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80 comments on “Open mike 20/09/2022 ”

  1. Adrian Thornton 1

    Amid Tributes to Queen Elizabeth, Deadly Legacy of British Colonialism Cannot Be Ignored….

    • Tiger Mountain 1.1

      A YouTube clip I can relate to Adrian. Many of us have not said much while the Monarchial circus has done its ceremonial thing. Some out of basic decency for the deceased, and others sensing that many people, even the politicised, had some regard for whatever reason for QEII.

      Indigenous people around the world have already weighed in on the reality of their post colonial fallout thanks to British Imperialist actions under the “Butchers Apron” flag. As the sentiment fades political reality will kick back in. UK strikes will be back on, and a number of countries will have a Republican debate.

      • Jenny are we there yet 1.1.1

        The aristocracy do have their uses.

        Several Judges on the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal published dissenting opinions on the Tribunal' military police prosecutors refusal to bring charges of war crimes against the Japanese emperor Hirohito.

        General MacArthur and his military and political advisers considered Hirohito useful to their occupation of Japan.

        The Japanese imperialists thought the same of the Chinese Emperor Puyi keeping him on as their puppet ruler of China.

        The German Nazis would probably have made the same use of King Edward.

        King Edward spent the entire period of the war living a life of luxury in nazi occupied France. There can be little doubt that if Germany had conquered England, Edward VIII would have been reinstalled as Monarch at the head of a puppet nazi government.

        King Edward the Nazi:

        ….the extent of his betrayal could never be fully verified due to the secrecy of the Royal Archives.

        …..30 archives all over the world that are open. Intelligence reports and German, Spanish and Russian documents show members of the British royal family were indeed far closer to Nazi Germany than has previously been recognised….

        ……The Soviet intelligence services were convinced of the Duke of Windsor’s treachery when war broke out. It is probable that they had an informer on his staff. In 1940 they reported that he was conducting negotiations with Hitler to form a new English government and conclude a peace with Germany contingent on a military alliance against the USSR.

        Even more evidence of Windsor’s treachery was hidden in Spanish archives. Like his relative Coburg, the Duke of Windsor was anti-Semitic. In June 1940 Don Javier Bermejillo, a Spanish diplomat and old friend of Windsor – he had known him since the 1920s – reported a conversation he had had with the Duke to his superiors.

        Bermejillo reported that the Duke of Windsor blamed “the Jews, the Reds and the Foreign Office for the war”. Windsor added that he would like to put Anthony Eden and other British politicians “up against a wall”. Bermejillo stated that Windsor had already made similar remarks about the Reds and the Jews to him long before he became King in 1936. In another conversation on June 25 1940 Bermejillo reported that Windsor stressed if one bombed England effectively this could bring peace. Bermejillo concluded that the Duke of Windsor seemed very much to hope that this would occur: “He wants peace at any price.” This report went to Franco and was then passed on to the Germans. The bombing of Britain started on 10 July.

        • Jenny are we there yet


          "…..Windsor stressed if one bombed England effectively this could bring peace."

          Sounds a lot like something a modern Putin troll doll would argue in reference to Ukraine

  2. higherstandard 2

    Nice to see the usual suspects livers and gall bladders are working well.

  3. Bearded Git 3

    I watched 3 minutes of video clip highlights of the funeral this morning…that was more than enough.

  4. Ad 4

    Well the NZHerald and TV1 didn't seem to cover it, but the big conference on NZ business and climate change had pretty useful papers and leaders at it.

    Climate Change Commission chair Dr Rod Carr calls for reform of emissions trading scheme | RNZ News

    Dr Rod Carr calls for reform of emissions trading scheme | Otago Daily Times Online News (

    Sometimes the timing just doesn't work. But the content was very good.

  5. Descendant Of Smith 5

    The problem is not one of not understanding the negative aspects of the British legacy. The problem is that nothing sensible yet has convinced me that changing to a republic will make things better than they are now.

    It doesn't help that a majority of the vocal supporters of moving to a republic seem to be just anti-treaty wallies. The American disaster of vested interested and money talks doesn't endear me to the notion of a republic either.

    Fundamentally I can see no good reason why we would want to hand an individual more power than our hereditary monarch currently has and if the purpose to to give a president more power than the monarch currently has, which is sweet FA, then what is the point and what are the powers that we would like a president to have?

    The fact is is that our parliament makes all the decisions in reality and they handed themselves – Labour and National together – the right to do this some years back.

    Nor do I think joyfully about having to elect a president and all the nonsense that goes with that. The only point seems to be to stick someone up on a pedestal and hail Caesar.

    Seriously what would be the point of becoming a republic apart from making a pious but ultimately quixotic statement to say we are no longer part of the commonwealth?

    • Ad 5.1

      Post going up shortly

    • solkta 5.2

      I have not heard anybody say that we should leave the Commonwealth when we become a republic. When people say this i just take it that they haven't actually looked into the issue and are just being ignorant.

    • Janice 5.3

      I once heard someone say that it is not the power the monarch has, it is the power that is denied to others. Our armed forces, MPs, police, even boy scouts and girl guides swear allegiance to the crown, that won't happen with a politically appointed president. Do they have have to then swear to a bit of rag (flag) that would have to be changed? What about the loyal toast at formal functions, etc?

      • solkta 5.3.1

        Those entities swear allegiance to the New Zealand Crown of which the Queen is the head.In effect they are swearing allegiance to the Governor General as it is this person who actually does the job of Head of State. Can't see it would work any differently without the King.

    • Hunter Thompson II 5.4

      Some good points there. Politicians may see capital in voicing support for a republic, but I can't see any gains from a system that allows people like Nixon and Trump to access the White House and abuse the office.

      Too much scope for pork barrel politics and a handshake behind the barn.

  6. Jenny are we there yet 6


    "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come"

    Victor Hugo

    September 15 at 11:59 AM

    The technology that charges Sydney train travellers will be deactivated from next week "indefinitely" — making train rides free for commuters.

    Why Sydney trains are to be free 'indefinitely'

    Vote Efeso Collins for free trains

    • O C Smith 6.1

      A vote for Socialism has a cost

    • Jimmy 6.2

      Nothing is free. Someone has to pay.

      • Jenny are we there yet 6.2.1

        Single payer is provenly the most efficient and cost effective way of delivering public services. Public Health Care, Public Education, Public Policing and our country’s Defence Force are all funded by Single Payer.

        Why should public transport be any different?

        Especially when traffic congestion, air pollution, resource use and climate change emissions will all be better addressed with greater use of public transport.

        Addressing these issues is what is called a public good. We will all pay way more in health and environmental costs if these public goods are not addressed.

        The definition of a rich country, is not a country where everyone owns a car, A rich country, is a country where both rich and poor both ride the sub-way.

        • Stuart Munro

          both rich and poor both ride the sub-way

          That would be Korea, which not only has the best subway system in the world (it's profitable and cheap too), but also high speed rail which is so cheap and convenient everybody uses it.

        • Graeme

          There's also the argument that free public transport is of less cost than expanding the capacity of the roading network.

          We've got $2.00 bus fares in Queenstown because of that dynamic. Increasing the capacity of Frankton Road, the main road into town, was going to be prohibitively expensive and may not even be possible, so NZTA, ORC and QLDC stumped up for effectively free fares

      • Drowsy M. Kram 6.2.2

        Nothing is free.

        Some things are – the air you and I breathe for one – but neolibs are working on it.

        The dystopian business of bottled air

  7. DB Brown 7

    Don't tell me we'll soon be bereft of articles about "Sad Corgies Attend Funeral" or "Eight Legged Surprise Mourner" only to replace such utter journalistic gems with:

    "I blew 2000 sailors and brought a house, so what's stopping you"


    "We put our inheritances in managed funds and a house popped out!"

    Followed by Luxon's sound bite on the latest sound bite.

    I just can't even with our media anymore. Garbage is a bit flattering, I can recycle most of that and put it to some use.

    I'm not going to link the latest swill, none of it deserves linking to.

    • Sabine 7.1

      Well the first story is one of 'sex work is work' and sex work is empowering and blowing 200 sailors got a mortgage and in a house that would be totally fine in todays world.

      As would be putting an inheritance in a managed fund and thus have enough money to buy a house.

      I can't wait for 'blow jobs' being a job advertised by unemployment offices the world over. Oh you don't want to blow 200 dudes in uniform or civvies for money? Here have a 12 week stand down. That'll teach you not only to blow but to suck. 🙂

      The news reflect our times. Some get to suck dicks and others are dicks to be sucked.

    • weka 7.2

      I restrict myself mostly to RNZ and the ODT, with some forays into Stuff and NZH as needed.

  8. Molly 9

    Another expression of solidarity from the "allies". Gap in posting examples not due to lack of current incidents (can't keep up), but for those who can handle it:

    Fred's crime was he had a placard at the Pride march he helped found saying "Gay Not Queer". He believes the use of 'queer' obscures worrying attitudes to child safeguarding.

    • Sabine 9.1

      A leading Gay – as in homosexual, as in sexually attracted to only men, as in no transmen need to apply for sex- icon/elder. 70+ years old. Oh the kindness, the inclusion and the acceptance of diversity.

      • Molly 9.1.1

        Unfortunately, his first person account of the Stonewall riots, negates the familiar gender ideology revisionist history of the event, so he must be condemned:

        However, age is no barrier. Here's a UK Labour policy advisor getting in early with Fascist babies:

        • Sabine

          And yes, the very nice and kind and inclusive non male person shouting at the fascist tiny human is a non male person who works for some Labour MP in the UK. Ahhhh, the kindness of the 'left'. So kind, so gracious, so loving. They did shut down their account and changed their bio. Cause…..i guess people might take offend at persons who work for MPs to be seen and filmed shouting abuse at Ejaculators (we can’t really call that person a birthing body, after all they did only ejaculate) and the result of that ejaculation.

          edit: a better word for non birthing body parent is needed. Ejaculator sounds so biological and biology is so phobic really.

        • Nic the NZer

          "Oh, your raising a little fascist as well"

          Unfortunately, Starmers Labour is so unthreatening that this gem is unlikely to make the evening news.

          • Molly

            Apparently, other Twitter users recognised, and other examples of her abuse and attempts to have people de-platformed have been posted.

            Given her policy advisor position, it was worth posting. This is not an individual without influence.

            • Nic the NZer

              Really, because that sounds like just the kind of thing which would go down as a real zinger on Twitter. Has she considered quiting her day job and posting such tweets full time instead?

      • Molly 9.1.2

        The stunning and brave activist, proudly boasting of his actions on Twitter. (Likely posted while Fred Sargeant was getting his brain scan)

  9. Sacha 10

    Rare vaccination casualty confirmed.

    Coroner Sue Johnson this morning released her first findings into the death, determining the vaccine caused Nairn's death.

    "I find that Rory James Nairn, aged 26, died on 17 November 2021 at … Dunedin. The cause of his death was myocarditis, due to vaccination with the Comirnaty TM Pfizer/BioN Tech Covid-19 vaccine," the coroner said.

  10. Robert Guyton 11

    Uffindell & Luxon; Dodging and Weaving.

    "National is also still refusing to release the “terms of reference” that the party gave to Dew when it employed her to investigate Uffindell. This is very suspicious – because the public is not seriously able to interpret anything about the report’s supposed findings without knowing what she was told to investigate and what she wasn’t allowed to investigate.

    The details of how the investigation was carried out, and it’s parameters are important. We don’t even know who was interviewed. Moir explains this well: “It would be a big call for Dew to conclude Uffindell didn’t do anything wrong at university if the only people she spoke to were friendly allies who support the MP’s version of events. It’s also unknown whether any other allegations surfaced about his time at King’s College or St Paul’s Collegiate, Hamilton, the school he moved to after being asked to leave King’s College.”"

    • Peter 11.1

      The terms of reference are important. Investigations directly address those and those only. Which often mean in the wash-up that other pertinent things are parked in the back of the shed out the back.

      Like the Michael Heron QC investigation into the Covid-19 patient privacy breach.

      He chased what he had to chase. That led to Michelle Boag and National MP Hamish Walker both being found responsible for the unauthorised disclosure of the personal information. The findings stated that the motivation for each disclosure was political. Game over.

      His glib treatment of Michael Woodhouse? Did Woodhouse dodge a bullet though a lack of intent and rigour? On the surface the job was done to identify the heart of the issue so the subsidiary became ho-hum?

      Whatever, Woodhouse shut up, disappeared into the background and tried to be inconspicuous. Two weeks after the story broke someone else with an involvement resigned, any participation in the incident removed from reference, wiped off the blackboard. Nikki Kaye.

      So, dodging and weaving with Luxon and Uffindell? What's new?

  11. Jimmy 12

    Asked on Tuesday at Parliament if she was a bully, Lorck replied: "I'm working hard to be the best MP I can possibly be". – that doesn't really answer the question.

    "I have a professional leadership coach and together we're working on how I can work to be a better MP," she said. – So obviously her management style needs to change.

    Robertson says Labour MP's management style may come across 'poorly', Lorck responds to bullying claims (

    Reporters should ask the same question to Uffindell.

    Perhaps National should now put Ufindell with a professional leadership coach.

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    Trade, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Todd McClay has concluded productive discussions with ministerial counterparts in Beijing today, in support of the New Zealand-China trade and economic relationship. “My meeting with Commerce Minister Wang Wentao reaffirmed the complementary nature of the bilateral trade relationship, with our Free Trade Agreement at its ...
    1 week ago

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