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Open mike 09/03/2019

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, March 9th, 2019 - 115 comments
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115 comments on “Open mike 09/03/2019 ”

  1. James 1


    Chelsea Manning back in jail. It will be good when her Wikileaks friend joins her.

    • OnceWasTim 1.1

      My what a big penis you have @James

      • Naki man 1.1.1

        I think you are on the wrong site Tim, this isn’t grinder.

        • OnceWasTim

          Now how would you know that?
          My snide remarks to James are simply based on the fact that IMHO his main intention in coming here is to bait and try and show how clever he is – all egotistically driven. Probably not too dissimilar from your own reasons. THey’re certainly not intended to try and engage in debate.
          Now, tell me something about this ‘Grinder’ thing. Maaaate! does it do anything for testosterone levels?

      • james 1.1.2

        Not really, but I guess its all comparitive.

        • OnceWasTim

          As Maria Muldaur once said – it ain’t the meat its the motion. I guess you fail on both counts in her mind.
          I tried to reply to @ Nakiman – whoar – you know that man from the Naki.
          I couldn’t understand since IMHO your intention in coming to TS is primarily to bait and show how bloody c;lever you think you are – similar reasons to the MAN from the Naki. Sure as shit it isn’t to engage in a debate.
          But there ya go.
          Chelsea Manning FFS – surely he could have tackled something more relevant if his intentions were genuine – I dunno – maybe the Kim Hill/Annette King interview this morning. Whoar Man!!!! there is grist in there he could have used to show us all how big his penis actually is.
          Thank Christ I kept to Highway 4 last nite and evaded your neck of the woods.
          Otherwise I could have been classed as a Highway 3 deviate.
          But please @ Naki, tell me more about this “Ginder’ thing. Does it resolve the male mid-life crisis symptoms?: Increase the size of your dick or testosterone levels?; Make you a better husband to the woify?; or better still, Does it mean James and yourself become more ‘self-aware’ and all those nancy-boy type of things that might allow yourself to get over yourself?
          PLEASE!!!! Tell me about Grinder. Someone just told me it was a dating site for bloody homos and married blokes on the ‘down-low’.

          • solkta

            Chelsea Manning FFS – surely he

            That comment puts you well and truly in the dickhead column yourself.

            • OnceWasTim

              May I say @ solkta how utterly gorgeous I think you are.
              It is possible I am a dickhead as well but that’s for me to know and you to ponder
              (END OF STORY!!!!! Yea! I win you lose!)
              But could you tell me about this ‘Grinder’ thing maybe?

            • Red Blooded One

              Hi Solkta, None of my business but the “he” I think OnceWasTim was referring to was James, as in, “he” could have chosen a different topic to engage us in and I may be wrong also with the later comment to James but I read it as sarcasm and as a nancy-boy homo myself, I think he was just teasing Naki man and James about Grindr and certainly achieved a pearl clutching from James. If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to line up and give OnceWasTim a good spanking.

              • solkta

                It is certainly a terrible piece of england so you might be right. Very strange to be replying to somebody and referring to them as “he” instead of “you”. Even more confusing as he had been speaking of the knackered one.

              • Grant

                @RBO. I believe Tim was talking to James about Naki Man who was the HE in question. Therefore acceptable usage both for the political and syntactical police. You are right about Tim baiting James. Anyone who has watched and appreciated his style for a while will realise that he uses his own position on the spectrum (I believe he might have batted for your team on occasion) to take the mick out of himself and his target simultaneously. At times this can be confusing but when it works it does so beautifully.

          • James

            “and all those nancy-boy type of things”

            Your hateful homophobic comments are disgusting.

            What is happening with the standard that this kind of thing is seen as acceptable to some.

  2. Blazer 2

    Still no sign of Sir Ray Avery’s lifesaving pods to save a million babies.

    Some people have donated thousands.

    Last year he said the deadline was February,just gone.

    The factory in Chennai India was supposed to be all go.

    What sort of ‘dark Knight’ do we have here?


  3. greywarshark 3

    I see from the paper today that there is a project called Down the Wire to make life better for helicopter pilots. We don;’t want any of them striking wires when they are flying, but particularly now with the prospect of more droughts and fires that need their attendance and skill. It’s hard enough coping with it all without having to cope with electricity lines along their flight lines. So good for getting alternatives going.

  4. greywarshark 4

    And another case of a victim of violent crime having to avoid meeting the perpetrator. He/she might be out of prison but the victim is not free to live and move where she wants. There is a notification system but why should there be the need? Keep violent people away from society. Give them a limited life in okay conditions, and limit their own violence on each other. Why should we all become potential victims. Their rate of recidivism is probably high, even if later in life.

  5. Cinny 5

    simons on ‘The Nation’, trying to preach fear re the CGT. He’s an angry little man.

    • James 5.1

      That’s not anger cinny- labour’s ideological CGT was the wish National were waiting for. It’s the single biggest thing that could cost them the election.

      He’s very happy that labour are handling this so badly

      • marty mars 5.1.1

        Yeah he’s real happy lol – you are the goofiest gnat cheerleaderless yet – keep up the good work.

      • Cinny 5.1.2

        Hiya James, simons done a wonderful job of making me giggle this morning.

        Describing the CGT as hairy chested. Closed fist near on banging on the table. Blaming journalists for his failing ratings.

        Crack up 🙂

        Meanwhile, it’s a report of a working group, nothing has been proposed by the govt.

        • James

          So while the government who haven’t decided anything yet (but are paying Cullen to sing CGT praises) dither and do nothing – they are losing the debate with the public.

          Simon is exactly doing his job.

          • Ankerrawshark

            Not sure there is any evidence labour are losing the cgt debate James

            Are you quoting Hoskins again hahahaha what a fool

            • James

              You you can’t see where I’m getting that from – best you get outside and talk to people.

              • Ankerrawshark

                James where are you getting that from?

                I would never rely on the random conversations I have with people as an indication of what the majority of kiwis think. Would you? Suspect a significant number of people already have an entrenched view,particularly the ones with a vested interest in not having a CGT, eg Amy, Simon, mr poor me I own 80 rentals a la the herald article.

                Have there been any polls to show that since the report came out there has been an increase in opposition to the cgt. That would show labour is losing the argument. Otherwise there isn’t any real evidence that labour is losing the argument.

                Sounds like Simon was doing a fabulous job on the Nation according to cinny……ha ha ha ha

                • James Thrace

                  Simon is giving Labour a great opportunity to listen and understand how best to respond to Simon’s hysterical chicken little prophesising on CGT.

                  When Labour finally come out with a set of policies on CGT, all of which will address Simon’s hysterical rants, people may very well end up saying “good golly, this isn’t so bad after all”

                  Simon may very well take the credit in forcing the govt to provide a halfway point, but people don’t listen to him anyway so won’t have much effect for him.

                  Simons got nothing concrete to criticise. As long as he keeps yammering on about what the dastardly evils of CGT might bring, Labour can continue to artfully respond to such falsities in their eventual policy document.

                  Simon should shut up and criticise something worth criticising. Like Labours lack of genuine commitment to addressing the cost of living in NZ.

              • Cinny

                A variety of people is who to talk to about it, not just those in ones social circle, workplace, suburb, income bracket etc etc.

                Put in a submission, encourage other people to do so as well, I’m going to.

                Tax Working Group welcomes submissions on future of tax

                “Submissions open today for those wanting to share their thoughts straight away and on March 14 an updated website will be launched along with a background paper that will provide more assistance. ”


                Edit.. Am back to working fulltime and with no kids this weekend, it’s power tool time, doing some renovations 🙂 Enjoy your day out there everyone.

          • Doogs

            OK James, I had you pegged as someone of intelligence, but you keep denying me that view by your constant undying loyalty and borderline sycophancy in terms of the National Party.
            1. The government has done nothing yet but has clearly signalled a time frame in which they will, so your criticism on that front is valueless.
            2. Michael Cullen is on a retainer so that he, as the chairman of the task force and therefore intimately knowledgeable about the report, is able to answer queries and provide detail.
            3. You intimate that Cullen is there merely to sing praises for the CGT, which is only a small segment of the total report, and is being discussed and largely vilified in a hugely disproportionate way in comparison to other aspects of the report. That is not his job, and that is not what he is doing.
            4. You say that the government is losing the debate, which is a hugely subjective statement with no evidence apparent.

            The only thing you say here is that Simon is doing his job. He is, but not in the way you think.

            BTW check out this link –

          • Cinny

            simons daily rate is more than Cullens, and Cullen only charges for a few days a month, where as for simon it’s every single day.

            In which case, one begins to wonder just why Cullen has come up with so many many more ideas than simon.

            Actually, what are simons ideas and plans re tax? Probably the same old narrative key used to spin.

            Nothing new, yet simon get’s paid more than Cullen, how does that work?

            • james

              I think you are getting confused.

              The ideas are not his – the are the committees. And a lot (as a %age) of the committee disagree with them.

              Also the committee has done its job – this is now a political appointment.

              • Stuart Munro.

                By no means – it’s public education.

                Bridges (and you, his unpaid PR flack) wants to misrepresent the commission’s work, hoping to ride into power on a tide of outrage. It’s certainly the only emotion that would move people to vote for him.

                But outrage is not appropriate to a a representative and consultative process, the commission invites public input and discussion, which will culminate in legislation in the usual way.

                Scaremonger all you want, you only expose your fundamentally undemocratic preferences.

                • James

                  If it’s public education why won’t they hire the committee member who disagreed so both arguments can be made for balanced education?

        • Wensleydale

          He’s jolly funny to watch. Very energetic. A bit like a Thunderbirds puppet operated by someone with Parkinson’s.

          • Cinny

            IKR 🙂 He’s very animated with both his words and actions. Super funny

            The link is up now for the full interview


            • Ankerrawshark

              Thanks for the link Cinny

              Ha ha ha ha ha #lets keep Simon

              • WeTheBleeple

                He almost said a new word ‘biodesertification’. Truly a genius among hobbits.

                The interviewer had a tell when she was trying to conceal a mental eye roll, she breathed in sharply.

            • Doogs

              That interview was pure entertainment Cinny. Or it would be if he wasn’t so serious about what he says. And he calls Cullen sly!
              I don’t know . . . the worry is about the sheeple who will swallow that as gospel. He may well get enough boss thinkers to carry his party. That’s a scenario I can’t bear thinking about.

        • KJT

          Yeah. Simon proposing a CGT, on the family home. Otherwise it is “unfair to farmers”. LOL. “The gift that keeps on giving”.

    • patricia bremner 5.2

      Simon does not like Michael Cullen, and Cinny I think many people hold a wee warm spot for Cullen because they have watched their Kiwisaver grow.

      They know it was the Gnats who cut the starter in half, lowered the savings amount and were “tricky” and without that interference savers would have bigger balances.

      Simon ‘no bridges’ has not got much to recommend his word, compared to Michael.

      • James 5.2.1

        And yet several of the working group agree with Simon (and the tax experts at that).

        Funny old world huh.

      • Bewildered 5.2.2

        I am glad you are enjoying the fruits of capitalism Patricia with your kiwisaver growing

    • Rosemary McDonald 5.3

      Oh god Cinny….I just watched that! Ewwwww….(I knew there was a good reason I don’t watch telly anymore)

      Echoes of….

  6. Fireblade 6

    Stuff nails it.

    OPINION: Hi, Simon Bridges here. Hitting new taxes for six! I am literally Martin Guptill!

    Hey, but I just wanted to talk about those kids who are going to go truant from school next week because they say not enough’s being done about climate change.


    • Cinny 6.1

      That piece was beautifully written. Hehehehee. Cheers for the link.

      If simon thinks the kid’s aren’t serious about climate change then he is sorely mistaken.

      His attitude and that of his party re the protest is going to fuel even more kids to act and adults to come out in support of those kids.

      Most kids and teens know and care more about climate change than any other global or political issue. It’s a constant topic in schools.

      And here I was thinking there are teachers in simons family, maybe they haven’t filled him in about the focus schools put on climate change and the awareness created as a result.

  7. greywarshark 7

    Pilot scheme for hearing rape cases in NZ. I think this sounds a promising path to better law here.

  8. patricia bremner 8

    We knew Simon was a bit thick but boy what a crack up.

  9. Kat 9

    Did someone mention “thick”….that old National poodle Audrey over at the mornings fish wrap had this to say:

    “It is time for Ardern to look across the aisle for support on pay transparency measures from Paula Bennett, Amy Adams and Judith Collins to work on some more advances in the interests of improving women’s lives…..”

    If there were ever three women across the aisle who are more inclined to ruin women’s lives dear old Audrey could not have picked them better.

    • Ankerrawshark 9.1

      Kat noticed she said that labour didn’t give national any credit for the Bartlett pay equity bill. My understanding is that National fought it every step of the way and that Audrey knows this

      • Kat 9.1.1

        Ankerrawshark you are correct, typically National only went so far with the Pay Equity Bill then inserted a “Paula Bennett pull up the ladder” clause. Audrey doesn’t like mentioning betrayal and National in the same sentence.

    • millsy 9.2

      Look what happened last time a woman from a rural Canterbury farming background who had the Selywn electorate held the Finance role.

  10. joe90 10

    Manafort’s otherwise blameless life.

    “He has lived an otherwise blameless life,” said Judge T. S. Ellis as he sentenced Paul Manafort to just 47 months in prison on Thursday.

    In an otherwise blameless life, Paul Manafort lobbied on behalf of the tobacco industry and wangled millions in tax breaks for corporations.

    In an otherwise blameless life, he helped Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos bolster his image in Washington after he assassinated his primary political opponent.


    In an otherwise blameless life, he acted with impunity, as if the laws never applied to him. When presented with a chance to show remorse to the court, he couldn’t find that sentiment within his being. And with Ellis’s featherweight punishment, which deviated sharply downward from the sentencing guidelines, Manafort managed to bring his life’s project to a strange completion. He had devoted his career to normalizing corruption in Washington. By the time he was caught, his extraordinary avarice had become so commonplace that not even a federal judge could blame him for it.


  11. mikesh 11

    In his latest post entitled “Why we need to tax landlords”, idiot-savant attempts to make the case for imposing a capital gains tax on landlords by quoting from a Herald article by Keith Ng. However the original article has some flaws.

    Ng points out, probably correctly, that interest of $456,000 has been deducted entirely from the rental income when it probably should be deductible against the capital cost of the property. I have long believed that interest should be either non deductible, which would mean that landlord would be paying a respectable amount of tax on the rental income while having to meet the interest costs from his own pocket, or, alternatively, subject to an interest “claw back” up to the amount of any capital gain when the property is sold.

    Also, if neither of those above options seems acceptable, Ng should recognise that tax on the interest is being paid by the bank, so the landlord is in effect paying that tax indirectly in any case, given that he receives no material benefit from interest payments.

  12. Observer Tokoroa 12

    The Trolls wanted the Kiwi Saver stopped.

    They hated it because it gave every decent earning man and women an excellent chance.

    If The Trolls demand Simon Bridges attack CGT and Stop the Kiwi saver, National will die a miserable death. The public have seen exactly What Mr Key and Mr English have done to our highly valued Kiwi Saver. All for the Trolls.

    The Trolls will be skinned alive. By their own wealthy mongrels.

    • james 12.1

      “The Trolls will be skinned alive. By their own wealthy mongrels.”

      you are sounding more and more unhinged. Seek help.

    • Muttonbird 12.2

      The Nats couldn’t possibly come up with such ingrained and accepted norms as WFF and Kiwisaver – they are ideologically opposed to policies with social benefit, and you’ve sometimes got to wonder whether they are ideologically opposed to any form of social thinking.

      They put up with WFF and Kiwisaver because as you rightly point out they would spend decades out of government were they to abolish them.

      They made a good effort to damage Kiwisaver out of spite for people wanting to save. Numbers dropped and people stopped enrolling their kids, but it is so popular that the Nats failed at that too. They can’t even get spite right!

      • Bazza64 12.2.1


        Given your comments about National reducing the benefits of KiwiSaver by reducing the government top up from $1 per $1 invested up to $1,040 per year, down to 50 cents & then taxing the employer contribution, you would then agree that KiwiSaver should be exempt from capital gains tax ? As this too is further damaging KiwiSaver balances ?

        • Sabine

          Kiwi Saver should be exempt because it is a savings program, not a speculative sale of an asset.
          CGT is to be applied to the profit made when selling an asset, Kiwi Saver only makes money because you are saving and your boss is helping you to do so as is the government. You can’t sell the Kiwi saver during its live time, you have to wait till you are 65 until you can access is. or maybe via hardship if you are actively dying, or buying your first house, and even then you are not receiving the full amount.

          So essentially two different ways to make money, speculative selling for profit, or putting your pennies in a savings accounts – btw these pennies already got hit with income tax when you made them. And as you stated you already pay income tax on the interest you receive.

          • James

            You know your KiwiSaver fund invest in assets specifically to sell them at a higher price later right ?

  13. Muttonbird 13

    I feel I have to repost this because the episode appears to have sneaked under the radar. I had a think about it this morning and Prebble clearly had in mind a separation of the nation in his example. This is called apartheid. Prebble seems to believe that if you take brown people out of the education system then our place in the world will be something to be proud of.

    Think that over for a sec…

    Appalling comments from Prebble. Quite staggering that this thinking still exists in this country.


    Secondary school teacher Melanie Webber, who was at the meeting, said Prebble seemed to infer people “should be more concerned about maintaining the success of the 80 per cent than concerned about the 20 per cent who are failing”.

    She said she felt the comments were “racist”.

    Webber raised the issue with Prebble at the end of the night and he took “extreme umbrage”, she said.

    “He thrust his chest up against mine, started jabbing my face […] just absolutely lost [the] plot.”

    She said she was asked to leave by ACT Party leader David Seymour, who organised the event.

    Now, I’m constantly told by RWNJs that the left are guilty of wanting to shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with them but it seems they don’t practice what they preach.

    Shame on David Seymour for promoting such naked racism. The swift demise of ACT and all its supporters can’t come quick enough.

    – Muttonbird

    • Stunned mullet 13.1

      Great to have these debates in public.

      From reading the full piece neither Prebble nor Seymour were promoting or saying anything racist.

      • Muttonbird 13.1.1

        You don’t think asking for brown students achievements to be excluded is racist?

        Just a minute. I imagine you’re taking the Wayne defence, which is to say that the he only meant it figuratively.

        South Auckland voters will have heard this loud and clear and if Simon Bridges doesn’t come out and condemn those words, National are in for a real kick in the balls next year.

        • Stunned Mullet

          Great to have these debates in public.

          From reading the full piece neither Prebble nor Seymour were promoting or saying anything racist.

        • James

          Given you being happy to overlook the racist comments the other day because it suited you – I can only assume you are an expert on the matter.

    • One Two 13.2

      Undoubtedly, the comment has racist overtones…but Prebbles comment is more sinister in nature…IMO…

      ‘Human junk’…to be discarded…left behind…undereducated…disabled…poor…untermensch…

      Pebbles comment delves far beneath the level of pure racism…my interpretation…

      • Muttonbird 13.2.1

        Agree One Two. There is a baseline of blind prejudice there. I don’t think he was born with it. It is learned through his politics.

        • One Two

          Agree, MB..

          RP has ‘memberships’ … gained through performing certain actions and tasks…politics such as you refer to…well documented…damaging…long term…

          Prebble did not osmosis the ideology…it was a job opportunity… a contract which he accepted…planned turncoat against party and country…

          One must harbor certain ‘beliefs’ to be offered the chance to gain ‘membership’…

          That he is paraded while having clear mental health issues and in a late stage of life…serves to highlight the sinister nature of the ‘dominant ideology’…he is still under contract…

          His words, are sinister

  14. marty mars 14


    This is a sign of fightback. We WILL get OUR water back from the exploiters external AND internal.

    “A crowd of at least 2000 protesters took to the streets of Christchurch to oppose a water bottling company shipping billions of litres of water overseas.”


  15. James 15

    I notice a lot more disgusting terminology coming into the standard of late.

    From the gooks and faggot comments the other day (which resulted in a ban) to the “Nancy boy” comments by Once was Tim in this thread.

    Whilst this is a place for robust debate – there is no need for this kind of hate speech.

    Lets wind this back at?

    • Robert Guyton 15.1

      I notice that you delight in repeating, ad nauseam , all the words you claim to find offensive, James. You’ve done it so often that I believe you are doing it on purpose in order to offend and that you derive pleasure from your offensive behaviour. I reckon you’re … odd.

      • James 15.1.1

        And I reckon you seem fine with others using that kind of language. I don’t see you calling others out on it – ever.

        • One Two

          A blog site agitator… bottom feeding on negativity…creating negativity…revelling in negativity…

          Pretending to care about language used by others…simultaneously taking a pious stance…while lauding his piousness over those who do not share a passion for propagating the words…of bottom feeders…

          • James

            Oh look – my favourite stalker is back.

            So you ok with people being called “Nancy boys”?

            Come on – it’s an easy yes/no question.

        • Robert Guyton

          James. You often claim that by not railing against something, a person is supporting it.
          Yesterday, Muttonbird called you out, in regard Michael Jackson;
          “By not taking a stand against Michael Jackson, both he and you are enabling child molesters.
          Your definition.”
          I thought Muttonbird elegantly skewered your silly behaviour, but it seems you missed the moment, so I’ve posted it here for your benefit. I don’t claim you intend to enable child molesters, but you’ve not been thinking very deeply, it’s clear.

          • James

            Fair question. I pointed out that he has been found not guilty of being a child molester and that calling him such based off a tv show and not a court of law was wrong.

            Do you think we should take stands against others who have been found not guilty?

        • Gabby

          You’re not being a virtue signalling white knight snofwake again are you jimby?

    • Incognito 15.2

      Coincidentally, you’re always in the thick of it …

      • James 15.2.1

        Once was Tim needs to own his homophobic comments. Just because they were pointing at “righties” doesn’t make it ok?

        • McFlock

          I agree.

          I’d just be more inclined to believe your sincerity if you didn’t also take every opportunity to recycle and remind people of vicious slanders against someone simply because of their relationship with a left wing politician.

          • James

            Appreciate you agreeing. But you will be hard to find two examples of what you say I do at every opportunity. And the one you can find I was using it as an example of how rumours can be very wrong.

            • Ankerrawshark

              I have just read once were Tim’s comments at the top of this thread and I agree with James, they are homophobic. Not ok. Please stop

        • Incognito

          You’re correct, it is not o.k. I’d moderate it, and I probably can, but I’m waiting for feedback from LPrent.

          Let me ask you this, James: do you feel that you play any role at all when standards slip here on TS and you happen to be in the thick of it? Or do you see yourself as an innocent bystander who happens to be in the wrong ‘place’ at the wrong time? This is a genuine question.

          • James

            Fair question.

            Pretty easy. In this case it was said by once was Tim in reply to naki man.

            While I was in the convo – I was hardly being rude or insulting- it’s there for you to read. I’d say I was targeted as opposed to being in the think of it.

            And yes – genuine answer, I think we all have a role to call out obviously homophobic or racist comments.

            What amazes me is how people are happy to overlook it if it’s said to someone they don’t like or disagree with.

            In short if I used the term “gook or Nancy boy” most commenters would be over me like a rash and shouting from the roof tops. But most (not all) are happy to let it slide if their “mate” says it.

            • Incognito

              I think prevention is better than cure. In other words, better to try and slow down things before they get out of hand and beyond the point of no return at which you’re usually the first at calling out the act and perpetrator. And I do feel you do it with a certain glee too. Fair?

            • Robert Guyton

              “If I use the term…”
              You just did. You regularly do. You remain impervious to recognising the behaviour. Odd.

          • Grant

            Can I humbly suggest that people involved in this thread go back and read OWT’s ‘offending’ comment closely and take the time to unpack it. Those who do may also care to read my reply to Red Blooded One a little further down thread from that.

            Anyone with moderately good reading comprehension skills will soon get the gist of where OWT was coming from and as usual he got a beautiful bit of pearl clutching from James who’s been turning that into a bit of an art form lately. Very funny really because it’s usually something lefties get accused of.

            PS. It should also be noted that Naki Man was the first to go down that path by suggesting that OWT had lost his way and should be on Grindr instead.

            • James

              Ok. Shall we start with the opening statement?

              “My what a big penis you have @James”

              Perhaps this is the root of the homophobic comments ?

              If he didn’t start with personal abuse like this – the discussion would have been a lot better.

              • Sam

                There has been no cross pollination between left and right ideas while you’ve been rehearsing emotional and edgy replys but that’s the point isn’t muh ninja.

              • Grant

                I can’t work out whether you’re ingenuous or just a tad simple James. Either way you’re really not worth too much of my ever so valuable time. Suffice to say that one man can tell another that he is (or has) a large dick without being in any way homophobic. I offer this information in the spirit of providing a public service announcement. For future reference to help you remember the general principle involved you may care to commit this old saying to memory. “Circumstances alter cases, just as noses alter faces”.

                • greywarshark

                  It would be good Grant if your reasoned comment about James was the last one made on this blog to him. He wastes so much time, and makes everyone look fools while he runs rings round the leftie commenters.

                  Whether he is paid to do this or not, he is an idle talentless person at providing information and reasoned points about how we are going to face climate change now or soon. We haven’t time to waste with him – what is everyone thinking to let him use up our precious time on RW ploys. He is heartless and makes us look hopeless.

            • Incognito

              I have seen it many times here on TS the patterns that develop over time. People respond in a predictable manner to other commenters rather than to the comments. Hard to break that habit once established and any chance of self-moderation is gone out of the window before dawn break.

              One of the patterns is that of the ‘pyromaniac ‘who lights a fire, makes sure it gets enough fuel, and when it has grown into a full blaze that is unstoppable they ring 111 for more action.

  16. One Two 16

    French Government Data Indicates Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim 

    Volkswagon also lied about pollution of their vehicles…

    SAR regulatory ‘limits’ are completely inadequate, and I’ll address that separately…

    Unlikely to have been covered in NZ media…

  17. greywarshark 17

    I dislike the way that Radionz has set the Prime Minister’s face beside the jihad twerp as if they were partners. It is not appropriate and if Peter Wilson chose to set it up like that I think it shows a lack of taste and respect for our PM.

    • Bewildered 17.1

      Do you always display such respect for the pms office irrespective of person who holds that office or simply for PMs you approve of

  18. greywarshark 18

    Dame Annette King High Commissioner to Australia. A job which will get her a lot of thanks from NZs if she continues to push our barrow with those people in government and perhaps she will achieve what others have not.

    (2019 Australian federal election – Wikipedia
    The election will be called following the dissolution or expiry of the 45th Parliament as elected at the 2016 double dissolution federal election. The next election must be held by 18 May 2019 for half of the Senate and on or before 2 November 2019 for the House of Representatives and Territory Senators.)

    • James 18.1

      I think she will be very good at the job. If anyone can make it happen – it’s her.

  19. Observer Tokoroa 19

    “The Trolls are finding it hard”

    The Trolls are unable to accept the consequences of their statements and actions.

    National are looking dreadfully bedraggled. Because the Trolls are accusing everyone – except National Followers – of ” being sick and unhinged.”

    I suppose Simon Bridges and David Farrar have advised The Trolls to announce that every Person who is not A National follower is Quote: “Sick and Unhinged”.

    Not a good look really.

    • James 19.1

      I don’t think anyone is accusing “everyone except national followers” as sick and unhinged.

      Although some observers are making comments that make them specifically seem as such.

  20. James 20

    Interesting if this is accurate


    UMR has national ahead of labour.

    Since umr do polling for labour – I’m sure this will make them wind back even more on their cgt nonsense.

  21. joe90 21

    Winning the internet for all time.

  22. Drowsy M. Kram 22

    Some of James‘ twenty-two comments on today’s OM are very funny, in the same way that the opposition National party’s recent anti-KiwiBuild BBQ ad was very funny.

    James, 22 out of 93 comments just isn’t enough – you can do better, and we love the laughs.

    This feeble attempt at reverse psychology may backfire, but it’s worth a try – nothing else has worked.

    • James 22.1

      It’s call engaging in debate.

      But – hey – good job on the counting.

      • Drowsy M. Kram 22.1.1

        good job on the counting” – James, you are easily impressed!

        James, your “engaging in debate” claim is a bold one.

        In the spirit of genuine debate, can you explain how your ‘engaging in debate’ justification is consistent with:

        I choose never to read a link that starts with socialistanything” – James @1.51 pm

        To be honest, your ‘engagement’ seems highly selective (prejudged, even), and your justification consequently weak.

    • Grant 22.2

      Spot on DMK

  23. greywarshark 23

    When we find any good practical thing our pollies are doing, even if small, we should remember it and post it here on the blog. Don’t let it escape – trap it, handle the fragile delicate thing, observe it and tell us about it.

    Bridges is one wonderful puppet. I went looking for puppet examples – here are some things from Youtube to provide light relief for a moment,

    Example from recent past on the Brexit controversy

    John Cleese leaving Britain for a break from it all (puppet-free)

    A mix of UK pollies quoting what their daddies were doing in the last war
    and they are not putting up with things over there any more!
    Quite good to see the different styles and the different parties support
    for their speaker/s.

    Spitting Images – old but interesting

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