1.6

      People will no doubt cite Auckland’s higher population growth as evidence of Wellington malaise, but I think at present the opposite is true: Auckland grows like Topsy and has serious systemic problems, exacerbated by Rodney Hide’s faith-based incompetence, and other examples of Tory sloth and idiocy.

    • karol 1.7

      Oh, now it becomes clear: Nine-to-Noon is doing a piece on Wellington becoming an amalgamated “super city”.

      • Tigger 1.7.1

        Ah ha. Get everyone panicking that Welly is dying and the only cute is…

      • Ennui 1.7.2

        K, if you take the precept that when somebody wants something to happen badly they must have a vested interest: ergo you understand the call for a super city from the Right. Hence the call for amalgamations must be about some bugger getting something at the expense of the rest of us.

        Of course the correct precept is that calls for amalgamation of councils are a sure sign that the opposite should occur. They should be fragmented, small is beautiful after all.

        • muzza

          Wellington “Super City”, has been on the cards the moment that Auckland was chained with the oversized liability.

          The continued *roll up*, occurs, and will continue to do so until there is *only one*!

          Applies to private and public sector, it can’t be any other way, under current manufactured monetary scarcity.

          The *whats in it*, has come from off-shore, and is simply consolidating the resource grad, to make it easier than it already appears to be.

          Who is driving these consolidations, and who gains most from them: Neither these answers is, *on-shore*

          Small is beautiful, agree with that!

  2. rosy 2

    For New Zealanders living overseas….

    Kea, the networking organisation for rich expats (sorry… ‘for business growth through networks’) that somehow received funding from MoBIE, NZTE, MFAT and TPK, is running a survey called ‘Every Kiwi Counts’, to get views from Expats that will be disseminated to very important people in NZ.

    I’ve filled it in with a very left wing slant in the comments sections – Environment, social inequality, health, education, democracy (CERA, ECAN soon to be Auckland), shoulder tapping etc. I’m thinking there won’t be too many lefties on the mailing list, so here’s the link if you want your voice heard by very important people.


    Note – it says it works on tablets, phones etc, but I think there is an error there. PC works fine.

    • karol 2.1

      That’d be the Kea that John Key gave a speech to during a 2009 lunch, followed by:

      The World Class New Zealand event was held later that evening at Time Warner. The event was hosted by Mr. Mark D’Arcy and attended by the Prime Minister who was welcomed by Time Warner Chairman and CEO Mr. Jeff Bewkes.

      And that’d be the same Mark D’Arcy who was part of the Warners’ team at the Wellington Hobbit, screw Kiwi workers, negotiations.

      • rosy 2.1.1

        Yep, that’s them. All very sales and marketing. Another go-getter ‘World Class’ business organisation that is quite happy to take taxpayer’s money to run survey to mirror its own values.

        • Ennui

          Ralston Saul in his dictionary of such matters defined the words “World Class” as uttered by the likes of business leaders as a guarantee of “provincialism”.

      • locus 2.1.2

        Which exemplifies the oh so ethical “networking” being crudely promoted by this right wing business and government funded Uriah Heep organisation. Even more reason to fill in their online survey with some frank opinions about the state of NZ and where the current political and environmental policies are seriously damaging our reputation overseas

        • karol

          It doesn’t want MY views. Are they already hacking my computer?

          I answered the first question about where I live? NZ – then it said thanks, goodbye, I don’t fit the requirements of their survey.

          PS; Oh, wait. Tried again, saying I live in “Oceania” and I’m in.

          • Ennui

            I hate LinkedIn…..Facebook for business types with too few friends.

          • ianmac

            I filled it in on behalf of my wife who is working in South Asia. The slant seemed to be a search for highly paid leadership/investment people. Just an impression. Last comment box was opportunity to express concern about NZ direction under current Govt.

  3. Idiot Savant is in typical form first out of the block with an analysis of the Spy Bill (http://norightturn.blogspot.co.nz/2013/05/the-spy-bill.html).

    And I agree it is a shocker. It completely undermines a number of careful balances that had been reached between individual’s rights and the needs of the state.

    One area of concern for me is what information will this now allow our overseas allies to obtain? My understanding is that one of the reasons for the GCSB being set up is that it allowed cooperation with foreign spy agencies without the danger of information about Kiwis being sent overseas. From the looks of the new bill this protection will no longer be there.

    The bill may be by design as bad as it looks. Peters was on Radio New Zealand this morning sounding remarkably sanguine about the Government. It may be that the price of NZ First’s support are some dampening of the worst excesses of the bill, intentionally inserted into the legislation so that they could then be taken out to show flexibility on the part of the Government and relevance on the part of NZ First.

    All in all this is developing as a major threat to Kiwis’ civil liberties. Be afraid, be very afraid …

    • karol 3.1

      And in relation to I/S’s mention of the national security function to include “economic well being”, this in the Stuff article this morning:

      It would also be able to help public and private organisations but where that required spying on New Zealanders, it would need signoff from the minister responsible – usually the prime minister – and the commissioner of security warrants.

      My bold.

      • RedLogix 3.1.1


        While I emphatically agree the underlying concern here, the question of the GCSB assisting other public and private sector organisations is probably intended as a reference to the need to set standards and SOP’s around cybersecurity. For example in the USA there are a number of govt. organisations who are active in this area, without any apparent overlap into spying as such.

        Spooks are as much involved in maintaining systems integrity and security from outside threats and attacks as they are in actively seeking out other people’s information. In that sense assisting other public and private sector organisations to build and maintain their own defenses can be seen as relatively a benign activity.

        This country is so small that what we are doing here is rolling multiple functions into one agency, the GCSB. As we have already seen our spooks have problems with boundaries, so while it may appeal to Key to ‘efficiently’ put them all under one roof; it merely sets us up for more problems in the future.

        • mickysavage

          Spooks are as much involved in maintaining systems integrity and security from outside threats and attacks as they are in actively seeking out other people’s information.

          Key says that the legislation stops the GCSB from doing this right now but I am not so sure.

          Section 14 of the GCSB Act says:

          “Neither the Director, nor an employee of the Bureau, nor a person acting on behalf of the Bureau may authorise or take any action for the purpose of intercepting the communications of a person (not being a foreign organisation or a foreign person) who is a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident.”

          The way I read this section it does not prevent assistance from being given to other Government Departments. All it does is stop the GCSB from intercepting communications of Kiwis. As long as, for instance, the SIS had obtained information legally there is nothing stopping the GCSB from analysing it or collating it.

          The basic problem is that apart from the Kim Dotcom fiasco the public has no idea what the operational problems are. Key is basically asking us to trust him on this. And I for one am not inclined to do so.

    • vto 3.2

      What can one do though?

      We are stripped of our votes.

      We are already spied on by the KGSB.

      We are forced off our land.

      We are forced to sell our property to the government.

      The government’s tax gatherers have an obscene amount of power.

      The government is able to enact any law it wishes without limitation.

      The police break the law to achieve their ends.

      Our private matters are tossed all around the whole place.

      We are made to pay for the excess of the elite.

      We are increasingly taxed more and more byt secretive and deceptive means.

      We are the fodder.

      We are merely the muppets stepping eternally inside the rolling wheel going nowhere..

      There is nothing we can do except wait until the extremity date of pitchfork and noose.

      • King Kong 3.2.1

        Crickey, for one second there I thought I had woken up in some kind of totalitarian state but then I remembered that you are just a nutter prone to exageration.

        • freedom

          KK, where is the exaggeration? Every item on the list has happened or is happening. As an ape you should already be aware that nature is a good teacher and ostriches really do not have the longest life spans.

        • vto

          Reality is not your strong point is it kk.

          Which of those is incorrect, or even an exaggeration? Which one? Tell me do. You sound like the typical kiwi, she’ll be right, can’t happen here, yadda yadda yadda ……..

          I would suggest that it is you who is the nutter prone to blinkerism and refusal-to-see syndrome.

          So, come on, which is an exagerration?

          • King Kong

            I really can’t be bothered with this as it is like arguing with the mentally deranged about the existence of fairys at the bottom of the garden.

            However, just to humour you, we will start at the first point. Who has been stripped of their vote? and to be clear, so you don’t come back with details on the change in constitution of your local Dungeon and Dragons club, we are talking about national and local elections.

            • vto

              “I really can’t be bothered with this as it is like arguing with the mentally deranged about the existence of fairys at the bottom of the garden.”

              Why did you bother posting then?

              ” Who has been stripped of their vote? and to be clear, so you don’t come back with details on the change in constitution of your local Dungeon and Dragons club, we are talking about national and local elections.”

              People in Canterbury, with direct threats made by david Carter to other Councils.


              • King Kong

                My apologies, I must of missed the story about the local elections in chch being cancelled and a despotic council taking over.

                Having being so wrong about that I guess I will just wait for the doorbell to be rung by someone who is there to force me off my land.

                Let us storm the Bastile.

                • freedom

                  this latest instalment is only from February, do we really need to pull out every article on ECAN since 2008, or can you admit you are being a stirring prat? You are so disingenuous sometimes it is pitiful and whatever you think you are achieving is not what most people would call socially useful. But then again society is of no interest to you and your ilk, you just like the baubles it can courier to your door.

                • vto

                  Great King Kong, thanks for the admission that you got the first on the list wrong.

                  Next one you raise, forcing off the land.

                  People in Christchurch are being forced off their land. If you like I can dig out some links to people bitterly unhappy at what this government is doing. Both in the CBD and in Chch East, but as someone who seems to claim to have an awareness of goings-on in the country there should be no need.

                  As for your facile commentary and smart alec comments ……………………………….


                  • King Kong

                    Oh I see, when you were saying “we” you were actually talking about a couple of hillbillies in chch, criminals and dole bludgers.

                    • Another three hillbillies in Christchurch:

                      Landowners David Sloan, Paul Chaney and Peter Schneideman, who own three separate plots of land, said they wanted to retain and develop their sites.

                      “I don’t think anyone wants to sell. It is confiscation and thievery.

                      “I am not happy at all with what Cera have offered for my land,” said Sloan.

                    • ghostrider888

                      who wouldn’t be attracted to Misanthropy? ; freakin’ apes put people to shame! 😉

                    • vto

                      King Kong you have failed miserably on this and in so doing highlighted the totalitarian actions of John Key and his government.

                      Keep going if you wish but all you have provided so far is ignorance in a smart alec wrapper. Like John Key himself.

            • freedom

              “I really can’t be bothered with this as it is” reality and reality scares me and reality means my selfish ignorant know it all attitude might be shown to be nothing more than slogans and lies

              “Who has been stripped of their vote?”
              how about CHCH you fucking dickhead

              • freedom

                i would like to apologise for the profanity it was uncalled for and is unproductive.

                I am sure there are plenty of people who contributed to KK’s ignorance

                • Colonial Viper

                  Oh no need to apologise for your profanity, it makes me look bad for never having done so myself.

            • Colonial Viper

              Please follow KK’s advice and start acting like the sheeple/ostriches you are all supposed to be.

            • Descendant Of Sssmith

              Also this government removed voting rights in general elections for certain groups of prisoners in about 2010.

              ’twas well publicised at the time.

        • Professor Longhair

          Where is the exaggeration in what he wrote?

          You appear to be a complacent fool if ever there was one.

      • Seti 3.2.2

        If GCSB spying paranoia is overwhelming you then just use Apple’s message service. Cannot be intercepted.


      • Ugly Truth 3.2.3

        “What can one do though?”

        About spying? If you want to send a message privately, only send information which has meaning for the intended recipient due to shared private context.

        Eg “Meet me at our favourite restaurant”, not “Meet me at McDonalds”.

        About being forced of your land? Know the law of the land. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

        “The government is able to enact any law it wishes without limitation.”

        That is the body politic would like you to think, but it is pure BS. If it were true then there would be no effective difference between lawful government and conspiracy by the body politic.

    • Ad 3.3

      If a deal is struck it should also put a cold shiver through Labour’s leadership, because they are still giong to need Winston to form the next coalition government. If Winston can still do deals with Key, then National just got itself a potential coalition partner and can consign Labour and Greens to 9 years in Opposition, rather than 6.

      • mickysavage 3.3.1

        The audio is now up at http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/mnr/mnr-20130507-0713-govt_wants_nz_firsts_support_for_gcsb_bill-048.mp3.

        I agree Ad that Labour should be very afraid. Peters’s language was remarkably conciliatory. He obviously wants to be a player. And he seemed to be generally in favour of an increase in powers.
        He was asked specifically if he thought National was trying to build a relationship. He ruled out a pre-election understanding being reached. He also made asset sales a bottom line. If one of the SOEs has not been privatized then this will be a bottom line. He also said that agreement to buy back the shares was a bottom line but time will tell.

        • Ad

          Winston could easily get a higher weighting for local ownership through amending the investment criteria for ACC, EQC and NZSuper – maybe even amending the Kiwisaver legislation – that would have the effect of buying back a whole lot more of the share % of those 49% companies, and claim a “bottom line” policy win, and Key would take the country back using Winston as the foil that achieved it – and Key would then get to have his asset sale cake, and eat it as well.

        • freedom

          Dare we dream that Winnie has a plan? That is to say, might he be planning a bait n switch. Sidling on up to the the slippery one, letting the arrogance of the fool present the details and then expose the mofo for what he is really planning? Just lately in the House Peters has been fighting a good fight and seems genuinely angry with the direction NZ is being steered. I am no fan, but I don’t see Peters rolling for a belly scratch this late in the game.

          • Colonial Viper

            Legacy shopping. Winston’s got great energy, but he’s only got 1 maybe 2 terms left in Parliament. Completing 3 more terms would be legendary.

        • Bearded Git

          Winnie hates Key and (as the audio shows) hates the asset sell-offs. He will take pleasure in removing him as PM if he gets the chance.

          • karol

            I will wait to see where Peters goes with the GCSB issue. I’ve read 2 reports (an earlier one on ZB’s website), and this one, claiming that Peters was pissed off that Key had announced Peters was likely to be on board, without consulting him.

            Winston Peters is angry at being kept in the dark over proposed laws that will see a major shake up at the country’s top spy agency.

            The Government plans to ask Parliament to head into urgency this week so two bills that make changes to our spying laws can pass their first readings.

            The New Zealand First leader says he hasn’t been informed of that, or shown the bill – despite the Prime Minister speaking to media about it.

            He says he can’t promise to vote for the legislation when he hasn’t had a chance to read it.

            “We’ve not received any communication on this issue, so our position is what we set out on the 16th of April.

            “And we clearly said that there was need for protection and safety with respect to the privacy and rights of New Zealanders.”

          • King Kong

            Not as much as he hates Russell Norman and the other Green losers. Plus, NZF voters would drive their zimmer frames up the steps of parliament if Peters ever cuddled up to those hippy pinkos.

            • Populuxe1

              As they probably would if he went into coalition with National.

        • Professor Longhair

          “He ruled out a pre-election understanding being reached. He also made asset sales a bottom line. If one of the SOEs has not been privatized then this will be a bottom line. He also said that agreement to buy back the shares was a bottom line but time will tell.”

          He seems genuine. He looks trustworthy. I think the government can do business with this Winston Peters.

        • One Anonymous Knucklehead

          The timing of the new détente with Winston is interesting. Insurance against Banks’ potential demise?

          • McFlock

            definitely. That and 5% is a lot more useful than 0.5%.

            We all knew Key would come sucking up to Winston this time, the only question was how susceptible Winnie is to the soft words and trinkets (well, very – but we shall see if Key has the style 🙂 )

            heh – didn’t see Karol’s link above.
            Apparently JK has been boasting to his mates before actually popping the question to Winston 🙂

            • One Anonymous Knucklehead

              Dumber and dumberer.

            • TheContrarian

              “We all knew Key would come sucking up to Winston”

              Labour would do that same and I bet they will if Winnie holds the balance of power (Which I hope he doesn’t)

              • One Anonymous Knucklehead

                I don’t recall Labour ever ruling out working with Peters, but then Key has surely demonstrated that his word ain’t worth shit by now anyway.

                • As I recall, John Key was specific about the fact that he would not go into any arrangement with Winston until he clarified the truth about the Owen Glenn donations …

                  Oh yes, I was right … he did.

                  National Party leader John Key has ruled out Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters having a role in any future National coalition, unless he can provide an explanation on the Owen Glenn saga.

                  I don’t think Winston has made any clarification about that so far.

                  • felix

                    He’s being typically shrewd with the wording there Puddleglum. The key word (heh) is “can”.

                    Statement to come: “No, Mr Peters has not provided me with an explanation but I never asked that he did, I only asked that he can. Mr Peters assures me that indeed he can and I take his word for that.”

      • Jokerman 3.3.2

        Inter-mission : at 3:30
        for Ads and The Big yanC Tucker Inn.

        Silowet Ablended Sound Sulcate

        Schools in for Winter Elgar
        movies form like tears
        all floats buoyed on a rising tide.
        Abreast in dreams
        Islands lie apart.
        “non verbis” sed rebus
        Knots and Crosses from The Black Book
        -(A Good Hanging and other Melting Moments)
        some Dharma there to peck at Gregory.
        Pebylls wobble but they don’t sink down!
        La’ Bealltainn smelt, bog-iron ore
        -a 1000 points of light.dragoons
        dialled up in a robust stable
        And Moors forever reflect
        This is Not a lap dance;
        If it don’t fit,
        Faucet a bit; short hair is so attractive.
        -Jamie : Sweet you rock and sweet you roll.

        Recipe for creation:
        Ingredients- Standard as gone before.
        Prep time- 30 minuets, give or take an entry or two.
        Compost- Two commercial bricks interrupting Criminal Minds.
        Presentation- As You Like It. savioured not strained.
        Condiments- Watties Tomato Sauce (salty) on Everything.
        Dessert- is beautiful in it’s own way, When The War is Over.


        “There is only a now that includes memories and expectations. I grant” (until now) “that our language is not able to express this.”
        -Erwin Schroedinger

        “Something unknown” (This Way Comes) “is doing we don’t know what”
        -Yes Siree Arthur Eddington.

        (if these crumbs are Scooped up, that would be tidey).

    • freedom 3.4

      ” it allowed cooperation with foreign spy agencies without the danger of information about Kiwis being sent overseas. From the looks of the new bill this protection will no longer be there.”

      which all fits snugly into the TPPA plans to steal all the IP, everywhere and anywhere it can. The employment merry go round of US Government agencies and Corporate appoinments has been carefully planned and they will no doubt be lining up to share the keys to the back door.

    • locus 3.5

      I for one am very seriously worried about the precedent of the “rights” of the state removing the rights of the individual, and even more fearful that the decision to allow this rests with an individual who helped put his man at the helm. A truly slippery slope

  4. One Anonymous Knucklehead 4

    With “economic well-being” being listed as one of the GCSB’s areas of concern, I look forward to their disrupting the activities of neo-liberals.

  5. vto 5

    Chris Trotter points out in todays’ Press strongly and clearly that the Labor Greens must not back down to the bullying excess of the business world, as expressed over NZ Power.

    As he states in the article – if business continues to make threats to the major political grouping in New Zealand then all bets are off. It is to war with business we go.

    Strap your big balls on Shearer and Norman, you are taking us over a fulcrum in New Zealand’s politics not seen since 1984. Go hard. Get the fuckers. They claim they are all important but as everyone knows, most espcially those in business, nobody is irreplaceable.

    Fight and fight hard. No flinch. Steel. Straight back. Step forward, never backwards.

  6. freedom 6

    who needs a giggle ? point & click your way to the secret machinations of the rich and powerful

  7. farmboy 7

    id like to make a comment on [deleted]

    [lprent: You are currently banned until the 10th. Doubling the ban for leaving a comment – another two weeks to the 24th. Adding you to auto-spam. ]

    • tinfoilhat 7.1

      The best argument I’ve seen for national standards ?

    • Ennui 7.2

      Its twoo, its twoo. I saw some rather hungry cows on teev last night. Their cockie must be distraught. Some lawyer bloke with no idea was hassling him. Just cos he could see the cows backbone, ribs, hips, neck etc etc.

    • vto 7.3

      In fact farmboy you are not the backbone.

      The backbone is the cultural heart of the country. The heartland. The place where most work is done, most decisions stem from, most people are. That is the cities and towns and suburbs. Can you handle that reality?


    • McFlock 7.4

      Thank Labour for fonterra, eh?

      • vto 7.4.1

        ha ha, yep, silly people like farmboy are so indoctrinated with their belief system that they are unable to think independently.

        Farmboy, do you realise that Fonterra is a full-blown socialist organisation utilising the full array of the collectivist approach to organisation for the benefit of the people? Do you?

        Fonterra is not a ‘right wing’ creation. It takes its cue from the left.

        Try opening your eyes and thinking for yourself. Then you may realise that the success of the Fonterra structure, if applied elsewhere in our economy, would help the rest of the country. But you will need to confront them blinkers wrapped tightly against your eyes.

    • One Anonymous Knucklehead 7.5

      Attacking you?

      If suggesting that you be required by law to take your drinking water from the downstream boundary of your property constitutes an “attack” then I’m guilty as charged, I guess. Keep up the riparian planting initiative 🙂

    • prism 7.6

      I wonder who are you when you’re not moonlighting as a dick from the sticks?

    • Professor Longhair 7.7

      Look out, everyone, there’s a halfwit loose on the site.

  8. Chrissy 8

    So,Aaron Gilmore is now a fully paid up member of key’s lying little inner sanctum. Listening to Radio at the moment with the EXPLANATION of what happened and everyone else has got it wrong.Has he spent the last week being schooled up in what to say to the media.Apologise .cry,”not my fault ,they got it wrong, the waiter started it etc. etc. Another one of nats toads who I can’t bear to look at.
    Got to go now, I need to laught my head off!

    • prism 8.1

      Aaron Boo hoo, yoo hoo, toodle-oo.

    • He needs a lesson from Shane Jones on how to apologise.

      I think he has actually made things worse by disputing the DPMC referral threat. This will only invite a response from the waiter or the lawyer if they feel sufficiently aggrieved by this.

      And who would you believe? A pissed self confessed dickhead or a sober waiter AND a lawyer who has nothing to gain by making the allegation?

      • Colonial Viper 8.2.1

        But Christchurch East needs a new MP! That seat is rightfully his!

      • veutoviper 8.2.2

        “…AND a lawyer who has nothing to gain by making the allegation?”

        AND is a lawyer who apparently specialises in employment law and civil litigation. Rather relevant to the circumstances. I can fully understand why Riches would not want to be associated with Gilmore’s supposed remarks and behaviour.


        • prism

          Is it easier to sort pre-parliamentary employment by asking who wasn’t a lawyer?

  9. freedom 9

    at least RT has the balls to ask the questions, and they are simple enough questions

    • Te Reo Putake 9.1

      Oh, dear. A bit embarrassing for RT, who are usually a bit more on to it. Mind you, I’m sure you liked this contribution in the comment thread, freedom. It says what we’re all thinking!

      ‘RT thank you for sharing! Great to get some real solid news! Stay un-biased for the love of Freedom!’

      • freedom 9.1.1

        what exactly is embarrassing? really, what part?

        I find it strange you have no questions whatsoever about a Craft International Team being at the event, the denial of bomb drill announcements over the public address system, the chief of Police’s reference to actors or who exactly was the individual stripped naked and escorted away by police?

        but good to know you like your cotton wool served warm and cosy

        • Te Reo Putake

          It’s the mad (potential) conspiracy theory bits I found embarrassing, freedom. Not everything is as it seems, but some things actually are. Boston is very straightforward and the only thing unknown at this point is whether they had external assistance (ie, did the dead terrorist go on a bomb making clinic while he was in the east?).

          btw, I understand the conspiracy ‘o’ the day actually concerns one James Gilkerson. Why don’t see what fun you can have with that freedom lover’s death?


          • freedom

            contrary to whatever fantasy you believe I do not blindingly swallow the ‘conspiracy of the day’

            Boston is far from straight forward. It is however a classic patsy job and with today’s tech etc they are easier and easier to pull off, mainly due to the plethora of disinfo that is now organically produced by the web itself. Many of those who distrust the official story of Boston want one simple question answered ( well a half dozen but)

            Who is the naked guy the police led away? The feds will not answer, the cops will not answer. This only promotes further doubt, which creates further debate which creates further disinfo which makes the patsy easier to sell.

            They have been doing this a long time. They are very good at it. People no longer believe what they see or hear until they are told what it is they are looking at. That takes skill.


            As far as the guy shooting up a cop car, first I had seen of it but it looks like he is just a nut job with an automatic weapon who felt he had no other option. With absolutely no back info it is hard not to come to the suggestion he had some things on his mind So yeah, looks like a nutjob with an automatic weapon. America has millions so them, most wear uniforms and do their mindless slaughter in foreign lands though.
            What interests you about it? the books? If he had had a copy of Catcher in the Rye would we be warning POTUS?

          • Colonial Viper

            Not everything is as it seems, but some things actually are. Boston is very straightforward

            Cases of photoshopping by the media already noted


            the only thing unknown at this point is whether they had external assistance (ie, did the dead terrorist go on a bomb making clinic while he was in the east?).

            You missed small things like motive, why they made major preparations for the operation but seemed to have no plan to get out, didn’t seem to realise (or care) that there were cameras all through the target site which would allow them to be immediately identified

            Not sure about the bomb drills thing but a former NZ reporter who was there said on RNZ that bomb dogs and teams had done sweeps through the whole course and the finish area before the event started (and might still have been present).

            • Te Reo Putake

              They’d aleady considered a suicide bombing, CV, so I guess getting away with wasn’t high on the priorities list.

              And, yes, there were bomb sweeps. But before the killers got there, obviously. Remember, they killed the victims well after the serious athletes had finished, so at a guess, the security was a bit more relaxed then.

              As for the photoshopping? Meh, just a paper trying to hide the truth from it’s readers, so nothing to see there … oh, wait 😉

              • freedom

                there is that small detail about neither of the patsy backpacks matching the type recovered, just dumb luck i guess, what with the quantum world in constant physical flux and all, colours change, styles alter, turning from silver grey to Craft black is a hell of a trick though 🙂

                • Te Reo Putake

                  Who is this Patsy Backpack? She’s not on fb, twitter or linkdin that I can see. The mystery deepens!

                  edit: found her! http://www.toyanxiety.com/montypythonpatsy-backpackwpouchandbedroll.aspx

                  • freedom

                    funny 😎
                    ( but t’was not what was written was it?)

                  • McFlock

                    Personally I love how the BBC and CNN are shills and liars, whereas Russian state-funded telly is unbiased regarding western affairs and are unafraid to speak truth to power.

                    Because Putin is so trustworthy, of course.

                    • freedom

                      no-one is saying that, and I have seen many many words against Putin on RT. Far more than I have ever witnessed against Obama on CNN MSN NBC or anyone of the other thirty thousand stations newspapers or radio networks owned by AOL/Warner.

                      As for the BBC, well they still have a good documentary group,( a good friend is a producer with strong values about journalism and says the difference between BBC news and their dept is chalk and cheese)

                      It is bizarre how the BBC (broadcast division) censor or cancel the presentation of docos the BBC itself created. BBC is far from innocent. The background links between BBC/CNN and Aljazeera are also worth noting.

                      I really recommend that you watch a few hours of RT and then say it does not leave every other media network in the dust on International News. Let alone the huge resources they make available via various net and mobile services. There are hundreds of hours of past shows, documentaries from all over the world that you normally have to wait for festivals to see, and a vast collection of viewer contributions. ( which CNN started doing very soon afterwards)

                      As far as RT not doing hard stories on Russia that is simply not true, but sure they protect their interest, they are a media company after all. Now if American media want to start doing the RT treatment to Russian stories all the better. Don’t hold your breathe though. If US media was even half credible do you really think The Daily Show and The Colbert Report would turn up in polls about current affairs shows?

                      All media has an agenda but there are quantifiable chasms of difference. RT is about as good as we could hope for in this modern world but if you insist on believing the reds under the beds tripe then nothing I say can change your mind.

                    • freedom

                      Cross Talk and The Big Picture are more panel based and may suit some more than Breaking the Set and Truthseeker

                    • McFlock

                      I’d say it’s pretty good on those areas of news that do not affect Russian foreign policy. As is the BBC with areas that don’t involve British foreign policy.

                      Whether strong internal US stability is consistent with Russian foreign policy – that is the question. Whether Chechen-related violence spreading beyond Russian borders is in the Russian interest – that is another question.

              • Colonial Viper

                Just because you’re not interested in those specific questions of motive and planning doesn’t mean that they’re not important.

                • freedom

                  like how ‘following the money’ was declared by the administration to be of no importance following that little thing that went down that day in that place with those people

          • Polish Pride

            Then perhaps Te Reo you’d be so kind as to take a look at this link and scroll down to the parts that show the stills from video taken after the blast that show no blood despite one guy having had his legs blown off. See as an ex army medic this has been baffling me for the past week.
            Since your saying everything is as it seems with the Boston marathon it would be good if you can clear this up for me, because for me this is definitely in the category of an unknown.


            • Te Reo Putake

              Yeah, I can explain it. It’s madness. As an ex army medic you’re probably familiar with that too, if the later MASH TV shows are any guide. What a truly awful site, trading on the pain of the victims as it does. Pathetic, truly pathetic.

              ps your first clue that site was authored by lunatics was the link to Glenn Beck (Beck gives Obama till Monday to declare this was an inside job – Yeah, right)

              • freedom

                “trading on the pain of the victims as it does.” you just described the entire policy of the modern MSM

                • Te Reo Putake

                  ‘If it bleeds, it leads’ has long been a motto associated with the media. Even better if the blood has a local link. I vaguely remember a bogus headline: ‘Earthquake in India; thousands dead. No Britons hurt’, that sort of sums it up.

                  The weird thing is that people are killed by bombs every day, but it’s only of interest to the media, and conspiracy theorists like yourself, when it happens in the States. Cleverer folk than I might be able to draw some conclusions as to what that means about the blinkered world view of both groups.

                  • freedom

                    “but it’s only of interest to the media, and conspiracy theorists like yourself, when it happens in the States”

                    I can only speak for me but that is categorically untrue. I could write several lengthy qualifications supporting that statement but you either choose to believe it or you won’t.

                  • Polish Pride

                    The problem is many are too afraid to ask questions around things like this because doing so and getting an answer they aren’t prepared for is something they are just not prepared to deal with mentally. Much better to stay wrapped up nice and safe in their cocoon rather than have to rethink the entire world they live in.

                • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

                  Just what we need. Another conspiracy theory.

              • Polish Pride

                disappointing – bit of a non answer really, google boston bombings no blood and find ones that comment on this without Glenn beck if that better spins your wheels, but other than that it appears you have providing an explanation more than anything. Are you perhaps saying the pictures are fake? I mean that would at leas be an explanation; not a very good one but an explanation none the less.

                • Te Reo Putake

                  “google boston bombings no blood”

                  Why? I’m not a right wing saddo, so what possible interest could it hold for me?

                  • Polish Pride

                    If you can’t explain it, it’s cool, just say so. I can’t either.
                    Well on second thoughts I can but you wouldn’t like the answer…
                    P.S. wanting to know the truth is not limited to the domain of right wing saddos. It’s right wing saddos and those people that have the ability to think for themselves. But then in my view those that really have the ability to think for themselves do not have their views entrenched with one political party or another, or even within the System for that matter.

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      There’s nothing to explain, PP. It’s a fantasy. Anytime something bad happens in the states, a segment of the right will blame the gummint. It’s boring and its sad. And it obviously pretty offensive to characterise someone who has just has his legs blown off as an ‘actor’. But if you’re cool with being deluded, fine by me. Just don’t waste my time linking to offensive websites and asking me to comment.

                    • Polish Pride

                      That’s ok I’ll just put you in the category of comfortable living in a cocoon when it comes to this sort of thing. But you are right – A guy gets his legs blown off and there’s no blood…. that is indeed a fantasy. Yet that’s what the pictures show… so unfortunately the reality, well that’s the opposite.
                      The world is the way it is because too many don’t want to actually see what is going on.

                    • joe90


                      Be warned, not safe for sensitive souls but if you have the stomach for it Cryptome has full sets from the bombing.

                      google search link

                    • Polish Pride

                      Their should have been blood from before the tourniquet was applied. If you have a look at the pics you can see his stumps with no blood on them at all and no tourniquet.

                    • McFlock

                      fuck, joe90 – that’s some rank grievous shit.

                      And lots and lots of blood.

                      PP, I’m not sure which pic you’re referring to, but there aren’t many I can see where “not enough blood” could be much of a criticism.

                    • Polish Pride

                      Scroll down to the series of photos on here – this was sent to me in another link a few days ago somewhere but I couldn’t find the original but these are the same pics.


                      I’m open to explanations…

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      “I’m open to explanations…”

                      Apparently not.

                    • Polish Pride

                      Ok let me rephrase for your benefit – I am open to suggestions that use logic and common sense. i.e. if a guy has his legs freshly blown off their should be blood and a lot of it.
                      Having this conversation has been effectively me saying this ‘5’ looks like the number 5 and could their be any other explanation I haven’t considered……? Then you come along and say unicorns smell nice.

                      But hey I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt in that perhaps you misunderstood the question? The guy in the photo has just had his legs blown off. There is no blood on him, his stumps or the people he is lying on. Why?
                      …. I’m all ears.

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      Happy to help, PP. The answer is that you’ve been visiting sites that are full of venomous shit. It’s affected your usual empathy for your fellow humans, making it hard for you to spot the bleeding obvious.

                      (Pun very much intended.)

                    • Polish Pride

                      I hope your considering a career in politics – you would be stellar.

                      So just to get this right – Your saying the reason the pictures of the guy with his legs blown off show no blood on him or anyone around him is because………I have been visiting venomous sites.. and further to this, doing so has damaged my ability to empathize. Have I got that right?

                      Se now the bit that gets me is that can empathize just fine. I just wanted to know why he has no blood on his legs and as I live in a world of logic and common sense…….. I simply cannot accept your answer.

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      “I live in a world of logic and common sense”

                      And yet you show no grasp of either.

                    • Polish Pride

                      Really based on what. Based on the fact that you can’t give a straight answer. The only one lacking in logic and common sense is you. Seriously have you read your posts!?!
                      You want to live in a nice safe warm cocoon and this threatens that. I get it. To be honest I was really hoping you would give me a plausible explanation so that I, like you, could crawl back into my nice safe cocoon. But you failed dismally.
                      Here’s some advice – Stay there. Stay in your cocoon for as long as you can. The rest of your natural life if possible. Its a happier world in there and don’t let anyone take it away from you. When the Government and the MSM tell you something, believe it, never question it. If things don’t look right change the channel and keep changing it until you hear the story you want to hear. In your world that would be the logical and common sense thing to do and I envy you for being able to. seriously I do.

                      Best of luck to you.

                    • One Anonymous Knucklehead

                      Crawl back into the rotting flesh you call home, ghoul.

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      Yeah, what ever. To be fair, PP, you haven’t come up with some whackjob theory of your own, which is the next stage, so there may be hope for you yet. But, seriously, this stuff is astonishly sick. Remember, the site you sent me to claimed the victims were actors. Actors, FFS. Not people who’ve just had their legs blown off by arseholes, but actors. How sick to you have to be write that shit?

  10. Te Reo Putake 10

    Compare and contrast:

    “The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same goal and everybody having a share in the rewards. That’s how I see football, that’s how I see life.”

    Liverpool FC Manager, Bill Shankly.

    “The area started to decline in the early 1990s with the city’s economic problems. But Liverpool football club accelerated the decline, by leaving good houses empty and boarded up. It wasn’t a natural decline; it was engineered.”

    Howard Macpherson, resident, Anfield.


  11. ianmac 11

    Anyone notice that Mr Key said at his Press Conference yesterday that he had been speaking with NZF about supporting the GCSB reform and about matters to do with the economy. Mr Peters said there had been no discussions with him about either matter. The Media told him that a letter was coming about the GCSB.
    Could Mr Key have mis-spoken or even lied? Watch this space.

    • freedom 11.1

      Gilmore got told to front up to Parliament today, will Key?

    • karol 11.2

      At about 13.5 minutes, Key just said that he had written to NZ First. Not that he’d had discussions already.

      • freedom 11.2.1

        The funniest thing about the Gilmore Grill is how he texted the PM an apology.

        Seriously? texted the apology ! Is this how the PM now operates so as to limit how often he can be caught out in silly statements. If you were an MP and had caused this fracas, would you not speak directly to your party leader? Key admits numerous discussions between his chief of staff and Gilmore but that he himself only heard from Gilmore by text. So what did Key instruct his chief of staff to do and say and just how much autonomy does the staff have?

        But a text apology? What was it?
        ‘sry bout bn a dkhd’
        it’s an apology to the PM. You are not reminding him to grab some milk. These clowns are a frikkin embarassment to the country (wow, so getting tired of writing that line)

        • Te Reo Putake

          You can’t even txt in to take a day off sick at most firms in NZ, but bringing your employer into disrepute apparently can be sorted by txt if you are a National MP. Higher standards, anyone?

          Just as an aside, this sends a msg to all Nat backbench MP’s. And that message is ‘we’ve only got a one seat majority, so it’d be nice if you don’t publicly embarrass us, but if you feel you must, well that’s cool too.’

      • ianmac 11.2.2

        I saw the interview on TV3. My recollection was that the discussions with Mr Peters was said by Mr Key (as well as the letter mention) and that matters of finance had been also discussed with NZF.
        Mr English was asked this morning on Morning Report about the “financial discussions.” He said you would have to ask Mr Key about that. (Implying that he knew nothing about that.) Might be wrong karol. Will see.

      • freedom 11.2.3

        the NZF references are about 25 mins in karol

      • ianmac 11.2.4

        On TV3 News last night there was the reference that I was looking for starting at about 6:50min in. Mr Key became embarrassed about the detail.
        Might be totally unimportant but I had to look.

        • karol

          OK, thanks. Key says NZ First and the government have been working on a number of things “behind the scenes.”

          We’ll see, then.

    • I thought maybe that Peters was being cute. He said no one had talked directly to him about it. Doesn’t stop lower level conversations taking place and given National’s love of power I would not be surprised if this was the case.

  12. Jokerman 12

    Inter-mission :

  13. Professor Longhair 13

    Attacking the Messenger
    In Praise of Richard Falk

    by LAWRENCE DAVIDSON, May 6, 2013

    Shortly after the 15 April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, Richard Falk, professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian territories, published an analysis of the episode entitled “A Commentary on the Marathon Murders.”

    In this analysis Falk pointed out that there are “serious deficiencies in how the U.S. sees itself in the world. We should be worried by the taboo . . . imposed on any type of self-scrutiny [of U.S. foreign policy] by either the political leadership or the mainstream media.” This taboo essentially blinds us to the reality of our situation. Falk continues, “The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world. . . . Especially if there is no disposition to rethink U.S. relations with others . . . starting with the Middle East.”

    Thus, looked at from outside of the self-justifying perspective of the United States government, everything Richard Falk says is accurate. However, from the inside of the official government worldview, Falk is a heretic and his message dangerous verbal poison. Therefore, the reaction of those dedicated to customary policies and alliances has been shrill.

    For instance, Washington’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, said that she was “outraged by Richard Falk’s highly offensive Boston comments. Someone who spews such vitriol has no place at the UN. Past time for him to go.” Similar statements came from members of Congress who are collecting signatures on a letter demanding that President Obama “take action” against Falk. The British mission to the UN released a statement to the effect that “this is the third time we have had cause to express our concerns about Mr. Falk’s anti-Semitic remarks.” This is an embarrassingly ignorant statement that confuses criticism of Israel with hostility to Jews in general. By the way, Richard Falk is Jewish. For its part, Israel has long barred Falk from even entering the Palestinian territories for which he has responsibility. Finally, Zionists have accused Falk of being “an anti-American and pro-radical Islam activist.” This is another statement that is both factually incorrect and ignorant, because Falk is a deeply knowledgable American trying to talk some sense to politicians leading the nation toward a dangerous cliff, and because it confuses criticism of Israel with supporting “radical Islam.”

    The ugly fact is that, most Americans have been kept dangerously ignorant of the wanton damage caused by their government’s foreign policies, and those who would prevent them from knowing the truth are, at the very least, indirectly responsible for terrorist attacks launched in reaction to those policies.

    Richard Falk’s crime is to be a person of note, an esteemed academic and a respected servant of the United Nations, who is trying to break through with the truth. It is all the more frightening to the U.S. and its allies that, in this effort, Falk has access to an independent platform. He regularly reports to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where he has the ear of many of the 47 nations that make up this body. Unfortunately, the one group most in need of Falk’s wisdom, the American public, remains beyond the range of his voice.

    If it could get away with it, the U.S. government would probably cart Richard Falk off to some hellhole prison, or keep him confined to some foreign embassy (as it has done to Julian Assange). However, despite disturbing signs to the contrary, Washington isn’t yet ready to take such actions against a man of Falk’s stature. However, do not mistake such forbearance for the mark of a mature and stable society. No. Such societies (just like mature and stable adults) are capable of self-criticism. At least at the level of leadership and media, the United States is not capable of such self-reflection and so its citizens are likely to be the last to know that much of the terrorism they fear is a product of their own government’s continuing barbarism.

    Lawrence Davidson is professor of history at West Chester University in West Chester PA.

  14. Who is running Auckland Council?

    Do YOU think that Auckland Council CEO Doug McKay, as a supposedly ‘apolitical public servant’ should be a member of the unelected ‘invitation-only’ extremely powerful private sector lobby group, the Committee for Auckland?

    I don’t.

    I think the Governing Body of Auckland Council should ensure that CEO Doug McKay, terminates his membership of the Committee for Auckland, in order to comply with his ‘apolitical’ role as a ‘public servant, and have requested speaking rights at the upcoming Auckland Council Governing Body meeting to raise this with them directly.

    Request for speaking rights at Public Forum of the upcoming Governing Body meeting of Auckland Council, Thursday 9 May 2013 at 11am.

    Reception Lounge
    Auckland Town Hall
    301-305 Queen Street

    Dear Mayor Len Brown,

    My subject matter is:

    Auckland Council Local Government Election Year Policy
    “Neutrality of Public Servants”.

    At this Governing Body meeting of Auckland Council, you are discussing the proposed ‘Auckland Council Local Government Election Year Policy’.

    “Who does this policy apply to?

    4) This policy applies to all Auckland Council elected members and Auckland Council employees.”

    “Neutrality of Public Servants

    12. A major characteristic of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements is that public servants are apolitical. This applies to public servants in local and central government.”

    If Auckland Council employees are supposed to be apolitical ‘public servants’ – then why is Auckland Council CEO, Doug McKay, still a member of the ‘invitation-only’, powerful private sector lobby group – the Committee for Auckland?


    “Doug McKay Chief Executive Officer Auckland Council”

    Please be reminded of the LGOIMA reply I received from Wendy Brandon, General Counsel for Auckland Council dated 10 February 2012
    (“Official Information Request No: 9000114213:)

    “1. I have advised you previously that Mr McKay is a member of the Committee for Auckland in his capacity as Chief Executive of Auckland Council.

    2. Mr McKay is an honorary member of the Committee for Auckland. As such, there was no joining fee charged or paid.

    3. No resolution of any committee of the Auckland Council was sought or given in relation to Mr McKay’s membership of the Committee for Auckland.
    The Committee for Auckland is an independent organisation and its aims and objectives are a matter of public record.”

    (Item 4)


    Please be reminded that membership of the Committee for Auckland is ‘invitation’ only


    Membership Information

    Membership to the Committee for Auckland is by invitation. Members meet quarterly and are invited to be involved in those aspects of the work programme that interest them.

    Members are Chairs of Boards, Directors and Chief Executives

    Corporate Membership annual fee $10,000.

    Associate and Individual Membership comprises organisations or individuals who support the aims and purpose of the Committee but who, for various reasons, are unable to take a full part in contributing to the Committee’s portfolio of initiatives.

    Associate Membership annual fee $5,000

    Individual Membership annual fee $2,500

    For further information about Membership, please contact theExecutive Director”

    How many Auckland Council or Auckland CCO contracts are going to member companies of the Committee for Auckland?

    How can this not be a ‘perceived conflict of interest’ for the Principal Adminstrative Officer of Auckland Council – the CEO Doug McKay – to be a member of this private sector lobby group, particularly when his membership has not been ‘authorised /endorsed’ by elected members of Auckland Council?

    Is the Governing Body of Auckland Council going to ensure that CEO Doug McKay, terminates his membership of the Committee for Auckland, in order to comply with his ‘apolitical’ role as a ‘public servant?

    Yes or no?

    If not – why not?

    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption/anti-privatisation’ campaigner

    2013 Auckland Mayoral candidate

  15. karol 15

    Is there going to be a Questions for Oral Answers today, or is the time going to be given to farewelling Horomia?

    • freedom 15.1

      stream won’t load. anyone else having issues?

      • karol 15.1.1

        Watching on TV. Speeches on Parekura.

        • freedom

          no tv here,
          had a stream playing the pretty muzak then at 1:59 it just dropped out and will not reload

          I have tried all three streams from the NZPTV site

      • veutoviper 15.1.2

        Yes – same problem. Neither the video or audio streams would load for me online. Listening on an old fashioned radio!

        • freedom

          finally got it back about 2:30
          seems to be a regular problem lately

      • Anne 15.1.3

        Yes I did freedom. Gave up in the end. Got told it was a server problem.

        Actually I’m getting sick of all the gremlins trying to watch online Parliament TV. It started at the beginning of this year. Last year and previous to that the reception was excellent.

        • freedom

          Are we asking too much?
          It is 2013
          it is a live stream from a controlled environment,
          this should not be a problem

          (posted this and got put in moderation ???)

  16. ianmac 16

    Just checked online. All OK. Mac/Firefox.

  17. ghostrider888 17

    The further descents of K2; There is an article in The Herald about the boffin who developed the synthetic cannabinoids claiming they were definitely Not for human consumption. I was interviewed for the paper (photo taken) today on my (informed) opinion on this rubbish. 😀
    (photo may not develop, being ecto-plasmic and all that…)

  18. Tazireviper 18

    According to Hekia Parata on Parliament TV, NZ has been celebrating the death of Parekura Horomia for the last 10 days, WTF

    • McFlock 18.1


      • gobsmacked 18.1.1

        Some very good speeches for Parekura, nice mixture of speaking styles, many funny and warm.

        It’s just a shame that two of the poorest speakers in Parliament are the PM and PM-in-waiting. Every time there’s a tribute in the House, they fail to rise to the occasion. Pretty much every MP who followed them showed how to do it, but there’s this leaden log-jam at the top, Messrs Dull and Duller.

        • Colonial Viper

          Labour wanted another “Joe Ordinary a la Key” as Leader and they succeeded brilliantly.

        • felix

          True dat. Even Dunne showed them up and he barely exists.

        • Tazireviper

          Yes, on the whole I felt it was a fitting tribute to a great man

  19. dpalenski 19

    Interesting blog from someone with a serious illness


  20. Ruobeil 20

    If Looney Len gets re-elected as mayor, Aucklanders will leave in droves.

    Where will they go? Wellington?

    No, Celia Wade-Brown and her mates are asleep at the wheel.

    Christchurch? Too shakey.

    Dunedin? No. Dave Cull is too busy sucking up to China.

    I know; Ekatahuna.

  21. AT LAST! JOHN BANKS IS IN THE AUCKLAND DISTRICT COURT (Albert St) Wednesday 8 May 2013 for a first appearance at 10am to face a private prosecution brought by Graham McCready for electoral fraud.

    Plan to have banners up outside Court from 9am.


    Details about this case and background information is available here:



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  • Imports of Russian gold banned
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta and Minister for Trade and Export Growth Damien O’Connor have announced that Aotearoa New Zealand will ban the import of Russian gold. “Today’s decision further signals Aotearoa New Zealand’s condemnation of Russia’s flagrant violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty,” Nanaia Mahuta said. “It underscores our intention of ensuring ...
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    2 days ago
  • New Public Health services to improve health for all Kiwis
    The rollout of the new nationwide health system continued today with the launch of the country’s first national public health system to fight disease and promote healthy lives. The Public Health Agency will lead and co-ordinate population and public health policy, strategy and regulation, while the national Public Health ...
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    2 days ago
  • Prime Minister to lead trade mission to Australia
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will lead a trade mission including over 30 New Zealand businesses to Melbourne and Sydney this week as part of the Government’s reconnection strategy to support export growth and the return of tourists post COVID-19. While in Sydney, Jacinda Ardern will also give an address to ...
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    2 days ago
  • Applications now open for new work visa holders from offshore
    Final stage of Accredited Employer Work Visa goes live today Offshore migrants can apply to work in New Zealand for an accredited employer Partners and dependents of work visa applicants can also apply for visas from today New Zealand has taken another significant step forward in our Reconnecting plan ...
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    2 days ago
  • Better and fairer access to legal assistance
    Raising eligibility thresholds will provide a helping hand to more than 90,000 New Zealanders currently denied access to legal aid, Justice Minister Kiri Allan says. “The Government is committed to driving through legislative changes to strengthen our legal aid system. “Enshrining changes in legislation and regulations is necessary to give ...
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    2 days ago
  • Diplosphere Conference 2022
    Mihi Manawa maiea te pūtanga o Matariki Manawa maiea te ariki o te rangi Manawa maiea te mātahi o te tau! Thank you for the invitation to join you today. Unfortunately I can’t be there in person but I'm pleased that this is an opportunity for young Māori and ...
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    2 days ago
  • Strengthening NZ-UK people, science and trade connections
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London overnight, and together took a number of steps to strengthen the already close ties between our two countries, and promote our common interests in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. “The UK is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest and closest friends and ...
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    4 days ago
  • Joint Statement – Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern and Boris Johnson
    Building a more secure, sustainable and prosperous future together: Joint Statement – Prime Ministers Jacinda Ardern and Boris Johnson 1. New Zealand and the United Kingdom are old friends and close partners. Our relationship rests on a bedrock of history, shared values, and deep people-to-people links, extending across almost all ...
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    4 days ago
  • PM’s Chatham House
    Director Sir Robin Niblett, distinguished guests. What an honour it is to be back in London, and to be here at Chatham house. This visit represents much for me. The reopening of borders and resumption of travel after a difficult few years. The chance to bring life to the UK ...
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    4 days ago
  • Otago Foreign Policy School, opening address
    Manawa maiea te pūtanga o Matariki Manawa maiea te ariki o te rangi Manawa maiea te mātahi o te tau! Introduction I’m pleased to join you for my second address at the 56th Annual Otago Foreign Policy School.  The topic for this year is Space. Given that we are in ...
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    4 days ago
  • Government launches new Ministry of Disabled People
    New Ministry will officially be called Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People Public Service Commission have appointed Geraldine Woods as Interim Chief Executive Office for Disability Issues to be folded into the new Ministry In what is a milestone day, the Government has launched Aotearoa New Zealand’s first Whaikaha ...
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    5 days ago
  • Further Investment to support rangatahi to overcome barriers to employment
    Nine new He Poutama Rangatahi programmes have been approved funding.  These programmes will provide work-readiness, training and employment initiatives for over 820 rangatahi NEETS (not in education, employment or training), across Aotearoa New Zealand.  "He Poutama Rangatahi has proven to be a very successful initiative which supports rangatahi to overcome ...
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    5 days ago
  • Crown appointments to Ihumātao Steering Committee
    Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson today announced the appointment of Crown representatives, Dr Charlotte Severne and Mr Bernie O’Donnell, to the Steering Committee that will determine the future of the Ihumātao land.   “I’m pleased to have made the Crown appointments. Both Dr Severne and Mr O’Donnell have extensive ...
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    5 days ago
  • Health Minister Andrew Little's address to first joint meeting of the boards of Te Whatu Ora &#...
    I begin by thanking each of you for accepting appointment to these boards. You’ve each been on the Ministerial committee that established Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand and Te Aka Whai Ora - the Māori Health Authority and I express my appreciation for the enormous task you collectively ...
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    5 days ago
  • Hong Kong National Security Law
    Aotearoa New Zealand has reiterated its concerns over the continued erosion of rights, freedom and autonomy in Hong Kong. On the second anniversary of the introduction of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta says developments in Hong Kong remain a cause for worry. “Two years ...
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    5 days ago
  • Europol Agreement will assist New Zealand law enforcement in tackling serious crime
    The Europol Agreement signed is a significant milestone for New Zealand and the European Union’s relationship, and reflects our shared principles of democracy, the rule of law, and respect for human rights, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said today. The Prime Minister attended a signature ceremony in Brussels, as part of ...
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    5 days ago
  • New era for better health in Aotearoa New Zealand
    ·       New nationwide public health system ·       20 district health boards disestablished and deficits wiped ·       82,000 health employees directly employed by Health New Zealand ·       $24 billion health budget this year – up 43% since Labour took office in 2017 – in addition to separate funding for the new ...
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    5 days ago
  • New chairs appointed to the Teaching Council and Te Kura
    Education Minister Chris Hipkins has announced appointments to the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Board of Trustees of Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu (Te Kura). “Robyn Baker ONZM has been appointed as the chair of the Teaching Council. She has considerable governance experience and is a ...
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    5 days ago
  • Joint media release on the occasion of the meeting between European Commission President von der Ley...
    European Commission President von der Leyen and Prime Minister of New Zealand Ardern met in Brussels on 30 June 2022. The encounter provided an opportunity to reaffirm that the European Union and Aotearoa New Zealand are longstanding partners with shared democratic values and interests, aligned positions on key international and ...
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    5 days ago
  • New Zealand secures major free trade deal with European Union
    Export revenue to the EU to grow by up to $1.8 billion annually on full implementation. Duty-free access on 97% of New Zealand’s current exports to the EU; with over 91% being removed the day the FTA comes into force. NZ exporters set to save approx. $110 million per annum ...
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    5 days ago
  • Biggest Year for Clean Cars on Record
    57,000 EVs and Hybrid registered in first year of clean car scheme, 56% increase on previous year EVs and Non Plug-in Hybrids made up 20% of new passenger car sales in March/April 2022 The Government’s Clean Car Discount Scheme has been a success, with more than 57,000 light-electric and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Police Wing 355 includes the highest ever proportion of Wāhine Māori
    Police Minister Chris Hipkins congratulates the newest Police wing – wing 355 – which graduated today in Porirua. “These 70 new constables heading for the frontline bring the total number of new officers since Labour took office to 3,303 and is the latest mark of our commitment to the Police ...
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    6 days ago
  • New RBNZ board takes up role from 1 July
    Members with a range of governance, financial and technical skills have been appointed to the Reserve Bank Board as part of the shift to strengthen the Bank’s decision-making and accountability arrangements. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021 comes into force on 1 July 2022, with the establishment of ...
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    6 days ago
  • New measures to help manage COVID-19 as country stays at Orange
    New Zealand to remain at Orange as case numbers start to creep up 50 child-size masks made available to every year 4-7 student in New Zealand 20,000-30,000 masks provided a week to all other students and school staff Extra funding to schools and early childhood services to supports better ...
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    6 days ago
  • NZ to join International Court of Justice case against Russia
    Aotearoa New Zealand will join Ukraine’s case against Russia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which challenges Russia’s spurious attempt to justify its invasion under international law. Ukraine filed a case at the ICJ in February arguing Russia has falsely claimed genocide had occurred in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, as ...
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    6 days ago
  • New advisory group provides enduring Māori expertise for Te Aorerekura delivery
    The Government has taken another step forward in its work to eliminate family violence and sexual violence with the announcement today of a new Tangata Whenua Ministerial Advisory Group. A team of 11 experts in whānau Māori wellbeing will provide the Government independent advice on shaping family violence and sexual ...
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    6 days ago
  • Making work better for Kiwi women
    Te Mahere Whai Mahi Wāhine: Women’s Employment Action Plan was launched today by Minister for Women Jan Tinetti – with the goal of ensuring New Zealand is a great place for women to work. “This Government is committed to improving women’s working lives. The current reality is that women have ...
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    6 days ago
  • Good Employer Awards celebrate food and fibre sector
    The food and fibre sector acknowledged its people and leadership at last night’s 2022 Primary Industries Good Employer Awards, a time to celebrate their passion towards supporting employees by putting their health, welfare and wellbeing first,” Acting Minister of Agriculture Meka Whairiti said. “Award winners were selected from an extraordinary ...
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    6 days ago
  • PM's comments to NATO session
    Kia ora koutou katoa.  It is a rare thing to have New Zealand represented at a NATO Summit. While we have worked together in theatres such as Afghanistan, and have been partners for just on a decade, today represents an important moment for our Pacific nation.   New Zealand is ...
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    6 days ago
  • Veterans Minister announces new focus on mental health for veterans and their whānau
    Te Arataki mō te Hauora Ngākau mō ngā Mōrehu a Tū me ō rātou Whānau, The Veteran, Family and Whānau Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy Framework “We ask a lot of those who serve in the military – and we ask a lot of the families and whānau who support ...
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    7 days ago
  • Minister to advocate for Small Island States
    Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs Aupito William Sio has been appointed by the United Nations and Commonwealth as Aotearoa New Zealand’s advocacy champion for Small Island States.  “Aotearoa New Zealand as a Pacific country is particularly focused on the interests of Pacific Small Island Developing States in our region.  “This is a ...
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    7 days ago
  • Increased support for households to pay local council rates
    An estimated 100,000 low income households will be eligible for increased support to pay their council rates, with changes to the rates rebate scheme taking effect from 1 July. Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta has announced increases to both the maximum value of the rates rebate, and the income threshold ...
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    7 days ago
  • He Oranga Poutama expanded into four new regions
    A long-standing physical activity programme that focuses on outcomes for Maori has been expanded to four new regions with Government investment almost doubled to increase its reach. He Oranga Poutama is managed by a combination of hapū, iwi, hauora and regional providers.   An increase in funding from $1.8 million ...
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    7 days ago
  • Wellington’s rapid transit option progresses to next stage
    The Government is progressing a preferred option for LGWM which will see Wellington’s transport links strengthened with light rail from Wellington Station to Island Bay, a new tunnel through Mt Victoria for public transport, and walking and cycling, and upgrades to improve traffic flow at the Basin Reserve. “Where previous ...
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    7 days ago
  • Keynote remarks: Tech 4 Democracy Summit, Madrid
    To Provost Muniz, to the Organisers at the Instituto de Empresa  buenas tardes and as we would say in New Zealand, kia ora kotou katoa.  To colleagues from the State Department, from Academia, and Civil Society Groups, to all our distinguished guests - kia ora tatou katoa. It’s a pleasure ...
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    1 week ago