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Open mike 18/08/2016

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, August 18th, 2016 - 80 comments
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80 comments on “Open mike 18/08/2016 ”

  1. Paul 1

    KiwiSavers invest in cluster bomb, land mine manufacturers

    Hundreds of thousands of KiwiSaver members in government-appointed default schemes may be unknowingly investing in companies making cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines.
    At least five of the nine default KiwiSaver providers invested in these types of companies, despite them being banned by government agencies such as the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and ACC.


    • alwyn 1.1

      What an interesting little list.
      I presume Mr Shaw will be having harsh words with the rest of his caucus.
      There are about half them who subscribe to the traditional Green approach of “Do what I say, not what I do” aren’t there?
      Half the Green Party MPs have their Kiwisaver investments with these supposedly terrible organisations.
      Explanations will no doubt be forthcoming do you think? Apologies and the transfer of the tainted money to a charity perhaps?

  2. Paul 2

    Greenstone TV describes it as “A compelling fly-on-the-wall look at the way the rental scene works in New Zealand”, but Renters (TV2, Monday 8pm) is a dishonest and exploitative reality television series. It mostly portrays people who are renting in the worst possible light. Meanwhile, the many transgressions of landlords go unexamined.

    Television could do some really good journalism investigating this crisis but, of course, these are the days when TVNZ prefers to have a right wing presenter host a show every weeknight in order that he can tell us just how great the government is.

    Instead Greenstone TV have taken the opportunity to exploit this crisis to produce a show for TVNZ called Renters. Greenstone specialises in reality-based television shows. It is responsible for such gems as Highway Cops and Highway Patrol.


    • Wensleydale 2.1

      We need a companion show, possibly called “Slumlords”, where the cameras take a tour of leaky, mould-ridden plague pits being rented out for $500 a week by shivering peasants whose children all show signs of respiratory diseases.

  3. Paul 3

    Although you wouldn’t know it from the coverage being provided by the large New Zealand media contingent in Rio de Janeiro, protests against the interim presidency of Michel Temer are occurring on a daily basis.

    Despite the rather large New Zealand media contingent in Rio de Janeiro right now, no one seems particularly interested in reporting on the daily protests that continue in the city beyond the various sporting venues. While TVNZ’s Peter Williams and TV3’s Mike McRoberts stand in front of stadiums and deliver stories about sporting heroics that could of just as easily been delivered from an Auckland studio, the protests continue to go unremarked on.

    Brazil might be in the midst of a economic and political crisis but New Zealand’s media contingent main concern seems to be why the New Zealand team isn’t delivering as many as medals as expected. Any conception of any crisis has not extended any further than the awful realisation that injured All Black Sonny Bill Williams will be out of rugby for nine months.


    • North 3.1

      Given a free hand (which I assume neither Williams nor McRoberts have) I would never expect anything from Williams in any event. He is the far less objectionable notional uncle of his preening notional nephew Hubrism Hosking.

      McRoberts is a different story I believe. I say that because of my recall of his reporting a few years ago from Palestine in the middle of yet another of Zionist Israel’s ‘shooting-fish-in-a-barrel’ child-murder tours through Gaza.

      His demeanour betrayed truly mortified and despairing senses at what he was seeing. I came away with the feeling that the man has a humanity about him.

      • TC 3.1.1

        Weldon fixed that wagon

      • Rodel 3.1.2

        ” Hubrism Hosking?” I had to look that up.
        Hubris- ‘excessive pride ……leading to nemesis.”
        nemesis-‘ the inescapable agent of someone’s downfall’
        A bit complex but I like it.

        That aside, I guess Williams and McRoberts have been given instructions on what their jobs are and have to stick to them.

        Be nice to see John Pilger reporting on the Olympics though.

  4. Pat 4

    and while the argument continues, those that matter have given the stats(?) the big thumbs down


  5. esoteric pineapples 5

    I was talking to a check out operator in my supermarket yesterday about the awkwardness of people using their own bags. She said that people who bring their own bags are encouraged to fill them themselves, and that operators are expected to get customers through the checkout in a certain amount of time. Which explains why when I take a bag I don’t even have time to fill it (slightly further along from the checkout operator) while they are already serving the next customer right beside be. It creates a sense of rush and panic as if I am holding up the line.

    The point of this being that I wonder if supermarkets really appreciate people using their own bags as it slows down the speed of the queue. While we have ideals of reducing plastic bag use, in reality the checkout system sees them as a hindrance.

    This is like a lot of things in society where systems have evolved to the point where they can’t manage changes in behaviour necessary to protect the environment.

    • Sabine 5.1

      In the old days long gone, a check out operator would not even think of packing your bags in Germany, they had a separator at the line so that when they finished ringing you up and you had paid she push the barrier over and start the next customer while you continued to pack your bags.

      just let them put the things back in the trolley, take your trolley and pack at the bench. Heck once there you an even remove all the un-needed packaging of certain products and leave that behind for the supermarket to dispose of instead of you carrying home tones of extra waste. 🙂
      i like doing that….all the plastic wrappers, boxes n stuff that is just there to make a small product big, just leave it behind. 🙂

      • Rosemary McDonald 5.1.1

        “Heck once there you an even remove all the un-needed packaging of certain products and leave that behind for the supermarket to dispose of instead of you carrying home tones of extra waste. 🙂
        i like doing that….all the plastic wrappers, boxes n stuff that is just there to make a small product big, just leave it behind. 🙂”

        Exactly my practice. Having a living area of 7m x 1.8m makes one very conscious of unnecessary stuff.

        My hope is that eventually pak n spend will have recycling bins…I believe the redshed does this already.

      • Blackcap 5.1.2

        Thats cool Sabine. I have recently been in Holland and they have exactly the same system there too. So your stuff gets shoved over to one side and the next person gets served.
        They have now also developed compostable bags that you can take away your shopping in which may change things once again.

      • esoteric pineapples 5.1.3

        good idea

    • Gangnam Style 5.2

      ” and that operators are expected to get customers through the checkout in a certain amount of time. ” That is what the supervisors are watching over, next time you go to the supermarket watch the watchers, they look at the clock & they note who is fastest & who is slowest, it’s a huge part of their job.

    • weston 5.3

      One action which would dramaticly reduce the use of plastic bags would be reducing the use of supermarkets !

  6. Draco T Bastard 6

    Govt admits data vacuum on motel help

    The Government has no idea how much money it lent to beneficiaries to stay in motels, the Ministry for Social Development has admitted.

    It means there is no data which shows how much taxpayer money was borrowed by people on benefits and no broad understanding as to the level of need for emergency housing assistance.

    It’s a knowledge vacuum which has been criticised by social commentators and political opponents who have asked how the Government can manage the situation when it has no data to guide its decisions.

    Yeah, this government has a habit of not measuring anything.

    And then the NZHerald ran with this lie:

    Social Development Minister Anne Tolley and Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett have now moved to provide 3000 emergency housing places each year, putting up $41m over four years to contract emergency housing providers and to cover emergency housing grants.

    You know, the three thousand beds that were already there before the funding.

  7. Having spent last night on the road, I treated myself to a RNZ fest.

    Listened to the Hooten spout on with a very ineffectual/weak Mike Williams as a counter to attempt at bringing some semblance of balance to the discussion.

    FAIL! Mike Williams comes across to me as the old fat tom cat that is just going through the motions that allow him to curl up on his mat in front of the fire. Occasionally he’ll crack an eyelid to see a mouse (or in Hoots case) a great big rat scuttle about on it’s business……… but he’s not at his fighting best and actually can’t really be f**d, it’s real cosy and warm by the fire, wouldn’t want to ruin a good thing or stretch oneself.

    Time to kick out the old and bring in something scrawny with a bit of mongrel in it to throw some light on the increasingly large pile of BS the Hooten gushes every time a mic gets put in his face. Currently getting away with way too much propaganda and aided last night by the presenter Kathryn Ryan?

    • Chooky 7.1

      lol…+100… John up North …Bomber Bradbury? or Sue Bradford?

      • Stuart Munro 7.1.1

        Who was that union leader that schooled a dippy panel a couple of years ago? – well-informed, articulate & highly bullshit resistant.

    • Brigid 7.2

      I heard that they can’t replace him until he explodes from his. “Yes I agree with Mathew on that”

  8. esoteric pineapples 8

    From Russell Norman (on Facebook) – Best solution to NZ’s drinking water problems isn’t to add chlorine to the water, it is to stop adding faeces. This isn’t just a Hastings issue. For example in 2010 Dunsandel (on the Canterbury plains) got animal faeces in its drinking water from a 70m deep well. The town is surrounded by dairy cows. When the local council investigated they concluded it was contamination from a ruminant animal – and suggested it could be a goat, a sheep, or a llama. They didn’t even mention the possibility that it could be a sacred dairy cow!.So they chlorinated and UV treated the water – presumably the cow faeces are still in there but the bugs have been killed. Such is the power of dairy sector in NZ that this is acceptable.

    • save nz 8.1

      +100 – esoteric pineapples – excellent quote from Russell

      Best solution to NZ’s drinking water problems isn’t to add chlorine to the water, it is to stop adding faeces.

    • esoteric pineapples 8.2

      Comment from Mike Joy on Facebook – Ok so so waternz says lets chlorinate all municipal water to be safe.
      The water bottlers who only take the best & cleanest (for free) will have massive increase in sales because chlorinated water tastes disgusting and worse makes shite coffee. How about we stop the cause – massive intensification of dairy, horticulture instead?

      • b waghorn 8.2.1

        Horticulture is a great idea they just need to get away from using tanalised post by the million , i believe all those poles they have used for the massive grape planting in the top of the south have polluted the ground water.

        • weston

          Very good point wags ditto the ten cubic meters or so of toxic waste produced every time a new house gets built we sure AINT very clean OR green .

    • weka 8.3

      RNZ had some expert going on about how all town water supplies should be chlorinated blah blah. Good to see Norman pointing out the bleeding obvious. If you think chlorination is the solution then the public health message must be to never swim in a river or lake in NZ or picnic with kids by a lake or river.

  9. Morrissey 9

    It’s hard to think of anyone more dishonest and shamelessly partisan than
    Kathryn Ryan’s outrageous “U.K. correspondent” Dame Ann Leslie

    Nine to Noon, RNZ National, Thursday 18 August 2016, 9:50 a.m.

    I only caught the tail end of today’s performance, but that rancid old hypocrite seemed to be in vintage form. Today the object of her venom was not teachers or people from “godforsaken countries” or the Labour Party leader; it was the recently arrested radical preacher Anjem Choudary.…

    this highly articulate, cold-blooded monster, and I use that word advisedly…. head chopping lunatics… [snarl]…I never appeared with him on BBC television because I REFUSED to collude with him. …[splutter]… He drives me MAD….”

    Lest anyone think that such refusal to interview Choudary indicates that Dame Ann Leslie is a decent, principled journalist, refusing heroically to collude with evil, just consider what she said after her visit to the Jenin refugee camp in 2002 after it was attacked by more than 150 Israeli tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery, backed by F-16 fighter jets, killing more than fifty people: the massacre, she assured her readers, parroting the Israeli regime’s propaganda, “wasn’t actually a massacre”.

    Aficionados may like to inspect some further nuggets of Dame Ann gold….

    Open mike 03/12/2015

  10. rhinocrates 10

    Just an indication of the exploitation rife in the film industry. Sausage Party is apparently popular as a raunchy animated flick, all good dirty fun, and in this interview the directors congratulate themselves on what a great job they’ve done.

    …and then you scroll down to the comments.

    The animators were screwed royally. Demands for unpaid overtime, names removed from credits for complaining about this and so on:


    It’s pretty typical for creatives in the film industry. You’ve spent years learning the skills, but you have huge student loans to pay off, there’s low pay, long overtime without pay, deadline stress, your work is appropriated and used without acknowledgement and you have zero security.

    And of course it happens here. Many of my former students had similar experiences.

  11. Morrissey 11

    When will Cuba follow the lead of the Polish government?

    The Polish government has approved a new bill that foresees prison terms of up to three years for anyone who uses phrases like “Polish death camps” to refer to Auschwitz and other camps that Nazi Germany operated in occupied Poland during the second world war…..


    Surely it’s long past the due date for Cuba to take similar steps to prevent the hated Guantanamo Bay Prison being associated with Cuba, rather than the outlaw regime that is responsible for it.

  12. weka 12

    Rachel Stewart resigns from Fairfax. Given the amount of serious abuse she received simply for writing a column I’m guessing this is a good move for her. Bummer for the rest of us.


    • Puckish Rogue 12.1

      Yeah I agree, it sucks when people are drummed out of the media simply because other people don’t like their opinions

      • BM 12.1.1

        It all depends.

        Fairfax is a business, maybe Stewart is annoying their customers that much that they won’t buy their paper or advertise in it , if that’s the case then she has to go.

        No doubt she’ll end up at RNZ, seems to be were all the lefties come a shore at.

    • mauī 12.2

      That’s really stink. I hope she gets a gig on tv or something, she’s great value.

  13. mosa 13

    Fletcher’s have made billions in profit from construction contracts around NZ.
    See what happens when you donate to the Nats.
    You can almost hear Keys blind trust accumulating.
    No wonder he is always grinning,must be great to be a Nasty Nat.

    • NotMe 13.1

      Billions? Over what period is relevant here.

      You do realise that they have been around since 1909 and employ thousands of people. Would you rather they made a loss and had to lay people off?

      Who is going to help build Andy’s 100,000 homes? DYI perhaps?

      Why does the Left consider a company making a profit is a bad thing?

      FYI, in the last 10 years Fletcher has lost many large contracts, just like the other players in the market. Your corruption accusations are BS and ill-informed.

    • save nz 13.2

      @Mosa +1 Even better when you can give yourself a zero rated tax haven and refuse to disclose publicly the trusts receiving them.

    • alwyn 13.3

      Fletcher Building has always been pretty ecumenical in their donations to political parties. They didn’t just give to National you know.
      In 2011 for example they gave $20,000 each to ACT, Maori, Labour, the Greens and National.
      None of the parties seemed to have declared receiving anything from them in 2014.

  14. whispering kate 14

    Back to the sub-standard-steel fiasco which is haunting this country. This morning on Morning Report RNZ there was an expose of sub-standard-steel in the largest sewage works in South Auckland, they had this guy on who said the Steel Certifications were most certainly fake and that we didn’t have good compliance on our large projects with steel. He said if you literally don’t stand over the Chinese in situ they will issue fake certificates on their steel. In years to come there are going to be huge problems and serious mal-functions on these structures and roading flyovers etc just because we chose to do things on the cheap and nasty. This country doesn’t have the capacity to understand and learn from previous experiences – leaky homes come to mind, now it will be homes with steel framing. We are a Micky Mouse outfit when it comes to quality and control.


  15. save nz 15

    “Landowners around the world are now engaged in an orgy of soil destruction so intense that, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, the world on average has just 60 more years of growing crops. Even in Britain, which is spared the tropical downpours that so quickly strip exposed soil from the land, Farmers Weekly reports, we have “only 100 harvests left”.


  16. Puckish Rogue 16


    “Labour MP Grant Robertson has offered an apology of sorts to the chief statistician for suggesting there had been “political interference” in the production of the latest unemployment figures, saying he is sorry if she took any offence.”

    I suppose you’ve got to try something when the unemployment rate drops to 5.1%

    • Colonial Viper 16.1


      • North 16.1.1

        Ra Ra Ra for CV Trump……Oops !

        • Colonial Viper

          Easy win for Trump come November. At least I didn’t fuck up like Grant Robertson acting like an amateur.

          • North

            Paint yourself closer into a corner CV. With your can of high gloss bitterness. You’re little more than a weird spectacle now mate.

            • Colonial Viper

              OK, so explain to me how come Grant Robertson had to make a public apology so quickly after making his allegations.

              • North

                We know the public service is ‘bought’ and all wrapped up in the Keydashian banana republic CV. I expect not in terms of greased palms but certainly in terms of moral bullying and unspoken threats by the incompetents in the Cabinet. “Watch it boy/girl……..there’s your high powered, fabulously remunerative job on the line here…….’we’ can destroy any professional reputation you have.” – you know the story CV.

                But no, you’d rather ‘Trump-et’.

    • DoublePlusGood 16.2

      When it drops because Stats NZ are incompetent, then it’s entirely appropriate to suggest that Stats NZ might have become incompetent because the government made them so.

    • Gabby 16.3

      If the unemployment rate ever drops to 5.1% we may find out.

  17. Pat 17

    A post for Robert


    “The government’s deregulation bill, which has now almost completed its passage through parliament, will force regulators – including those charged with protecting the fabric of the land – to “have regard to the desirability of promoting economic growth”. But short-term growth at the expense of public protection compromises long-term survival. This “unambiguously pro-business agenda” is deregulating us to death.

    There’s no longer even an appetite for studying the problem. Just one university – Aberdeen – now offers a degree in soil science. All the rest have been closed down.”

    • Thanks, Pat. I emailed that to each of the 12 councillors at the Southland Regional Council for some sobering evening reading. This evening, I talked with my 12 adult Go Organic students about George’s article – we talk soil every Thursday night and his article was not a surprise to any of them. They weren’t discouraged though, knowing as they do, how to make the stuff. Now, if each of us had 12 people to talk with about important issues…

      • Pat 17.1.1

        no worries….no doubt it wasn’t news to you but as soon as i read it I thought of you.

      • weka 17.1.2

        The ‘only 100 harvests left’ is an great way to frame this and change thinking.

        Re the Organics people, I think showing people reading articles like the Guardian one that we can rebuild soil is critical. Otherwise people get despondent and hopeless and go back to their tv or smart phone.

  18. Chooky 18

    Scare mongering and blaming the Russians…now seems the leaks came from inside NSA

    ‘Leak in-house? NSA data dump could be work of insider’


    “The leak of tools used by the NSA’s elite hacking team has resulted in speculation and finger-pointing in a desperate attempt to identify who could have exposed the government agency’s secrets. But one source says it was an inside job.
    The chances of a hacker remotely breaking into the National Security Agency’s systems are very unlikely, according to an anonymous insider who spoke to Motherboard.

    Despite accusations that the leak is Russia’s meddling, the data dropped online under the name “the Shadow Brokers” would have required someone with the ability to access the NSA’s server, the former NSA employee told the news outlet…


  19. Rosemary McDonald 19

    Well….Anne Tolley and the rest of the Current Mob have given the single digit salute to the new Children’s Commissioner.

    Despite a Fairfax Poll saying the new name was as popular as a camplylobacter outbreak, despite the Children’s Commissioner saying the the name was “cripplingly disappointing”, the new ministry for preventing the abuse, neglect and murder of Kiwi children will actually be handicapped by the name Ministry for Vulnerable Children.



    And, the CEO of this new ministry IS going to be a career manager…with no experience in the area of children and young people and their families.

    Oh no, her latest job was as the CEO of BUPA NZ…a multinational in the area of aged care and health insurance…with a less than exemplary reputation.

    If this is the life raft….
    ….god help this ministry, and all who have the misfortune of having to sail in it.

    Damn them.

    • Rodel 19.1

      Yes Only the Nats could think of such a stupid name…
      ” Good morning. I’m from the Ministry for Vulnerable Children..that is-your children..I hear they’re vulnerable. I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”
      Good on the Children’s commissioner for refusing to use that derogatory name, opting instead for the sensible and valid Maori name, ‘Ministry for Children’s health and well-being’.

      I hope this new CEO from the privatised welfare business world ( why can’t they just have a general manager) is better than Christine Rankin….Who?

    • Rosemary McDonald 19.2

      I’ll add to my comment above…a warning.

      Take VERY good note of individuals and organisations who attend the inevitable launch (with much fanfare and tame media in attendance) of the Ministry for Vulnerable Children.

      These will be the buttsnorklers who will have their snouts perpetually in the funding trough…singing the praises of the new Ministry and keeping silent when things go horribly wrong.

      These people will call themselves Advocates.

      • Rodel 19.2.1

        Rosemary-So what’s new? and yes it will be interesting to see the ‘ buttsnorklerss’ -what? who?
        I’ll bet Rankin and Bennett will be wallowing there. After all, there’s money to be made out of vulnerable kids.
        It somehow reminds me of Don Brash’s idiotic proposal to have a minister/ministry for combating anything PC.
        A ministry for children’s health and well-being I can accept.

    • Incognito 19.3

      My personal favourite is Ministry for All Young and Adolescents or MAYA; it does have a nice symbolic and maternal ring to it that could counter the one-stop-shop (investment) approach that is the only ‘shoe size’ that National seems to know. Is it sheer arrogance or stupidity (ignorance) that makes them do this, time after time?

    • save nz 19.4

      +1 Rosemary McDonald – Unbelievable Fuck those Nat Fuckers!!

  20. weston 20

    Sleep in say NO to daylight SLAVING !!!

  21. North 21

    What is this scurvy pap and crap that leads the Herald’s main online page? Eighth most liveable city…….for whom?

    For the virtually nil interest overseas money called here by the simpering, effete traitor John Keydashian. That’s about it. Palpably not for the two-jobs, car dwelling families of South Auckland. And against all of that……..the Herald wanks.

    T’Audrey and Trev’ of the Herald……..where the hell are you?


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  • New Zealand secures historic free trade deal with the United Kingdom
    A boost of almost $1 billion to New Zealand GDP, unprecedented access for New Zealand exporters to the UK market UK to eliminate all tariffs on New Zealand exports, with over 97% being removed the day the FTA comes into force NZ exporters to save approx. $37.8 million per year ...
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    2 days ago
  • Quarterly benefit numbers show more people in work
    Benefit figures released today show a year on year fall of 9,807 people receiving a Main Benefit in the September Quarter.  “The Government is working hard to tackle COVID-19 and it is clear our strong response to the initial outbreak has created a resilient labour market which is providing opportunities ...
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    2 days ago
  • Health reforms bill introduced to Parliament
    Legislation central to fixing the health system has been introduced into Parliament by Health Minister Andrew Little. “Rebuilding the public health system is critical to laying the foundations for a better future for all New Zealanders,” Andrew Little said. “We need a system that works for everybody, no matter who ...
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    3 days ago
  • NCEA and NZ Scholarship Exams to proceed
    NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams will proceed, including in areas where Alert Level 3 has been in place, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “The New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health have been working together to ensure exams can be managed in a safe ...
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    3 days ago
  • Limited change to onsite learning – for senior secondary students – in Level 3 regions
    Onsite learning at schools in Level 3 regions will start from next week for senior secondary school students to prepare for end of year exams, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “Secondary schools in these regions will start onsite learning for years 11 to 13 on Tuesday 26 October,” Chris ...
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    3 days ago
  • Guaranteed MIQ spots for health workers
    The Government is changing the way managed isolation is co-ordinated for health workers, guaranteeing 300 spots a month for the health and disability sector. “Our world-class workforce is vital in rebuilding the health system and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic,” Andrew Little said. “Whether it’s bringing doctors or nurses in ...
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    3 days ago
  • Govt helps to protect New Zealanders digital identities
    Making it easier for New Zealanders to safely prove who they are digitally and control who has access to that information is one step closer to becoming law, Minister for Digital Economy and Communications, Dr David Clark said. The Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill passed its first reading today ...
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    3 days ago
  • Red tape cut to boost housing supply
    New building intensification rules will mean up to three homes of up to three storeys can be built on most sites without the need for a resource consent New rules will result in at least 48,200 and as many as 105,500 new homes built in next 5-8 years Bringing forward ...
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    4 days ago
  • Nationwide business partnership grows conservation jobs
    Further Government support for New Zealand’s longest-standing sustainable business organisation will open up opportunities for dozens of workers impacted by COVID-19 to jump start a nature-based career, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. Partnering to Plant Aotearoa, led by the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), is a collaboration with iwi, hapū and ...
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    5 days ago
  • New Zealand increases climate aid contribution
    Government commits $1.3 billion over four years to support countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change At least 50 percent of funding will go to the Pacific as it adapts to the impacts of climate change The increase means New Zealand now meets its fair share of global ...
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    6 days ago
  • Super Māori turnout for Super Saturday
    Māori have put a superb effort into mobilising to get vaccinated over Super Saturday, with thousands rolling up their sleeves to protect themselves, their whānau and communities from COVID-19, Associate Health Minister Peeni Henare says. “It was absolutely outstanding that 21,702 Māori got vaccinated on this one day alone with 10,825 ...
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    6 days ago
  • Language assists Tagata Niue to thrive
    Despite the uncertain times we face with the challenges of COVID-19, our cultural knowledge, values and language remain constant, helping us progress towards goals in life, said  the Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio. This year, the Niuean community in New Zealand decided on the theme, “Kia tupuolaola e ...
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    6 days ago
  • New Zealand Ambassador to France announced
    Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta today announced the appointment of Caroline Bilkey as New Zealand’s next Ambassador to France and the OECD. “Aotearoa New Zealand and France have a shared history, and enjoy a strong, collaborative partnership. This includes a strong trade and economic relationship, a shared commitment to support ...
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    1 week ago
  • Govt welcomes nurses’ pay settlement
    The Government is welcoming news that a new employment agreement for nurses working in public hospitals has been settled. “I am very pleased that the hard work of the Nurses Organisation and District Health Boards has led to a settlement that both can support,” Health Minister Andrew Little said today. ...
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    1 week ago
  • Judge of the High Court appointed
    Māori Land Court Judge Layne Harvey has been appointed a Judge of the High Court, Attorney‑General David Parker announced today. Justice Harvey graduated with an LLB from the University of Auckland in 1992 and commenced employment as a law clerk with Simpson Grierson in Auckland that same year. In 1997 ...
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    1 week ago
  • Kiwis to have their say on plan to reduce waste
    New Zealanders are invited to have their say on proposals for a new waste strategy and options for new waste legislation. “Reducing waste is one of the issues all New Zealanders – especially younger Kiwis - care deeply about,” Environment Minister David Parker said today “New Zealand is one of ...
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    1 week ago
  • Next steps in action plan for indigenous rights kicks off
    Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has today meet with more than 30 national Māori organisations in an online hui, kicking off the process to develop a plan for New Zealand to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (the Declaration). The previous National Government signed ...
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    1 week ago
  • Iwi-led housing solutions build homes for the future
    Whai Kāinga, Whai Oranga will open on 20 October, to receive applications for investment through Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga – Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and Te Puni Kōkiri The $730m fund combines investment from Budget 2021 ($380m) and the Māori Infrastructure Fund ($350m) - the largest investment seen ...
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    1 week ago
  • E whakarite ana Te Kāwanatanga i ngā tūāpapa mō twhakamaumahara ki Te Petihana Reo Māori ka t...
    I te rā nei, i pānuihia e te Minita mō Manatū Taonga, ko Carmel Sepuloni, rāua ko te Minita Whanaketanga Māori, ko Willie Jackson, ā tērā tau, ka whakanuia rawatia te 50 o ngā tau mai i te whakatakotoranga o te petihana mō te Reo Māori me te huanga mai ...
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    1 week ago
  • E whakarite ana Te Kāwanatanga i ngā tūāpapa mō tewhakamaumahara ki Te Petihana Reo Māori ka t...
    I te rā nei, i pānuihia e te Minita mō Manatū Taonga, ko Carmel Sepuloni, rāua ko te Minita Whanaketanga Māori, ko Willie Jackson, ā tērā tau, ka whakanuia rawatia te 50 o ngā tau mai i te whakatakotoranga o te petihana mō te Reo Māori me te huanga mai ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government green lights rapid antigen testing
    Some of the country’s largest businesses have put in an order for 300,000 approved rapid antigen tests for their workforce, after working at pace with the Government on a new scheme unveiled by Associate Minister of Health and Research, Science and Innovation Ayesha Verrall. A coalition of around 25 businesses ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government lays foundations as Māori Language Petition commemorations take shape for 2022
    Taiaha hā! Taiaha hā! - Te kairangi o te reo hoki mai ki taku tikanga, ki taku taumata, ki taku reo, ki taku ao. He reo whai tikanga, he reo whai mana, he reo whai tangata koe. Ki te whāngaihia te reo Māori he ao tēnā, ki te kore he ...
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    1 week ago