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Open mike 15/11/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, November 15th, 2022 - 46 comments
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46 comments on “Open mike 15/11/2022 ”

  1. arkie 1

    Regarding climate change adaptation, one of the ways we can all contribute individually and as a country, is to reemphasise the importance of repair and goods that can last enough to be repaired. Organisations like this are a fantastic source of knowledge, skills and community:

    In a world of fast fashion, cheap appliances and quick-to-outdate electronics, a group of repairers is urging people to think twice before tossing things into the landfill.

    Repair cafes are an international phenomenon that began in the Netherlands in 2009, and were first set up in New Zealand in 2016. The current edition has ramped up since the pandemic, supported by Doughnut Economics Advocates New Zealand.

    Charging nothing but with a koha encouraged, the volunteer repairers do their best to fix all sorts, saving people money, and a trip to the dump.


  2. Jenny are we there yet 2

    What do people think about this?

    We grow crops to make air travel sustainable.

    The next airline industry solution to air travel pollution. (after offsets)

    Making Air Travel More Sustainable Is Actually Way Easier Than We Think

    Tony Ho Tran – 2h ago

    …..One estimate from The Guardian found that taking a long-haul flight generates more carbon emissions than a single person would create in an entire year.

    ……we can drastically cut carbon emissions in airplanes by replacing conventional jet fuel with biofuels….


    What if, instead of unworkable scams, we tax air lines for the full cost of their carbon emissions making air travel so expensive that we have to forgo air travel and take the train instead.

    • Sabine 2.1

      What train would you take to get to OZ or Singapore, or the US / Europe for that matter? The underwater train?

      • Jenny are we there yet 2.1.1

        Following Greta Thunberg's example. I have sworn off flying. I will not be going to OZ or Singapore, or the US / Europe anytime soon.

        For travel between cities I will be boarding an intercity road bus rather than an Airbus A320

        Howsabout you Sabine, bus or plane to Wellington?

        • Belladonna

          Two significant elements to that pledge not to travel internationally.

          Did you previously (i.e. pre-pandemic) regularly take either business or holiday trips overseas?

          Do you have any reason now (during and/or post-pandemic) to travel internationally? (e.g. family or friends overseas; business requirements to travel; bucket list of things that you want to do with your life, etc.).

          Because, it's really easy to notionally 'give up' something that you actually have no intention of doing.

          • Jenny are we there yet

            Not regularly. But yes, I have had reason, and still do occasionally have reason to travel internationally.

            So it is a hardship for me to give it up.

            But putting the question of international travel to the side for a moment, I do have a much more pressing need to travel nationally, and it is a sacrifice for me to forego air travel. (which I enjoy for its convenience and comfort).

            How about you, do you travel within New Zealand?

            When there are other options for national travel, do you choose to fly?

            • Belladonna

              Not travelling much at all, anywhere, ATM.

              Rarely travel by air in NZ – and usually, only for work (when they would rather pay my airfare, than pay for me to travel for a day (or most of a day), and then do the work. i.e. my boss would prefer not to pay for 3 days, out of town, only one of which is productive; and rather chooses to pay for 1 day of productive work and 2 airfares.

              However, I don't travel by inter-city bus or train either – I pretty much drive.
              Reasons: more than one person travelling; Covid contagion concerns (that may be emotional, rather than logical); poor PT links at the 'other' end of the travel (so I'd have to hire a car anyway); limited holiday time, which I'd rather spend doing things or seeing people, than stuck on a bus.

              • Jenny are we there yet

                I get it. This country's public transport network is sub-optimal.

                The saying goes:

                'A rich country is not where poor people have a car, but where both rich and poor ride the subway'

                (Read; bus, train, PT generally)

                Unfortunately, in this country if you don't have a drivers license or access to a car you are pretty much a second class citizen.

                • Really the country's PT transport only works for travel to and from the CBD in large cities; or for people who have unlimited time, and very limited budget.

                  I don't know if that's a 'fixable' problem. Yes, we can all quote overseas cities where PT works (I've lived in some of them, and never felt the need to own a car). Unfortunately, those cities are outweighed – even in their own countries – but the village and rural areas – where you need a car (unless you want to be trapped at the mercy of a very limited bus link).


    • Stuart Munro 2.2

      A great deal of air travel is discretionary – Zoom, though imperfect, ought to be the first choice over flying in in person.

      Air freight, the hidden reason for subsidizing Air New Zealand (a lot of exports use it) could be developed using unmanned lighter than air drones. The Zeppelin trip to Oz would use far less carbon, and still be well within the freshness lifetime of meat or seafood.

      Our neglected shipping industry would have been good about now too. Although Maersk's entry is better than nothing, they don't seem to be about to generate disruptive change that will favour the environment.

  3. Adrian 3

    Physics would prove that a airship, because it takes longer with a lighter payload would use almost the same amount of fuel per tonne carried as an aircraft. The old work/energy conundrum, and then add in a good stiff headwind. There are bugger all easy answers in the real world and there are good reasons why they have never been more than a novelty.

  4. Jenny are we there yet 4

    15,000 demonstrators detained for taking part in the recent protests in Iran against the regime, are being held in police detention.

    In shocking move, the Iranian government has overwhelmingly voted they all be executed.

    …….Women have led the protests, setting their headscarves on fire and cutting their hair in solidarity, and were later joined by men and teenage boys. Hundreds of people protesting Amin's death were killed by police, and thousands were arrested in the past eight weeks.

    There have been previous mass protests in Iran, but none of the size—and the length—of the current one. Back in 2009, millions took to the streets after a disputed presidential election.

    Solidarity for the protesters is also growing, with Reuters reporting that Iran's water polo players refused to sing the national anthem at a competition in Thailand on Tuesday and prominent actor Taraneh Alidoosti expressed her support for the protests by posting a photo of herself with her hair uncovered by the mandatory headscarf.


    It will be a test of wills whether the regime will be able to carry out this dreadful death sentence, or the whether the protests will grow be an even larger challenge to the regime, causing the regime's enforcers to lose their nerve to carry out this mass execution.

    He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata.

    • alwyn 4.2

      That story claims that the Parliament called for them to be executed. In para 3 it says "the country's parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of the death penalty for protesters.".

      However a little further on it greatly mutes the claim when it says "to treat those, …. in a way that would serve as a good lesson in the shortest possible time," the letter read. Lawmakers added that such a punishment – the methods of which were not specified……"

      Where does the story give any evidence that they were calling for all 15,000 to be executed?

      • Jenny are we there yet 4.2.1

        The Iranian parliament has voted for the death penalty for people convicted of protesting against the regime.


        There are currently 15,000 people convicted of protesting being held in prisons in Iran.

        The logistics of installing the needed apparatus and related procedures to execute that many people on this scale will take some time. Decisions will have to be made over burying or releasing the bodies to their relatives.

        More likely, these executions will be carried out piecemeal.

        A start has been made.

        …….27 year old Kurdish Rapper Saman Yasin has been sentenced to death for joining the anti-hijab protests. The first among the detainees.


        • alwyn

          Thank you. This story is a bit later than the other one you linked to which was about the letter and does confirm the death sentences explicitly.

          Bastards aren't they? Still they have form for this. In 1988, under orders from Khomeini there were an estimated 30,000 people murdered in a couple of months.


          • Jenny are we there yet

            Thank you.

            Your point is well taken. The vast majority of Iran's parliament signed a letter demanding the death penalty for protesters. No formal legislation was enacted.
            As the majority of MPs support the death penalty for the protesters in their custody it would be a foregone conclusion if it had been.
            Instead Iranian lawmakers informally called on the judiciary and machinery of state to impose and carry out this death sentence on protesters.

            There is a historic parallel. The Holocaust was never formally ordered in German parliament either. But needless to say it was carried out anyway.

            There is a certain logic to this, as Bob Dylan wrote "The executioners hand is always well hidden".

            No one wants to be formally recorded as having voted for genocide. And so the chain of command is always kept murky. Going down the ranks, the prison guards who actually have to carry out these executions can point out that they were following the orders from above. But try and follow that order back up the chain of command and it becomes very hard to find anyone who actually gave the order.

            P.S. The closest historians have ever been able to come in identifying who actually ordered the Holocaust, was the secret Nazi leaders Wansee conference of 1942.
            But in 1942 the Holocaust was already in full swing especially in the East. Wansee delegates mostly discussed how to more efficiently conduct this mass murder.

      • Jenny are we there yet 4.2.2

        Despite this terrible order, and the first of these death sentences against detainees about to be be carried out, the protests have intensified.

        Iran Protesters Refuse to Back Down as First Execution Sentence Handed Down


        …..On November 13, an unidentified protester received the death penalty in the first instance of that sentence coming in the trials against people who were arrested for demonstrating….

        ……Iran Human Rights warned that "at least 20 protesters are currently facing charges punishable by death per official reports"….


  5. X Socialist 5

    Aotearoa 2022.

    A salute to brave people.


    In my opinion, it won't be long before the public form groups of vigilantes.

    Labour has received much odium over law and order issues. And rightly so. But what's National going to do? Will the crims care? Or will they see things as just one set muppets being replaced with another set of muppets? indecision

    • bwaghorn 5.1

      Your as thick as the am show tv host .

      Labour isn't doing anything blah blah blah.

      They got arrested dummy.

      • X Socialist 5.1.1

        ''They got arrested”

        Well, no shit Sherlock. Case closed. Lets all move on. Everything is kapai.

      • Jimmy 5.1.2

        They got arrested. Good. Now lets get a decent judge that doesn't release them so they can do the same again next week.

      • Herodotus 5.1.3

        You are a piece of crap – Have you every worked in a place that has experienced such an event ?? You remind me of a physiologist who turned up a week or 2 later the bank that was robbed in the 1990's I was at twice in 2 weeks to tell everyone that such events whilst being traumatic down played the 2 robberies. They were given their marching orders by the manager for the total inappropriateness of their comments.

        What of those who have experienced and faced now with the aftermath – They got arrested, tell that to the workers and others who were there !! You sound like Hipkins removed and just parroting talking points – NO REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE or UNDERSTANDING. There is a major cost/toll being paid that is unseen and not valued.

    • Drowsy M. Kram 5.2

      In my opinion, it won't be long before the public form groups of vigilantes.

      In your opinion wink

      I will be pleased if your opinion doesn’t come to pass. How about you?

      • X Socialist 5.2.1

        Talk of the devil. I thought I'd listen to Today FM. I haven't listened to them since they sacked Peter Williams(?). The topic being covered was the above heist I posted on. There was talk on vigilantism, bravery, crime in general, should you intervene during a robbery, the alarming rate of officers quitting the force etc? ( Today FM 1.42 PM)

        Mark Mitchell rang in. His talk:

        1- Political support for the police.

        2- Changes in Police hierarchy.

        3- Having other agencies do their share regarding criminal processing. And not having everything dumped on the police.

        4- A look at the justice system.

        5- No quick fixes.

        6- Return of Three Strikes.

        I have no problem with vigilante action. When the police don't act as a criminal deterrent, why shouldn't the innocent fight back as they did in the above case?


        • Drowsy M. Kram

          1- Political support for the police.

          2- Changes in Police hierarchy.

          Maybe that's because Mitchell believes the current "Police hierarchy" doesn't provide the right kind of 'support' for front line police, but "Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Darfur" we're not, and never will be.

          I have no problem with vigilante action.

          To repeat my question (@5.2), would you be pleased if vigilante action doesn't become (more) common in Aotearoa New Zealand. Or would you be pleased if vigilantism does became more common?

          Bear in mind that the only countries in which a vigilante’s actions are not illegal are those in which the Rule of Law has fundamentally broken down. Are we getting there, and, if so, why?


          Vigilante groups in the Nordic countries
          One of the main defining characteristics of a state is that it successfully claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within its territory. Recently, a number of organised groups in the Nordic countries have declared that the state is no longer fulfilling its part of the social contract of providing security to the citizens against crime and threats from foreigners (and Muslims in particular), and in particular their alleged sexual harassment of local women. As a consequence, these vigilante groups challenge the state’s monopoly of violence. “If the State does not defend us, we will do it ourselves – with all necessary means”, the Danish group “Daneværn” puts it. A similar movement, “Soldiers of Odin”, has popped up in Finland, with offshoots in Norway. In Sweden, the neo-Nazi Swedish Resistance Movement is also patrolling to provide safety in the streets, as they claim. The core activists are well-known faces from far-right and anti-Islam movements but some of the groups also attract people with no such ties. This paper will discuss why and how these vigilante groups from the far right have emerged and had a boost recently, and how they are clashing with another form of vigilante group from the extreme left. Militant anti-racists such as Anti-Fascist Action see it as their mission that there will be “No Nazis in our streets!”. They do not obey the state’s monopoly on violence either.

          Taking the law into one’s own hands? On the nature, organization and rationale of vigilantism against Migrants and Minorities in Europe

          We live in peaceful times, in a comparatively peaceful country, and yet the temptation of vengeance and violence is ever-present. Imho, Kiwis need (more?) vigilantes like we need a hole in the head – or a ‘good’ ol’ tarring and feathering.


  6. bwaghorn 6


    I've never been a single issue voter but will be this election.

    Any party that wants to stop the ridiculous situation of a foreign oil company among other polluters buying our land to plant treed has vote.

    Even if it has to be act.

    • roy cartland 6.1

      ACT would obstruct the progress of free trade like that?

      • bwaghorn 6.1.1

        No idea what acts opinion on this is ,but labour thus far are all talk,

        • arkie

          The Greens:

          Foreign investment should benefit Aotearoa New Zealand

          • Only New Zealand citizens and permanent residents should be able to buy land.
          • International businesses with significant local operations should pay fair tax and meet the same corporate responsibility and sustainability standards as local businesses.
          • Foreign investment controls should be tightened to encourage productive investment and discourage speculative investment or simply buying up New Zealand assets to export profits.


  7. logie97 7

    Ex military and perfed policemen.

    We hear of (usually after a serious event) that former NZ servicemen or police have been involved as independents (or even as contractors/advisers) in trouble spots around the world. Some have gone in, made a fortune (National's Mark Mitchell as an example) and settled back into life here.

    Do any of these individuals go with the approval of our governments, or is it on their own initiatives. And further, do they pose a threat to our own independent foreign policy if and when they need bailing out.

  8. arkie 8

    Auckland Action Against Poverty have a petition directed to the Prime Minister and Minister for Child Poverty Reduction Jacinda Ardern, and Minister for Social Development and Employment Carmel Sepuloni:

    Take seven steps toward a fairer future for all of us

    People in Aotearoa want to see a fairer future where everyone has the resources they need to build the lives they want for themselves and their families. We’re calling on you to take these seven steps to unlock people and whānau from the constraints of poverty:

    1. Increase core benefit levels to the standard of liveable incomes
    2. Raise the minimum wage to the living wage
    3. Increase the Disability Allowance
    4. Overhaul relationship rules
    5. Remove sanctions
    6. Wipe debt owed to the Ministry of Social Development
    7. Improve supplementary assistance and urgent grants


    Please sign to put pressure on the Government to take more action to address poverty and inequality.

  9. Poission 9

    Covid cases rise topping 4000 highest daily rate since August.Population reduction program continues with excess mortality rising to 15% (similar to Australia at 14%)



    Covid minister mumbling as usual,although 77 m of the covid contingency fund has been sent to Mahuta for training for 3 waters governance.


  10. SPC 10

    Media has been spared a war with the Governor of Arizona.

    Kari Lake resented having to read the news about Trump's election defeat. She said she would war on media if she was elected. Media have been reporting that peace has been preserved.

    The defeated candidate's resume says – decades working in media, failed political career. Since Fox has abandoned Trump her options are Truth Social and being sponsored by Thiel to do podcasts on Rumble.

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    GP Dr Jeff Lowe and former Inland Revenue Commissioner Naomi Ferguson have been appointed to the board of the organisation that runs the country’s public hospitals, Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand. Health Minister Andrew Little announced their appointments today, along with the appointment of Steven McJorrow (Ngāti Kahungunu) ...
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    “In the last five years Kāinga Ora has delivered over 8,370 newly built homes, over 900 retrofits and is overseeing the biggest urban development programme since the 1970s, with programmes like Large Scale Projects,” Megan Woods said. “To ensure Kāinga Ora can expand this work further, Cabinet agreed to increase ...
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    5 days ago
  • Targeting hardship: more funding to Porirua development
    The Government is committing to more transformative improvements to housing and critical infrastructure in eastern Porirua says Housing Minister Dr Megan Woods, announcing a further $204 million in funding to advance urban development there. “Eastern Porirua has strong and vibrant communities, but it is in critical need of investment and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Significant communications investment to keep emergency responders and the public safe
    A new digital communications network for emergency service workers will roll out from next year, marking the most significant advance in New Zealand’s public safety communications in decades, Police Minister Chris Hipkins announced today.  The Public Safety Network will deliver emergency services with a single secure digital radio network and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Innovation fund for tourism opens
    Applications are now open for the Innovation Programme for Tourism Recovery that will support unique and transformative ideas that will improve our tourism sector.  “We want to see projects that are sustainable, low carbon and that can deliver on our goals for a high skilled and high wage sector.  “Successful ...
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    6 days ago
  • Experts appointed to guide Māori-led climate action
    Climate Change Minister James Shaw has today announced a new Interim Ministerial Advisory Committee to develop a framework for Te Ao Māori responses to the climate crisis.  Promised as part of the Emissions Reduction Plan, a Māori ‘climate action platform’ will help ensure whānau, hapū and iwi are at the ...
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    6 days ago
  • Education funds well spent on Pacific learners
    An interim evaluation Report on Pacific Education Support and Innovation funds has found that many of the education projects led by Pacific Providers have been extremely effective, said Hon Aupito Willam Sio. The Ministry of Education’s Action Plan for Pacific Education (2020) included a focus on working with diverse Pacific ...
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    6 days ago
  • NZ-UK Free Trade Agreement a step closer to ratification
    The benefits of New Zealand’s free trade agreement (FTA) with the United Kingdom are now a step closer with the passing of two Bills, Minister for Trade and Export Growth Damien O’Connor said. The United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement Legislation Bill and the Apple Transitional Export Quota Bill passed their third ...
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    6 days ago
  • Govt moves to introduce open banking to give customers a better deal
    The Government has announced moves to increase bank competition and deliver a better deal for New Zealanders with the introduction of open banking, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs David Clark announced today. Last July, the Government agreed to establish a consumer data right framework (CDR) which would require data ...
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    6 days ago
  • New Zealand ranked first in Sustainable Trade Index
    Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Damien O’Connor said New Zealand achieving first place in the 2022 Sustainable Trade Index indicates the country is on the right track for our economic recovery and future economic security. The Sustainable Trade Index, launched in Singapore overnight by the Hinrich Foundation and the International ...
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    7 days ago