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62 comments on “Open mike 15/04/2023 ”

  1. Ad 1

    Marjorie Taylor Greene has come out in support of Jack Teixeira who allegedly leaked a massive set of US NATO-related documents.

    She's on the Homeland Security Committee.

    MTG would be a natural Charles Linberg VP candidate for Trump, campaigning while he's in trial.

    The Man in the High Castle just needs a decent uniform.

  2. Visubversa 2

    We are not alone in our Census problems. Somehow, "the most oppressed and marginalised people on the planet" have managed to persuade Statistics departments in at least 2 countries to abandon their professional standards in favor of an ideology.

    "One might ask why the statisticians at the ONS got this so wrong, given that one of their main jobs is to design survey questions that don’t invite false positives. By the ONS’s own admission, the trans question was trialled by means of “community testing at LGBT History Month events”, which is a bit like gauging atheists’ understanding of the Catholic Mass by means of community testing at the Vatican. Why didn’t those in charge anticipate that a question couched in obscure genderese might stump noninitiates, even if it would please their Stonewall overlords?

    The most obvious hypothesis would be that the ONS was cajoled, guilt-tripped, befuddled and emotionally blackmailed into linguistic compliance, like many a fellow national institution before it. Maybe so, but a wider explanation is also available: that those who designed the question didn’t even realise it was couched in obscure genderese. They took their own standards of linguistic apprehension to be universal and binding."

  3. Stephen D 3

    As a teacher I have 27 kids in my Year 7 class. This will grow as the year goes on. It always does.

    The idea of having only 23 students is awesome. It doesn’t sound much, but in the ability to have one on ones with students it is huge.

    • Peter 3.1

      One interesting bit to me in the Stuff article was primary teachers’ union NZEI Te Riu Roa president Mark Potter saying very few politicians understood what it was like to work in the classroom.

      I don't think very few anyones really understand what it's like to work in the classroom. There's been more noise lately than usual about what teachers should do and how they should do it. I don't think the average punter pontificating has much real appreciation of what the task is really like.

      • Stephen 3.1.1

        And neither do the Nats. Their 3 hours a day of the 3rs is a joke. Leaves no real time for Art, Tech, Languages, Science, Social Studies, PE, and Health.

      • Herodotus 3.1.2

        Not only in the classroom, but also the huge efforts and time that teachers endure outside the class room. We have 1 person in our household who has worked most days over the holidays in preparation for the upcoming term, paperwork. There are 2 non English speaking students out of 28 in their class new to NZ and 1 with major learning challengers, all requiring work that I find well beyond the call of teachers- the efforts I am seeing are being replicated by so many teachers all over NZ- and we have the minister telling us of 10+% pay rises-pity their spin is to aggregate such a pay rise to appear as if it is an annual rise. Not limited to teachers but also applied to health workers etc . Disgusting behaviour by a union led party 🤬🤮

  4. Herodotus 4

    and our govt believes this deserves to be a focal announcement- you under fund a project fit for purpose and then throw a few coins back. Not the 1st time that the govt has done this 🤬

    we had the funding diverted from the eastern bus route in what was once Manukau to pay for the cycle lane for the harbour bridge to then once it was obvious that this wasn’t popular then announced the funding.
    Doesn’t show great decision making – and from a house of voters who’s party votes were more left than almost anyone here – there is a common theme that left is devoid of what is best for this country- only what will gain votes and then followed by u turns.–national-mp

    • Ad 4.1

      Yes generally agree.

      Weird that NZTA as a Crown agency with a board with a $500m+ decisionmaking delegation from its Transport minister is rigorously scrutinised by its minister and media, yet a fully Cabinet mandated design for Dunedin Hospital is overturned by MoH which had at the time no Board separation but guts the design and scope after Cabinet decision anyway.

      This is never going to be a government renowned for skilled decision execution.

  5. Anker 5

    100% Herodotus.

    • The u turns eg with Three Waters, came after legislation was pushed through under urgency. Labour u turned, not for the good of the country, but because they were sinking in the polls prior to Xmas.

    Apparently a letter has gone out to Labour women saying we now have over 50% (or some such figure) women in our Caucus, which begs the question that as Chippy isn’t sure what a woman is and needs to pre formulate an answer to that question, how could they possibly know there are x number of women in the Caucus?

    this of course relates to the census question (great article above thanks Visu).
    sometimes all that is left is humour and so I lol, lol, when the rates of trans (according to the UK census) were particularly high amongst Muslims and people whose second language was English.

    lol, but the serious side of this is that we have extremist ideologues controlling our Govrs

    • Sabine 5.1

      I was asked a few years back by Phil Twyford what i thought about the concept of 'quota women' and I told him then (his spouse was in his red bus wating) that generally if the Labour party does not promote women on the grounds of excellence and deeds then their quota women will only ever be seen as people who got promoted because they follow the rules and do as they are told.

      And that then follows why the current PM is shitting his pants when asked to define a women, but is happy to pretend to have a half a cabinet of people whom he can't define when asked.

      • Anne 5.1.1

        This is one of the most puerile comments I have seen on this site. Just an attempt to create a false premise that Labour only promote women who do as they are told. You got the wrong parties there mate. Its National and ACT who play that game.

        As for the PM shitting in his pants. Once again reality has bypassed you. A silly question raised by a journo bent on revenge did not warrant a reply at all imho. Next thing you will be wanting to know what a man is. Best of luck with that one!

        • bwaghorn

          Have to disagree with the last bit Anne, chippy showed absolutely weaknesses on the woman question, trying to please everyone never works, .

          It's lucky for labour the greens have racist at no1 spot, ir I'd ditch labour for them .

    • Craig H 5.2

      I got an email (from Carmel Sepuloni) so either it was sent to more than just women, or there was more than one email (quite possible).

  6. Reality 6

    The silly criticism being aimed at the PM regarding what is a woman, will be going over the heads of most people who have busy lives to get on with. No one I know has raised the issue. Dog with a bone by some who would complain whatever the PM said.

    • Terry 6.1

      Want is silly is the screaming of the trans activists when someone says that a transgender woman is NOT a real woman.

      Outside of my various work places of the past few years, I’ve never met anyone who does believe a transgender woman is a real woman.

      While in the workplace people are scared to have any opinions other than the officially sanctioned opinions of the rainbow mafia.

      People will say one thing in the office, and something completely different at the weekend BBQ, especially when members of the rainbow mafia are not there.

    • weston 6.2

      What is a women etc Well if the busy lives of the sheeple people you know reality have prevented them from realizing the obvious its not so with millions observing the dismal performance of our PM from around the world who now have a perception of him as a weak lilly livered cowed specimen of a man too underdeveloped to have an opinion of his own let alone the most basic knowledge of biology .

      • Anne 6.2.1

        They call it projection Weston. Describing one's own image then projecting it on to someone else?

        • Molly

          Projection, Anne? This issue has impacts on most aspects of society. eg. This woman who attended a planned event called #LetWomenSpeak.

          Recent video came out of the "opposing sides clash" narrative of Stuff:

          Opposing sides clash during the protests over controversial activist Posie Parker/Kellie-Jay Keen, at a rally organised for her in Auckland’s Albert Park.

          The intimidation, harassment and violence is in one direction when it comes to women wanting to speak.

          When will people stop making excuses for abusive behaviour?

          • Shanreagh

            I've found a couple of comments from someone who went to the SBYW events. Not sure where they went. Sounds like the transactivists were pests there as much as at the LWS meeting on 25/3.

            'Went to my local Stand By Your Woman rally 2 listen 2 speakers. Like me a (rainbow) group got 2 meeting point early. Surprised 2 see so many kids. SBYW speaker drowned out by (rainbow) member with bullhorn leading chanting. (rainbow) group found that v pleasurable. No dialogue possible. Beyond sad.'


            [deleted unlinked quote]

            Dr Carol Hamilton



            [quote deleted, in premod until we sort this out once and for all. Please reply to my comment below – weka]

            • weka

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              1:01 PM · Apr 15, 2023

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                    • Shanreagh

                      Thanks Weka. I have done a copy & paste into a word doc and put it on my desktop for reference.

                    • weka []

                      👍 Out of premod now, thanks.

            • weka

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          • Anne

            Haven't read a word. Here's why:

            You have twisted a two sentence comment that has nothing to do with the fixation on women's rights that has become all too prevalent on this site. It is a ruse being used (by some – not all) to repeatedly ram the subject down our throats as if the rest of us are dormant mice incapable of figuring anything out for ourselves.

            I'll tell you what a woman is:

            She is a female homo sapien with a vagina and boobs. She's been around since God made little apples and she's the same now as she was then. Some women have brains. Others are as thick as two short planks. Some are full of compassion for others. Others are arseholes who don't have a compassionate bone in their bodies. They are all shapes and sizes and they all have the same rights under the law.

            Their opposite number are male homo sapiens who have a penis and no boobs. Just like their female counterparts they can be clever or dumb, gentle and kind or common garden bastards. They too are all shapes and sizes and have equal rights under the law.

            For the tiny group of individuals who are a varied mix of the two – and nature in its infinite glory can also make mistakes – they also have equal rights under the law.

            Here endeth the lesson. And too bad if some of you have no sense of humour. sad

            • Molly

              Anne, you enter threads to make remarks, when it is clear you have no idea of the concerns raised – even with the preponderance of comments.


              ""For the tiny group of individuals who are a varied mix of the two – and nature in its infinite glory can also make mistakes – they also have equal rights under the law."

              Conflating DSDs with gender identity. Thinking that intersex means a mixture of two sexes rather than a developmental disorder.

              This kind of conflation actually harms those with DSDs quite significantly.


              • Visubversa

                Thanks for this Molly. Just shows how the Transcult invades and colonises anything and everything they think might further their interests.

                • weka

                  can you please dial back the disparaging rhetoric. Name the gender cult or the TRAs or whatever, by naming the ideology without making it all about trans people. People reading who don't know the issues will see transcult as an insult to trans people and their general rights. Think of the debate as a marathon and how we might keep debate on TS robust and fair as well as not turning it into an ecochamber, over the long term.

      • peterh 6.2.2

        Stephen Jack NAT candidate knows what a woman is , he posted on F/B he likes them like covid easy to spread

  7. Ad 7

    Dunedin nurses had a good solid turnout for their protest in the Octagon this morning.

    Also tge ODT had full page ads against the new hospital cost savings.

    Amazing how bad political management turns the most leftie city in NZ against Labour.

    • Corey 7.1

      I love Dunedin, very fun town.

      Dunedin is a very very left town for both Labour and the Greens and Christchurch isnt called the peoples republic of Christchurch for nothing, it's a very reliable labour city and both Dunedin and Chch have been absolutely pivotal in nz's progressive history.

      It's weird how often the left shits on both cities and thinks South Island= Bad.

      Would be cool to see more south Islanders who have ground level experience in cabinet and leadership positions, when Sage retires this year year the greens will have no south island representation and currently iirc only two south Islanders have cabinet positions.

      I don't understand how that damned hospital hasn't started construction it was a 2017 election promise.

      • weka 7.1.1

        hoping the Greens’ membership list placement process prioritises some SI people.

  8. ianmac 8

    Rebecca Wright was pretty good at holding Luxon to account on Newshub this morning.

    In particular she demanded of him how they formed their policy. Evidence. Research etc. Huge number of words but his MPs "talked" to lots of people, talked to the caucus then came up with a plan.

    She pressed him on any evidence that his plan/policy about boot camps for instance.would have evidence that it would achieve the "outcomes" planned. Big hole!

    "You are taking kids away from their home for a year but you have no idea that it would work?"

    About 17 minutes in. Well done Rebecca.

  9. Stephen 9

    Policy by anecdata.

    No matter what your left persuasion is, these bastards have to kept as far away from the levers of power as possible.

  10. bwaghorn 10

    The cancer of private health care must be removed now before it kills the patient

    • Drowsy M. Kram 10.1

      Not-for-profit health care for all; would prefer public, but don't care too much if the health care service provider is public or private, as long as extracting profit isn't its reason for being, and access to all health services is based on need, not ability to pay.

      Myth: "Privatization" can help everyone access health care

      Looking at you, Coleman.

      • bwaghorn 10.1.1

        We should ban politicians from having health insurance so they can experience the Healthcare us unwashed do.

        Based on my reckons that they'll all have health insurance I would if I was on their incomes.

    • Belladonna 10.2

      Meanwhile public healthcare already is killing the patient.

      Perhaps the government and the Ministry of Health should concentrate on the crisis in their own backyard, before they embark on increasing demand by cutting out private healthcare.

      Doing something like:

      • Doubling the intake of medical (and dental) students every year for the next 5 years
      • Offering claw-backs on tertiary fees for medical practitioners (for every year you work in NZ after graduation, you get 1 year of fees forgiven)
      • Increasing the funding to GPs to make this an attractive career path (it absolutely isn't at the moment)
      • Direct funding GPs in smaller/remote areas – based on the number of people enrolled, rather than a per visit payment. To say enrolled, the patient has to have at least an annual consultation with their GP (a bit like a warrant of fitness for your car)

      No this crisis isn't all to do with Labour – it's been building for decades.

      But, what, practically, is the government currently doing? SFA as far as I can see.

      • bwaghorn 10.2.1

        Is that not the reason labour have got rid of dhbs, ? To stop the post code lottery

      • Visubversa 10.2.2

        One thing the Government can do is to stop the Medical School accepting dozens of foreign students instead of New Zealanders.. I have been to two prize givings at the Auckland Medical School over the last decade or so. They have them in November – practically before the ink is dry on the exam results because what seems like half the class, will not be in New Zealand at the time of the next Capping ceremony.

        • Incognito

          Places for international students into the two Med Schools in NZ are limited and restricted. To get into Medicine is highly competitive. The schools need to increase their intakes, progressively.

          Your comment is inaccurate and misleading. Feel free to support with hard numbers of domestic vs. international student entries/acceptances and graduations. Until then I’d ignore it.

          • Belladonna

            I agree – entry to med school (and to dentistry and to vet science) is ridiculously competitive. You could quadruple the intake into med school in NZ – and still only be creaming off the top 1% of ability in those applying.

            • Incognito

              A number of ‘rejects’ decide to take the long route and do a Science degree or two (or three) before they try again to get into Med School. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as those individuals bring considerable scientific knowledge and experience to the clinic, ultimately. Those individuals are also much more mature. Others, often with medical degrees from overseas, spend a few years in academic departments being involved in biomedical research. And some continue trying to get into Med School in Oz. It’s not all bad, necessarily, but it does tell us something about the NZ situation. I don’t sense a strong political will from the parties involved to make drastic changes. However, if National gets in, they might shake things up with a third Medical School, likely in Waikato although sorting out the mess of Te Pūkenga has higher priority and National doesn’t not have the bandwidth to tackle more than one bullet point at the time.

              • Belladonna

                Have to say I'm not a great proponent of another medical school. Especially at Waikato – which suffers from being too close to Auckland, as well as not having a strong current background in medical and/or human biomedical science.

                You would have to establish a totally new medical school – and face the already-known-issue that top (or even near the top) people just don't want to live in Hamilton.

                It would be a heck of a lot easier and quicker to expand the capacity of Otago and Auckland. And, I've yet to be convinced that either is approaching the 'natural limit' in the size of their med schools.

                I agree that there seems to be no appetite for change from any political party (seriously short-term thinking). Just where do they think that the next generation of medical specialists is going to come from? We are nowhere near training replacements for the numbers retiring each year; let alone increasing capacity for the population expansion, and increases in medical capability.

                I do wonder if it is just that: "short term thinking" around political cycles – it takes 7 years to train a doctor to the base level – another 2-3 years for specialization (including GP) – which is approaching 3 election cycles away.

                Right now, I can't see what can be done with Te Pūkenga – it just seems to be a rolling disaster. Even abandoning all of the sunk cost in the centralization and rolling back to what we had, isn't going to fix the issue (staff already moved on, lack of enrolments due to uncertainty, whole courses and already campuses shut down).

                • Incognito

                  If National were to make it an election pledge to open a third Med School in Waikato it would be pork barrelling and pandering to its rural constituency. They could also offer a fee-rebate on utes with diesel engines. But nobody would buy that 😉

                  The current Med Schools are not overflowing with enthusiasm either.

                  Short-term thinking is engrained in the NZ psyche – Kiwis tend to operate on a seasonal and/or annual basis. They ‘manage’ accordingly.

                  The Te Pūkenga mess is a textbook example of change management done by amateurs. By “done” I mean that they probably received sound advice from experts but failed to include this, those, and other experts in the process. Possibly, Government didn’t want to be seen as too controlling and ‘authoritarian’ and this has created a knowledge gap and a vacuum of required expertise & adequate leadership. At least, that’s my armchair view of it from a very long distance away. Others may be better informed of this situation.

                  • Belladonna

                    Med schools have an offer on the table to increase numbers – being ignored by the Government.

                    Initially only an increase of 18 at Otago – and similar at Auckland (they said they could do this immediately in this year, without any scaling up of staff or facilities) – and are open to proposals for a substantial increase in numbers – the figure of 300 more pa has been floated.

                    Unis have been calling for an increase for some time – as have Medical associations – zip from the Government. Suspect they are concerned over the co-funding costs – but *not* funding is costing us worse.

                    Verrall claims decision made before she took over (so ball in Little's court). But this is *the same government* – just changing a Minister, should not result in a substantial policy change. And, in any case, Verrall was an Associate Minister for Health to Little, so should have been over the detail, and had co-responsibility for the decisions.


                    Te Whatu Ora's comment seems to be typically bureaucratic:

                    "In considering proposed increases to medical student numbers, Te Whatu Ora would emphasise ensuring that increases maintain student well-being, keep attrition rates low, address underrepresentation of Māori and Pacific peoples in our medical workforce, and train students who want to work in rural communities and hard-to-staff areas."

                    Actually, none of these are significant issues in training doctors. If you want to do retention or rural staffing, then that's a decision that TWO can make in increasing rural funding for doctors to make this more attractive. TWO could even offer scholarships – with graduates bonded to work in rural communities for a decade (if they wanted to do so).

                    There are already plenty of dedicated places for Maori and Pasifika in Med schools – at a lower qualification bar for entry.

                    Relaxing the admission criteria (still only creaming off the top 1%) – is highly unlikely to have any effect on student retention or wellbeing. And is, in any case, the job of the university, not of TWO, to manage.

                    None of this has anything to do with the critical importance of increasing places in med school, now (or at least next year – since they've missed the academic boat for this year).

                    • Incognito

                      Those are valid concerns and they are not new concerns either. Dismissing it as bureaucratic is simplistic. Training medically qualified people takes time and is expensive. Reductionist technocratic approaches are bound to fail, which is why National will flounder in this space too – it will waste time & Taxpayers’ money to maintain quality & standards and integrity.

                  • Belladonna

                    I think the Te Pūkenga mess is an example of top-down change management: with poor CM skills at the top level, poor direction (both from the CEO and the Minister responsible); and limited consultation with the people doing the job (and huge trust issues from those people, who had a well-justified belief, that this was a job and budget cutting exercise). So change would never have been easy, but working with people rather than informing them of your decisions, would have had a chance of working.

                    The heavy turnover of management at senior levels in Te Pūkenga has not contributed to a successful outcome, either.

                    There is no trust left in Te Pūkenga from the staff in the constituent organizations (both personal communication, and news coverage).

                    Three friends have bailed, and gone back to the industries they came from or taken early retirement (part of the botched redundancy plan from last year). All are excellent teachers, with a huge body of hands-on-technical knowledge, which is desperately needed for vocational training (plumbing/gas fitting, marine engineering, automotive engineering).

                    They will *not* be easy to replace: the combination of being able to teach as well as the technical expertise – is not common; and, everyone in the industry is regarding Te Pūkenga as a poison chalice (why would you go there).

                    Two friends still hanging in there. Both are staying because they're committed to their students. Both are reporting ongoing world-class levels of incompetence and cluster-fuckery from the Te Pūkenga management.

                    • Incognito

                      Major restructuring is very different from BAU and requires different management (skills & experience). When it involves Senior Management, or Senior Leadership Teams, as they like to call themselves nowadays, this is another reason why they should delegate as much as possible to neutral objective impartial third parties and let them make the hard calls (read: suggestions and recommendations). By analogy, no surgeon should operate on themselves (and doctors should not act as the primary healthcare provider of close ones, as this can cloud their professional judgement and they may not make decisions that are in the best interest or run into a conflict of interest).

  11. Drowsy M. Kram 11

    James Hansen speaks out about global climate change [2012 TED talk]
    This [energy] imbalance, if we want to stabilize climate, means that we must reduce CO2 from 391 ppm, parts per million, back to 350 ppm. That is the change needed to restore energy balance and prevent further warming.

    Big news in the close-knit and secretive climate change community!
    At Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii they just measured Atmospheric CO2 at its highest level in human history – 423.01 ppm!!!

    The air travel data is plotted by week from the beginning of 2019 to week commencing 11 April 2023.

    The pandemic has had a huge impact on Air New Zealand, but it has not slowed our commitment to sustainability. If anything, it has demonstrated that air transport is vital to sustaining our local economies through tourism and trade, but it is critical we find a more sustainable way to do this.

    Can't argue with that, and can't argue with 423.01 ppm.

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  • Pseudoephedrine back on shelves
    Associate Health Minister David Seymour is pleased that Pseudoephedrine can now be purchased by the general public to protect them from winter illness, after the coalition government worked swiftly to change the law and oversaw a fast approval process by Medsafe. “Pharmacies are now putting the medicines back on their ...
    2 days ago
  • New Zealand-China Business Summit
    Tēnā koutou katoa. Da jia hao.  Good morning everyone.   Prime Minister Luxon, your excellency, a great friend of New Zealand and my friend Ambassador Wang, Mayor of what he tells me is the best city in New Zealand, Wayne Brown, the highly respected Fran O’Sullivan, Champion of the Auckland business ...
    3 days ago
  • New measures to protect powerlines from trees
    Energy Minister Simeon Brown has announced that the Government will make it easier for lines firms to take action to remove vegetation from obstructing local powerlines. The change will ensure greater security of electricity supply in local communities, particularly during severe weather events.  “Trees or parts of trees falling on ...
    5 days ago
  • Wairarapa Moana ki Pouakani win top Māori dairy farming award
    Wairarapa Moana ki Pouakani were the top winners at this year’s Ahuwhenua Trophy awards recognising the best in Māori dairy farming. Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka announced the winners and congratulated runners-up, Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board, at an awards celebration also attended by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Finance Minister ...
    5 days ago
  • DJ Fred Again – Assurance report received
    "On the 27th of March, I sought assurances from the Chief Executive, Department of Internal Affairs, that the Department’s correct processes and policies had been followed in regards to a passport application which received media attention,” says Minister of Internal Affairs Brooke van Velden.  “I raised my concerns after being ...
    5 days ago
  • District Court Judges appointed
    Attorney-General Judith Collins has announced the appointment of three new District Court Judges, to replace Judges who have recently retired. Peter James Davey of Auckland has been appointed a District Court Judge with a jury jurisdiction to be based at Whangarei. Mr Davey initially started work as a law clerk/solicitor with ...
    6 days ago
  • Unions should put learning ahead of ideology
    Associate Education Minister David Seymour is calling on the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) to put ideology to the side and focus on students’ learning, in reaction to the union holding paid teacher meetings across New Zealand about charter schools.     “The PPTA is disrupting schools up and down the ...
    6 days ago
  • Craig Stobo appointed as chair of FMA
    Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Andrew Bayly today announced the appointment of Craig Stobo as the new chair of the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Mr Stobo takes over from Mark Todd, whose term expired at the end of April. Mr Stobo’s appointment is for a five-year term. “The FMA plays ...
    6 days ago
  • Budget 2024 invests in lifeguards and coastguard
    Surf Life Saving New Zealand and Coastguard New Zealand will continue to be able to keep people safe in, on, and around the water following a funding boost of $63.644 million over four years, Transport Minister Simeon Brown and Associate Transport Minister Matt Doocey say. “Heading to the beach for ...
    6 days ago
  • New Zealand and Tuvalu reaffirm close relationship
    New Zealand and Tuvalu have reaffirmed their close relationship, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says.  “New Zealand is committed to working with Tuvalu on a shared vision of resilience, prosperity and security, in close concert with Australia,” says Mr Peters, who last visited Tuvalu in 2019.  “It is my pleasure ...
    6 days ago
  • New Zealand calls for calm, constructive dialogue in New Caledonia
    New Zealand is gravely concerned about the situation in New Caledonia, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.  “The escalating situation and violent protests in Nouméa are of serious concern across the Pacific Islands region,” Mr Peters says.  “The immediate priority must be for all sides to take steps to de-escalate the ...
    6 days ago
  • New Zealand welcomes Samoa Head of State
    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon met today with Samoa’s O le Ao o le Malo, Afioga Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II, who is making a State Visit to New Zealand. “His Highness and I reflected on our two countries’ extensive community links, with Samoan–New Zealanders contributing to all areas of our national ...
    6 days ago
  • Island Direct eligible for SuperGold Card funding
    Transport Minister Simeon Brown has announced that he has approved Waiheke Island ferry operator Island Direct to be eligible for SuperGold Card funding, paving the way for a commercial agreement to bring the operator into the scheme. “Island Direct started operating in November 2023, offering an additional option for people ...
    6 days ago
  • Further sanctions against Russia
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters today announced further sanctions on 28 individuals and 14 entities providing military and strategic support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  “Russia is directly supported by its military-industrial complex in its illegal aggression against Ukraine, attacking its sovereignty and territorial integrity. New Zealand condemns all entities and ...
    7 days ago
  • One year on from Loafers Lodge
    A year on from the tragedy at Loafers Lodge, the Government is working hard to improve building fire safety, Building and Construction Minister Chris Penk says. “I want to share my sincere condolences with the families and friends of the victims on the anniversary of the tragic fire at Loafers ...
    7 days ago
  • Pre-Budget speech to Auckland Business Chamber
    Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Kia ora and good afternoon, everyone. Thank you so much for having me here in the lead up to my Government’s first Budget. Before I get started can I acknowledge: Simon Bridges – Auckland Business Chamber CEO. Steve Jurkovich – Kiwibank CEO. Kids born ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand and Vanuatu to deepen collaboration
    New Zealand and Vanuatu will enhance collaboration on issues of mutual interest, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.    “It is important to return to Port Vila this week with a broad, high-level political delegation which demonstrates our deep commitment to New Zealand’s relationship with Vanuatu,” Mr Peters says.    “This ...
    1 week ago
  • Penk travels to Peru for trade meetings
    Minister for Land Information, Chris Penk will travel to Peru this week to represent New Zealand at a meeting of trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific region on behalf of Trade Minister Todd McClay. The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministers Responsible for Trade meeting will be held on 17-18 May ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister attends global education conferences
    Minister of Education Erica Stanford will head to the United Kingdom this week to participate in the 22nd Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (CCEM) and the 2024 Education World Forum (EWF). “I am looking forward to sharing this Government’s education priorities, such as introducing a knowledge-rich curriculum, implementing an evidence-based ...
    1 week ago
  • Education Minister thanks outgoing NZQA Chair
    Minister of Education Erica Stanford has today thanked outgoing New Zealand Qualifications Authority Chair, Hon Tracey Martin. “Tracey Martin tendered her resignation late last month in order to take up a new role,” Ms Stanford says. Ms Martin will relinquish the role of Chair on 10 May and current Deputy ...
    1 week ago
  • Joint statement of Christopher Luxon and Emmanuel Macron: Launch of the Christchurch Call Foundation
    New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and President Emmanuel Macron of France today announced a new non-governmental organisation, the Christchurch Call Foundation, to coordinate the Christchurch Call’s work to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.   This change gives effect to the outcomes of the November 2023 Call Leaders’ Summit, ...
    1 week ago
  • Panel announced for review into disability services
    Distinguished public servant and former diplomat Sir Maarten Wevers will lead the independent review into the disability support services administered by the Ministry of Disabled People – Whaikaha. The review was announced by Disability Issues Minister Louise Upston a fortnight ago to examine what could be done to strengthen the ...
    1 week ago
  • Minister welcomes Police gang unit
    Today’s announcement by Police Commissioner Andrew Coster of a National Gang Unit and district Gang Disruption Units will help deliver on the coalition Government’s pledge to restore law and order and crack down on criminal gangs, Police Minister Mark Mitchell says. “The National Gang Unit and Gang Disruption Units will ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand expresses regret at North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters has today expressed regret at North Korea’s aggressive rhetoric towards New Zealand and its international partners.  “New Zealand proudly stands with the international community in upholding the rules-based order through its monitoring and surveillance deployments, which it has been regularly doing alongside partners since 2018,” Mr ...
    1 week ago
  • New Chief of Defence Force appointed
    Air Vice-Marshal Tony Davies MNZM is the new Chief of Defence Force, Defence Minister Judith Collins announced today. The Chief of Defence Force commands the Navy, Army and Air Force and is the principal military advisor to the Defence Minister and other Ministers with relevant portfolio responsibilities in the defence ...
    1 week ago
  • Government puts children first by repealing 7AA
    Legislation to repeal section 7AA of the Oranga Tamariki Act has been introduced to Parliament. The Bill’s introduction reaffirms the Coalition Government’s commitment to the safety of children in care, says Minister for Children, Karen Chhour. “While section 7AA was introduced with good intentions, it creates a conflict for Oranga ...
    1 week ago
  • Defence Minister to meet counterparts in UK, Italy
    Defence Minister Judith Collins will this week travel to the UK and Italy to meet with her defence counterparts, and to attend Battles of Cassino commemorations. “I am humbled to be able to represent the New Zealand Government in Italy at the commemorations for the 80th anniversary of what was ...
    1 week ago
  • Charter schools to lift educational outcomes
    The upcoming Budget will include funding for up to 50 charter schools to help lift declining educational performance, Associate Education Minister David Seymour announced today. $153 million in new funding will be provided over four years to establish and operate up to 15 new charter schools and convert 35 state ...
    1 week ago
  • COVID-19 Inquiry terms of reference consultation results received
    “The results of the public consultation on the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into COVID-19 Lessons has now been received, with results indicating over 13,000 submissions were made from members of the public,” Internal Affairs Minister Brooke van Velden says. “We heard feedback about the extended lockdowns in ...
    1 week ago

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