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Open mike 20/10/2022

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, October 20th, 2022 - 99 comments
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99 comments on “Open mike 20/10/2022 ”

  1. Sabine 1

    Oh well, i guess this now makes it official.


    Fenton St business owner Donna Walsh told the hearing she had to lock the doors of their fashion store, Willow Boutique, between customers because they felt unsafe.

    this is something that i do too, and many other businesses. It is just safer.

    "Rotorua has 50 motels (in emergency housing) and Auckland has 100. Rotorua has 1.5 per cent of New Zealand's population but has 9 to 10 per cent of the emergency housing population. It's disproportionate.

    these are the small low budget motels for the most part that used to house kiwi families coming for an affordable holiday. Not anymore. It is too dangerous now.

    Restore Rotorua chairman Trevor Newbrook said the organisation…..,

    did not want the consents granted and wanted to stop people from outside Rotorua moving into the city's emergency housing.

    He said he found "unbelievable" the continued "denials" of the council, Government departments, MPs and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – whom he said was recorded as saying it was a "perception" people came from out of town.

    He said the Ministry of Social Development's report released this year showed a third of those in emergency housing were not living in Rotorua in the 30 days before entering a motel.

    I know of one of these people, she sleeps in her unwarranted, unrego'ed car often times as she consideres the motels unsafe. She has her family in Auckland.

    Watchdog Security chief executive officer Brett Wilson said despite claims most people were local, it was his view a "significant portion" of those in the motels were from out of town.

    For example, his police colleagues had told him about a Palmerston North man recently released from serving a prison sentence for two serious crimes and now living in a Rotorua motel.

    We all know at least one person who is in one of these hovels who is not and never was from Rotorua and who has no connection to Rotorua.

    The city's police and medical support resources were also impacted and the Government had not given additional resources to compensate.

    "We have a lot of interaction with police but in the last 12 months the ability of police has dropped off because they are so tied up with family violence and drug activity in emergency housing."

    Yes, it is so fucking bad. And family violence is everywhere.

    He said contacts at Rotorua Hospital had said the emergency department was "clogged up" with people from emergency housing as many of them did not have a GP.

    Wilson said he had spoken to some people in the motels – many of whom did not want to go on record for fear of retaliation – who told him they don't like the way the contracted motels were being run.

    this is what the women who sleeps in her car rather then the motel said. Tiny Dean literally has his own gang masquerading as security. People are quite scared actually.

    He described security plans at the motels as "woefully inadequate" and was concerned about some of the people being employed in security roles.

    Yeah, Tiny Deans private little militia.

    Glenholme resident Ryan Holmes congratulated the council on the "amazing clean-up" before the hearing started. He said graffiti was gone, lawns were mowed and trolleys and rubbish picked up.

    In his view: "It is all to create an impression all is well on MSD Mile. If you had been here a week ago, you would have been shocked."

    Yeah, cause we are all suckers and bitches to the goverment. And sadly it will take only a few days to again look like the beginning of Skid Row.

    Christina Phillips, a retired teacher with over 34 years' experience …..,

    she was concerned about the risk to the learning and development of children in central Rotorua emergency housing motels, including there being little to no play equipment or green space for children.

    She believed there was no goodwill from the moteliers making big money out of emergency housing to put any of it back into providing safe play environments for children.

    we are all concerned and why would these government paid slumlords actually do anything, after all they are just there for emergency housing and no standards apply. Never mind the kids.

    Urbano Bistro owner Richard Sewell described the situation as a "catastrophe" and said Rotorua's reputation was "in tatters".snip

    He said since writing his submission when he had 17 staff, he now had eight and was struggling to find staff. His revenue was down 45 per cent.

    "This might be the end of the road for us."

    all of us my friend, all of us. The town that was killed by a government who could not give a fuck, can't be bothered, and really just wants to look good on camera. Never mind the damage hiding behind the camera.

    Hennessy's Irish Bar owner Reg Hennessy said he saw the violence, drug dealing and intimidation not only around his central city pub but when he walked his dog along Fenton St while living in Sophia St – at a home he has since sold out of safety concerns.

    He said gangs had "mushroomed" in Rotorua and he often drove home on Fenton St at 11pm and saw little kids playing on the road.

    He described seeing drugged-out people stumbling around the central city as being like something from a "zombie movie".

    yep, all that shite is happening, in plain sight and no the police can't do anything, i don't know maybe they aren't supposed to do anyting.

    A lawyer representing Restore Rotorua, Vanessa Hamm, told commissioners she was "dismayed" to hear earlier evidence that suggested having a group such as Restore Rotorua "magnified" the issues residents faced.

    "That is really patronising."

    Well, you made the government look bad, the ministers as out of touch, and we can't have that.

    The commissioners, David Hill, Sheena Tepani and Greg Hill will hear more submissions today and Friday before reconvening Monday, October 31, finishing on Tuesday, November 1.

    Do i expect any chances? Not sure. Fact is that Rotorua was screwed over by a government that really could not care at all about the people living there. A government that wanted to be seen as doing something and that rain misery, hell, crime, drugs, open panhandling, prostitution and child abuse on our town, and all that under the guise of kindness.

    Reminder to the do-gooders that like the government don't really care about the issues that arrive when one just drops people on a town in a 'out of sight out of mind' frame of thinking, we have no industries others then tourism, and red stag timber. We have lost most of our tourism, Kiwis don't stay in Rotorua anymore as it is now too dangerous, and they are quite right.

    We have 11% unemployment – way way way above the 'average' of NZ, and we have a government that can't give a fuck. You want to know why Labour has a chance of losing the next election worse then Cunliffe lost, it is this not giving a fuck.

    But i am really happy that Tiny Dean and some people without scruples made millions of the governments tit. I mean there has to be a bright side, and homelessness and misery is a good earner for those that made a career out of the hunger and misery of other people.

    Italics are mine.

  2. Ad 2

    If Mayor Brown keeps attacking his own agencies he will find so many leave that nothing gets done. Even the contractors will work precisely to rule.

    Can Labour and Green councillors organise to control him? Ardern is happy to interfere with water. Can she set a few boundaries today?

    Aucklands pt system is already collapsing. GreaterAuckland sets it out at length today.

    The stakes are very high.

    • Sabine 2.1

      Good, then he can replace these with civil servants rather then ideological stooges.
      Really hoping that Tania Tapsell here in Rotorua does the same.

      • Ad 2.1.1

        No one wants to work in local government right now.

        All the best to Mayor Tapsell.

        • Sabine

          who knows, maybe people just don't want to work in local government that is driven by ideology rather then common sense.

          Maybe council will actually function better when some of the silo builders get cleared out.

          Tania is doing fine. She will be a much better Mayor that the last Ex Labour MP larping as Mayor could have ever hoped and wished to be.

          • Ad

            The current ideology about local government is driven by central government and across multiple areas: housing development policy, RMA changes, shrinking orle of local government in totality, and removal of control of all water functions.

            That is where you will find people don't want to work in local government.

          • Anne

            Rotorua is feeling the effects of decades of neglect and Sabine blames it all on the current government. Typical of someone who doesn't seem to know the history behind the situation and the racism that has been rife there for nearly two hundred years. Then she tries to claim its all about something called ideology.

            Its got nothing to do with ideology but problems that have been allowed to fester for so many years, and it will take as many years to eradicate.

            There's no magic wand Sabine.

      • Jack 2.1.2

        I’ve heard Tapsell being interviewed a few times now. She sounds fantastic. A breath of fresh air from the current in vogue wokery. My only fear for Rotorua is that she is so good, she’s likely to be shoulder tapped for a higher office.

      • Oh, people like you Sabine? Non ideologue?????You're pushing the truth to suit your story.

        Current unemployment Govt figures 3.3% underemployment 9.2%

        11% unemployed in Rotorua would be eight thousand and 63 people.

        Where do you get your figures from?

        • alwyn

          When I see statements like the following I would think that Sabine's 11% figure may be correct.

          "According to latest figures from the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), there are about 5000 people currently on Job Seeker benefits in Rotorua which represents over 10% of the working age population."


          • Patricia Bremner

            Alwyn, not forgetting the work allowance has increased to $180 odd which means your "Unemployed might be doing a days work a week. They would be underemployed then.

            Come to Rotorua and see.

          • Incognito

            You’re making a basic error. I’d expect more from someone with qualifications in economics.

            Investigating the relationship between unemployment and benefit receipt provides technical audiences a shared understanding of the relationship between people who are unemployed and those who receive Jobseeker Support – Work Ready (JS-WR).

            From there, we examined the proportion of unemployed people in receipt of JS-WR to test the commonly held assumption that there should be a large amount of overlap between the two groups.

            We found that levels of unemployment and JS-WR should not be assumed to indicate a single pool of unemployed JS-WR recipients, even when at a similar level or moving in the same direction, as many unemployed people are not in receipt of JS-WR, and many JS-WR recipients are not unemployed.


    • dv 2.2

      Wgtn council are apparently Advertising for staff in Auckland

      • Sabine 2.2.1

        What not even Wellingtonians want to work for the ueber lefty that was currently elected. That is funny!!!

        We vote for you, we don't wanna work for you.

    • Incognito 2.3

      Is Brown heading for Tauranga?

      • Ad 2.3.1

        Tauranga hasn't had any democractically elected Councillors or a mayor for several years now.

    • Molly 2.4

      Let's see what unfolds instead of crystal ball gazing, perhaps.

  3. Muttonbird 3

    Tories in chaos. It warms the cockles…

    Chief Whip just resigned.

    • observer 3.1

      Send Sharma to Westminster to discover actual "bullying" …

      • observer 3.1.1

        Amazing quotes spilling out of so many Tory mouths, it's hard to keep up. (Links? all UK media, every minute). Like …

        "I am fucking furious and I don’t give a fuck anymore"

        That's a deputy Whip!

        For historical comparison, probably the closest in NZ would be Shipley/Peters or Lange/Douglas. But this is way more brutal and chaotic than even our worst.

  4. observer 4

    A headline that should be from the Onion, but is actually real, today:

    People who didn't bother voting now unhappy with … themselves.

    • Sabine 4.1

      Maybe next time they will make an effort and vote.

    • Incognito 4.2

      That realisation came faster than the dropping of New Year’s resolutions, which happens annually and not three-yearly. Not voting has almost as many consequences as voting and you lose bragging or whining rights too.

    • Jimmy 4.3

      Comedy gold. Couldn't be bothered voting now regret not voting. Well should've, would've, could've, need to get of their ass and vote next time. If you don't vote, then you can't complain about the outcome.

    • Anker 4.4

      Yes Observer it does feel like something from the Onion or the wonderful Australian Shovel

    • Radical Alternative 4.5

      As a young person who's had to move flats three times this year, all I can say is it was a fucking nightmare to register, to the point where it almost verges on voter suppression. One of my flatmates spent about an hour on hold just to be told that, as far as RealMe is concerned, he doesn't exist. Maybe we don't pay rates directly, but I'm paying over $200 a week to the guy who does, so it's pretty outrageous how hard it was to express my basic democratic right.

  5. Ad 5

    11 people arrested for protesting about climate change inaction.

    Protests in Wellington continue with Groundswell tractors replacing rail activists | Stuff.co.nz

    Nek minnit.

    Truly ginormous climate protest about to seize the media headlines and streets of New Zealand.

    Groundswell NZ's tractor convoys, protests could cause disruption | Stuff.co.nz

    The farmers have figured something out here.

    • Robert Guyton 5.1

      The image shows "Bryce" standing behind a huge tractor that bears a sign that reads, "STOP strangling farmers they ARE the original environmentalists"

      Bryce is wearing heavy boots and is standing on bare ground; soil that's been stripped of its plant-cover, churned up by machinery (and probably herbicide) – it looks lifeless, yet his billboard says, again, that farmers are environmentalists!

      Stunning disconnect from reality!

      • RosieLee 5.1.1

        Farmers were the original environmentalists when they farmed within the capacity of their land. Now, land is stocked to industrial levels with the aid of shit like palm kernel. Cropping is intensified with the aid of artificial fertilisers and pesticides. And let's not get started on the use and abuse of water.

        • gsays

          Not forgetting the impact on the roads by the vehicles that are needed to service this sort of carry-on.

      • Hunter Thompson II 5.1.2

        Farmers must have hired a new PR firm. Their "original environmentalists" message has replaced "We are guardians of the land".

        Both are pure BS of course. No mention of the fact that when European settlement began a massive amount of NZ's native forest was felled or burnt off to make way for farms. That continued what Maori had done but to a greater extent.

        The loss of animal, bird and plant life must have been colossal.

      • mauī 5.1.3

        Bryce is probably keeping 20,000 people alive and is using the tools available to maximize yield.

        Bryce probably has an intimate knowledge of soil biology, plant growing and his local environment, that puts him in the top echelon of New Zealand horticulturalists.

        • Robert Guyton

          "Bryce probably has an intimate knowledge of soil biology"

          I don't believe Bryce does!

    • Jimmy 5.2

      As someone once said "Who needs these bloody farmers anyway, there's plenty of meat in the supermarkets".

  6. Incognito 6

    Now the dust is slowly settling and the smoke clearing we (…) finally are starting to see some sense. For me, the fact that Jacinda Ardern stepped in to find some loose change to quell the anger of the mob is a watershed moment.


    When Latin got dropped from the NZ School Curriculum there was no uproar and Chris Hipkins didn’t try to save it from its untimely death. Perhaps they should have applied to Creative NZ for continuation of funding.

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/the-detail/300253332/the-detail-latin-unceremoniously-abolished-from-the-new-zealand-curriculum [NB same reporter as above link]

    Memento mori

    • smiley Perhaps they thought the Catholic Church should use some of their booty?

    • Mac1 6.2

      I did Latin at school and Uni. Discussing this today, my friend says that something has to drop off the curriculum if we want to teach Māori, Health and Computer Studies, none of which I was taught at school.

      We had Latin, used slide rules (guessing sticks), and certainly nothing about relationships was even mentioned. Instead we practised hymns and Art consisted of dictated notes on pottery but never a drawing pencil or paintbrush in hand.

      So I can mourn the loss of Latin, along with Religious Instruction, just as earlier generations lost abacuses in schools, and Rhetoric, Greek and Ancient Sumerian hieroglyphics.

      Sic transit gloria mundi.

      • Incognito 6.2.1

        Caecilius est in horto

        I will never forget that!

        Very few would have paid attention or given a shit if it hadn’t been for those couple of assessors’ comments. It was never about Shakespeare whom most only care about if it is on Netflix. The cancellation of Latin never had the good fortune of becoming a wedge issue in a virtual culture war. Oh well, you win some, you lose some; c’est la vie.

        • Mac1

          I never met Caecilius and Metella. Wikipedia tells me they were published in 1970 when I was at TTC. I learnt from Paterson and MacNaughton.

          Thanks for the comment about a 'virtual culture war' which gives me a much plainer context to understand the issue.

          Nox est perpetua una dormienda.

  7. Stephen D 7

    “The regular calls for negotiations to end Russia’s war with Ukraine tend to be more directed at Kyiv or Washington than Moscow, as if they are the main stumbling blocks. Yet it is Vladimir Putin that is demanding that this war leads to a fundamental change in borders and political arrangements, that on any reading of international law he has no right to demand. Vladimir Putin does not preclude talks, but only so long as Russia is allowed to hold on to occupied territory, and even territory from which it has had to retreat. Volodymyr Zelensky demands withdrawal, and while at the start of war he might have been ready to go back to position of 23 February 2022 he now expects to go to the position of eight years earlier before Russia annexed Crimea.”


    Can a settlement in Ukraine ever be negotiated? While Putin is the tsar, it seems highly unlikely.

    • weston 7.1

      International law seems increasingly irrelevant given the actions of western powers of late such as the deliberate destruction of the Nordstream pipelines and the blowing up of the Kersh bridge using a truckbomb , seems pretty obvious that the objective of these operations is to prolong and escalate the conflict .

      Where does it say in international law that its ok for the united states to occupy land in syria ? or that its ok for israel to continue bulldozing palistinian homes to make more room for israely settlements .The list is very long indeed of the most powerfull countries thumbing their nose at international law.

      To my mind addressing Washington and Kyiv to end this war is entirely justified and i'd add London as well .

      • Stephen D 7.1.1

        So, despite Putin’s aggression, you’d support him?

        Let’s hope the same thinking doesn’t apply if Australia wants to make NZ a part of them. Claiming historical rights going back to early 19th century.

        By your logic, they’d have the right.

        • weston

          Well if America had been arming us for ten years and they put in place a pro American gov in order to threaten and in the event of war breaking out weaken australia then yeah i guess they'd have the right .

          • Stephen D


          • Stuart Munro

            Odd that your logic does not extend to Russia's arming of fifth columnists in Donbas – or it would be if you were trying to pretend to be a balanced or rational commenter.

            • weston

              So far as i know stuart the people of the Donbas wished they'd had more help from Russia not less and could not understand why they took so long to confront the American backed nationalists directly which is why the referendums offering citizenship with the russian federation were taken up so wholeheartedly , they'd had nearly nine years to make up their mind !!

              • Stuart Munro

                So far as i know

                That's your problem right there.

                If you knew a little more about the behaviour of the post-soviet Russian state, and the fate of those satellites that chose to leave it, we would hear a great deal less of your pro-despotic assertions.

                • weston

                  If you know so much more than i stuart why dont you enlighten 'us'?

                  The conversation began with the question of negotiation in the Ukraine war .Got anything to add ??

                  • Stuart Munro

                    Negotiation with Putin is impractical – veracity is not a value for him.

                    Former Putin adviser says Russian President 'stopped telling the truth' (yahoo.com)

                    The West was taken by surprise in 2014, having themselves no plans to go to war with Russia. But in the time since, having learned their lesson, he no longer gets the benefit of the doubt.

                    The best thing for Russia is a regime change – which, as a brutal kleptocracy, is long overdue. The best thing for Ukraine is a timely cessation of hostilities.

                    Russian agents like Girkin have no future in a free Ukraine – they will go to considerable lengths to prevent one. In no way do such espiocrats represent a plausible popular separatist movement – he is an agent provocateur, Russia's catspaw, nothing more.

  8. Jimmy 8

    Poverty worse than we thought.


    [Ironically, your comment is misleading because it doesn’t actually say or imply that. This is your warning – Incognito]

  9. Reality 9

    Well, well, the Transmission Gully protesters drove there in hired vans according to today's Dominion Post. Do as we say, not do as we do. At least they should have got up earlier and ridden their bikes there. One thinking person needing to get on with his day managed to outwit them.

    • Incognito 9.1

      Where is your link?

      Protest like the Amish.

    • satty 9.2

      The group want the government to "Restore Passenger Rail". So as soon as there's a functioning rail system, they're going to use the train instead of a hired van…

      Also looking forward to the impatient car drivers ripping off the banners from the "farmers" blocking the roads today. More likely that the two biggest polluter groups in this country stick together though…

      However, there will always be a big difference between the two: Polluting car drivers will always be just a problem and never be the solution to pollution. While farmers are in a more important position, many of them are part of the problem now and they can / must be part of the solution for the future.

      When are the two main political parties in the country have the balls telling the polluters that the days of pollution have to come to an end soon?

      It is inevitable – even the National (Polluter) Party surely know this – and obviously, significant parts of our daily life, like infrastructure, agriculture, have to be ready for those days.

      How long does it take to get ready? How many decades for something on that scale?

      Or do we simply block all combustion engines on our roads from one day to another and shoot million of cows within a month to achieve the necessary, internationally agreed targets?

      • X Socialist 9.3.1

        It's worse than that, Jimmy. These people are dicing with death. All it needs is for some P- head, or the Mongrel Mob, to be held up, and you can bet someone will be on their way to ICU.

        • Jimmy

          Absolutely, I don't think the Mongrel Mob would take to kindly to being held up by them.

      • gsays 9.3.2

        Any fan of direct action has to love that.

        • weka

          I hope they don't stop. Probably need to skill up, but that's ok, everyone has to start somewhere.

      • weka 9.3.3

        Here is the story and the video is worth watching. These people are not doing their cause any favours.

        and yet here you are talking about it. Bet you weren't doing that when they were lobbying government.

        Does it matter if we prevent climate collapse or not?

    • Didn't find it on the Dom Post – but here's a link from Newshub


      [Side note, if he was listening to Joe Abercrombie, the protesters are lucky all he did was move the van – he's not noted for 'turn the other cheek']


      [Yes, of course not serious.]

      • weka 9.4.1

        protestors were right to stand aside, the driver was abusive and potentially dangerous.

        • Muttonbird

          The protestors picked the dangerous situation. Not your normal sit in on a motorway on-ramp.

          • weka

            different kind of dangerous (assuming you are correct, by all means present some evidence)

            • Muttonbird

              They put themselves directly in the path of the public in an area which is heavily restricted and operated by only by Police and NZTA appointed traffic control.

  10. arkie 10

    So glad there are people like this to protect our children /s

    Arizona GOP Candidate Arrested For Allegedly Masturbating In Truck Near Preschool

    In a Facebook post from May, Kaufman said he wanted “our children protected [from] the progressive left.”

    Kaufman was charged with public sexual indecency, but 12News in Phoenix reported that Kaufman could also face a possible felony charge because of his proximity to the preschool.


  11. Reality 11

    Incognito, I don't know how to do links from an IPad, but if I raise an issue I always quote the day and source.

  12. weka 12

    is this real?

  13. Poission 14

    High court confirms suspicions that Trevor Mallard is irrational,and adds 2% points to Winston in future polls


  14. Jimmy 15

    Can't believe I actually agree with Eaqub (don't buy a house in Auckland its better to rent) Shamubeel for once. I've been saying for years tax brackets need to be adjusted for inflation and both Nats and Labour never adjust them. Riduculous to be paying 30% tax on earnings over $48k which I think was set back in 2009? or 2011.

    'Cynical political ploy': Economist slams National, Labour over tax policies

    • Ad 15.1

      Every other investment category except farming socks big time.

      Our collective Kiwisaver levels are circling the plug hole.

      Labour lost their moment to tax assets 4 years ago.

  15. Poission 16

    Sweden calls bullshit and abolishes ministry of environment,due to having a nuclear moment,as it provides solution based measures for its economic future.

    The greens disliked by 95% of voters are upset,but will be helped through the transition by an increased spend on mental health.


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